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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 270

Watch out for Death flags.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jul 26, 2009 03:16 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 270

Interesting. This is definately much better than the spoilers made it sound. It could very well make a lead into a much more serious arc, although I have an inkling that this could be settled in two or three more chapters. If it makes any difference, it's intriguing that this arc started off very similarly to Yoshiwara a year ago....

{In the world, there are things known as 'Death flags'}

(Side text- This is the foundation for a new scenario!!)

{Basically, these are situations where death is almost certain. Situations where you might mumble 'Damn, I'm as good as goldfish bait now.'}

{Once that flag appears, it's a given that a guy will run to do battle with the evil organization, be ground up into little pieces, and have a woman cry over his pointless death.}

{It's an easy to understand symbol. Guys who are constantly up to no good have to worry about things like that.}

(Bottom text- Volumes 1-29 are out in stores!!)


{I am a man that treads upon the path of justice, with no regrets.}

{And now I return to work with a surprise from the cake store for a certain mayonnaise loving bastard~ er I mean my supervisor.}

{Death lurks everywhere.}

(Sfx- don bump)


(Sfx- Goton tak)

(Sfx- Pota pota drip drip)

???: Shinsengumi First unit Capitan Okita Sougo...

With your death....

I have finally avenged my father.

{Who wants to see me in a casket today, isn't a thought that crosses my mind.}

(Sfx- Yoro wobble)

{As a man, I have to consider that there are many who would love nothing more than to watch me die.}

{I would never allow myself to dwell on selfish thoughts such as self gratification.}

{Instead I gladly lend myself to self sacrifice, and fall to the ground while smiling.}

{Sfx- Dashi tmp)


{I count myself as fortunate to have the chance to meet a girl...}

(Sfx- Gashiii grabbb)

(Sfx- Dosun Twhooooop)

{And embrace her as I reach the ground.}

{As a man on my death bed, can there be a luckier fate?}

Okita: Hey, look at what you've done to my cake....it's all screwed up now.

{Why am I so lucky....?}

Okita: And here I was thinking that I'd be able to put this tobasco sauce to good use on that fool....

{Because I'm an upstanding citizen.}

(Sfx- Pota pota Drip drip)



(Side text right- Portrait of a Sadist.)

(Side text left- The anime is hugely popular!! Be sure to watch it Thursday nights at six on Tv Tokyo!!)

Lesson 270: Watch out for Death flags.


Okita: And that's how it is.

I found this girl in the red light district. Perhaps she's a runaway who was going to be sold?

She's still just a brat, but lolicons would gladly dip into their life savings for her.

Gintoki: You shouldn't speak like you're a slave trader yourself.

Okita: Hm? I'm not a slave trader though. I just feel those with no money, are prone to illegal activity. Therefore, we should work her.....to death.

Kagura: Who is your slave fool? I will beat you for that!

Gintoki: Sounds like a lot of work....Can't you lazy idiots do something about her?

Okita: We really don't have the free time like you do to pick up every single brat and take care of them.

She seems to be out for blood though, I wonder if she's with a group of murderers?

Terrorists are one thing, but for someone who looks like they've never hurt a fly, suddenly turning to murder seems a bit strange.


Shinpachi: Kirie-san...that's your name right?

I understand that your dead father was a patriot right?

Kirie: You mustn't misunderstand....

My father was no terrorist, but an ordinary man.

The Shinsengumi only thought he was a terrorist.

My father was only a bystander.

The Patriots and Shinsengumi were in an intense struggle,

And my father who only happened to be in the wrong place was cut mercilessly.

Gintoki: ….And your rebuttal Okita-kun?

Okita: I dunno.

Kirie: Are you mad?! I won't allow you to forget my father or the Rokkaku Muneharu incident!!

(TN- Rokkaku is Japanese for Hexagon.)

Okita: Listen, even if I DO remember something like that, do you think I'd seriously remember your dad? I can't remember the face of every guy who tasted my blade in battle.

If I start doing that, It won't be long before I'm struck down myself.

On the battle field, life is lived instant by instant. There's no time to think.

When someone rushes at you, you've got a second to swing you sword, a second. Which is not enough to figure out whether he is friend or foe.

It sucks yeah, but on a battlefield, if a ordinary person is among the terrorists, there's no way to discern them both.


Gintoki: So I guess we can't start negotiations if you can't remember the guy huh?

Okita: Well, there IS something I'd like to say to the kid that tried to kill me...

