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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 140

Gintama 140

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 21, 2007 03:20 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 140

And here is a badly done gintama 140 XD i even transliterated it like people said i should....and again it took me six hours so pleas please please if you see errors help me correct them ^^

【--ゴミ 一口にゴミといつても様々なものがある】
[There are various things that can be found in the garbage]

[Even though people throw things in there that they don't need as they say
one man's trash is another man's treasure.]

[such as the woman with a crutch who throws away one bag]

[The bag which is smelly and carries a type of curse]

[its strange but this person was found by one of the garbage collectors]

[Why is it that this woman stares at the garbage collector motionlessly?]

[it is because this is a body part which was obtained and sits motionlessly.

【ある日女は来なかった 代わりにいつもの小さな袋がゴミの山に一つ】
[The woman had stop coming to the landfill for just one day.]

[Her usual appearance gone]

[The garbage collector tried to look inside the bag]

[The woman stares motionlessly]

[its unusual to find your own body parts in the garbage]

[so as much as you can, until the day that the trash is burned, you should
sort out your garbage to be helpful.]

【すいません ゴミの分別守ろう!】
[i'll probably be able to protect it if i don't inhale it!]

[only i can't protect!]

[Whether i can come out or not]

(Edo's Huge public announcement statement)

銀時: シーエム かよ。
Gintoki: A commercial...

銀時: 趣味の悪いモンつくりやがって
Gintoki: Whoever made this has a pretty crappy hobby.

誰もゴミの日守らねーから 踊しに回りやがった
As if someone would need to waste a day protecting garbage.

銀時: 。。。。。
Gintoki: ......

『あ 明日燃えないゴミの日だったかジャンプ出してきちゃまった。。』
[oh right, tomorrow is the burning day and i put the jump out.]

銀時: まっ いっか。
Gintoki: Eh...its fine.

バカ 言ってんじゃね ガキ じゃあるめーし。
Thats just the words of kids and morons.

明日 早くに 取りにいきゃいいだろ。 さー寝よ 寝よ
I'll just run out quickly tomorrow and put it out....time to sleep.

神楽: も~ 何 アルか こんな遅くに
Kagura: Mou.....its so late....what's going on?


銀時: いや 違うんだよ あのアレ ゴミがよ 気になってよ。
Gintoki: Its nothing really, i just got kind of worried about the trash.

神楽: なんで 私が つき合わなきゃいけないアル
Kagura: I don't really care to be out this late
夜更しは美容の大敵アル そのへんわかってんのか

銀時: バカッ おめ 違うよ 恐いとか そういうんじゃないよいっとくけど
Gintoki: Don't be dumb, i'm not afraid or anything, i just need to take
care of this quickly.

あの アレだよ ジャンプ 雑ぜてお前の気にいってたぎっしすてちゃって
To get that jump, that you carelessly threw away.

神楽: マジでか 女性エイト アルか 鬼嫁得集アルか
Kagura: Do you fear the huge eight armed demon wife?

銀時: ちょっとアレとってくんの手伝えよ
Gintoki: Just help me out a little...

神楽: いやアル 臭いアル
Kagura: No...it stinks.

銀時: じゃあ 手伝わ なくてもいいから 俺の側にいろよ
Gintoki: Fine if you don't want to help at least stay by my side.

神楽: いやアル 臭いアル
Kagura: No it stinks.

銀時: いい加減にしろよ! わがままはかりいいやかって俺はお前のためを思って
Gintoki: Quit being so selfish! Don't you remember what i've done for you?!
you could at least come here with me!!

銀時: もういいよ わかったよもう お前には頼まね好きにしろ!

そこで黙って 見ってると いいわ!
Just stay there and watch!

Stay there and watch motionlessly Don't go anywhere and be good!

神楽: いやアル もう眠いから帰るアル
Kagura: No, i'm going back in to sleep

銀時: 神楽ちゃあああん!! ご免なさいいい!
Gintoki: Kagura chaaaaaaaaaan! I'm sorry!

Go ahead and sing it! You know that song! The doraemon song!! its fine!

神楽: ドウルルル、ドルルル、 ドルルル、 トウドルルルウ~
Kagura: Dourururu dorruru dorururu dorurururu

銀時: アレ なんか どっかから世にも奇妙な物語のてーまがきこえてくる! 神楽
ちゃんだようね?! コレ 神楽ちゃんだようね?!
Gintoki: What is that?!? Is that even the right song? Its strange! Almost
otherwordly! Kagura-chan, are you really Kagura-chan?!

