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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 262

Be forewarned, Booze and women don’t mix.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 30, 2009 04:21 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 262

I finished this at work again, but they don't like MH. Sorry to chat and run, but I've got to go cry over Traumeister being cancelled. Ta-ta.

Remember, Binktopia only.

(Top text- The character book Gin 5 is out in stores!!)

Tsukuyo: I see…

Yall worried about me bein’ a bit down…

I din’ mean to bother ya none.

Ain’t no need to worry about me no more, thanks for everythin’.


(Side text- A plan to lift Tsukki’s spirits! Or is it….)

Lesson 262
Be forewarned, Booze and women don’t mix.

Tsukuyo: As yall can see, I’m feelin’ fine now.

Tain’t no need to worry ‘bout me.

Gintoki: Reaaallly~

You sure do look fine to me!

In fact you look better than normal! Better I say~.


Shinpachi: I’m glad to see that you’re feeling up to leaving your room….

Tsukuyo: Hm..

In any case I gotta get movin’. Hinowa’ll start to worry ‘bout me.

While I’ve been up in my room, seems like things are busy outside.

Shinpachi: Whaa?! You’re really going to start working again?! Aren’t you tired?!

Tsukuyo: ‘Course I’m gonna be workin’. Yoshiwara ain’t tha type of city to take a break.

‘Sides, we still got a lil’ bit of a drug problem goin’ on down ‘ere.

I ain’t got the luxury of lyin’ around doin’ nothin’.
Well I already know Hinowa sent yall up to see me.

But I ain’t hurt or nothin’ and that means that I gotta get movin.

That’s all there is to it.

Sorry about bein’ rude but I ain’t got the time to lay back and relax.


Tsukuyo: I’m feelin’ right fine.

Thank yall.

(Sfx- Gararara *rattle*)

Tsukuyo: I’m a bit busy tho.

So if yall ain’t got nothin’ better to do, go on home.

I can’t be bothered with yall now.

Shinpachi: Tsukuyo-san hasn’t changed at all….

Hinowa: How true…

(Sfx- Kiii *reeeee*)

Hinowa: She still acts so tough, although really she’s at her most sensitive.

This is awkward for her too.


Kagura: It is strange. I thought for sure.

That at least a little she would change.

Can people really remain the same like this?

Gintoki: She really needs to let people know when she needs them.

She’s the type that won’t rely on others until there’s no other choice.

Shinpachi: Gin-san, I don’t know what you’re going to do..

But you really shouldn’t push her too far okay?

(Sfx- Zatsu *swif*)

Gintoki: I’m not. There’s nothing we can do if she won’t talk to us.

Hinowa: ….*sigh* I thought this would at least let her get a breath of fresh air.

But if she wants to go right to work, I guess I can’t do anything about it.

Seita: But will sis Tsukuyo be all right like this? She might break down if she forces herself.

Kagura?: If she does not want to rest, maybe a job where she has to would be good.

Shinpachi: But where would you find a job like that? You know, jobs where you just have fun all day are few and far between….

Kagura * Shinpachi: Ah…


Women: Come right in~

Yoshiwara’s messiah~.

Women: It’s about time you came down to see us~

Gintoki: Sure. But can you serve up the cheapest drinks? The pachinko parlor emptied my wallet…

(Sfx- Kyai kyai)

Women: Don’t be like that Gin-sama~ How many times have you saved Yoshiwara for us…?

Tonight’s on the house, so just enjoy yourself~.

Gintoki: Hey now, I’m broke but not desperate. Wakame sake’s good enough you know.

(TN- Wakame is a species of edible brown seaweed.)

Woman: Just Wakame? We’ve got something really nice unfolded for you too…

Gintoki: Wait something ‘unfolded’?! That sounds nasty!! I’m not interested in pretty extras, just give me my drinks, and maybe a Mont blanc! Got it?!
(TN- Mont Blanc is a chestnut and cream dessert.)

Woman: We don’t mind~ We just want you to have fun.

Gintoki: Ah…You girls are really beginning to scare me now…

What kind of thing do you have waiting for me back there?

Women: Its fine~ Shinpachi and Kagura brought you a nice surprise.

Just come to this room.

???: W—Welcome…

Gintoki: Ah…Yo.


Tsukuyo: I’m the daalink Shinigami,

Tsukuyo at your service.

Pleased to me…



(Sfx- Kuwa wa *roaaar*)


Tsukuyo: Yo….whatcha doin here…

What the hell’s goin’ on!

Gintoki: That’s MY question….

