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Rikon Choutei Oneshot

Rikon Choutei

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 5, 2009 04:43 | Go to Rikon Choutei

An interesting take on divorce. Leave it to Matsui to make a manga about divorce so...unique. In any case, thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Come back soon Matsui! Jump's just not jump without you!


(Side text- A single man walks upon the dry landscape. That sword, is it the premonition of bloodshed?!)



(Top text- The author of MAJIN TANTEI NOUGAMI NEURO (Be sure to pick up Volume 22 on Friday July 22nd, and the final volume 23 in August!!) Matsui Yuusei returns with a brand new oneshot!)

(TN- Literally means Divorce Conciliation.)


(Side red text- To bear this much love----)



(TN- Interview. Nothing to see here.)


{On a land that's extremely arid---}

Girl: Oww...

I can't get out.

What awful timing for a rock slide.

Even the cliff has completely dried out.

???: Miss?


???: May I perchance,

Cut that rock?

{I met a man with a clean cut sword.}

Girl: Oh...

???: Here goes.


???: Now that it's cut, you should be able to move your leg.

Girl: Uh?


Thank you.

???: My pleasure.


Girl: Sir? Where did you come from?

???: Why Brazil.

Girl: Brazil?!

You came from Brazil to Niigata?!

That's on the other side of the world!!

(TN- Niigata prefecture in Japan to be exact.)

Girl: You must be thirsty then.

???: Very much so.

Girl You should come to my juice stand.

I want to repay you for saving me.

(TN- I guess her name is Ruca.)


???: Is that so....

Japan's become like this now?

Ruca: I've been working hard to grow huge pokan oranges.

Just a second.
I'll make juice right now.


Electricity's been cut.

Coal isn't much of an alternative.....

Upsy daisy...

???: Let me borrow that.


???: Here.

Ruca: That sword cuts really well.

It makes the coal look like Jelly.

How does Brazil look right now?

???: …..

Everywhere is like this.

The whole earth is no more than a dried up husk.


Ruca: Hmm

Sir, what brought you all the way out here anyway?

???: Ah...

That's an embarrassing tale..

I failed to use my land correctly.

Kami-san finally got tired of being civil with me...

And put up terms for divorce.

I ended up on this journey because I lost most of my assets.

(Paper: Divorce decree. Husband signature, Wife signature)

Ruca: Your assets....
So you lost a lot of money?

???: Yes...

I don't have a single cent to my name.


Ruca: Yeah,

You don't look like the sort to have a lot of money...


By assets, you also mean that sword you have there?

???: Yes.

Ruca: But it cuts so well! Certainly it must be worth a lot.

???: I guess so.

{So this man looking to gain some assets, set out on a journey huh...}

???: Ahhh! I feel like I've been revived!!

Ruca: Hm?

That noise....

An Armored Hiace....

And it's headed this way.

???: Hmm?

So Japan has a vehicle that can move this quickly now.

As expected from the automobile empire.

Ruca: Yeah,

Although how it got past vehicle inspections is a mystery to me.

Nose: 'Sup Ruca!!

Ruca: Yamamoto-san.

Yamamoto: Those huge Ponkan look scrumptious.

Oh the last one huh?

I'll be taking this.

Ruca: Huh?


Yamamoto: It's not a bad deal, considering my water is what grew these.


Yamamoto: You need water right?

Or else you wouldn't keep coming to buy it from me riiiight? Hehehehe...

Who's this?

A stranger?

Ruca: Ah..


Yamamoto: Damn.

That's one huge ass sword you've got there.

You trying to scare someone with that thing there buddy?

???: ...Maybe.

Yamamoto: Hmph.


Yamamoto: You'd be best not to mess with the Yamamoto clan, ya country bumpkin!!

Ruca: Aaah...


It's gooone~

That was the last one for the summer too....

???: That was rather rude of him.

???: He didn't look particularly thirsty either....do you always cater to his sort?

Ruca: I don't.

Yamamoto-san's family has always kept the water for themselves...

It's hard to bathe or do anything for ourselves.

That's how it's always been though...


???: Do you want it back?

Your huge Ponkan?

Ruca: I would...

But it's impossible.

???: Little lady.....um..

If I wanted to reach the Yamamoto household,

I'd just need to go this way right?

Ruca: Yes...

It's stupidly huge...

So there's no way you'd miss it if you head in that direction.


???: Allrighty!

Let's make it a trip!

I'm headed in that direction anyway.

Ruca: Huh?


???: If we hurry, you should be able to take a bath by dusk.

After all, you revived me with your ponkan.


Ruca: …



{We headed halfway across the arid globe...}

{There were so many things that had changed from before.}

{Life still goes on for all.}

{This world hadn't yet...}

{Lost it's sparkle.}


Ruca: Your wife didn't leave you anything when she parted from you?

???: We were to split things in half evenly at first....

But Kami-san has much more skill in handling such matters.

I decided to give it all to her,

Since I felt that she'd be able to put our assets to better use.