??: チコショー負けてたまるかランラアランランララランラン (ナウシカの奴
Gintoki: Dammit! I won't lose to you! Ranranaranarnranranrannn (Now using
a deer's voice)

男: オイ うるせーんだよ! いま 何時だと 思ってんだ!!
Man: Shut the hell up!! Do you know what time it is?!

神楽:ドルルルル ドルルル ドルルルル ト
Kagura: Dorururu dorururu dorururuto..

銀時: すいません オジさん!! オジさん悪いけど俺の事見ててもらえる? そこ
GIntoki: Sorry about that old man! But you get it right, you see it and
can tell what it is right?!

男: 何気持ちワリーこといてんだ!! 警察呼ぶぞ!
Man: 'The hell you mean?! You want me to call the police?!

銀時: 是非お願いします!
Gintoki: I'm begging you! give me a moment!

男: お願いしますじゃねーよ!
Man: As if!!

銀時: よし とった!!
Gintoki: Ok got it!

オイ しつけーんだよ 神楽てめっ ござんじょの 迷惑も考えろ!!
Hey Kagura you can knock off that annoying noise now!

銀時: オイ おじさん最後まで見ててくれよ
Gintoki: Ok old man, its over just like i said!

???: 了解
???: Understood

Goal Acquired

Activating Analytical mode

【血圧心拍 供に上昇】
[blood pressure rising]

【目標 喪失しました】
[Goal lost]


第140訓 ゴミの分別回収にご協力下さい
Lesson 140: Please help out and collect and divide the trash.


神楽: ドルルルル ドルルル ドルルルル ドルルルル
Kagura: Dorururururu dorurururu dorurururu dorururu
ドルルルル ドルルルルル ドルルル
dorurururu dorururu dorurururu

銀時: 何してんだ? てめー
Gintoki: What the hell do you want?

神楽: おはヨごさいまーす かみきった?
Kagura: Good Morning, how are you doing?

銀時: 切ってねーよ!! 寝込みに何悪質な癒がらせしてんだテメーは!!
Gintoki: Not good at all!! Of course you'd be great if you had a whole night'
s sleep bastard!


銀時: ったく
Gintoki: Geez.

どうりで 嫌な夢見るはずだぜ
What a lameass dream.

神楽: ほうほう どんな?
Kagura: How was it?

銀時: 生首がよ ま いいや
Gintoki: Something about a head

Anyway Theres no need to go on and on about it, people who talk about their
dreams get laughed at.

神楽: ゴミ 捨て場に生首アルか?
Kagura: A head in the garbage?

うなされてたヨ いい年こいて わんばく小僧みたいな夢見るアルナ
You had bad dream, perhaps you should go see someone about it.

銀時: 新八 にいうなよお前コラ 300円あげるから
Gintoki: Well you should get Shinpachi to give us 300 yen.

Weird that i don't remember much about what happened before i went to bed.

神楽: ゴミ 捨て場にジャンプとりにいってたアル
Kagura: Something about getting Jump from the garbage.

You didn't see it and after a while you came back empty handed from the
dump and went to sleep.

銀時: 神楽ちゃん 神楽 ちゃん
Gintoki: Kagura chan? Kagura chan...

ていうか 何それ
By the way...what's that?

神楽: 卵割り器! 昨日 見つけたアル!
Kagura: An egg cracker! I found it yesterday!


銀時: いやいやいやいやいやいやいやいや


銀時: 卵割り切違うううう
Gintoki: That's not an egg cracker!

Its the dismembered head i saw yesterday!

銀時: おっお前夢どころか
Gintoki: It wasn't your dream at all!!

It really happened you mooooooorrrrrrrrrrrooon!

神楽: 生首違う卵割り器アル
Kagura: Its not a dismembered head, its an egg cracker.

銀時: さっきから 何言ってんのこの娘?! 卵割り器ってなんだよ ねーよ
Gintoki: Don't you see thats the head of a girl and not an egg cracker?!

神楽: 卵というものつい人の頭 割ってしまいたくなるものヨ
Kagura: its an egg cracker, it just looks like a head.

Don't be annoying now.

銀時: 違う!! 絶対違う!!