There's no way that some idiot....

Like this girl's dad could possibly defeat me on the battlefield.

Kirie: You bloody git!

(Sfx- gatatsu fwip)

Shinpachi: Calm down Kirie-san!!

Kirie: You killed my father!!

I''ll kill you! Mark my words I will!!

Okita: What a pathetic woman you are. But I'll admit, coming after us takes some backbone.

But revenge is not a game kids should play.

Step foot on my battlefield again,

And I'll cut you down without any hesitation.

(Sfx-Chaki clack)


Okita: Well, I guess with that, I'm out. Oh, you can put your payment on my tab boss.

Ahh, these are all smashed up now. Feel free to eat them if you want.

Kirie: Wait!!

(Sfx- Gototsu dff)

Kirie: I'll never forgive you! Ever!!

I'll gain revenge for my father, I promise you I will!!

(Sfx- Mogu mogu chew chew)

Kirie: Ngh....

(Sfx- Hetatsu tiff)

Shinpachi: Kirie-san....

Gin-san, Kagura-chan...

What should we do now....

Kagura: So he made a maiden cry.

I understand.

Let me get revenge with her.

Shinpachi: Huh? What do you mean....?



(Sfx- Geho goho cough cough)

(Sfx- Hahi hahi hah hah)

(Sfx- Zehiaaa zehaaah hahhhh hahh)

(TN- You can sort of tell that this is another of Sorachi's unfinished panels. But, it actually works to enhance the picture, rather than detract from it.)

Kagura: Shinpachi! Water!

Shinpachi: Wait a sec Kagura-chan!

Kagura: I will kill him! I will find him and gouge his eyes out!!

(Sfx- Doyshaaaa crasssssh)


Doggy: The Rokkaku incident.

Two years ago the extremist Patriot party, Soukaitou was assaulted in the Rokkaku house by the Shinsengumi, and a melee broke out.

(TN- Soukaitou= Literally 'Fresh Wound group.')

(Doggy's sign {And the banner behind him.} Welcome to Kabuki land!)

Doggy: At the time, there were several occurrences of violent outbreaks all around Edo. The Soukaitou had a mission, and that was to assassinate the Shogun.

(TN- Though with his luck, it might just be easier to wait for him to die. Lol.)

Doggy: The Soukaitou figured that the Shinsengumi would not lie by the wayside while they schemed, so they decided to ambush the government dogs.

It is said that in the ensuing struggle, 36 patriots lost their lives.

With this staggering loss, the Soukaitou found their group decimated.

On the other side of the blade however, The Shinsengumi came out with only three losses.

Don't misunderstand though, the ambush was perfect. Five members of the first unit were caught completely unaware.

What they didn't account for was the first unit commander Okita Sougo being a more than capable swordsman.

Shinpachi: Wait...are you saying that he defeated a whole Patriot group...alone?!

Gintoki: Damn, that punk is scary as hell.

(Handwritten- Wow! It's the Kabuki Puppy!!)

(Handwritten- Hey Kabuki Doggy, come and play with me!)

Doggy: But even the strongest warrior of the Shinsengumi cannot be on his guard at all times. On the battlefield, a man becomes weak and paranoid if he isn't allowed to rest.

Within a desperate situation, desperate decisions are made.


Katsura: During the melee, the master of the Rokkaku house, Muneharu lost his life.

(Handwritten- Not the Kabuki Puppy, But Katsura!!)

(Sfx- Nugii squisssh)

Katsura: Although, I think there is more to it.

(Sfx- Gyaaaaaahhh!!)

Shinpachi: So you're of the same mind as Kagura-chan, Katsura-san. You think Okita-san did this on purpose?

Katsura: I wouldn't jump to that conclusion, but it is a possibility.

Gintoki: Zura, what happened after the Rokkaku house got raided?

Katsura: Muneharu left behind a wife and daughter apparently.

But after seeing so much gore, the poor woman fled from lodging to lodging,

And spent a whole year living in fear of recuperation before she left this world as well.

Kirie: I no longer have a father or mother...

Nor a place to return to.

It drives me spare! That man has taken everything from me.

And worse yet he claims not to remember!!

I'll never forgive him, as long as I live!!


Shinpachi: Gin-san....I don't get it...

I don't understand why Kirie-san would want revenge against Okita-san specifically.

and the mystery around his involvement in this incident isn't helping matters.

Wasn't all of this just an accident?

I'm sure that it can all be explained when looked at this way.