Ruca: Hmm.


???: This must be the Yamamoto's.


???: It certainly is huge.

I'll bet it spreads to the horizon and back.

Ruca: It's really close to the Japanese ocean, though now it would be better to call it the Japanese swamp.

They drained all of the water, salt, and color from the ocean, leaving nothing but a muddy pond...

(Handwritten- You can sit on top of the ocean like this.)

Ruca: This area is the Yamamoto house.


???: I see...

It's no more than a fresh water warehouse huh.

(Signs- Self serve 24 hours, Water 7500, Yamamoto's water.)

???: This is absurd.

I'd like to have a word with them.




???: Yamamoto-san?

I have two requests.

Number one, return this girl's pokan immediately.

And the other...

Would it be a problem....

If I cut this house into two?


Yamamoto: WHA?

Ruca: Huh?

???: Consider it a part of the Divorce consultation.

You can't avoid having this big house split.

Yamamoto: Cut my house in two? What kind of nonsense is that?

Are you just a thief who wants to lay claim to MY water?!

Tarou~~!! SABUROU!!!

Intruder alert!!

Show him what true pain is!!!


???: My what a long loading time.

Yamamoto: Sorry about that.

But here they are!!!

These guys will rip any foolish intruders into pieces!!


Ruca: There are 3 Armored Hiaces!!!

Sir, we've got to run away!!

I don't care about my pokans!!

I can't do that.

This too is...

Part of my resistution to Kami-san.

Ruca: Then draw your sword and make a detour can't you?!

If you don't hurry and cut the house in two then....


Yamamoto2: Hey!

It's the stranger from earlier!

Ignoring my advice eh?

You can be food for our three Hiaces!!

We'll spill your blood all over this wilderness!!

???: Miss?

You may want to come here for a second.


???: A little to the left....



I can't create....

A detour.

For you see, everything has to be divided right down the middle.


I'll just change the terrain a little bit.


???: Here goes.



{That sword...}

{Is deeply embedded into the earth!}

{It's so deep...}

{That it might even have cut the earth's core!}

{He wasn't just dragging the sword with him....}

{He was cutting the world....}

{Right down the middle!!}


Yamamoto: Agh!!

It's split!!

Yamamoto2: I'm falling!

Ruca: When you said your assets...

Did you mean the Earth?

???: Something like that.

Ruca: Does the Earth...

Belong to you too sir?


???: I suppose...

I am God,

After all.

Have you heard of Zeus?

Ruca: Oh yeah! I have!

???: That would be me.

Well,Kami-san and I have been most of the gods through the ages.

More importantly....

Let's start by giving this girl back her ponkan.

Yamamoto: Agh...

I get it already!

Hurry up and give it back to her!!


Zeus: Next, I'll buy all of you water for 100 yen.

Yamamoto: 1—100 yen?!

Zeus: If you prefer, I could just open the earth a little wider, and give Saburo and his brothers a tore of the core?

Yamamoto: Fine! You win!!

And Miss?

You hurry straight back to Japan's swamp!!

I'll see you off!!

Ruca: 'Kay!!


Zeus: In all honesty,

I really should be taking a 'hands off' approach to you humans.

But who knew while I took a little break...

That this is what would happen to the world...?

And as such, the property value for Earth dropped sharply.

If I don't tend to it, of course Kami-san won't be civil with me.


It's mostly a fruitless effort.

Half of the world's surface has rotted away.

Still, I don't think it's impossible.


Zeus: While I was walking about on this planet,

I've seen that there are still so many living things.

Everyone's doing their best....

And with a little help from me...

We can restore paradise to earth.

Ruca: Yeah!

Good luck!

You can have half of my assets too!!

Zeus: Many thanks.


{We parted ways at the Japanese swamp.}

(Paper- Zeus)

(Handwritten- Signature.)

{I wonder where he is now?}

{And where he'll be headed after that.}

{I have an idea...}

{Maybe he's passing through the scotching hot Pyongyang mountains...}

{Or strolling through Moscow's cactus forests.}

{There's a chance he could even be walking through the sea of sand in the west.}


{He'll keep going until he takes his godly sword and returns to Brazil....}

{Splitting this arid world into two perfect slices.}

{For now I can't help but wonder...}

{When this world becomes two...}

{Which side will he decide to take?}

{And which side will he give to his wife?}


{As he spreads out this dried out world to fulfill his Divorce conciliation...}

{I wonder which God will be in charge of the side I'm on?}

{My wish is...}

{That I'll be on the side that he comes back to.}

(Side text- Cutting money out, and connecting through bonds....)

RIKON CHOUTEI................END.

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#1. by Doragon ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Just finished reading it, and I have to say, that was an interesting read. Divorce was a different theme, but it fit in well with the story. Thanks for translating~
#2. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Thanks Bomber!!
#3. by Teeba ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Thank you, Bomber, for translating this!
#4. by DJ Tenkal ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Thank for the the translations -.-
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