おいイイイ!!何だこの絵ツらああああ!! ジャンプに あっていい絵ツラじゃ
Hey!! Do you know what kind of picture you're painting here?! The kind of
picture you're putting into jump!!

早く戻してこい! 元あった所に戻してこいイイ!!
Quickly! Put it back! Find the place it came from and put it back!

神楽: いやアル! アレ は 私の卵割り器アル!! 誰にも渡さないネ!
Kagura: No! This is my egg cracker! I won't give it to anyone!

銀時 : ふさけんな! あんなもんごさんじょの方に見られたらどうなると思って

Gintoki: Don't mess around! This could be a problem if its seen!!!

銀時: 定春ううう それは勘弁してくれエ!! それはオモチャアじゃないから なっ!!
こっちよこしない! ビーフジャーキあげるから!
Gintoki: Sadaharu!! Thats not a toy!! Give it to me and i'll trade you some
beef jerky!!

神楽: 定春! それ 私の卵割り器 アルヨオ!
Kagura: Sadaharu! That's my egg cracker!!

銀時: 卵割り器 じゃねーっつってん だろ! 頭めろ! 明日から俺がお前の卵割
り器になってやるから頭めろ! なんだコレ 新しい口説き文句か?!
Gintoki: Its not an egg cracker dammit!! Knock it off! Today its an egg
cracker so what will it be tomorrow some kind of complaint?!

銀時: しっ 新八イイ!!
Gintoki: Shinpachi!!!

さわるなアアアア! 指紋が指紋がつくっ! 証拠を残すなア!!
早く 処分しろ!!
Don't touch it!! If your finger prints get on it they can be used as evidence!
! put it down!!


新八: これ 悦子ちゃん
Shinpachi: This is Etsuko-chan.

銀時: 悦子ちゃん お前のしり合いの悦子ちゃんか!!
Gintoki: You know it?!? Its Estuko-chan?!

新八: 違いますよ
Shinpachi: No no,

これ 今 人気の からくり家政ふ【悦子ちゃん】ですよ
This is Karakuri house's number one doll [Etsuko-chan]

銀時: 悦子ちゃん?
Gintoki: Etsuko-chan?

神楽: 違うネ! 卵割り器 アル
Kagura: It is not! Its an Egg cracker!

??: 炊事洗濯に始まり事務までこなす夢のからくり人形。。。
??: Its the kind of doll that will cook, do Landry, and office work! Its
like a dream doll! Wouldn't you want one in your house?

??: オイ スゲーな しゅうまバージョン ツンデレバージョンもあんぞなんか附
??: Hey they've got a bunch of different versions....the "Shuma" version
and the "Tsudere" version...quite amazing.

銀時: ふーん 時代が ここまで 進んでいたとはね
Gintoki: So our age has come here huh?

なんでもいうこと きくしよく動くし人間より使えるって企業や商人なんどの間で
大人気なんですよまア 一般人が手を出せるねぜんじゃないですけど
Whether you say its usefull for humans or not it seems that not doing anything
has become more popular for people. And so merchants produce stuff to match


銀時: ちなみに新八 お前 なんでそんなにくわしんだよ
Gintoki: By the way Shinpachi, how did you know all of this?

新八: え? いや オタクの間でもけっこう人気ですから
Shinpachi: Huh? Well its a big thing between otakus...

銀時: オイオイ この子完全にいやらし事考えてるよ~ なんでもいう事きかせるつ
Gintoki: Hey hey, you were totally considering getting one for yourself
weren't you one of these girls would suit you wouldn't they?

神楽: マジキモイアル しばるあく私に 話しかけないで
Kagura: How disgusting. Don't even bother talking to me.

新八: なんだアアアアアアアアア!! 貴様らに メイドのろまんかわかるかアア!

Shinpachi: Heeeeeeeeeeeey!!! You guys had the maid version didn't you!?!?

銀時: オイどうだじーさん
Gintoki: Hey pops, what will we do?

Seems like all we have is the neck.

平賀: かなり派手にやられてるな
Hiraga: You guys are quite lively.

まア だが 肝心なところは傷ついちゃいねようだなんとかなるだろ
Somehow this thing isn't scared up or anything so i should be able to work
on it

銀時: しかし じーさんよオ アンタもおちおちじてられねーな
GIntoki: however do you think you could do it?