I had no idea that I’d see YOU here!! I was hoping to meet girls that are less likely to kill me!!

Tsukuyo: Hinowa tol’ me it was an important job, so I came on down right away…

Hinowa: Unfortunately the other girls are assisting with Yoshiwara’s restoration, so I need you to help out in the club.
Please Tsukuyo, if all you can do is pour drinks, that’ll be fine.

Tsukuyo: And I always get my work done.

Gintoki: I’m such an IDIOT….I should have known they’d do this…

I came here hoping to release some stress,

Instead, I’m just helping you get better aren’t I?

(Sfx- Girori *glare*)

(Sfx- Gatata *clatter*)


Shinpachi: Uh-oh, looks like Gin-san’s on to us…

Sorry about fooling you….

Hinowa: It’s best for Tsukuyo to get some rest, even if that means I have to fool her into getting it.

Perhaps she’d be more open to the idea if it were Gin-san that she were relaxing with.

Tsukuyo: I don’t get it…

But Hinowa said that I should be helpin’ out the savior of Yoshiwara with my honorable service.

I ‘pose that I’m gonna be the representative of Yoshiwara’s gratitude to ya.

Gintoki: Ah…well, I really don’t need that….

Tsukuyo: Ain’t no point in gettin’ worked up, since you do deserve it I guess.

Just do as you please….


‘The hell kind of way is this to thank me?! You and Hinowa planned this didn’t you?!

Tsukuyo: Just be gentle with me.

Gintoki: GENTLE?! GENTLE?! I don’t plan on doing a damn thing with you!! You’re just trying to get into my pocket aren’t you?! I should have expected as much from you Yoshiwarian women!!


Tsukuyo: I should inform ya that this has been fully paid already. So I ain’t too sure why ya gettin’ so worked up.

Gintoki: …….

That’s different then.

(Sfx- Toku toku *splisssh*)

Gintoki: Let’s just have a drink then.

The tool to forget all of our troubles is in that little cup there. Drink up.

That’s all I need for you to do.

Hinowa: That’s Gin-san for you, he got with the program quickly.

Seita: Ah, she’s drinkin’, ma, Sis Tsukuyo is drinkin’ that booze.

(TN- Why is he here?)

Hinowa: Ah that’s a relief, just rest yourself Tsukuyo.

(Sfx- Shiii *siiiip*)

Hinowa: Dressed like that, she looks like a normal woman.

See, it’s not so bad to lay back once in a while and take it easy, is it Tsukuyo?

(Sfx- Hikku *Hiccup*)

(TN- And now the fun begins.)


Gintoki: Hey, when I pour you a glass, you have to pour me one.

Geez. Don’t you know anything about putting the customer first?

(Sfx- Hikku *Hiccup*)

Tsukuyo: Take it..

(Sfx- Gatsu *graaab*)

Gintoki: Wha?

Tsukuyo: Take yer damn booze and drink iiiiiiit!

How ‘bout I give ya the whole damn bottle eeeeeeh?!

(Sfx- Dogoooo *thwoooook*)



(Sfx- Para para *clatter clatter.*)


Shinpachi: W---Wh---Who----


(Sfx- Hikkku *hiccup*)

(Sfx- Doooon)

???: She’s CHUGGING that whole bottle!! She’s like a different person!!!

(Sfx- Gokuuu gokuuuu *chug chug*)


How is this normal girl at all?! What the hell is she now?! Isn’t she just another drunk bum?!

(Sfx- Pani pani *smack smack*)

???: She’s gonna kill him!! She’s going to take Gin-san away!!!

Tsukuyo: Wake yer ass up!

Night’s too damn young to waste it sleepin! We got plenty ta do!!

(Sfx- Zubobobo *fowshshhhh*)

(Sfx- Bufoooo *fwoooosh*)

Gintoki: Ah…um…I’m really sorry, I fell asleep…

Maybe that’s a sign that I drank too much…I should go home.

(Sfx- Geho goho *cough cough*)

Tsukuyo: ‘The hell ya talkin’ bout? You ain’t leavin’ me till mornin’ comes!

Gintoki: Please give me a break~ I can’t possibly keep with you all night Dahlink. I’m sure before morning comes, I’ll be one of the dearly departed~.


Gintoki: More like, won’t I be seeing other darling women tonight?

I mean, I would think that you’d get tired after being with me all night….right? You girls should take turns waiting on me.

Tsukuyo: ‘Course it’s just me! I’m doin’ you a favor! You saved Yoshiwara and as such I gotta serve yer dumbass!! Talk outta turn again and I’ll keeel yah!

