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Gintama 201

Gintama lesson 201

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 24, 2008 06:47 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 201

Sorry for not replying to people who were talking to me XD I wanted my 200th post to be Gintama 201 XD I know it doesn't make sense but well I'm not very rational. Anyway up now Gintama 201! And the end of the Stand arc! Who knows whats up next for us?

Lesson 201- Rest for a ghost is at their discretion.
Sorachi Hideaki.

Oiwa: Uugh…

Side text: Defeated after the Stand battle, the landlady is….?!

Oiwa: I…impossible.

I never thought I’d meet a stand user that is on my level.

How splendid…

Bottom text: Sorachi-sensei’s new original work 13 has been seralized in Jump SQ’s March issue which is out now!

Be sure to buy the latest volume; 22’s set!

Oiwa: Silver..no all of you…

As expected of Otose to send such strong guys as you.

This here was my loss.



Tagosaku: I said that I’d protect you.

Oiwa, you and this inn…

I said that I’d protect you all.

SFX (Zuzuzuzu *Rumble rumble*)



Oiwa: That’s enough.

This battle is…

SFX (Zu zu zu *Rumble rumble*)


Ghosts: We will protect the landlady

And our inn!


Oiwa: Y---You all…

Th..This is…

Side text (We’ll protect them…)

Side text (Protect the landlady…)

Oiwa: The customers and spirits are…

Becoming stand!!

SFX (zuzuzuzu *rummmmble*)

SFX (ooooooo!!! *Roarrrrr!*)

SFX (Gaaaaaaahhhhh! *Roaring*)

Tagosaku is collecting them!!


Rei: No..

It’s not just the stands at the Inn…


The living creatures are all having their stands taken out

And sucked in by Tagosaku!


Rei: Once the Stand has been sucked out…

It means death.

He’s so angry over this…

What happened for things to become this way?!

Oiwa: Stop it you!

Why are you doing these things?!

Tagosaku: I’ll protect this inn

Oiwa I’ll gather up every one of the customer’s stands…

So that you won’t be lonely any longer.


Oiwa: What are you saying?!

By doing something like this, you’re taking the Stand’s of even the living creatures on this mountain path!

All will be left is their poor corpses! This is no different than killing them is it?!

I’m telling you to stop this! Can’t you hear my voice anymore?!


Shinpachi: It’s no good! He can’t hear the Landlady’s voice anymore!!

Rei: A berserk stand.

It won’t be long before he gathers every soul in this area and drags it over into this spot. And if that happens even souls outside of our plane will be affected.

In no time at all, he’ll become a force no human can reckon with.

Any soul that is gathered by him even from outside this Inn’s area will not have a chance to go to heaven, and will be dragged down into the abyss that is hell.


Oiwa; No this can’t be!

This can’t happen to all of them!


SFX (Gooooooo! *Ruuuuuuumble!*)

SFX (Ooooooooo!! *Ruuumble!!*)

Rei: Kyaaaaah!!

Oiwa: Rei!

SFX (Gatsu! *Grab!*)

Shinpachi: Whoooa!!! We’re going to get dragged in at this rate!!

He’s really going to drink up every soul that’s in close vicinity!

SFX (Gogogogogogogogogo *Rumblerumblerumble*)

Shinpachi: Waaaaaaaaaah!!!

SFX (Gooooooo! *Ruuuumble!*)

Otae: Shin-chan! Hang on!!

SFX (Gatsui! *Grab!*)

Gintoki: Hey you stands! If you get swallowed up by that guy its over!

Quickly get into my body where you can hide!

Hurry up! This way!

Kaugra: Gin-chan!!


Gintoki: Ok! Just a little

Almost there….

SFX (Boroshii *Gagging?*)

SFX (zuuu! *Slurp!*)

SFX (Zubobobo *Slllluuuuuuurppop!*)

SFX (Gotsu! *Bam!*)

Shinpachi: Buwah!

Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! Gin-san’s stand came flying out!!

Otae: What the hell were you thinking you permhead?!

Gintoki: His absorption strength was more than I thought!! You think I WANTED this to happen?!

All of the other Stands will be sucked in!!

Qucik! Back to my body!!

SFX (Mekega *Blahhhh*)

SFX (Paan! *Blam!*)


(TN- Dude, he’s officially one of the best Gintama characters ever in my book.)

SFX (Zuu *Pssssshhhh*)

SFX (Garra *Clatter*)

SFX (Pan *Slam!*)

(TN- And he just became even better.)

Shinpachi: What the hell?!!? That weird guy just hijacked the body!! Come back here a minute dammit!!!

Gintoki: Xavier!! Wait! Get back here with my body!!

Hey! Come back here! Dammit this is the worst! I’ve been body-jacked!!

Oiwa: Over here!

Enter my body instead!

Quickly while you have a chance!


Hand: Poke poke


That hand’s coming out of a weird place old bat!!