こんなもんが市上出回ってるたア 江戸一番からくり技師が追い抜かれる日も近い
Seems like some other mechanism engineer is trying to out do you as Edo's

平賀: 何 言ってやがる
What are you talking about?

I'm not going to let this soft mechanism get to me, i'm not as careless
as others.

よし できた
Ok its done.

平賀: ありあわせで つくったから ちゃんと アンバランスだが
Hiraga: I had to adjust somethings...so the balance is a bit off

銀時: ちょっとオオオオ! ありあわせどころか 身体丸々どっかから丸ばくりし
Gintoki: You call that adjustment a LITTLE one? It looks completely different!


??: 一年蝉噪でも耐えられるからだだぞ
It can withstand a year of the worst conditions.

なんで家政践が 一年も戦争すんだよなんで家政践にシールドが必要なんだよ
More so than doing housework it can fight for a whole year which is the
use for the shield.

It is able to see various things even hiding behind its sheild.

銀時: 見なくていいんだよ 市原睦子に任せときやいいんだよ ななもんは!
Gintoki: Who wants to see something like that?! (More here to be inserted)

平賀: せっかく金になりそうな奴なんだからよオ
Hiraga: Why should i take special care if you guys aren't paying well?

もっと いい女 ボンキュッポンのナイスバディにしてくれねーとうれねーだろう
Anyway you want a woman with a nice body and looks good?

神楽: うるせんーだヨ ダメガネ お前は一足先に冥土にいってろ!
Kagura: Quit messing around you useless glasses! You're the one who wants

新八: 断固メイド服で!!
Shinpachi: Firm with maid clothes!

神楽: 卵割り器能つけるアルあのニュルニュルもとってくれる奴!
Kagura: Make sure it still has the ability to crack eggs!

平賀: ん- よくわからんわ
Hiraga: I don't really get it...

銀時: もう いいからよ アンタなりにいい女つくってくれ
Gintoki: Its fine already, just make a woman who looks good.

銀時: って ケツプリンなっただけ だろーがアアア!!
Gintoki: ...and why is only the ass like pudding?!

This is some kind of ass prejudice! Replacing that part with a more useless

平賀: ケツのでかい女はいいぞ安産だ
Hiraga: This woman's ass is good on delivery though.

銀時: ふりーよ!!古いんだよ! 女の選考きしゅんが!!
Gintoki: That's old fashioned thinking! No one will select a woman like

平賀: なんだ 何が 気にくわねーんだココなんて大変だったんだぞ
Hiraga: This is getting to be difficult... you guys are awfully picky.

It even sprays oil.

銀時: 卵かけご版への配ちょは いいんだよ!! どんだけ みんな卵かけご飯好き
なんだよ!! 俺も好きだけどね!!
Gintoki: A this rate the egg cracking edition was better than this! I want
the egg cracking one back!!


平賀: ん~~注文の多い連中だな
Hiraga: You guys have so many complaints.

Other than this i dunno what i can do its out of budget.

つーか お前ら金あんの?
Anyways...do you guys even have money?

新八: 捨てられてた犬みたいになってんですけど
Shinpachi: Its like a puppy, we can't just throw it out..

銀時: 仕方ねーだろ金ねーんだからこれしゃうれね-な殺人鬼の気分だ
Gintoki: Well what can we do huh? With no money we can't do anything. The
way it stares at us it looks like a homicidal maniac.

神楽: うれるどころか身体かないんじゃ家庭践としても使えないアル
Kagura: Without the rest of the body its kind of useless.


新八: でも 言外さんの話じゃ このからくり事務処理能力に徳化したものらしで
Shinpachi: So now it seems that we have no idea of the story behind this
thing or its ability.


新八: とりあえず 起動してみましょう頭だけでも使えるかもしれません
Shinpachi: Well for now maybe we could at least start the head.

銀時: 起動って どこにスイッチあんだ?
Gintoki: Where is the start switch?

もし乳首だったら オシマイだ 起動 できねーぞ。
Could it be a nipple? That will start it in the end?

新八: あんたの頭がオシマイですよ
Shinpachi: Your head is at its end.

神楽: オイ!起きろオオ!
Kagura: HEY! WAKE UP!!

新八: あっ このひみいのホクロかな?
Shinpachi: Do you think its this mole?

