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Artist Acro 68

Vil, He cries.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 24, 2009 03:56 | Go to Artist Acro

-> RTS Page for Artist Acro 68

And now the fated back story between Acro and Vil! Who are they? What are they doing? Why does this matter? Questions answered if someone would scan this series! (It really deserves it you know!)

Click on the link above '68'

(Side text- Volume five of the manga is now out in stores!!)

Chapter 68: Vil, he cries.

Subaru: Wh...

What did you just say....?

Vil: I'm going to call...

Acro back.

(Side text- Vil who protected Subaru has some shocking words for everyone!!)


Vil: What I'm saying is, that I will bring him back to life.

(Sfx- Gara clatter)

Deco: C--

Can you actually do something like that?

(Sfx- Zatsu swif)

(Sfx- Yoro wobble)


(Sfx- Zuuu hff)

Crown: Stay back.

He's bluffing.

I've known Vil for a pretty long time.

If he uses his 'skill' on a corpse,

It'll be reduced to nothing but bones.

There's nothing he can do.

Now Vil, step back.

If you do I'll still---

(Sfx- Zuuu steepp)

Crown: VIL!!


(Sfx-Zaaan doooom)

Crown: Every single one of you huh....!!



(Sfx- Botsuuu sheeeeen)

Crown: Vil?

I've never seen him use that Skill before...

Where did he...


He's not actually going to bring Acro back?!






(Sfx- Zakuun tmpp)

Vil: Acro-kun.


Acro: Yo!

'Sup Vil!!

Vil: What are you looking at?

Acro: Have a look over there.

Across the gate.

Gramps has been waving at me for a while now.

(Sfx- Piko piko piko piko wave wave wave wave)

Vil: Sure looks like it.

Acro: I'd like to go and check it out,

Since Gramps looks so insistent and stuff...

Vil: Hmm... It seems to me,

That he's probably trying to keep you from coming over there.

Acro: What? Are you serious?

Hey he nodded!

Vil: Jiro's probably here to keep you from getting any closer.

Acro: Seriously? Why?


Vil: That's probably because...

This is the point where this world ceases and the afterlife begins.

(Handwritten- Though it's my first time here myself...)

Acro: Uh...what does that mean?

To be honest, I just sort of 'poofed' here a while ago and I don't know what's going on...

Vil: Well....

Acro: WHAAAT?!


Vil: Yeah...

Sorry about that.

I sort of killed you.

(Handwritten- Didn't it hurt?)


Acro: So...

So that's what's going on here?

I see, so I died....

I guess it explains how I ended up on this path..

Vil: Acro-kun...

Acro: I didn't even get a chance to fall in love...

(Sfx- Shouboou drooop)

Vil: Acro-kun...

Are you okay with me telling you this?

Acro: …

What are you talking about Vil?

I've always done what I wanted to do.

There's no reason to start whining at others when things don't work out.


(Sfx- Dooooo fwooooosh)

(Sfx- Boroboroboro gooooosh)

Acro: VILL?!?

Don't cry!!

See? I'm just fine!

Vil: That's just it...

Because you're not crying,

I have to in your place.

(Sfx- Uuuu wibbble)

Vil: A lot has happened hasn't it...

And I've done something unthinkably cruel to you.

Acro: Huh?

Vil: What bad timing for this to happen,

The Apple selling sisters had just invited me to a dance after I bought a bunch of their apples...

Acro: Vil, I think they took advantage of you.

Vil: Huh? What makes you say that?


(Sfx- puu heh)

Both: You haven't changed one bit!!!

(Sfx- Baaan )

(Sfx- Hahahahahahahahah)

Vil: It's nice..

That we can still talk like this.

I was fully prepared for you to hate me....

Yet, even at the very end,

As life drifted away from you...

You still believed in me.....


Vil: I'm elated.

Thank you Acro.

Acro: I'm the one who's happy.

It's great that I met you Vi..


(Sfx- fura wibble)

(Sfx- Bataaa thud)

Vil: Acro-kun!?

He's asleep.

(Sfx- Kaa kaa snoore snoore)

Vil: I suppose the injuries from his body still affect his soul...


{Seven years ago...}

{I met Vil for the first time..}

{I was different then...}

???: Acro!!

Where is Acro?!

Person: T—The forest...

(Sfx- Gune gune gune grnd grnd grnd)

(Sfx- Dokaaa swissssh)

Dad: Skipping out on training again are we?

Do you think with an attitude like that you'll make a good soldier?!

(Sfx- Hii poit)

Acro: Dad!!

Dad: I told you, no more playing in the dirt!!

(Sfx-Gonnntsu thunk)


Dad: It's not about the size of the sword you swing!

The foundation of all sword play is seeing what is unseen!

Take this seriously!! The other children in the village do for pete's sake!

(Sfx- Hyu hyuuu wiff wiff)

Acro: This bites!

Let's just get this over with.

(Sfx- Byuuuu fwiiiiif)

Acro: Geez, Dad had to go and ruin this...

Now I have to fix my secret base...again!

(Sfx- Borooo dooop)

(Sfx Teku teku tmpttmp)

(Sfx- Bachiiiin Claaaamp)

Acro: Huh?

Hey, one of my traps caught something...!

Who's trying to break into my base now?!

Is it Liz? Or Sal? Well they're in for a world of hurt!

(Sfx- Datsu dash)


Vil: Hey there kiddo!

(Sfx- Hahahahah)

(Sfx- Buraaan swiff)

Vil: My name is Vil Shel.

Could you save me please?

Acro: Who's this...


(Bottom text- This encounter, written in Acro's fate....)



(Top text- Seven years ago, Vil taught me something....)

(How to take the past and change it into now.)

Chapter 69 Uploaded on December first!!

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