Hinowa: I---I had no idea….to think that she’s THIS weak to alcohol….

Although now that I think back, I don’t think she’s ever had a drink before….

Shinpachi: WEAK?! More like she’s totally overwhelmed by it!! What kind of alcohol does this to a person after ONE SIP?!

Tsukuyo: Aiiight, we gonna have some fun tonight.

(Sfx- Hiku hiku *hiccup hiccup*)

Tsukuyo: Now that I got some booze into ya, let’s play some games. How ‘bout ‘Look over yonder’.

Gintoki: T—That’s okay…I really don’t want to….How about we just sit and drink together dahlink? Hahahah…

Tsukuyo: I hope you know, that if you loose you’ve got to look away, or else you’re punished.

Gintoki: I’m telling you that I’m fine….

Tsukuyo: Whaddya mean you don’t want to see my body?! Ya don’t got interest in women boy? Huuuuuuh?

Gintoki: Uh…I didn’t say that. I’m just thinking that if this continues, we’ll do something the two of us might regret.

Tsukuyo: Ya wanna see me buck naked don’tcha…perverted Gintoki’s a perverrrrt.


Tsukuyo: Aiight, I guess if yah can beat me, I’ll strip for ya.

If I beat you, then you gotta….peel off ya skin.


(Sfx- Hikku Hikku *hiccup hiccup*)

Tsukuyo: Aiight, here we go….Rock Paper Scissors.

???: Geh!!


Tsukuyo: Look over THEEEEEEEERE!!!

(Sfx- Dogooooo *THOOOMPH*)


Rock paper scissors!

Look over there!!

(Sfx- Pokiiii *craaack*)


Hinowa: Teehee, Tsukuyo looks like she’s having fun.

She appears to be enjoying being a normal girl.

(Sfx- Gyah gyah)


Tsukyo: Too damn easy! I need another one!!

Now ya little bastaads ova there, get out here!

Ya got till the count of three! If you don’t get out here I’ll slaughter ya!!


(Sfx- Guuu guu *snooore snorre*)

(Sfx- Ga-go ga *snoooore*)

(Sfx- Mnya Munya.)

???: Ngh…

I can’t drink anymore…

(Sfx- Go- gagooo *snoooooore*)


(Sfx- Mukku *snff*)

(Sfx- Soro soro *Shuff shuff*)

Gintoki: Going out on patrol?


Gintoki: In the end, nothing changes….

Not even you.

Tsukuyo: Hey…


If I didn’t have this scar here…

Do ya think I coulda lived a different life…?

Gintoki: Why change it?


Gintoki: This is…

A life you chose for yourself, and nothing will change that.

You don’t need to fret, nor do you need to be embarrassed.

No one else can or should choose the path you walk upon.

Just puff out your chest, and walk proudly.

There’s nothing wrong with your face.

As long as the soul you carry doesn’t get scarred,

Your face will remain beautiful.


Tsukuyo: Gintoki…

I’m right glad that I met ya…

All of ya….


(Side text- The silent but gentle moon shines down on the city of night.)



(TN- O_O Well….this IS where page 18 is…so…)


{Lately the staff and myself have been getting a little pudgy. We really should stop eating so much…but I’m too tired to try.} (Sorachi)

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#1. by Amit ()
Posted on May 30, 2009
You should probably bold the "Reserved for Binktopia" part.
#2. by akira123 ()
Posted on May 30, 2009
Thanks for the great job as always, and I agree that you should probably bold the Binktopia part.
#3. by Samie ()
Posted on May 30, 2009
T..Thank you!!!!!!!!!
I, I don't know what to say!! T.T
#4. by Cipo ()
Posted on May 30, 2009
thanks a lot...
#5. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on May 31, 2009
Bolded ^^ Thanks for the ideas everyone, and as usual...thanks for your support. I really appreciate it.
#6. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
I wonder if you're aware of the more complex rules of Janken, since you didn't write them here. Often in the Japanese version of Rock-Paper-Scissors after you beat the first part you say "acchi mite hoi" and on the "hoi" the person who won points in one of four directions (up, down, left, right) and the loser looks in that direction. The winner wins if they look in the same direction. Making there take a lot more rounds.

Or maybe you just assumed people knew that...
#7. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
Yeah I sort of assumed that everyone knew that. ^^;; I was gonna write like a lengthy paragraph about how it works....but the problem with that is it ruins the joke in a way, plus it's kind of obvious what's going on, even if you've never seen it before. (If it isn't obvious, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to belittle anyone.) But thanks for pointing it out kewl.
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