Oiwa: I can’t help that you fools!

???: Do you think that our souls would appreciate being dragged up into that dark hole of yours?!

Gintoki: I’ll kill you, You old bat! Seriously!!

Tagosaku: Oiwa

Everyone will become one.

SFX (Gogogogogogo *Ruuuuumble*)

Their flesh, I will swallow

And everyone will become one!

I won’t be lonely or anything ever again.


SFX (Bareshi! Peki peki! *Crack! Splinter splinter*)


SFX (Zuoaaaaaaaa *Roaaaaaaaaah!*

Gintoki: Granny!!!

Shinpachi: Gin-san!!

SFX (Batsu! Oooo ooo *swish! Whoooooaaa!*)




SFX (Gatsu *Grasp*)

Oiwa: Reiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

(TN- If only more pages of Gintama chapters could be this way…)


Rei: Landlady, You’re not alone.

Everyone….Everyone’s souls are within---

(TN- Rei looks so pretty here.)

SFX (Zuuuuuuzuzuu *Ruuuuumble*)

Oiwa: Why..

Why did such a thing have to happen?

I....never hated that child..

I failed her, trying to help her find penance by force…

I had always thought they were here for themselves…

But it wasn’t desire, pain or regret that tied them here..

But for my sake…


Oiwa: It began when I was a child and had lost my parents that I began to see them.

I cried often, and it was at that time I saw my first stand.

She appeared in my room ant told me that I wasn’t alone and she didn’t want to see my sad face.

Since then, no matter where I was she’d always be there for me. Whether I was happy or I was sad.

When humans couldn’t be at my side, the stands would always be there for me.

I slowly became friends with all of those who couldn’t be seen.

I thought I had made the right choice choosing stands over humans.

Helping them get to heaven became my life’s work that I fulfilled to the best of my duity.

{Its why I started this Inn, as a place that I could give back to those who had given me so much.}

{I wanted to give them a paradise.}

{At least allow them to enjoy a hot spring before passing on.}

Oiwa: Soon I had many souls who would come before going to heaven.

To see them smiling before passing on gave me a sense of satisfaction beyond anything.


Oiwa: However when my husband passed I realized something.

The ONLY beings around me were all stands.

In the end I had in a sense become all alone.

The stand who had already passed couldn’t completely understand this feeling..

Of being the one left behind after losing a loved one.

I started to hate them slowly.

It was then that my heart became very weak.

I knew what I was doing the whole time…all too well.

Yes it was at that time I first met them..


A stand user? Don’t make me laugh.

I never once thought of using them, even though I had so many at my disposal.

What I really wanted all of this time was

To have that sense of wonder about them just like I did so long ago.

And to never have to worry about being alone again

I wanted to become like that once again.


Oiwa: But I always had all of that.

Even If I didn’t notice it.

I’m sorry for what I’ve done everyone.

For everything until now.

I thank you.



Shinpachi: Uwaaaah!!


The stands are reappearing!

They’re all passing on!!


{You’ve never been alone}



{Has their soul residing inside you.}

{We’ll always}

{Be right here together with you.}


Oiwa: I’m sorry but I can’t accompany you.

There are still plenty of skeletons that need back washing, but next time we’ll do it happily.

Shinpachi: Won’t you be lonely all by yourself at this inn?

Oiwa: I’m not going to be alone.

Everyone’s here now.

SFX (Don *Point*)

Oiwa: Next time I need an extra hand I’ll be sure to keep you in mind. Is that ok?

Gintoki: Yeah Sure, I’ll be glad to help a few of those guys get to heaven. It’ll be fun to do this when we’re in high spirits.

SFX (Zatsu *Turn*)

Just make sure you don’t wash their backs too hard, or it’ll be a problem.

Otae?: We’ll be looking forward to coming next year!

SFX (Zatsu *Turn*)

Shinpachi: Will that old Landlady be ok though? It sure looks lonely there.

Gintoki: Hmph.

What’s lonely over there?


Oiwa: Re…Rei?!

What are you doing here? I thought you passed on!?!

Rei: No, I had a bit of unfinished business here.

I’d be too worried about my favorite landlady to enjoy the beyond for long so I came back.

After all we’ve got some backs of tired men to wash don’t we?

Rei: Heehee…

Oiwa: Ahahahaha!

Ghost: Um..pardon?

Oiwa: Welcome!!

To our Senboukyou baths!!

Side text: The paradise hotsprings,

Are open for business!


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#1. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Feb 24, 2008
Thanks Bomber!! :tem
#2. by emtelka ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2008
thankies :wtf
#3. by ZAOTAKU ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2008
#4. by niphredil ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2008
BDR, thank you so much for the weekly Gintama, I always look forward to it. I think I'm gonna go reread this little arc now that it's done ^^;
#5. by Dragon04 ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2008
thanks for the trans
#6. by noonethere ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2008
Thanks a lot!!!
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