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Demon Possession 1

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jul 23, 2013 17:36 | Go to Demon Possession

-> RTS Page for Demon Possession 1

If you want to use this translation for whatever, please send me a message before doing so. You need not wait for a response, I simply want to know beforehand. Though if you are going to be using it for scanlation stuff, I would prefer you not be a newbie at it, as through the public raws I used for this translation is fairly easy to clean(I tried cleaning a single page of it as I was bored for a little while), it is only easy and quick if you know what you are doing.

well, this manga chapter took a while... nearly 90 pages and a bunch of explanation stuff. I probably got a few lines wrong here and there but whatever... Doing it at around 12-2AM, stuff happens... If I got names wrong which can happen because a lot of Japanese characters start to look very similar to eachother to me that late at night, then please inform me of such.

As far as I can tell, this manga does not name its chapters so unless one of you guys want to point out a chapter title to me, I will stop looking for a chapter title from now on.

okay, one last thing, if there is already a scan group doing this and was just waiting for their own translator to finish, then please inform me of such since I rather not do something that someone else is already doing.

and without much further ado...


Demon Possession
Chapter 1

page 1

1. Year 20xx October

2. haah

3. haah

4. haah

5. hah

6. haah

page 2

1. !!!

page 3

1. TAICHI!!!

page 4-5

page 6

1. you mustn’t...

page 7

1. you mustn’t go

2. Taichi...!!

3. sfx: slip

4. ...Stop this, Wakatsuki

page 8-9

1. For I cannot

2. stop.

page 10

1. the encounter between these two can be linked back to 6 months ago.

page 11

1. Year 19xx / a practical energy source by a jewish refugee, Lise Meissner, revolutionized the world.
TL note: a play on the name Lise Mietner, I guess? the author changed the “t” to an “ss” which in Japanese I guess would be a “to” to a “su” here
TL note2: if you don’t want to google the name Lise Mietner(which you should anyways)... She is one of the members of the scientific team who discovered Nuclear Fission.

2. Theoretically limitless, occurring practically entirely without need of input from this world, and with no discernable waste products

3. the name of that perfect energy source is

4. “Demon”

page 12-13

1. “Demon” produces miracles.

2. It transcended humans, bringing them to the level of God.

3. However, those capable of obtaining that power is confined only to those bestowed the talent and fortune.

4. from simulations, at most, out of 8 billion well rounded individuals / only a mere several hundred

5. and, the humans who obtain “Demon’s” power

page 14-15

a. are called “Mediums”

b. in order for humankind to survive, Demon is employed

page 16

1. yeah

2. ...I’m lost.

3. it’s like some joke to be late on the first day.

4. anyways, I should find someone to ask...

5. WAaAaAaH

6. hm?

page 17

page 18

1. ?!

2. ah...

page 19

1. that was dangerous...!

2. I like mistook the reading on that atmospheric wind. / guess I’m no good at flying.

3. …...

4. no! I’m a can-do girl! / OKAY, one more time...

5. hold on a minute!

6. ohyo?

7. it’s not ohyo! / why did you all of a sudden unleashed all your strength onto me?!

8. ah... / earlier

9. yaaah... sorry, sorry. / colliding with you was unintentional, yeah

10. aah, unintentional, eh? / if it was unintentional, then I guess it... / could’ve have been avoided!!!

11. come... come with me for a sec.

page 20

1. well, you see, I thought it wasn’t wise to stay there with so many people passing by. / I’m an early transfer to Meissner. I don’t want to be of any trouble.

2. You didn’t want to stand out like that either, right?

3. huh? You’re an affiliate of Meissner?

4. ...heh / that’s right.

5. from today on, I will belong to the renown Meissner!

6. what? / then, we’re the same.

7. ...heh?

8. ...hey, this isn’t the time to be doing that!! / we’ll be late if we don’t hurry!!

page 21

1. well, laters!

2. he-hey!

3. ?!!

page 22

1. ooh! a Medium.

a. so cool

2. !!

3. ...this is...

4. ….... a medium?!

5. judging from the earlier experience, the output is around this.

6. obstacles aren’t a problem either.

7. this time

8. GO!

page 23-24

page 25

1. am

2. amazing...

3. ...damn

4. I’ll be like that soon...!!

5. hah?

6. wah!

7. it’ll be bad if I lose these!!

8. sfx: foop

page 26

1. heeh? / you’re also a pupil of Messiner?

2. amazing.

3. yeah

4. …...

5. we know a shortcut there. / we’ll show you.

page 27

1. Ho!

2. ooh! / just in time!