悦子: ドウルルルル ドルルルル ドルルル ドーン
Etsuko: Dorururururu dorururur dorururu do-n

神楽:うわっアアアア! ついた!
Kagura: WHOA! its on!!

悦子: 残念 ながらあなたの冒険の書1 冒険の書2 冒険の書3は消えました
Etsuko: Unfortunately book three of two adventures of the first book of
one adventure has been erased.

銀時: オイ やべーぞ 強く叩いたから冒険の書全部消えちゃったぞ
Gintoki: All of the books of adventure are gone? That's bad.

神楽: 冒険 してたんだヨ どこかできっと
Kagura: I'm sure there's an adventure somewhere.

新八: 冒険の 書って何ですか
Shinpachi: What adventure book?

悦子: もう 一度始めから冒険の書をつくり直してください
Etsuko: We will have to start the adventure book over.

まずは 私の名前から
First what will my name be?

新八: 名前つけろっていってますけど
Shinpachi: But..what name should we use?

銀時: めんどくせーから【あああああ】いいだろ
Gintoki: Well i think that "Aaaaaah" will do.

悦子: ダメですよ不精すると後悔しますよ
Etsuko: Thats rather lazy, how regrettable.

魔王と戦ってえる時に【ああああ】 とかテンション下かるてしょ
When fighting against the demon king you may scream "AAAAAAH" out of tension

銀時: 魔王って何だよ 魔王と戦うつもりだよ
Gintoki: Fight with the demon king? Fight...how?


神楽: じゃあ 卵で
Kagura: Ok then "Tama."

悦子: 了解
Etsuko: Understood.

新八: 卵? どんだけ卵にこだわってんの?!
Shinpachi: Tama?!? What's with you and eggs?!

銀時: いよいよ 野良みたいんなってきたな
Gintoki: Well more and more the field gets clear.

悦子: みんなさん 始めまして
Etsuko: Shall we start everyone?

My name is Marie Antoinette.

??: 卵 無視したよ いやだったんだいやだったんだよ!!
??: She just disregarded the name Tama!!

マリー: みんなにはホクロビームと呼ばれている
Marie: Everyone please yell out "Mole beam"

新八: いじゃめられてるよ!!完全に額のボタンのことでいじめられてるよ!
Shinpachi: Why should we do that?! This complete amount doesn't make sense!!

銀時: つーかみんなって 誰だよ
Gintoki: And anyway who's "Everyone?"

神楽: 戦士とか 武闘家 アルヨ あいつら肉体派のくせに根暗なんだヨ

マリー: なにか。。。思い出したらブルーになってきた
Marie: What, no one remembers the blue field?

Where is the book of adventure saved?

新八: なに勝手に冒険終えようとしての!!
Shinpachi: What finished adventure?!? Quit being so selfish!

新八: 待てエエエオイ! 冒険 まだ 始まったばかりだろーがア!!
Shinpachi: WAIT! HEY! We haven't even started the adventure!!

マリー: 復活の呪文をメモしてくだいさい 『もががずぼろそくされまぐろばろみ』

Marie: Take notes of the journey and the revivial and of the tuna.

新八: 今時 パスワード 形式かよオオ!! セーブ機能ないの?! メモ帳!! は
Shinpachi: Don't people use passwords to save their games now a days?!?
Take a memo! quick do it fast!!


銀時: オイ 起きろ!! ボケエエエ!!
Gintoki: Hey! Wake up dumbass!!

根てんじゃねーよ! 腐れマグロ!! 十六連謝だボケエ!!
Don't just go back to sleep usless tuna! the spoiled tuna of 16 realms!

銀時: おいイイイイ!! ご主人様にむかってオイル吐いたぞオ!!
Gintoki: HEYYYYYYYYY! It just spit oil on my face dammit!

てめエ 何様だコラ!!
What the hell are you doing?!

マリー: セーブ中はコントローラー及び電源ボタンにさわらないてください故障
Marie: Its saddening because while the game was saving a power supply breakdown
didn't allow it to finish.

??: お前 セーブ機能ねーんだろうが!!
??: You're the one who needs a save function!!

マリー: もう一度復活の呪文をいいます
Marie: One more time the spell of revival will be said.

新八: おイイイイイ!!! 復活させるつもりねーよなんか変な古代文字使いだし
Shinpachi: Wait a second! What the hell are those symbols?!? No one can
understand the symbols of revival!!

