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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 259

There's hell to pay when a lazy guy gets angry.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 10, 2009 03:56 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 259

Shortest. Gintama. Translation. Ever. Seriously. Less than an hour on this baby. Sorachi, do me a favor and be more terse for now on >_<. Either way here's some epic.

(Sfx- Dogoooooooo!! Whaaaaaam!!)

(Sfx- Doshaaaa crassssh)

Lesson 259: There's hell to pay when a lazy guy gets angry.

(Side text- A reunion within the web!!)

Tsukuyo: ….Gi...



(Sfx- Subaaa Sliccce)

(Sfx- Dosa thunk)

(Sfx- Zatsu swif)

Tsukuyo: Why....

Why did ya....

Come here.....?

Ya look like hell....

And I told ya to run....

You fool....

Why...why would ya....


Gintoki: I'm not going to die...

Neither will...

Anyone else here.

I won't let them.

Even if this city is reduced to ash....

We won't die.

You aren't....

Alone anymore.


Jiraia: ….


I am amazed....who would have thought with those injuries you'd still be alive?

And on top of that, you managed to sniff out my web....

This is truly a praiseworthy feat....to come looking for the paradise known as the web of the spider...

But as with any paradise, hell is only a few steps behind.

Not even Hades or the Buddha can save you from your idiocy now.

(Sfx- Perori slllurrp)

(Sfx- Zatsu Swif)

Tsukuyo: Wait...



Gintoki: Knock it off with that 'run away' nonsense.

What do you think you can accomplish on your own?

Just sit back, and let your tears do the talking as I save you.

Don't be embarrassed if snot starts to come down, It doesn't bother me.

When it's time to cry, let 'em flow.

When it's time to laugh, let one out from the belly.

When your face starts to contort because you gotta cry,

Then bawl, and nothing less.

But when you feel a laugh coming from deep down,

Then do with with a stupidly huge smile on your face.

That's all they want from you.

They'll lend you an ear or a shoulder....carry a heavy load, and walk beside you when you need it.

That's good enough.

It's more important than tossing away your own sense of self just to die a spectacular death.

(Sfx- Zashiitsu tmp)


Ginoki: The best lives are those that are lived....

While getting a little dirty.

Jiraia: Bear her weight you say....?

Haven't you realized that she weight she bears is you and everyone she knows...?

Think about it.

Tsukuyo's only weights come from worrying about those other than herself.

If you weren't alive, perhaps she wouldn't have to suffer as she does.

If you weren't here, she wouldn't have become something so hideous.


(Sfx- Don fwish)

Jiraia: YOU!


(Sfx- Shaagagagaga fwishishsishsih)

(Sfx- Dodododododododo twktwktwktwktwk)

(Sfx- Basa fwap)

Jiraia: Tsukuyo....

She's famished.


Jiraia: As such I will feed her top class prey.

Such as the bug before me.

One who wandered in...a lost soul guided by the moonlight.

Tsukuyo: Gin...Toki...

Gintoki: Bastard...you just betray anyone you meet when it's convenient.

Even the Shougun right? Well I don't give a rats ass about him.

But you parade around with the name 'teacher'....

And betray your own student.


Gintoki: Since she was a kid she believed in you...

Chased after you, wanted to be you.....

And you treat her as bait.

(TN- Did Gintoki do that...? Or is he just sitting there? 'Cause if that was him.....)


Gintoki: You can't call yourself a teacher...

After what you've done.

You can't have a student...

After what you've done.



Gintoki: Take your sorry ass,

Your sick little games and disappear vermin.

{That man...}

{The look in his eyes isn't of prey...}

{Nor is it of bait.}

{The thread...}

{It's shivering.}

{He can't be the same person who once was a victim of my web.}

{No, my thread says different.}

{Those eyes...}

{They are...}


(Sfx- Zuaaaaaa Dooooooom)

Gintoki: Jiraia....

It's your turn to be skewered on the web.

And once you tread on my territory....

You gave up any hope you had of leaving alive.


Gintoki: I'm gonna decorate my web with your flesh and bone.

Jiraia: Hmph,

A fellow hunter?

How interesting.

Lets see just WHO's web this is then!!!

(Sfx- Shaa shaa shaa fwissh fwissh fwissh)

Jiraia: Stepping upon my webs, means throwing yourself upon the six realms!

(TN- Rokudo, known as the six categories of rebirths in Buddist cosmology. -Wiki's been my bud lately, huh?- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_realms)

Jiraia: I don't care who or what stumbles into my web....

For I'll destroy them completely with my own two hands!


(Sfx- Dododododdodo twoktwoktwoktwok)

Jiraia: Trying to run outside of the web, are we?!

You're too foolish!! No matter where you try to hide, my web sees all!! You're already doomed!!

(Sfx- Shagagagaga chackchackchack)

(Sfx- Zagaaaaa Screeeeee!!)

Gintoki: You're the fool.

{The confining door!!}

{I can't believe it....!!!}

{Just to restrict my movements he'd.....}

(Sfx- Dogyaaaaaaaa THWOOOOK)


(Sfx- Para para clatter clatter)

(Sfx- Shuugoooo fwooosh)

(Sfx- Doshiiii blsssssh)

(Sfx- Zubobooooo fwissssssh*)

(Sfx- Shan fwish)

(Sfx- Shururruruu wnnnnnnnddd)


(Sfx- Gan tunk)

(Sfx- Girigiri grrrrrnd)

{The Kunai's thread?!}

(Sfx- Guee drrrgggg)

(Sfx- Zazaza swssssh)

Gintoki: Yo.

Know what happens when the spider falls from his web?


Gintoki: All the bugs below throw him a real nice 'welcome party'.



Gintoki: Welcome to the party, asshole.

(Side text- Smash them!! The past, the web, everything!!)

GINTAMA LESSON 259.............END.

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#1. by fujihasaka ()
Posted on May 11, 2009
As usual, thanks a lot for the translation !
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