3. with this, I can sleep an additional 15 minutes starting tomorrow (star)

4. you can sleep (star) not. Kawatsuki

page 28

1. I’ve constantly told you that you can’t use your powers like this!

2. Good... Good Morning, President Asagiri...

3. I was correct to patrol. / Constantly doing something like this will reflect poorly on the security department.

4. As a member of the security department, you must take care of your actions that are seen as an example to the other Mediums. Also for we perform many actions in the outside, we must aspire to a higher conduct to be the models of Messiner affiliated students.

5. If there is a crying child to the east, you go and ask why. If there is a tired elder to the west, you carry him on your back. If there is a person that looks to be at the point of death to the south, you tell him it’s okay to be scared. If there are people fighting to the north, you tell them to stop the foolishness. Neither rain nor wind will stop us.

6. Moreover...

7. I’m going ahead.

8. …...

9. You are nothing at all like your older sister...

page 29

1. It’s already this late and the transfer student hasn’t appear.

2. What could have possibly happened?...

page 30

1. This power is commonly called “Demon,” but it has no relations to our myths or bible.

2. There is a inclination to call this a divine power though.

3. Remarkably, Psychic properties are bestowed upon those that become Mediums.

4. Excluding special cases, outside of the most fundamentally unattributed types, we know the nature and ether affinity that every individual possess belongs to the four basic elements, fire, earth, water, and wind......

5. …...........

page 31

a. Fuaah

1. so boring...

2. I wonder what you’re doing, sis?

3. …......... why did she blush after looking at me?

4. sfx: buzz buzz

page 32

1. Excuse me! I’ll be leaving for a bit!

2. ...aah, for work, right, Wakatsuki?

3. I pray you won’t overdo it.

4. Understood!

page 33

1. sfx: thud

2. sfx: beep

3. ...Wakatsuki?

4. There’s a problem, right?! It was just getting boring.

5. probably. / first, allow me to explain the situation.

page 34

1. A transfer student, Taichi Ashimoto, has not come as scheduled.

2. Ashimoto has already been embedded with a Grimoire. / in other words, it concerns Messiner’s confidential affairs.

3. You are to quickly retrieve it in accordance to the confidential program.

4. uh-huh

5. Your older sister has already sent you the data. / Await contact from your older sister for coordination.

7. Acknowledge!

page 35

1. This kid’s scheduled to transfer to Messiner.

2. ...Most assuredly

3. well, then your agreed upon compensation.

4. as expected of an Elite (music) / for the transaction to go so smoothly like this.

page 36

1. Whoa! It’s really two mill for this one mutt?!

2. Eternal thanks for this.

3. it’s be quite a scandal for the renowned Adzumi Industries going after kid butts.

4. you must not want anyone to hear about this.

5. ….......

6. SFX: drip

7. well, good day.

page 37

1. …...ah?

2. the fuck?!

page 38

1. Bastard. / you were a Medium?!

2. …...

3. Hey hey, what’re you planning?

4. we’re business partners, aren’t we?

5. yes, this is the next order of business. / The matter of how to silence you.

page 39

1. that was just a joke earlier. A joke. / you shouldn’t get angry over every little thing.

2. anyways, put away this water.

3. that is how you say impossible

4. Trust is very important in business after all.

5. …... / haah... geez, what a drag...

6. I said to put it away!!!

page 40

1. ?1

page 41

1. ...wha-what?

2. what just happened?!

3. …....this guy... / cut the bullet using water...!

4. It’s hopeless. / Guns are of no use.

5. Damaged parts are not beautiful.

6. compared to that, a body section sliced by compressed water is more lovely. / since it doesn’t damage the capillaries.

7. In the beginning, the meat / that has never once seen light is pink in the thrilling moment is forcibly place under light.
TL note: reCheck

8. and the moment it realize its blood veins was cut. / Fresh blood gushes out like Azaleas blooming all at once greeting the spring.

9. I most certainly want show you this...

page 42

1. I heard about this before.

2. a professional killer Medium who manipulates water

3. and chops up and breaks down people to the point where they are unrecognizable from their original form...

4. It can’t be, this bastard is

5. “Slicer”

6. …..noh...!

7. this psycho asshole!!!!

page 43

1. It’s an honor just being known, but / in reality, I am not fond of being called that name.

2. ?!

3. I’m not some third rate guy whose only ability is to cut.

4. yes / for example, I can do this

5. …...!!

6. as well, you see.

7. … / …...!!!

page 44

1. aah, yes yes

2. I believe this business has turned out well. / at any rate, you, who weren’t Mediums, I believe has no way to tell anyone after your deaths.

3. ...now, / I should hurry and collect the grimoire...

4. sfx: clank

5. …...!!

6. …...oh dear, so you have awakened?

7. my condolences...

page 45

1. Uh

2. Wa a / A / Ah / AAH / AH

3. Guh

page 46

a. …...ice?!

