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Yumekui Merry 4

Beyond the dream

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 19, 2009 04:08 | Go to Yumekui Merry

-> RTS Page for Yumekui Merry 4

Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but I have zero confidence without my precious precious furigana. Maybe in a year or so....I dunno if I'm gonna keep up with Merry, or grab a Shounen....but for now enjoy.

Once again I am trying out my capability to translate Seinen. I would NOT recommend using this for scantlation UNLESS you're going to have a seasoned translator read it first. If you don't do that, I have no responsibility whatsoever to what happens to your reputation. THIS IS FOR PRACTICE ONLY.

REM 4: Beyond the dream


???: Grisho Ori kiiiick!!

Skull baddy: OH MY GOD!!

(TN- I kid you not.)

Isana: Oh I see...she left..

Ahh, and it's the middle of the night...

I guess it can't be helped, I'll just go to bed.

TV: D-Dammit! He's up to no good again!!

Now that I've defeated the phantom Gricho, You're next Full hell boarder!

Dad: She had something she needed to do, so she couldn't be stopped.

So there's no need for that face Yumeji.

Yumeji: I...I guess..

TV: To defeat evil, Gricho is on the move today too!

Yumeji: I'm going out for a bit.

???: Where to?

TV: Next up is Gricho's fortune telling corner!


Yumeji: I'm gonna do some bad guy extermination, like Gricho.

TV: Gricho's got bad news for those with the cancer star sign!

Isana: Ah, Looks like you're due for bad luck Yumeji.

Gricho: The lucky number is 17, and your lucky color is black. Be sure to watch your head!!

Isana: See?

Yumeji: As If I'm gonna believe a crappy fortune.

Oh yeah....

Watch my head huh....


Merry: Pathetic! I can't believe I even dreamt about that food...




(Handwritten- How'd she get up there?)

(Handwritten- Should we pull it?)

(Handwritten- What if she notices us?)

Merry: What are you looking at?



Girl: You're amazing miss!

When I get to be as old as you,

I'm gonna climb to a high place like that and fly.



But it's impossible since I'm so clumsy.

Merry: I'm a bit different from you though.

In any case, good luck.


Merry: What is it? Don't follow me.

I'm not hanging around here.

Why not go play with those kids over there?

Girl: I can't go play with them.

Merry: Huh?

Girl: If I were more like you, It might be fine for me to join them,

But I'm too clumsy, and I'd just mess things up.

I'm sure no one wants me around.

That's what my best friend Ichima-chan said.

Merry: Ichima?

Girl: Ichima is really cute, and the best friend ever!

We always have so much fun talking and listening to each other!

Ichima says that there's no need for me to have other friends anyway.

I think that sounds right.


Merry: That's pretty sad you know?

You won't know if they'll be your friend or not,

If you don't even try to go talk to them.

It's not a big deal if I'm alone,

But you humans need each other don't you?

Girl: But I'm not alone either!

I've got Ichima-chan.


My afternoon snack's debut!!

Merry: My treasure takes shape...?!

Girl: Do you want to try?


Girl: Do you want to play then miss?

Lets have some fun!!

You remind me of Ichima-chan.

Merry: Huh?

Yumeji: In the end, this is no good too huh?

I figured as much.


Yumeji: Owww...an empty bottle?

Watch my head....

Girl: I'm sorry!

That bottle is mine!

Yumeji: Huh?

Oh okay.

Be careful though.

Girl: I'm sorry!

Yumeji: Are you gonna be okay?

Girl: Totally fine!


Girl: Now where are you?

Yumeji: Kick the can?

Now that brings back memories...

Pops didn't even know the meaning of acting more adult..

Dad: Behold!!

This is my golden left swing!!

Yumeji: That's the right!!

???: Gaaah!! Gaaah!!


Hey you! Don't look at me with any pity...!!

Yumeji: That voice...


Merry: Oww...

That antena! Yumeji?

Yumeji: Watch my head huh.....

Girl: I found you!!

What should we play next?

Should I kick the can? But I'd never be able to run in time..

Yumeji: I've been looking for you Merry.

Why'd you leave without telling us?

Merry: And what about you? You left without telling anyone too right?

We're the same then.

Girl: Are the two of you friends?

Yumeji: Hm? Er...

What would give you that impression?



Yumeji: Heh,

Don't look to deep into it okay?

I mean what that Ichima-chan's been telling you.

There's a way for you to enjoy yourself with everyone for sure!

How about next time you and Ichima play with them together?

Girl: I can only see Ichima-chan at night though...

So I can't really play with others...

But you know!

Yumeji: Huh?

Girl: You can join us here! How about it!

You and miss can be 'it'!


Yumeji: You know I'm the....friend of the...daughter of the emperor of kick the can, and so I can't hold back on you.

