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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Demon Possession 2

+ posted by BokoLife as translation on Jul 29, 2013 17:26 | Go to Demon Possession

-> RTS Page for Demon Possession 2

heh... amy... I didn't know that was a demon name.


Demon Possession
Chapter 2

page 1

a. Taichi who’s now safe from the Demon possessing enemy...

1. ...he did horrible things to you, huh?

2. no, this was done by a student here.

3. ...early transfer, it was so unlucky for you to have been dragged into something like this. / However, this power that was infused into you is of immeasurable value.

page 2

1. we learned the Medium earlier was an agent hired by Mima Indutries.

2. Large companies would love to spend big money to get their hands on a contract with Demon... It’s that great of a thing.

3. and, once you’re finished signing this pledge, / you too will finally get a hold of that power.

4. with this...

5. with this, I’ll also finally become a Medium!

6. …...?

page 3

1. It can’t be! This transfer......

2. was thinking of something naughty to do...!!

3. speaking of which, this is a closed room! / For a male high school student with a libido, it’s the same as being put together inside a cage with a tasty looking prey!

4. Moreover, I am the council president......

5. Aren’t there many men who find pleasure in dominating noble women such as princesses and women knights?!!

6. …Okay... there

page 4

1. umm...

2. YESSE?!!

3. I’ve wrote the pledge......

4. do-do-don’t come any closer, you beast!

5. ‘cuse me

6. um, what’s going on?

7. …...you saved me, Wakatsuki. / my chastity was in danger.

8. heh?

page 5

1. so you’re indiscriminate?

2. I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at?!

3. Wakatsuki / You’re in the same year as this Taichi Ashimoto, right?

4. therefore

5. I’m ordering you to be Ashimoto’s mentor.

6. yeah, no way.

7. so fast?! you’re refusing ‘cause it’s me, aren’t you?!

8. ...Ashimoto

page 6

1. You swore eternal devotion to the Messiner Advanced research lab with your earlier pledge.

2. going that far, there are reasons Mediums are under unconditional supervision.

3. Although reaching is advancing, the abilities of Mediums is still this mostly unknown thing.

4. It’s easy to commit crimes without leaving behind any evidence. / It’s a real problem as there are too numerous of cases involving Mediums that police cannot handle.

5. they would only accept what seems to be the worst of the worst criminal cases. / In the end, our official organization adopted to change by request from the government.

6. …...well, / I knew that the police weren’t able to do anything, but man.

7. …...?

page 7

1. Moreover

2. it’s impossible for you an entering applicant to raise any objections to anything I, the council president, says. / that is the absolute relationship of the top to the bottom for those in Meissner.

3. Think of this place as some kind of corporation or army.

4. isn’t that right, Wakatsuki?

5. Eh? / Ah, YES, that’s right!

6. heh / then, I happily entrust you as his mentor.

page 8

1. You are to perform supervision for the preparations of the entry ritual at 1300 hours at building #3 furnace. / You must not be late!

2. Yeah / geez, guess it can’t be helped.

3. come on, let’s go, pervert.

4. It’s not pervert! It’s Ashimoto!

5. Ah

6. later tonight at the lodge, the welcoming party...

7. …...now then

8. I wonder what Ashimoto’s contract Demon will be.

page 9

1. 1300 hours?

2. we still got some time left...

3. Hey, pervert.

4. I told you, it’s Ashimoto!

5. How does lunch with your Medium-superior, Nui, sound?

6. …...

page 10

1. …!! wow!

2. For a salad to be this delicious...

3. I reject all that I ever eaten up till now! / Meissner is awesome!

4. Treating me to something like this,

5. You’re honestly alright!

6. ...hm

7. only vegetables?

8. …...

9. hey

10. ...are you by chance, looking out for me?

page 11

1. I just don’t want you to have this weird idea about Mediums, is all.

2. …...

3. ...say, I never even said thanks.

4. umm...

5. …...Thanks.

page 12

1. I knew I couldn’t stomach your perverted mannerism.

2. This can’t be about the undressing!! / a person going out of their way to give a honest gratitude... / hey! It was you who did that super physical damage on me in the first place!

3. ooh.... Is that really how you should be talking to your superior?

4. aah, whatever! / you’re just acting all smug since you in the school a little earlier than others! / ‘cause of that, your growth got stunted.

5. ...from here forward, the pervert will undergo the entry ritual. During that, you won’t be able to move. / then, though the mentor will be standing alert by your side...

6. “Meat” sounds good?

7. “rice?”

8. or “bone?”

9. no, don’t write anything!

page 13

page 14

1. …...

2. it gets bigger every time I see it

3. That’s because furnace which is top 3 in scale in Japan, was only completed last year.

4. Using this furnace, we can link the demon powers with ether.

5. with just this one mausoleum, we can maintain about 100 Mediums.

6. and, today we’ll be giving birth to a Medium...

page 15

1. I beg you, so please send that brutish girl out of my sight!

2. I can’t do that. / The mentor is insurance in case the worst happens.

3. what?!

4. Now, shall we begin?

5. Starting the administration of the sedatives

6. take care

7. wait

8. wait a...... / sfx:snooze

9. sfx: sfx: hiss

page 16

1. beep beep

2. beginning retinal induction

3. Brain theta and delta waves normal

4. Ether layer clear

5. bringing furnace #3 online.

page 17

1. initiating contact / Pattern yellow

2. decoy preparations complete

3. purge

4. ripples in the ether layer

5. confirming ripple type / it’s type B

6. ...Type B?... that’s a little troublesome. / well, that’s the luck of the draw with this transfer.

