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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Gintama 192

Gintama Lesson 192

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 29, 2007 18:05 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 192

Wow...three weeks in a row 2ch posters have put up the WHOLE script of the Gintama chapters. maybe its getting more popular there too? Anyway that makes my job easier as i can use online translators for kanji i don't know. This one...was very weird...so much so that it makes me question its authenticity. However we won't find out till Saturday...so have fun with this ^^.

And to Binktopia, i guess maybe we should have a "BDR SBS?" I'd love to answer questions from the fans! lol...i sure think i'm important don't I?

百九十二訓 いつも心にドライバー
Lesson 192: At heart we’re always Screwdrivers

The Screwdriver group meets offline at a fried goods restaurant.

Gin-san, Okita and Kagura sit across from Shinpachi Hijikata and Kondo

Side Text: To enjoy Karubi in front of people..

More text: A place where we can’t enter…

Shinpachi: Why are we meeting here? I mean how can we do things if we meet offline?

銀「…オフ会っつーか …ほとんど知ってる奴なんだけど
見慣れたバカヅラしかねーんだけど つーかさ…
Gintoki: To think I had to come offline to meet a bunch of stupid looking guys that I already know..

オフ会なんてやってる場合じゃねーだろォォ!! もう4週目突入してんだよォォ!!」
What the hell? Meeting offline like this!! You know we’ve been doing this for four weeks now!!!

桂「あっ遅れてすいません どうも フルーツポンチ侍Gで~~~す」
Katsura: Sorry I was late…I’m Fruits Punch Samurai G!
Gashan---(Sound of Handcuffs?)

土方「シャバ最後のメシだ 何が食いたい」
Hijikata: Well then, what would you like for your last meal?

Katsura: Well then I’d like Miso soup.

沖田「すいやせ~~ん コイツにシビレ生肉追加」
Okita: This guy would like some raw meat please!

Katsura begins eating Rice as Okita harasses him.

Gintoki: What are you a retard? You’re a wanted patriot but you came to meet us offline?

桂「攘夷志士だってなァ たまにはオフになりたい時もあらァ!!全てを忘れて
Katsura: Sometimes even patriots want to be in high spirits! I wanted to help everyone so I forgot about my situation!

While Kondo and Katsura argue, Kondo falls over and a picture of a woman with a screwdriver head falls out.

Kondo-San…This is…?
近藤「…… 螺旋星の第三王女…プラス姫だ…実は…今見合いの話が…」
Kondo: It’s the princess of the third spiral star…Princess Plus…The truth is we’re supposed to marry..

Hijikata: Kondo San!! You’re kidding right?!

Kondo: ……

桂「…我々に今必要なのは モンハンをやることでも 焼肉屋で無駄に策を
論ずることでもない ドライバーとして生きていく覚悟だ」
Katsura: If we don’t want to spend the rest of our days living as Screwdrivers maybe we should leave the restaurant and head back into Monhan.

Shinpachi’s Monologue

…それから誰一人として口を開くものはなく 鬱々とした雰囲気の中モンハンパーティは解散した
With that no one said anything more, creating a very gloomy atmosphere.

And both the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi separate.

Before we had known it the game had become something we couldn’t run from. We had to find them no matter what it took.
(Hijikata Kondo and Okita)

We had escaped in the world of the game because if only for a second we wanted to run away fro the reality in our world, a reality we couldn’t escape.
(Gin-san Kagura and Shinpachi)

Now that we parted with our controllers it became obvious that this was the reality we had to live with.

According to the news Katsura managed to get away.

神楽「たった1ページで早くも脱獄か ヅラもやるアルナ」
Kagura: Wow it only took him one page to get out of prison…not bad.

新八「ああ 真選組も要がいなくなっちゃったから抑えこむこともできなかったんだろうな」
Shinpachi: I didn’t think the Shinsengumi would be able to hold him down for long…

(They’re eating Ramen.)

Well then lets get going Gin-san
The three of them get on a truck that has “Playful House” written on it.

新八「…モンハンパーティのみんな 今どこで何やってるんでしょうね」
Shinpachi: We have to do whatever it takes to find a Monhan party.

銀「さあな みんなどっかで ドライバーでもやってんじゃねーの」
Gintoki: Yeah or else everyone will end up becoming a screwdriver.

Gintoki puts on a stubby beard with sunglasses and smokes a cigarette.

Shinpachi’s Monologue

でも…銀さんの顔は晴れない 本当にこれでよかったのだろうか
Its kind of sad, but it seemed that we would have to accept life as screwdrivers for a while. We tried to start increasing our income as Freelancers but our minds often drifted back to that time. Would this really be ok? I wondered that a lot.
(Hijikata is working at a construction site.)

Accepting Life as a Screwdriver
Enjoying life as a Screwdriver
That had become what we were now.
(Okita works at a golf course.)

Times where the game seemed so real came to us
(Kondo is about to marry)

A familiar person tries to hitchhike wit Gintoki as he drives by
It is Sacchan.

Gintoki stops far away from where she is.

Shinpachi: I think we know that person though…

Gintoki: Aren’t we working though?

Sacchan: To the GEO Kabuki-chou Headquarters parking lot please.

