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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge 39

Harassing Shaman

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jul 21, 2013 00:09 | Go to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

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Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Chapter 39
Title: Harassing Shaman

page 1

1. little sister... cried.

2. kiri... what happened?

3. you had such a heartbroken voice during the call... / what happened to crimeedge?

4. ...what...

5. should I do?

6. sfx: ding-dong

7. sfx: ding-dong

page 2

1. Iwai

title: harrassing shaman

2. it’s hiri

3. please say something

4. you are in there?...

page 3

a. cried a little earlier

b. sfx: ding-dong

1. let’s continue our telephone conversation!

2. I want to discuss some more...!

c. there’s something weird going on with both those scissors and kiri!

3. I know she knows something about all of that.

4. I’m not going home till she tells me.

page 4

1. the... key to the front door...

2. no... this is bad. this isn’t a good time.

3. I can only pretend to not be home...

4. oh please little sister... don’t come in right now!

5. right now...

6. my hair...

page 5


2. what is this place?

3. I heard it was an old mansion, but

4. so big... so quiet...

5. ...kinda eerie...

6. scary...

page 6

1. ...iwai?

2. so you were home?

3. sorry... I let myself in...

4. however, it’s just waiting at home...

page 7


2. that hair

page 8

1. ...umm...

2. it’s-it’s okay.

3. don’t be afraid...

4. your brother... loves me.

5. everyday, he’d cut my hair.

6. so

page 9

1. you shouldn’t be afraid either

2. don’t be afraid

3. what differs me from other people

4. it’s this hair

5. simply

6. just this black hair...

page 10

1. as I thought, it's pointless.

2. the rust is too much for me to even be able to open and shut it properly.

3. now way it can cut...

4. will this be alright, crimeedge...?

5. we've gotten by together for so long... till now...

page 11

1. sorry, sorry

2. I took a light shower.

3. tha-thanks. / I guess that is what you do after jogging... you shouldn't have.

4. kou-ru said he'll come once he takes a breather.

5. let's watch a movie. you did say to let's savour each meeting once it became summer.

6. I borrow a lot of these not long ago...


page 12

1. how shall I restraint her down?

a. no!

2. ...none of that!

3. endure it.

b. yeah

4. the chance will come.

page 13

1. I'm not going to make her cry like Hari did.

2. if I do,

3. I’ll be a ruffian murderer

4. because I had cut relentlessly and forcibly, / I despised myself as a child.

5. the current me should know this.

6. I have to control these impulses however strong they might be...

7. ...I gotta

8. do something about my hair.

page 14

1. your hair?

a. yeah

2. usually around this time I get it cut at kashiko's place. / but, I didn't go 'cause I'm poor this month.

b. reason for poverty

3. anyways, I thought it would be good at it, so I trimmed a little off. / since it's hot this year...
tl note: recheck

4. should I cut it?

5. I sometimes cut my little sister's hair at home.

6. heeeh?! then...

7. you can tidy up this, right?

8. sfx: gulp

9. y-yea

10. I got a small pair of scissors over in that desk there...

page 15

1. ngh

2. ...haimura

3. you're sorta strange today
tl note: recheck

4. I guess. / I try not to be...

5. heheh

page 16

a. it's actually easy

1. to do this or something?...

2. I'm a little at ease again...

b. ngh

3. other words, that was

4. iwai's... apart from her hair
tl note: recheck

5. have I grown past it...?

page 17

1. ...stop

2. you can't be thinking like that...

a. huh?

3. why am I doing something like this with the hair?

4. this sort of hobby...

5. come to think of it,

6. I remember doing something like that to hari as well...

7. haimura?

8. haimura, / you're done

9. with whatever you're doing?

10. eh? aah, sorry...

page 18

1. iwai... went outside?

2. what should I have said? I just didn't know...

3. she gave various explanations, but / ...a curse?

4. no way.

5. brother has to have had his reasons.

6. iwai with some sort of disease I don't know about...

page 19

1. but, even if that's true, / I guess I believe there is definitely

2. something weird about...

3. that long hair...

3. I intended to try hard on my words, but

4. I can't possibly change this impression.

5. only kiri was special in not being afraid...

page 20

1. everyone

2. said my hair / was cute and soft.

3. however... however, that's because they didn't know about that.

4. if they knew

5. ...I’m reminded of

6. these emotions I kept smoulder inside of me

7. like this smoke of the burnt cut hair...

page 21

1. even though I can never forget it

2. again

3. right now

4. I, miserably,

5. want to fade away...!

page 22

1. what...!

2. uh...

3. uh...

page 23

1. sfx: clank

2. sfx: clank

3. sfx clank

4. ...hey

5. what was that noise now?

6. sfx: creak

7. sfx: beep-beep-beep

8. ...yes?

9. eh?

a. who is this?

10. ...his little sister, but...

b. aiyeeeeeeee

c. really?

11. ? then, I should tell you...

d. umm... he took my scissors?

12. during when he cut my hair today...

13. ?!

page 24

1. wait, when you say hair...

2. ...ah...?

a. collect hair

page 25

page 26

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