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Spring (Summer) cleaning.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as news on Jun 2, 2009 03:08 | Go to

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Oookay. It's come to my attention that I'm doing far too many series for my own good. >_>. More like...I don't mind doing a lot of these things, but if no one is really reading (or scantlating) them there's no point is there?

Hajimete no Aku
Artist Acro
Hyde and Closer
Mieru Hito

I'm gonna drop at least two of these, but since I am the only translator doing pretty much all of them, I wanted to know from the people at home which ones would they be able to part with, and hate me a little less. (I'm always a fan of interacting with the audience, rather than arbitrarily dropping series.) Note that even if I do drop two of these bad boys, I'm at most only going to pick up one to replace them. I already sort of want to drop Gin, Aku and Albatross, but I want a consensus first. So...Vote away! If no one responds I'll just drop the ones I like least. (Fair's fair.)

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
I vote for these to be dead XD

Artist Acro
Hyde and Closer

and keeping these:

Hajimete no Aku
Mieru Hito

Reason to keep those: Aku...arrogant evil genius..no more words are needed, Takkoku looks interesting from the art, Traumiester is interesting, Meiru Hito has ended with vol 7 and so has Albatross with vol 5.
Wait, I know other groups are using your translations for the mangas but who's doing Meiru Hito? The last I see is manga-heaven out with ch 11 683days ago O.o

Anyway thats my 2 cent on the titles so go ahead and drop and those others with Gin(still doesn't understand it's humour) XD
#2. by Amit ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009

You lasted out longer than I expected.

Honestly, doing so many text heavy series.... *_*

Well, you know we do Aku.... but here's my take on it.

The ones to keep:


The ones to drop:

Mieru Hito
Hyde And Closer
Artist Acro

Reason to keep:
1) Takkoku!! is by the mangaka of Law Of Ueki.
2)Albatross is only 5 vols(and it's by the mangaka of TWGOK. :3)
3)Undead has kickarse art.
4)Two of them(Takkoku!! and Undead) are monthly, so that should free up your schedule a lot.

Reasons to drop:

1)Traumeister isn't all that popular yet, and it just got axed so the end's going to be pretty horrible.
2)Mieru Hito hasn't been scanlated for more then a year and a half.
3)Artist Acro is lagging behind by 2 vols, so there's lot of catching up to do.(Also, I don't think there's much love for it.)
4)Gintama. I love the series(You introduced it to me. :P) But I've seen the tl's. Their all huge walls of text. Which must take you ages to get done. >_<
5)Hyde And Closer's raws are no longer in the mag.

I haven't put Aku anywhere.(Since my opinion is biased.) Suffice to say, as long as there are tls, we'll continue to scanlate it. But hey, if you find it to be time consuming/ a pain to tl, then by all you means you have a right to drop it.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. Hope my opinion helps you choose more easily.
#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
Thanks for letting us give fedback to help you decide.

Gintama- consistently scanlated, most popular of all your projects :P
Hajimete - interesting
Takkoku - cute + interesting <- like the best
Albatross - TWOGK :P

everything else :p

If you only had to choose 2 to drop, then I suggest Mieru Hito (no one is scanlating) and Artist Acro (least popular of all projects + slowly scanlated) with Undead (somewhat unpopular but scanlated quickly), Traumeister (somewhat unpopular + slowly scanlated) and Hyde and Closer (ok popularity + somewhat slowly scanlated) somewhat close behind. :P
#4. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
Nice to see people replying so quickly! I'll keep considerations up for a week, and then tally up the results. Takkoku and Albatross seem to be the top picks. Gintama's got a sort of immunity to be fair though....all though that text breaks my brain, I've got a sentimental attachment to it. (Plus I've translated 100 chapters of it. That's a little less than half.) I appreciate you all taking the time to write down your opinions, and by next Monday I should have an idea of what will be voted off of BDR island.
#5. by proscientia ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
I like Gintama (or at least what I've read so far), but I think you should drop it because it will eventually be translated into English -- sooner, if another fan picks it up (it's relatively popular), or later because Viz has it licensed -- unless it is the bright spot in your translating routine. Also, if there are complaints about Viz's interpretation, I think another fan would willingly pick it up again.

I'd like to see Takkoku continued. I enjoyed the first 3 chapters.

I don't have strong opinions about other series. I agree with keeping Albatross because it is already completed and relatively short. Because Mieru Hito does not seem to have been updated in the past year, I think that it should be dropped as well -- it can always be picked up again after you complete some of your projects.

#6. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
Oh, if you ARE going to pick up a series- I think you should check out Magi - Labyrinth of Magic. I looked at the raw and it seems to give off the same vibe as Takkoku. ^_^

It's looks funny. =)
#7. by fiva ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
Hmm I would like you to keep translating

1) Gintama, because I like the series and it is regularly scanlated.
2) Hajimete no Aku, because it is interesting so far and we are scanlating the series. I will try to keep up with the weekly releases^^.
3) Takkoku!!, because it seems promising so far.

I read most if not all of the the other series you translate. Most of them are interesting, but I wouldn't mind if you dropped those in favor of the series mentioned above.

Anyway, thanks for giving us the option to give our opinion. In the end it is your choice, I promise I won't have any hard feeling whatever you decide to keep or drop :P.
#8. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Jun 8, 2009
Let's see.....


1. Trau, You've been trying to find raws for so long. Hard to ask you to quit now.
2. Undead, an interesting looking series.
3. Gintama, a pain to translate, a pain to type set (should I pick it back up anyway^^), but you've brought it to the world

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