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Artist Acro 67

Subaru, he evolved.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 17, 2009 05:28 | Go to Artist Acro

-> RTS Page for Artist Acro 67

Moar Acro! Someone really should scan this :-P Or will everyone keep missing out?

Click the yellow box above the 67.

Crown: Let's play a bit shall we?

(Side text- Subaru has managed to crack Crown's pressure....)


(Sfx- Gutsu clench)

Crown: Hey! You might be able to even meet Acro in the afterlife.

Vil: We don't have time for this Crown.

It's not like you to pick fights with losers anyway.

(Sfx- Gutsu gutsu wriggle wriggle)

(Sfx- Zubooo pop)

Crown: It won't take long...

Plus I'm in a pretty good mood Vil.


Crown: This here is the blade that killed Acro....

I've been so patient too. Don't you think it's mean to kill my buzz?

(Side text- Crown's fearless smile....)

Chapter 67: Subaru, he evolves.


Vil: Crown....

Crown: Trent, don't you interfere either.

I can take care of this myself.

(Bottom Text- The latest Volume of the manga #5 is out November 18th!!)


Crown: Now then....

Who's up first?

Subaru: Deco....

You take Acro and get out of here.

Deco: ….

I want to...

Fight too....!

I won't believe that Acro-san is,

Really dead....


I can't let Crown get away with this!!

(Sfx- Baaa wiffff)

Subaru: Nene?!


Nene: Give me back Acro!!!

(Sfx-Gatsuu wiffff)

Nene: Eh?!

Crown: This all you got?


(Sfx- Gashiii dsssssh)


Nene: Guh...!!

Crown: Now to finish this.

(Sfx- Zuuu wiffff)

(Sfx- Dotsuuu dooof)

Subaru: Not happening!!!

(Sfx- Gatsu swifff)

(Sfx- Gooooo roaaaaar)

Subaru: He stopped it?!


Subaru: Here ya go.

(Sfx- Dooooooonnn THOOOM)


Subaru: He sent it back....!!

(Sfx- Gotsuuu dooooom)

(Sfx- Bakaaannnntsuuu Dshhhhhhh)

Deco: Gaaahhhh!!!

(Sfx- Garararara clatter clatter)

Subaru: Ngh....

(Sfx- Zawatsu dsssh)


Crown: Is this it?


Subaru: Dammit!

He's strong!!

Crown: Your 'skill' is to take the words of people and use them...

(Sfx- Zubooo pluck)

Crown: It's pretty good at destroying stuff...

But you're not good enough to touch me...want a freebie?

Go on, use my words against me.

I'd like to see what you can do.

(Sfx- guuu grnnnd)

Subaru: His words are empty.

I can't use them!!

Crown: No more fighting spirit?

How boring.



{It's true that he's ridiculously strong...}

{But I've already decided....}

Subaru: In my soul....

I've decided!!

Crown: I guess I'll go get rid of the other two...

Subaru: I'm not going to let you,

Do what you want anymore!!

I'm the one....

Who will be your opponent!!

(Sfx- Goboooo blooorsh)


Subaru: A word spirit....

It's mine...?

Has it been there the whole time?

(Sfx- Fwaaaa flutter)

(Handwritten- It's mine...)

(Handwritten- This is...)

Subaru: My words have taken shape....?

{So my words too...}

{Have a soul.}


{My 'Anger' has taken shape...}

{Forged with a iron will....}

{My anger....}

{And an Iron will...}

Subaru: It's the same as his...

I have it too!!


(Sfx- gyuuuuka roaaar)

Crown: How foolish!!

I'll just send that back to you again!!

Now die!!


(Sfx- Pakiii claaang)

(Sfx- Batsu fwisssh)


Crown: Why?! How did my blade shatter?!

That shield...

I had no idea he could use that kind of power?!


{Managed to evolve his skill...}

{At the most critical moment!!}

(Sfx- Buuu fwoooo)

Crown: Hah! That sheld,

Is still unstable!!

(Sfx- Botsuuu Fwosssh)

(Sfx- Dotsuuu dwhssss)


Subaru: What....?!


Crown: Vil....

What are you doing?

(Sfx- Gugugu grnnnd)

Crown: Wha....

(Sfx- Zupooo doff)

Subaru: You...

Vil: Subaru.

I've been watching you the whole time.

Sorry for being late.


Vil: You've changed...

Dropped that awkward shell...

and become something amazing.

You certainly were quite a handful as a child...

Subaru: Um, do you want me to kick your ass?

Vil: You've surpassed my expectations....

It fills me with joy.

Should I be thanking Acro-kun?

Subaru: 'The hell you say....?


You were the one who was awkward!!

Explain everything!!

Vil: It's quite simple.

It's just that...


Vil: I've always had a lot...

Riding on your success.

Trent: So you've finally shown your true colors...

Vil Shel.

Subaru: You....

What are you going to do with that word spirit?

What are you thinking?

(Sfx- Fuwaaa flutter)


Vil: Now that I look at him...

I think there may still be time left.


How about we change plans a bit...

(Sfx- Za twif)

Vil: Now's our chance to...

Call him back.

(Side text- What do Vil's words and actions mean...?!)



(Text from right to left- The man who killed, and the man who died...)

(Middle text- The two of them revive!!)



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