待ってエエエおいイイ!! いい加減にしろよ! てめエエエ!!
Waiiiit!!! Knock it off already dammit!!!

神楽: 壊れてるアルナ 完全に
Kagura: Looks like a complete breakdown.

銀時: 一回カセット抜いてホコリとれフーッって
Gintoki: Is it really like a cassette that you blow into to remove dust?

銀時: そもそも たいして冒険の書進めてねーんだから最初からやりやあいいんだ

Gintoki: We have to wait for it patiently, after all this is going to be
the first time we proceed.

マリー: パラララッタパパ
Marie: pararattapapa

You have gotten to level tama.

銀時: なんかしらんけどレベルあがりましたよ
Gintoki: What the....the level went up?


マリー: 力が3あがった速さが2あがった
Marie: The power went up and so did the speed from two to three.

だるさが5あがった気だるさが6あがった疲れか7あがった 虚無冠をおばえた
Its going to take a while to go from level five to six and then seven at
this rate though.

新八: ちょっとオオオ!! どんなどん負のパラメータがあがってますよ!
Shinpachi: What was with that sudden ray of hope crushed by negativity?!

マリー: けだるさがにあがつたずぼろろくされまくろばろみ
Marie: The languid is boliing up and blackening..

新八: オイいいい!!無理やりの呪文に移行したよ
Shinpachi: Waiiiit! This is impossible! Its shifted to the spell of a spear!

マリー: なんかだるいはたらきたくないしごとかつらい
Marie: Its too hard to work, and too painful...it feels heavy.

新八: 途中からただのグチだよ!!
Shinpachi: Then free yourself on the way!

銀時: ハア ダメなこりゃ
Gintoki: Ah..this is useless.

We probably can't get a cent off of this.

新八: どうですか街角でストレスのたまってる人に好きなだけ殴らせるとか
Shinpachi: No matter what street corner we take this to, the stress will
build up and they'll take it back...

銀時: 殴られ屋? いいなそれそれでいくか
Gintoki: So we just toss it in some shop?

ニュスキャスタ-: えーこちら 事件現場の【林件究所】前です
News Caster: We are at the site of Hayashi Kenjo.

あっ アレ 卵さんを 製作した研究所ですよ
It is the laboratory where the egg was produced.

なんだ? なんか事件か
What? What kind of incident occured?


ニュスキャスタ-: え---殺害された林流山博士は
News Caster: Um, it seems that the Hayashi Nagareyama was murdered.

He is known as the authority on machines

最近 人気をはくしていたからくり【家政府悦子ちゃん】の 開発者てもありまし
Also the developer of mechanism [Houskeeping maid Etsuko] which has become
popular recently.

??: え これ?
??: Huh? This is...

ニュスキャスター: 奉行所では目撃者の情報を参考に博士の秘書役をつとめてい
News Caster: It is a doll which the magistrate that works according to a
witnesses testimony.

芙蓉 伊---零ごう試作型を博士殺害の嫌疑て捜索しています
現在 芙蓉零ごう機は逃亡中です目撃した方は危険ですから近寄らずすぐに奉行所
This experimental robot has been linked to the murder. Please do not approach
it because it is really dangerous as it escapes. Please give any witness
accounts to the magistrate about this machine if seen.

ニュスキャスター: 繰り返します
News Caster: I repeat..

??: こ これって まさか。。。
??: This is.....you're kidding!!

Tama s---an?

銀魂 第140訓 終
Gintama Chapter 140 END.

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2007
Thanx a lot fr the trans :kkthumbs

Keep up the good job <3
#2. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Mar 21, 2007
Ha! A 25 pages translation of Gintama! Thanks a lot for this!! :D

Its not a 'badly done' piece like you claimed.
I can understand the silly exchanges between Gin & Kagura, and I thought the flow of the story is there.
Maybe you can 'highlight' those words that you think you need some Jap expert/fellow translators to go through? (cos this is quite a long piece.)

But i still say, this is a good effort! :thumbs

p.s. missing line in Pg 10.
#3. by yorozuya ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2007
Isn't there a large section missing on the first page?

[Why is it that this woman stares at the garbage collector motionlessly?]

(In between these two lines?)

[it is because this is a body part which was obtained and sits motionlessly.]
#4. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Mar 23, 2007
Damn you are right i am missing a chunk of the text XD i'll have to edit it later though...good eyes good eyes...
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