Merry: I already know the rules,

Do you think that as a human you can beat me?


Yumeji: I thought by running every day, I'd be in better shape,

But a dream's a dream right?

Merry: I think I'm at my limit for playing around.

Girl: Thanks a lot you two!

I had so much fun!

Yumeji: See?

It's better when there's more than two!

Merry: Are you including me?!

Yumeji: Now there should be no reason why you can't make a hundred friends.

Girl: I'm sure Ichima-chan would like to talk to you too.

Yumeji: All right...
Let big bro here have a look at the scenery behind you.

Merry: You did that yesterday too. What is it anyway?

Yumeji: Hmm...lets see...


{It's the same as 'that time'}

Yumeji: Merry...that girl...

Girl: Did I do something wrong? What happened?

{A nightmare greater than darkness!}



Ichima: Blank line can't read

Blank line can't read

At last...

At long last, I am able to come here...

And meet you my friend.

Girl: Ichima-chan!

I'm glad, but why are you here now?!

Ichima: I wanted to become closer to you.

Girl: I'd like that too!

Ichima: That's why I need to live within you...

And the two of us will become one..


Merry: All right,

That's enough.

I didn't think I'd run into one of you so quickly.

Ichima: Who...


Merry: Introductions? Sounds good. How about you go first?

Girl: They're my new friends!

Ichima: Friends?

You can't have any.

Girl: But I want to make new friends!!

Ichima: You can't.

Girl: We can all become friends together!

(TN- Lots of 'you can't' in this bubble.)




Merry: Hmph!

And now we hear your true intentions!

Yumeji: This is Minato-chan's daydream....

It's different than the one I had back then.

Ichima: Yet another one is here ?!

Merry: W—Wait a minute!! Why are you here?!

Yumeji: What?! Am I not allowed?!

Merry: Moreover, why did you call it a de-de-de-dead last?!

Yumeji: Day dream.

(Handwritten- You make it seem like it's a last boss)

Yumeji: There is a such thing as having a dream when you're awake....is this new to you?


Merry: This is a world between 'Illusion' and 'Reality' you know!

Yumeji: John said that too...

Merry: The three of us; Minato, the ghost woman and myself are within a 'dream world'.

Other people shouldn't be able to worm their way in!

Yet here you are...

Just what the heck are you?

Yumeji: Even if you ask me that...

In any case....

Do you think we could talk about this later?

It looks like she's ready to start.

Merry: This is the end of the line for you!!

You'd might as well give up quietly!


Ichima: Fufufu....

Smashed into bits...

All of them were smashed into bits..

AHAHAHAHAHAH Poor poor Minato-chan!

No one could stand you after all could they?!


Yumeji: Watch my head huh?

You saved my ass Gricho.

Minato: Why are you doing this Ichima?

Merry:: Heheh, not to bad at all!

You're Minato-chan's nightmare aren't you?

That's why I'm gonna exterminate you here and now girlie!


Merry: Gotcha good didn't I....

It's morning time now,

Hope you're ready to come with me.

Ichima: No! Not when I finally made it here!!

Minato! Save me from them!!

Have you forgotten?! When you were alone I became your friend!!

I am the only one you CAN be friends with!!

Don't you fear solitude?!


Minato: I'm sorry Ichima-chan,

I'm no longer afraid,

Because I'm not alone anymore!

Ichima: Fufufu...

So you think that there's no longer anyone for you to fear...?

Hey wait! Don't do that!!

Stop it idiot!!


Minato: Mister?



Was it a dream?

???: Ahh, I just remembered something.

Minato: Um...hello..?

???: In our world, there's something called the 'Tapir.'

It pursues and eats bad dreams----like a real hero.


Yumeji: Doesn't that kind of introduction send shivers down your spine?

Merry who eats dreams like a tapir....

Dreameater Merry.

Merry: At least think of something less lame to call me!!

And I don't eat them!

It's not something wonderful or anything like that.

I didn't even intend for you to find me again,

But it looks like I messed up.


I guess it's not that bad....

(Handwritten- The name that is...)

Merry: Hey wait a minute! I almost forgot!!

What was that you did earlier?!

Yumeji: Oh, well it was just narration from Gricho...



Merry: You can....


Yumeji: I had no idea that I could use this observation powe rlike this...

Merry: He doesn't even have dreams and hopes...

And I thought for sure I was doing a good job of not being found...

These 'Daydreams' as you call them have a door that only opens for an instant!

On top of that, anyone can target you from anywhere using them!!

Don't you get how much trouble that is?

And yet you just observe?!

Yumeji: This is all just my theory though...

Oh yeah, I've decided.

I'm going to help you with...

Your objective, okay?

Merry: NO WAY!!


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