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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Gintama 177

Gintama Lesson 177

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 10, 2008 06:50 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 177

This is the MOST i've ever translated in one sitting. And its all Gintama. O_o How do Carlos net and Shrimpy do three series per week like this anyway?

Lesson 177: Age is in.

???: Kyaaaah!! Look Look! The fish are all swimming around! They’re so pretty!

Its like a dream! I wish I could go enjoy a nice summer vacation at Ryuuguu Castle!!

(Sign- Snack Smile, Reserved Room.)

(Sfx- Wai! Wai! Kyaaah!)

???: Boss Matsudaira! We’re so happy you came!

Matsudaira: Of course I wouldn’t miss a chance like this. To be with the most beautiful of them all, you girls here at Snack Smile.

(Sfx- Dakiii *Clutch*)

Matsudaira: Consider my appearance today a special service, since I love to play with you girls o so much.

Ane: Kyaaaah!! Matt-chan! I looove you!

Matsudaira: Bring me some more Domperi!!

(Sfx- Donchan donchan)

Hanako: ‘ow strange. It’s like Snack’s changin’ over to a Ryuuguu set up now?

Ryou: Well it’s a big hit with the customers….every summer we change things over to this set up.


Hanako: I’d be ever so happy if Otae-chan would come too ya know.

I tried callin’ her but she don’ answer….

Ryuuguu seems to bring in some differen’ things.

I’d never think such an’ ol’ story would be so important.

But at least it seems like all kinds of people come up to our resort.

I feel like we’re in Urashima-han’s story right ‘bout now.

Ryou: We’ve got to be busy like them at any rate.

Anyway I doubt people are as simple as believing in that…at least not here.

Ryuuguu used to be a giant space fleet when it first started out, a brothel for the high class, who had big money to spend.

They would fly around appeasing anyone who had enough money to pay, favoring extravagance over anything else, a twinkling star in the middle of the universe.

Nowadays it’s just known as one castle that moves, or should I say doesn’t move through the waves.


Hanako: I’d think that if it was really all that strong and all, that it wouldn’t have ended up sinkin’ into that sea like it did yanno.

Matsudaira: Huh? Well what’s this?

(Sfx- Bururu *Vrrrmmble.*)

Matsudaira: Huh? Yeah what is it?

What? I’m in Ryuguu Castle.

Woman: Kyaaah!!

The Domperi is here!

Ane: Huh?

What’s this stuff?

(Sfx- Pushuuu *Shhhhshsss*)

Ane: Wah!!

Matsudaira: What? Edo’s become an overgrown retirement home?

As if that could ever happen! Don’t joke around.

(Sfx- *Waaaaah Gyaaaaah*)


Shinpachi: I guess they plan on bringing the old age box to us next…

Kyuubee: I just don’t understand what Otohime plans to accomplish with this.

What will she gain from a country of senior citizens?

Shinpachi: What will we do though? I don’t even understand what those turtles were hoping would happen by bringing us here.

Especially with them like this…

Moreover, how long do they possibly think they can watch Sumo matches?

Why is there even a TV in the cell?

(Handwritten.- Hah yoi! Puush puuush.)

Kagura: Gin-chan, what are you eating there?

Shinpachi: He’s not eating anything, its just the fact that he has no teeth.

(Sfx- Mogo mogo *Chew chew.*)

Kagura: You have to share your bounty you know.

Shinpachi: I’m telling you he’s not eating…

(Sfx- Gaku gaku gaku *Shiver shiver*)

Kagura: Hand it over! I’m hungry!

Gintoki: Nnnngh…

Shinpachi: Kagura-chan! I’m telling you he doesn’t have anything in his mouth!


Katsura: Now you’ve done it! Why are you brats being so noisy!

Shut it you all!

You youngsters should spend more time outside anyway like good kids back in my day!

Shinpachi: Then bend the bars! You useless old man!!

Gintoki: Zura…You…

The ultimate enemy is your Megadrive isn’t it?

Shinpachi: Your comic relief needs to be dusted off before use!! Why’d you wait so long to say that?!


Please don’t over exert yourself. If there’s comic relief to be had, just leave it to me ok?

Gintoki: Just because you’re a little bit younger doesn’t mean you’re better than me! I won’t lose to you youngster!

