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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Undead 7

Decisive battle against Fudou.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 28, 2009 03:30 | Go to Undead

-> RTS Page for Undead 7

Ya'll got lucky~ >_>. If someone's gonna grab the raw from Club sunday, they may want to do it soon. I was going to do Takkoku! But the raws for the last few chapters are gone, making that impossible. So if you're doing Undead scantlations, hop to it.

Sai: Plenty of worshipers have offered their lives,

Whether it be to Buddah, Rakshasa or to evil spirits in general,

Just for this evil spirit that stands above them all...

(Side text- The opponent is....)

(Sfx- Gogoogogoggo rmmmmmmble)

Sai: Now,

Which one of you will defeat me...?



Sai: Can either of you become the successor to Hyakumen Fudou, the god of eternity?

(TN- Hyakumen can mean 'several phases of life.' )

(Side text- That appearance.....)

(Other side- Is that of a God!!)

(Upper text- At long last, Volume one will be hitting stores September 17th!!)

Chapter 7: Decisive battle against Fudou.



Tarou: How do we defeat an evil spirit,

That's on scale with a God?!

(Sfx- Zakkuu shivver)

Tarou: Bastard....

Kid: Damn, still defending yourself huh?

Better not let your guard down, since we're still opponents after the same goal.

(Sfx- Zoku dooom)


(Sfx- Pishi pishi pishi pishi clatter clatter clatter)



Tarou: Lightening?!

We're dead meat if we get hit once!!

Guy: Hmph, This is one damn good evil spirit,

But they're all the same. Stop the heart, and it's over.

Sai: Easier said than done isn't it?

This mountain is made up of all those who have offered their life to Fudou...

This is Hyakumen Fudou's territory.

(Sfx- Oooooooh Whoooosh)


(Sfx- Bogo Bogo clatter clatter)


Tarou: Ngh!

(Sfx- Buchi buchi buchi splirt splirt splirt)

(Sfx- Bachiiiii dshhhhhh)

Tarou: Gah!!


(Sfx- Giyuuooo doooof)

(Handwritten- MITA CANNON.)

(Sfx- Dodododo bambambam)

(Sfx- Zuzu wifff)

Sai: How pointless...

(Sfx- kan kan kan tpt tpt tpt)

Sai: Fudou's defense is perfect! Those puny spirits of yours won't even scratch him!!

(Sfx- Chii duff)

Tarou: Gah!

(Sfx- Suuu shhhhff)

Guy: Pulling out every spirit you've got isn't going to change matters.

You can't win that way.

Tarou: D'ya think this is the time to be fighting me?! We've gotta tag team this thing, or we'll never win!

(Sfx- Dosaaaa thuddd)


(Sfx- Zunnn THOP)

Guy: You want to team up?

I see, it's cause you can't do it alone huh?

Tarou: I don't mean it that way! Listen, this is an emergency!

Besides, I can feel your pain and see your scars.....

Together we can overcome your weakness!!

Guy: You've got one strange power.

(Sfx- To tmp)


Guy: But in a battle like this, it's useless!!


Tarou: Gah!!

Guy: All that's necessary is power!!

All you need to live in this world is strength!!

Don't you DARE investigate into me again!!


Guy: I'm different than those weak cowards of the Jibashiri!!

(Sfx- Zuzuzuzuzu doooooom)

Guy: I can handle this on my own!!

Sai: Hm, that boy is a member of the Jibashiri-clan is he?

Muroouka: You mean that clan from ages ago....the ones who used to dwell in the darkness.


Muroouka: He was destined to become a Hunter,

Just like you Sai-sama.

Sai: Please don't compare me with the likes of that clan.

Us Tsuchimikado are protectors who fight against the evil spirits.

(Sfx- Goho goho cough cough)

Muroouka: Sai-sama!

Sai: Even an immortal hunter's heart will stop eventually....

(Sfx- Zeh zeh)

Sai: For that's the one place where we remain human....

(Sfx- tsuuuu haaah)

Sai: I suppose my death drawing near is a reaffirmation that I'm still human.


(Sfx- Zu zu zu)


Sai: Will the two of them be able to defeat Fudou...?

Or will this be their graves....?

(Handwritten- Heheheh...)

Tarou: Ngh..

(Handwritten- MAMA BOMBER.)

(Sfx- Dododododo boomboomboomb)

(Sfx- Shuuuuu whooooooo)

Tarou: I didn't even scratch the thing.....!! What is it made out of...?

Normal attacks aren't going to cut it!!


Tarou: What do I....?

(Sfx- Goro roool)

Sai: I already told you, this mountain IS Fudou.

All you fools are doing is dancing around in his hands.

(Sfx- Gabaaaa groaaaaar)

(Sfx- Butsuuu dssssh)

Tarou: NGAH!!

(Sfx- Buchii dsssh)

(Sfx- Gabaaaa Groaaaar)

(Sfx- Zuzuuu dssssss)

(Sfx- Gachiii clanf)

(Sfx- Dooon)


Sai: How very bothersome, taking to the air like that....