Sacchan is riding on the top of the Truck

Gintoki?: GYAHHHHH!

Gintoki plans to get rid of her by opening the door, since he doesn’t want to be bothered at work.

さ「ずい分と仕事熱心になったじゃない そうやって自分の運命を受け入れて
耐えて従事してリアリストでも気取ってるつもり!? それで現実を生きてるつもり!?
Sacchan: You can’t be seriously willing to accept this kind of life can you? Surely the Alien gamers are out there somewhere laughing it up! The game program still exists! You can’t let this scenario be how you live out the rest of your days! You have to stop them!

さ「本当に現実を生きたいなら…現実と戦いなさいよ 自分で運命を切り開いて自分で現実を
作り出しなさいよ!! それが本当の生きるってことでしょ それが人生をプレイする真の
ゲーマー坂田銀時でしょ!! 例え負けたって私は気にしないから!!ドライバーのまま
だって私は気にしないから だって私も乳首っ…びぼォ」
Sacchan: If you want to live in reality you have to fight against their realtiy! You must take your spirit and wear it proudly! That is the true way to live! You have to become like the true gamer Sakata Gintoki! You can’t stay this way, I…I want you back to the way you used to be! Not as a Screwdriver, for me you can do it you…guwah!

Sacchan gets hit by a beam(?)

Sacchan falls off the car and is left behind.

Gintoki: Shut your damn mouth Bitch!

Shinpachi: ….Gin-san..

銀「ぱっつあん 地図だせ 案内頼む こっからが本物の 狩りの始まりじゃあああ!!」
Gintoki: Pattan! Give me that map! We’re going back in there, and we’re going to become real hunters!!

[us Hunters..]

(The Gamer aliens usually buy a lot of games and then head back into space.)

They notice the aliens in their spaceship, and they try to run but strangely enough they can’t seem to.

Senpai: That…that is…

ド…ドライバーぁぁぁ!? 巨大なドライバーが動力部のネジを外しているぅぅぅ!!」
That’s a huge screwdriver?! What the heck it even has a screw in its power compartment!!

(Kondo and Katsura take a screw off while running)

Kondo: Katsuraaaaaaaa!

桂「やめろ 今はその名で呼ぶな!!」
Katsura: Stop it! Don’t call me by that name now!!

Katsura: Kondooooooooo!

近藤「やめろ 今はその名で呼ぶな!!」
Kondo: Stop! Don’t call me by that name now!

近藤?「何も言うな 今の俺はただのハンター」
Kondo(?) Right now we are the said hunters!

Kondo and Katsura: Fruits Punch (Chinpo) Samurai G!!

The space ship was going to attack a nearby car, but Hijikata and Okita shoot at it with a bazooka.

Okita: And now to finish it

Hijikata and Okita stand in the smoke.

The Yorozuya break into the Spaceship finally.

Shinpachi and Kagura kick the teacher and student out of the way.

銀「船を止めろ オレのチ○ポを返せ」
Gintoki: Stop that damn ship and give me back my D—k!

He tries to rush forward but is stopped by Senpai.

The alien there says that he cannot stop the ship once the main driver has been activated. After that happens all hope has been lost.

Senpai: You guys lose!

銀「そうかい どこで使えばいいのかt思ったら…こんな所に」
Gintoki: Is that so? Well I wonder if I should use that in a place like this?!

先輩「!! …な…なんだと 貴様ァァァァ!!まっまさかそれは…!!
Senpai: !! You…no no! You bastard! You can’t be serious that’s…that screwdriver!

Gintoki’s crotch is shining.

Gintoki: Take this!!!!!

Gakiiiiiiin! (Sound effect?) And wearing noise


The Alien’s ship explodes.

The Shinsengumi notices the sudden change of events.

[Huh?! Our bodies are…]

The place changes to Monhan.

The truth is that Madao was about to fight the Emperor of Darkness Masuka-ku

待ってろみんな 今すぐにいく!!
Wait for me everyone! Here I come!!

Side text: Madao Gets left behind again!!

This MAY be the end…

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2007
thanks for ur trans bomber!!!
#2. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2007
Ho ho, you're on fire, BDR!!

I'm glad you were able to use the online trans for kanji, since I been really too busy to help with the TL-check even though I said I would :XX
#3. by thatbabo ()
Posted on Dec 2, 2007
Quote by Bomber D Rufi;627893:
And to Binktopia, i guess maybe we should have a "BDR SBS?" I'd love to answer questions from the fans! lol...i sure think i'm important don't I?

No, it's perfectly normal *cough*you megalomaniac*cough*...yeah, yeah, putting it in a strike would be funnier but I've forgotten how to do that...sue me...
#4. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2007
Quote by thatbabo;633257:
No, it's perfectly normal *cough*you megalomaniac*cough*...yeah, yeah, putting it in a strike would be funnier but I've forgotten how to do that...sue me...

Hahah *Shutupyoubastard* There's someone else doing Gintama translations after i asked them to, so you may want to get in touch with them. Their translations may come a bit slower than mine seeing that they're doing the Chinese=English translation, so they have to wait for the Chinese scantliation; but theirs may be better. I'll still keep doing Gintama though, and it should be better now that it seems this arc is over with. :)
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