7. Ether layer stable. / Grimoire transfer entering 2nd stage.

page 18

1. it’s coming. / ready the anti-pressure treatment device

2. sfx: click

3. sfx: click

4. sfx: creak

5. Signal is gone

6. it’s here!

page 19

page 20-21

page 22

1. …...

page 23

1. sfx: twitch

2. sfx: jerk

page 24

1. the moment of demon possession always makes me nervous.

2. verify the contract seal

3. !!

4. the contract seal!! Adeptus!

page 25

1. we’ve got our match! / though, it is...

2. Amy...!!
TL note: some biblical hell demon

3. the ripple type, the silhouette, and the contract seal all points to Amy. / though, this is beyond the theories of Demon......

4. …...

5. ?

6. something wrong?

7. “Amy”

page 26

1. Lise Meissner, the founder of the modern Demon school utilized the instant fusion furnace.

2. the “first flame” that she entrusted into that body.

3. it’s something I can guarantee is a great scientific achievement.

4. rotate the connection to number 666. / for now, let’s put Amy and the adapter into permanent stasis.

page 27

1. ...what is it?

2. are you going to / kill the adapter?

3. that is our scenario presented to us.

4. that is an important scenario that could change the world. / right now, we cannot allow Amy to get active.

page 28

1. It’s impossible to get approval no matter how many times it’s ask from exceptions like you.

2. Nui Wakatsuki.

3. therefore

4. sfx: twist

5. you produce the Medium for your selfish scenario / so, I do not permit you to kill the Medium for your selfish scenario.

6. yes... However, he wanted power and was granted such.

page 29

1. “precious obligation”

2. a suitable obligation is created to have great power.

3. possessing a fusion furnace, we are obligated to supervise Demon for the appropriate time and situations.

4. and his obligation is to stop Amy’s appearance with his own hands here and now.

5. obligation...

page 30-31

1. then, my obligation

2. as mentor is to protect him!

page 32

1. !!!

2. The King of Blades... Baal...!

3. …...

4. ...Chief?!

page 33

1. hmph / you have some interesting eyes.

page 34

1. very well.

2. there’s no way to control Amy. / Improvisation is part of the scenario.

3. aah, thanks for the slicer matter.

4. I’m counting on you for next time. / Nui Wakatsuki.

page 35

a. Vegetable
TL note: looking at a mirror, so word is reflected.

1. …...

2. didn’t allow...

3. so she really did write something...!! / and also, unforgivable to use oil-based ink!
TL note: oil based ink is like a sharpie permanent marker.

4. even with writing on me, that is where you should put meat!!


page 36

1. Welcome to Messiner, Vegetable.

2. it’s not Vegetable.

3. well, that’s good? / hey, grab a glass.

page 37

1. and now to welcome our new friend

2. Cheers!!

3. yuck... bitter

3. I hate this

page 38

1. …...

2. eh? / sake?

3. Idiot!! It can’t be sake! we’re high school student, no?
TL note: referring to how they couldn’t get sake, not that it isn’t alcohol.

4. well? Though I don’t take responsibility? for how long were the drinks supposed to freely fermented for?

5. so you’re saying, this is homemade? huh? Sake should be pretty simple to make, isn’t it?

6. I don’t know. I didn’t consider it.

7. …anyways, putting the jokes aside,

8. shall I do the rough introductions while I’m still sober?

9. …...

page 39

1. this school of ours has roughly 200 people entirely.

2. within that, 30 are Adeptus. / the rest are student and teacher researchers.

3. the 30 mediums are all housed in this dorm. In the lodge, we live our days.

4. within the 30 of us, there are people that concerns themselves with attending to practical outside matters.

5. in short, there are me, the president, and 9 others, who hold a position within the peace preservation department. / today, 5 are here because 4 of them are out doing something.

page 40

1. Tadaya Shibuki

2. nice to meet you.

3. Yuka Fujio

4. oh / If it were me, I would’ve written the tally marks on you.

page 41

1. Rin Hoshikawa

2. …...

3. And, the Wakatsuki sisters

4. hey now, Nui!

page 42

1. sfx: gulp

2. we are all each Mediums that can be associated as a simple soldier company.

3. work hard if you want to be in the executive committee as well

4. ye...yes!

5. Taichi

6. ?

7. There’s a theory that says moderate alcohol boosts one’s Ether control. / so, bottoms up.

8. r-really?

9. I do not lie.

page 43

1. …....

2. Oh my.

3. …...

a. vegetable flavour
TL note: she adds the word flavour

page 44

1. what do you think of Ashimoto?

2. …...

3. He has exceptional qualities. / He looks like he has battle potential.

4. that’s welcoming.

5. Not only the heretics, but the religious organizations’ activities are also increasing. / we must produce useful Mediums.

6. ...he’ll work hard.

page 45

1. it seems Amy has appeared.

page 46

1. heeh? / where?

2. Meissner.

3. Meissner... That’s where those sisters are. if I’m not mistaken.

4. The Wakatsuki sisters were also the ones who got rid of Slicer.

5. Slicer? The slicer?! / seriously?!

6. Seriously.

page 47

1. …...

2. ...hah. / that guy was my prey.

3. ….so he got stolen? / that’s horrible news.

4. Even still is the contract demon of the puzzling Musubi Wakatsuki... don’t you think?

5. No, what’s puzzling is the little sister.

6. Baal was not originally used in that way.

7. They are still don’t even know how to play with their acquired toys, yet Messiner’s reputation is spreading.

page 48

1. in any event, it’s amusing.

2. don’t you think it’s about high time we, Sannou Academy, start messing with Messiner? / there is huge gap after all.

3. Let’s go turn things around big here, alright?

page 49

1. with my

2. Sabnock.

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