(Sfx- Jijijiji ssssssssss)

(Sfx- Dododododo thoooooom)

Sai: He combined the efforts of both his cannon and explosive evil spirit, to make a smokescreen?!

Just when I had thought that he was just a run of the mill evil spirit user...


Sai: He's got this much control over the spirits he employs?!

Tarou: Ngh...

(Sfx- Zaaan thop)

Tarou: Ngah!!

Guy: And that's the end of that.



(Sfx- Zokuuu THROOOOB)

Guy: Dammit!!

(Sfx- Nyari Griiin)


Guy: GAHHH!!!

As if I'll die....



Guy: I need power....

???: Did you think you could defeat the Jibashiri clan?

Kid: What are you blabbering about?

I'm just sick of living in damp and shady places, killing to make a living.

(Sfx- Dosu thwok)

????: That is how the Jibashri clan lives. This is our fate.


???: Without power, none of your wishes will come true.

???: If you don't like it, come after us!

Kill us all!!

Guy: Yeah, I don't have any strength at all....

That's why no one will save me.....I have to do this myself.


I'll never defeat that clan...

(Sfx- Puzu pusu blt blt)


(Sfx- Gyooo fwooooosh)

Guy: Damn...

(Sfx- Dosu thok)

(Sfx- Bachi bachi bachi bzzt bzzt bzzt)

Guy: You'd even go this far.....do you understand what you're doing?

(Sfx- Bachi bachi bzzt bzzt)

Tarou: Hell if I know....

I just don't want anyone to die.

(Sfx- Bachi bachi bachi bzzt bzzt bzzt)

Guy: Liar, you just want Fudou all to yourself. Quit getting in my way or...

Tarou: Shut the hell up.

Tarou: I'm not the kind of guy to watch someone die.

So shut your noise hole and watch.....



Tarou: I said I'd help you....

Get over your pain and weakness...

Guy: Why...

After I've tried to kill you...


Would you care....

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo Rmmmmble)


(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmble)

Guy: There are too many of those things to count!! There's no way we're getting out of this alive!!

Sai: This is the last inning for you two.

I'll hit you with everything Fudou's got!!

(Sfx- Don dooom)

(Sfx- Giririri grnnnd)




(Sfx- Bari bari bzzzt bzzt)

Tarou: You...


(Sfx- Gyuiiii)

Sai: Fool! Taking all of that electricity like that, did you really think you'd survive?!

Guy: Now it's up to you...

(Sfx- zuzuzuzu ggggnnnnnd)

Sai: Don't bother, I know your Evil spirits have to be spent by now.

(Sfx- Zuzuzu)




Sai: No way, they combined their attacks and came up with THIS much strength...!!

Well then,

(Sfx- Kashiii clamp)

Sai: I hate to disappoint you, but even without electricity, Fudou's sacrifices offer the perfect defense!!

(Sfx- Guguguuu grinnnnd)


Sai: Now just one more to finish you off...

(Sfx- Jijiji sssssss)

Tarou: Explode!!!


(Sfx- Douuun THOOOM)

Tarou: This is our last shot.....!

(Sfx- Guwaaaa Groaaaar)


(Sfx- Pita errrrrt!)

Sai: …..


(Sfx- Zeh zeh)

Guy: Now, which of us will be granted Fudou?

(Sfx- Pitaaaa)


Tarou: You're okay?!

Guy: My clan always keeps our hearts in a special box for protection.

(Sfx- Zuzu)

Guy: As long as it's in here, I won't die.

(Handwritten- Hurts like hell though...)

Tarou: Ah, I gotcha.....that's cool...

Guy: I quit. I can't take you seriously as an enemy .

(Sfx- Yoro Wobble.)

Guy: I'm Jibarshi Tetsuto.

Remember it well.


Tarou: Ah...

Sai: Still so young....

But with hearts as strong as yours,

I can leave Fudou with you and not worry...

Tarou: Hey! Are you okay?!

Sai: I'm fine, it appears that my time to die is fast approaching...

(Sfx- Zuuuu)


Tarou: Hey! Wait a minute!!

Sai: And what are you getting so embarrassed about? The initiation for your inheritance is done lip to lip.

(Handwritten- So naiieve...)

Tarou: Lip to lip?

(Handwritten- Never heard of that...)

Sai: And once the imitation is done, my time as Fudou's user will come to an end.

It'll be tough, but are you ready?

I'm proud to name a hunter like you as my successor.


Fudou: Ogyoaaaa


Muroouka: I know it's strange, but it's actually normal for Fudo to only appear in one area.

Tarou: An area?

(Sfx- Gyooo gyahhh)

Muroouka: As the circumstances call for it, Fudou will grow and change.

(Sfx- Ogyaaa gyooooo)

Muroouka: But I wonder if you can become,

A better wielder of Fudou than Sai-sama was.....

(Side text- The spoils of victory is a small but powerful Evil spirit!! At long last Volume one is hitting stores September 17th!!)

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#1. by Uruner ()
Posted on Nov 3, 2009
Thx for your work on this
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