Katsura: As I thought of you Gintoki! Your Comedic stylings are just as fresh as this youngsters! Don’t let him get to you, why when I was a child…

Shinpachi: Be quiet you two! Aren’t both of you being the idiot in this situation?! Both of you quit trying!

Kyuubee: So what will we do with them now that they’re old men?

Shinpachi: I guess we have to find a way to turn them back.

Kyuubee: I’ll ask you directly then…did you two manage to get a look at Otohime? If so tell me anything you know, anything that you feel is important.

Tae: Well isn’t Gin-san fine the way he is? I don’t really see anything different about him, In fact doesn’t he look exactly the same?

Shinpachi: No no, We have to be a bit more serious than that Sister.

Hasegawa: No no we can’t do that you know, after all in about three years they’d end up looking like this, with their white hair and such.

Shinpachi: You guys just need to get lost already!!

Gintoki: Hey…

Shinpachi: Huh? Oh you want to be the comic relief again or something? Well go ahead I suppose.

Gintoki: Isn’t your ultimate enemy the Megadrive?

Shinpachi: It didn’t work the first time so why would it work this time?! Stop the comic relief!!

(Sfx- Gashaaaaaan *Claaaaaank*)

Turtle: One of you get out here.


Turtle: That woman will do.

Kyuubee: Wait Then I will---

(Sfx- Zatsu ‘Fwip’)

Tae: I’ll leave everyone to you.

(Sfx- Kashan *Creeeeek*)

Shinpachi: Sister?!?!


(Sfx- Kashaaaan *Creeeek slam.*)

Shinpachi: Damn!!

What will I do?

Just what can I do?

Kyuubee: We’ll defeat Otohime.

It’s the only way to bring Otae-chan back, and restore everyone’s bodies.

We have to destroy her ambition.

Right now this planet has been over run with the elderly right? We can fight back…

But I can’t do it alone.


Shinpachi: But…what can we….

Turtle: Keep walking!

Kamenashi: Eeeek! Just let me keep my life please!!

Turtle: It’s already too late to start begging for your life!!

Otohime-sama has already ordered that we erase you from the face of this planet!

Hasegawa: Kamenashi…

(Sfx- Kiran *Sheen*)

Kamenashi: Nuraaaaahhhh!!

(Sfx- Gashaaaaan *Crasssh*)

Turtle: Gwah!


Kamenashi: Quickly! Grab the key!

Kagura: I’ve got you now Kamenashi!!

(Sfx-Kashaaaaaaaaan *Crasssssh*)

Kamenashi: Why meeeeee?!

Turtles: What the hell are you doing?!

Shoot her!!

(Sfx- Zugagagagaa *blablablablablam*)

(Sfx- *Zubo Moyun moyun gan* Blam blam bink bink*)

Kaminashi: Nughah!

(Sfx- Zugagagaga *blablablablablablam*)

Yorozuya: Gyaaaaahhhhh!!


Hasegawa: Get offa me Old man! You’re life is already at it’s end and I won’t forgive you if I lose mine here!

Gintoki: Your life is still not as important as mine by a long shot.

Shinpachi: Katsura-san!! What are you doing?! We’re in a tight spot now!!

Katsura: Not Katsura, but a Pine tree.

(Sfx- Chun Chun *Pyuun! Pyuun*)

Shinpachi: Even when he was younger he thought like a useless old man!!

(Sfx- Shuuubabba *Tak tak tak*)

???: So quick!!

(Sfx- Dogotsu *Slam!*)


???: Jailbreak!!

Kamenashi’s broken out of jail!!

(Sfx- Bata bata *Tmptmptmp*)

???: And he’s broken out the six prisoners as well! If you run into any one of them kill them! Failure will not be forgiven!

(Sfx- Zazazaza *Tmptmptmp*)

Hasegawa: Whoa, will we really be okay like this?

Shinpachi: If we’re found out now, its game over…

Kamenashi: Now that they’ve been thrown into chaos, we just need to lay low and we won’t be caught.

Shinpachi: Something I wanted to point out here, You guys aren’t really turtles at all. Dress it up if you’d like to, but you’re just weird guys in suits.

Kamenashi: Don’t forget, getting caught here means its over with.