There are lots of incidents where protecting Edo has left some out in the cold.

Okita-san wouldn't forget something like that if he were behind it.

And if we leave Kirie-san alone, she'll try to avenge her dad again...

We should try to help her feel better, and stop thinking of revenge...

Gintoki: I'll be fine. Didn't Kagura go with her?

Shinpachi: That's the worst part!!

Gintoki: Don't sweat it.

That guy knows not to take her too seriously.

But think about this, Why would he drop a girl who's trying to kill him off at our house rather than taking her out himself?

On top of that, he's even going to pay us to take care of her. Isn't that a bit strange?

I'm sure it's not so much that he forgot, as much as it is that he doesn't want to remember.

'Cause if it's Okita then....

???: Impressive work Commander Okita!!


Glasses: After coming back from patrol, you diligently head to the research room for study! AS EXPECTED OF OUR CAPTAIN!!!


Okita: If you're going to be loud, take a U turn out of the library. I really don't want to be seen with you.

Glasses: Reading about the Rokkaku incident again?! How very unlike you!! That's such an old incident, that really doesn't deserve more than fleeting thoughts during tedious hours!!

Okita: In order for us to advance to the future, we must first take notice of our pasts. Remember that.

Glasses: YES SIR! Let me take a memo right away!

Okita: Now that you understand, how about taking a U turn into the past and staying there forever?

Glasses: YES SIR! Let me take a memo!!

Okita: Fine, let me be blunt. Get away you memo freak.

Glasses: But the Rokkaku Incident is so nostalgic!!

Okita: Are you listening to me?

Glasses: Could it be that you've fallen back into the incident somehow, and are looking for secrets we might have missed back then?

Okita: I'm not looking for anything. God, if you're listening, this guy is ready for you to take him away.

Glasses: We were rather unfortunate to run into patriots when our guard was down!! And worse yet our teammates all fell to their blades!! In the end it was only you and I left!!

We fought back to back though, and somehow we managed to find our way from the battlefield in one piece!! Perhaps you could say that us fighting together was fate!! We were chosen to survive!!

Okita: I really wish that I could have stuffed you in a locker somewhere, cause if I could have, I would have done it back then.

Glasses: But why are you looking into the Rokkaku Incident now? Is there something else worth investigating?!

(Sfx- Poiiii*fwiiip*)


Okita: I was attacked.

By a girl claiming to be the daughter of Rokkaku's master, no less.

(Sfx- Chakka clack)


Okita: I already put it behind me. Seriously, stop the yelling or I'll kick your ass.


(TN- Oookay. He said 'Anus' in English and then 'Koumon' which is Anus in Japanese. I know there are differences here, but....yeah.)

Glasses: To fight with the Capitan is my long cherished goal! So please! Bring it on!!

I heard that the proprietor of the Rokakku was struck down by an assassin's blade!! Wouldn't it make more sense to attribute this to the violent acts of the Patriots?

It was not your fault that Muneharu was killed Capitan Okita!! So why are you...

Okita: None of your business.

I'm not asking you for help anyway.

Glasses: None of my business, are you saying that you're being swayed by that little girl and her words?!

Okita: That girl has nothing to do with you I said, so drop it.

Glasses: But Sir!!

Are you trying to suggest that her father's death may have been our fault after all?

Okita: No. Now quit talking.

Glasses: So why would you even concern yourself with researching the incident again?! You're completely innocent! There's no need for you to think of it any further!!

Okita: Innocent or not, there are some things I want to learn for myself.
(Sfx- Datsu dash)

Glasses: You have done nothing wrong sir! I'll go get to the bottom of this immediately!! As if you'd really sink to the depths of being a common murderer! I can't stand to see anyone talk about my commanding officer in such a putrid way!!

(Sfx- Mekiiii grind)

Okita: I said to drop it. You hard of hearing or something?


Okita: The only survivors of that incident are the two of us.

If we start talking about what happened around the others, I'm sure things will get messy and fast.

Glasses: But if we don't do something, everyone will actually begin to believe that you're a murderer...

(Sfx- Gatsu griiip)

Okita: That's a fine title for someone....

Who has no problem slicing a nosy person's nostrils clean off.

(Sfx- Batsu smack)

Okita: The problem here is that little girl. I'm not sure what she's heard, but it's convinced her to come looking for me.

There's someone else out there who knows what went down in the Rokakku, or there's no way she'd know.