1. that’s right... since you’re finally awake, shall I show you it as well? / it’ll be a wonderful once in a lifetime experience.

page 47

1. your own personal

2. dismemberment show.

3. …...!

4. you do not need to worry about bleeding out because the ice will stop the bleeding at the part of incision.

5. what......? what is this guy saying?

6. in the event of exposing the terminals from the brain, I won’t do something stupid such as harming the brainstem.

7. dismemberment? if that’s done, won’t I die?! / …...die?

8. you’ll be able to completely enjoy it till the end without losing your sense of feeling.

page 48

1. I’m going to... die?

2. why?! / starting today, I was going to enter the celebrated Meissner and become a Medium!!

3. I’m not suppose to be in something like this.

4. sfx: gasp

5. sfx: gasp

6. I still have / things I must do...

7. ...oh no, what terrible sweats.

8. You must be thirsty. / staying hydrated is important, you know.

page 49

1. it’s mixed juice. / freshly squeezed.



page 50

1. EEK!!

2. that’s really good. that expression of yours!!!

3. now, watch closely!!

4. Let’s open you up

5. from the inside!!

page 51-52

page 53

1. ….you... / you.......

2. Uh

page 54

1. Geh

2. sfx: barf

3. you’ve suffered so greatly on your first day, / Transfer.

4. you’ve

5. come to save me?

page 55

1. Of course!

2. that’s why I came.

3. ….is that so?......

4. …...this is a first

5. you’re one from Meissner, right? / aah, one of the student council?

6. …Excellent.

7. Today is such a wonderful day.

page 56

1. sfx: crack-crack

2. to mince up two such young meat as well...

3. ...this is clearly the criminal, huh?

4. …...what you think, sis?

5. a pervert

6. no, not that!

7. ...Saleos

8. a water psychic... with an unknown release power.

9. quickly familiarize yourself with his ether circulation

10. Acknowledge

11. that is, well,

12. to the ones who abuses people who can use demon’s power,

page 57-58

1. punishment!

page 59

page 60

page 61

1. …!

page 62

page 63

1. …...!!!

2. …...this.... / was extremely easy yet I overdid it once again...

3. yeah

4. I thought I could swim it being it’s water, but I guess it’s impossible.

5. You tried swimming it?!!

page 64

1. I see. Being just strong is a great thing.

2. however

3. I know you’re a unattributed power type by judging from your ability

4. a few hits is said to be deadly

5. in other words...

6. you cannot defend against a flood of ice arrows.

page 65-66

1. still even if it is just this much

2. it’s over.

page 67-68

1. ?!!

page 69

1. no way

2. impossible

3. my ice rain got erased by an unattributed psychic without any intervention!!

4. !!!

page 70

1. kuh...!!

a. this bitch...!!

2. turn into mincemeat!!

page 71

page 72

1. sfx: gasp!!

a. the magnitude of ether

b. is different...!

2. …!!

c. that is.....

3. okay then, now

4. !

5. for the finishing blow!

page 73

1. ...guh!


3. ?!

page 74

1. that was fun in it’s own way.

2. …!

3. will you retreat temporarily for today? / I will go take my reward on my way.
TL note: reCheck

4. This is... fog?

5. it looks like it! I can’t see a thing!

6. there’s no point in driving it away by hand.

7. let’s scatter it by pressurizing the atmosphere

8. OKAY! let’s try it!

page 75-76


page 77-78

page 79-80

1. ...he......

2. he......

page 81

1. he ran!!

2. there is no transparency ability by Saleos... / you were deceived then.

3. well well

4. the transfer is safe now...

5. …!

6. ...looks like you won’t need to worry about angering the President.

7. ?

8. he was a very cunning enemy, wasn’t he?

page 82

1. sfx: beep

2. … sis?

3. you’re the commander, aren’t you?

page 83

1. it’s extremely rude to not knock. / to make matters worse, you’re wearing shoes and haven’t introduced yourself.

2. is this what they refer to as a carnivore?

3. Frankly, there is a great deal I want to talk about, but

4. are you perhaps just planning to buy time till that girl from before comes? / I don’t have that time to spare.

5. !

page 84

1. you’re like an Outer seeing as you have no seal on your neck. / you must be very skilled seeing as you’re so young, but

2. this will be your end.

3. …...impossible.

4. you’re not skilled enough.

5. It’s no use trying to bluff. / what could you, who don’t have Demon...

6. …...what

7. what is this?

page 85-86

1. well

2. what indeed.

3. ...ek

page 87

1. …...it’s over.

2. again, you the one who finishes it.

3. heheh... sorry.

4. what about the transfer?

5. yeah... he’s still unconscious.

6. NOT!!

page 88

a. continue without worry!!

b. decline!!

1. Punishment!

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