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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 36


+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jun 30, 2013 22:20 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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dansai bunri no crime edge
chapter 36
title: archmage

page 1

1. mister mallilold’s report and disapperance / has caused unrest with some of the personnal.

2. ignore it

3. after all, this is a game where you kill one another

4. you can’t be worrying about the minor details.

5. those unable to enjoy it / have no place in gossip.

page 2-3

title: archmage

page 4

1. ...with this, all ordermades will be defeated.

2. as for the wagers as to who will win, / there seemed to have been many men who had bet on them.

3. that’s fine.

4. from the start, the ordermades were also a part of the development to energize this queen killing game. / it’s good they spiced things up.

5. concerning the authors, voluntary participation is in accordance to this point as requested.

6. gossip itself has temporarily cease its selection of specific persons for encouragement to fight. / that is in agreement, yes?

7. aah, that’s fine. / so then everything is ready.

8. what is with the suitcases?

9. in here

page 5

1. it’s only a part of it, but we brought what we could..

2. do request the appropriate articles if it becomes necessary.

3. ...sure

4. doing your work properly. how excellent. / shall I pat you on the head?

5. ...no... I’m fine...

6. madam witchie / one thing...

page 6

1. what is to become of emily redhands?

2. we do not know of her current whereabouts.

3. ...seems the queen has also held her tongue about that girl.

a. according to the professor

4. interesting

5. there is reason to believe emily holds grudge against me.

6. it’s possible she is targetting me...

7. yes.

8. good intuition.

page 7-8

1. ...I am the crimson red glove.

2. gifted with the arms of a wizard

3. harden by loss

page 9

1. don’t hide / about papa

2. ...big sister was in contact with me. / she told me you killed papa.

3. ...I want you / you tell me everything...

page 10

1. ...this camera

2. ?

3. is the favorite object of a certain suicidal candidate.

4. the girl, however, was a coward. because she was too afraid to inflict harm on her own body.

5. she briefly satisfied herself with the collage she made with the photos / she took of the other people she killed.

6. sfx: snap

page 11

1. sfx: hiss

2. sfx: blurp

3. that sort of killing good

4. ...you...

5. hey now... you were also formerly a member of gossip. / you like murderer tales, right?

page 12

1. what will be good next?

2. this...

3. this is.. no way.

4. I didn’t know of this either.

5. how this person can, the goods

6. the goods completely...

page 13

1. it’s been a while since I made an author weep.

2. shall we go with this guy?

page 14

1. !

page 15

page 16

1. shall we pursue her?

2. right. / you’re paid to protect me.

3. I want focus on another thing. / I’ll leave the rest to you.

4. yes...

5. ?

page 17

1. coin... / no doubt that’s gossip’s identification...

2. now

3. I too... will participate in the game.

4. using / these killing goods of mine

5. the hair queen and the most evil murderer / with you

6. I want to start a war.

page 18

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