If you need proof, have a good look at that Wakizashi in your rear. It's old as hell sure,

But there's no way that the daughter of a merchant would be able to get one without some help from the underworld.

(TN- A Wakizashi is a short sword.)

Okita: To sum things up, there's someone out there that knows about the Rokkaku incident,

Who isn't satisfied with simply sitting on his hands and waiting.

Someone other than us knows the whole truth.


Okita: Kamiyama, be sure to wash up after what happened.

Oh and your ass probably needs to be scrubbed too.

Kamiyama: Y—YESSIR!!

Hijikata: Hm? Sougo's been sneaking around?

Yamazaki: Yeah, He's been acting really suspicious.

I spotted him deep in conversation with Kamiyama.

He mentioned something about washing an ass, and an incident...

Hijikata: Yamazaki...you should know spying on others is bad in some contexts.

I mean, what the two of them want to do with each other is their very private business. I really don't care if they prefer each other's company.

See, this time you've brought me some rather nasty information. Information that from the bottom of my heart I didn't want to know.

Yamazaki: I'm not sure what you heard Vice Captain, but I said nothing of the sort.

In any case, Commanding Officer Okita's life is in danger.

Do you remember something about the Rokkaku incident?

Hijikata: Yeah, though that's already over with right?

(Sfx- Buuun vvvvvvvn)


Yamazaki: Really? Because Okita is looking into it himself for some reason. Could there be something that was forgotten?

Those two are the only ones who returned from that massacre alive. Therefore a lot of the details are shrouded in mystery.

Only he and Kamiyama would know what exactly happened back then.

Hijikata: The Rokkaku Incident huh...

(Sfx- Miiin Miin Miiin miin reee ree ree)

(Sfx- Gacha kachink)

Okita: You again?

Not that I'm surprised,

What's up with you picking fights with me all of the time?

Do you really hate me that much?


Kagura: I DO!!

You are rotten! You put Tabasco sauce in that cake! I'll kill you brat!

Okita: YOUUUU?! What the hell do you want?!

Kagura: I have quit the Yorozuya. No more nope. I have become a sexy assasin.

(Sfx- Shakkkin * gleaeeem*)

Kagura: Do not make strange movements. Or you will get your head blown open.

Okita: Speaking of strange, have you looked in a mirror? Someone needs to blow your head open and examine it. Can't you see I'm not in the mood for this right now?

Kagura: You have a big mouth. I hope you understand your place. I will finish you off here yes.

Maybe I need to speak slowly for you to understand. You will be silent. Or I will break your head. Into little pieces.

(TN- She speaks in all Hiragana here. I guess in a sense that's easier to read than kanji {Although it isn't.})

Okita: Listen I'm begging you to go home. I do not have the time to bother with you right now.

Kagura: Silence. I was happy at one time. Then I had salt thrown on my day by you. Now I am unhappy. Therefore you will pay for this.

Okita: You need to die. Listen, God I really don't mind if you have to bump me off to do it, but make sure she and the other annoying loli die slow and horrible deaths.


Okita: Speaking of which, where is she anyway? Meh, she's probably going to show up when she feels like killing me I'll bet.

(Sfx- Suuu)

Kagura: If she should kill you,

Her innocent hands will be stained.

Okita: And? What are you suggesting?
Are you going to be my bodyguard, and protect me from her?

Kagura: I am serious.

You must tell me. Are you hiding something?

Because to me I think you are bothered by this.

Like someone who cut someone else down. Cut them down by mistake yes?

It would make you a better person. If you speak of what you hide yes?

If Kirie should appear again you must tell her.

If you do not tell the truth. I will kill you. Kill you so Kirie will not have to.


Okita: I'll agree that killing a friend by mistake is one of the few things that's more painful than death...


Did it ever occur to you,

That your friends can sometimes be your enemies?

This world isn't as streamlined as you'd like to believe little lady.

There are some things that should never be repeated.

Have a look.

(Sfx- Zatsu Zatsu swiff swiff)

Okita: Because of you,

My Death flag is dancing a jig in the breeze.

(Sfx- ZAAAAN doooooom)

Kagura: Kirie?!

(Side text- Conspiracy?!)

GINTAMA LESSON 270...................END.

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Jul 26, 2009
Thanks for always doing a good job Bomber.
#2. by spartydragon ()
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Uh I assume this is supposed to be Tobasco...

put this tobacco sauce to good use on that fool....
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Thank you!!
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Thank you!
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