Shinpachi: Say that to yourself dammit.


Turtles: Hey What’s wrong?

Get up!

She’s gone into labor!

Someone call her husband! That girl’s going to deliver!

Shinpachi: You’re too into this acting!!

(Sfx- Supan *Smack!*)

Hasegawa: Thanks for your concern, but it turns out she’ll be ok after all.

Kagura: But I was trying to think like a Turtle…

Kyuubee: Just stop it already. The enemy will figure you out too easily that way.

Shinpachi: THAT WOULD INCLUDE YOU TOO!! What are those?! Pingpong balls?!

(Sfx- Koro koro *Rooll roolll*)

Kyuubee: No, I just thought I’d take one from them.

Katsura: Hey hey! You look scared there! Let me open your eyes for you!

(Sfx- Hyun hyun *Whhhsssh whhssh*)

Shinpachi: Those really are the turtles!!


Shinpachi: Knock it off you fools! Do you know what you’re using there as ammo?! They’re really going to kill us at this rate!

Gintoki: Isn’t your ultimate enemy the Megadrive?


???: My my they sure are a stubborn bunch.

I guess I’ll have to change the people I need.

Tae: They’re not the type to give up.

They certainly are a very energetic group of friends.

So you’re Otohime-sama.

At least if you’re going to call me here to see you, you could at least let me see what your face looks like.


Otohime: Hohohoho, Quite the strong willed little lady are we?

I’m sorry but I don’t plan on coming out of here to meet some little human face to face.

Kamenashi: I used to be part of the Master of Ryuuguu Otohime’s large Elimination battalion captain, serving under her as her lead Turtle.

At that time there wasn’t a place under the seas that Didn’t know about Otohime’s radiance.

Ryuuguu Castle was one of the top paradises in all of the universe at that time too.

Anyone that came here looking for a good time found themselves ensnared in a trap that would never let them go.

So then I guess you’re wondering why would Ryuuguu Castle drop from a fine spot in the sky to the depths of the sea?

Doesn’t that bug you?


{Long ago a young man came to Ryuuguu alone.}

{He had a kind heart, and didn’t take advantage of the turtles and servants that surrounded him. He was so warm hearted that even Otohime herself found herself infatuated.}

{But he had come from a place far far away from Ryuuguu and would eventually have to return home. Even though stayed for a while, eventually his ideals for this place differed from what they were when he first came.}

{That man wanted to return to earth, and find the one that he loved that he had left behind.}

{Because of this Otohime, the Master of Ryuuguu became extremely lonely.}

{She couldn’t stand behind without him, and brought the whole island down to the planet where he lived, and let it sink into the sea.}

{Because of this, she had to tragically toss away all of the prestige that came with being the master of such a large island.}

{She still wanted to be with this person who had swayed her with his gentle heart.}

Kamenashi: And little by little Otohime began to change.

Until that time.

Where she began to worry.

She had always been the most beautiful girl, especially when you consider all of the old people she was around, but then old age started to take away her life.}


Tae: You can stop acting so demure.

I’m sure that it’s because you aren’t cute that you hide back there.

Otohime: Whaaaat?

Are you trying to start something?! Because if it’s a fight you want I’ll bring it to you wench!!

Tae: Huuuuuh? Then bring it! You think you can beat me?

{Otohime became increasingly worried about her age. After all she was going on Two thousand years old….so she looked for a way to keep her beauty the fairest.}

{She searched all around for a means to keep herself from aging, all for the sake of that person.}

{Finally after searching all around the country, she found something that could help her in her conquest.}

{If she couldn’t stop herself from aging, then she would just reverse things, and make everyone older than her, which lead to…}

{Treasure Chest G.}


{That’s right Otohime had given up on being younger.}

{She would instead work hard at changing this whole world that she felt had become too beautiful.}

Kamenashi: In summary….

A world full of senior citizens.

(Sfx- Zaaaaaa *Shhhaaaa*)

Otohime: You’re just a young brat is all!!

If I were young…I’d….if only I was younger!!

(Sfx- Baaaaaaannnnn!!)

Tae: Age ain’t your only problem wench!!!

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#1. by ZAOTAKU ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2008
My God!! What overcame you with such inspiration? These Chapters are greatly apreciated :yourock
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