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Artist Acro 74

Nene, She hears a sound.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 3, 2010 04:06 | Go to Artist Acro

-> RTS Page for Artist Acro 74

After a hard drive failure, two weeks without my precious internet, and getting over the flu not once but TWICE, I proudly announce that....


Click the 74, and let the good times commence!

(The newest volume #6 is now out in stores!!!)

(Sfx- Gogogogo rmmmble)




Chapter 74
Nene, She hears a sound.

Nene: I figured something might come out if I sung.....but what's that?!

T—This is my 'skill'....?!

(Sfx- Awawawa)

Deco: S—S---Su---Subaru-san!!


(Sfx- Supooon pop)

Deco: Are you okay?!

Nightingale: LETS


(Sfx- Bitsu fwip)

Subaru: Shut yer trap bird!!

(Sfx- Gatsu thunk)

Nene: Wait!!

You can't hit it you know?!

Subaru: How ELSE am I supposed to react when it stabs me in the forehead with weird objects?!

Deco: So he IS okay....thank goodness....


Deco: Uh, Subaru-san...

There's a feather on your back....

(Sfx- Suuuu fwooop)

Deco: Uwah!!

(Sfx- Tosuu twick)

Nene: Hey!!

You can't attack them!

They're not our enemies!!

(Sfx- Hoso hosho whisper whisper)

Nene: Huh?

Nightingale: BYE.

Nene: Ah...


(Sfx- Hyuuuu wiffff)

(Sfx- Bakannnn thuooooom)

(Sfx- Kyuiiiiiiii reeeeeeeeee)

Nene: That sound monster came back!!

Subaru: Dammitall....

What now...?!

My 'Word Soul' doesn't effect this thing...!!

Nene: Fire Subaru!!!

My 'Skill' is.........


{To power up others skills!!!}


{The effect lasts only once!!}


{This power....}

{Will awaken the latent power within this Artist.}

(Sfx- Gooooooooo rmmmmmmble)

{The unique properties of sound allows it to influence a person's mood,}

{And to make garden variety vegetables sweeter.}

{There are even frequencies that can heal and break bone.}

{Pleasurable sounds can resound within the cells as well.}

Subaru: Wha....

(Sfx- Dokun Dokun dokun throb throb throb*)

Subaru: T—This power....!!

Deco: You're amazing Nene-san!

With this, we're sure to beat that Dread for sure!!


Nene: …..Yeah...



(Sfx- Fura wibble)

Subaru: Nene!?

Deco: Hey!! Are you okay?!

Nene: I'm sorry....

But I can still hear it....

That dreadful noise...

(Sfx- Kyuiiiiii reeeeeeee)

Deco: Noise?!

Subaru: I see, for someone with good hearing...

The damage to their ears has to be terrible...!!

Now too huh...?

Being blown away by my attack means that this thing is just going to come back even stronger...!!

There has to be another way to attack this thing and keep it down....!!


Subaru: So not only will it be invisible, but it'll have a completely different shape now too.

We have to attack the fangs at their base....

If we want to fight Dread and be able to win.

Nene, listen. We're going to handle this somehow.

You just stay put.

All we have to do is listen out for any sound that draws near us...

After all, he has to be injured after that attack,

So like us, his attack capabilities have to be limited.

But what shape will he take this time? We can't really discern 'sound' after all.

We'll have to take him apart with our own hands then!

Subaru: Deco, I need your skill pronto!!

Let's find your brush!!

Deco: Subaru-san...

(Sfx- Miriii crick)


Deco: Subaru-san...

Is that my brush?

Subaru: I found it for you.

(Sfx- Shree)

Deco: I'm sure you did.

(Sfx- Kyuiiiiii reeeeeeeee)

Nene: This sound...

The longer it goes on, the more it hurts my ears....

But there's something....

Something different about this...


You two...can I have a minute..?

Dread: It's quiet..


I can't tell from here whether they're dead or not.

I'll have to go down there and confirm their deaths....

(Sfx- Kuruu spiinnn)


(Sfx- Dooon thooom)

Dread: The boy who uses a brush skill....

But your power should be sealed....

(Sfx- Batsu fwap)

(Sfx- Gutsu grrrp)

Dread: Using the very tip of the brush ar ewe?

(Handwritten- Quite a stubborn one aren't you?)

Subaru: Deco will buy us a little bit of time...

And I'll use that chance to attack him.

Nene: Yeah...

This sound....it has to be...

(Sfx- Kyuiiiiii reeeeeee)

Deco: Nene-san's skill granted me a power up....

So now the resilience power in the brush has increased!!

This should be good!!

(Sfx- Doki doki throb throb)



(Sfx- Kotsuuu roooooar)

Deco: Go for it!!



Dread: Sound has the energy to move through the air.

An 'Air' attack can't stop it.

(Sfx- Kyuiiiiiii reeeeee)

Deco: If that's the case...

If I surround it with 'air'

The sound won't come through will it?!


Deco: Swallow him whole!! Kalito!!!

(Sfx- Batsu fwaaap)

(Sfx- Kuwaamooo fwoooop)

Dread: It transformed?

(Sfx- Kyuuu glooop)

(Sfx- Don don thmp thump)

Deco: We've got him!!

Do it now!


(Sfx- Pushuuu phoooot)

???: When surrounded by air, sound gets muffled!!

So if it gets close to a vacuum.....

Nene: The sound...

It disappeared!!

Subaru: Good!!!

If the sound has disappeared, there's nothing keeping an attack from putting this thing down in one blow!

This attack will hit him for sure!!

(Sfx- Gyuukaaaa fwisssh)

(Sfx- Gugugugu rnnnnnd)

(Sfx-- Paaaaaan fooooosh)

Deco: Ah!!


Dread: A nice plan....

Stopping the sound....well thought out.

But your power is lacking.

There is nothing that can stand firm against my ability!

(Sfx- Vooooooou roaaaaaaar)

Deco: It's getting louder!!

Subaru: Damn..!!!

We screwed up?!

(Sfx- Batsu fwip)

Subaru: Nene!!

Nene: It's time to do this!!

Get ready!!

Subaru: This is our last chance....If we can't pull it off now then....


Nene: You two, can I have a minute?

I get this feeling that Dread's sound....

Has something caught in it....

Subaru: What?

Nene: Sure the sound attacks are bad news, and are only getting sworrse...

(Sfx- Kyuuiiiiiii eeeeeee)

Nene: But...I dunno...within this sound is a completely different feeling....another disposition completely....

Subaru: A different disposition? What kind of sound is it?

You know the two of us can't discern anything.....

Nene: Whenever the attack tapers off....

I hear something that shouldn't be there....

I think....

If we can do something about that sound,

I have a feeling that we may just be able to win this...

Although these are just my thoughts...

That is...


Nene: Somewhere deep down, Dread's conscious hasn't completely disappeared...

...You guys have to believe me....

Subaru: So Crown did something to his consciousness....?

I got it.

As someone who's the most hurt here...I'll believe it...

That this guy can change colors....

I said I'd believe her...

But I didn't think it'd be such a huge gamble!!

Nene: Your sound hasn't been erased yet!!

Wake up, Dread!!

Dread: What's the meaning of this? A trump card....?


(Sfx- Bantsuuuu fwooosh)

(Sfx- Hyuuu fwiiiiish)

(Sfx- Dosuuuu twok)

Dread: It doesn't hurt, and doesn't weigh anything...

Not to mention, no killing intent.

(Sfx- Guuu grnnnd)

Dread: Can something like this even be called an attack?!

Nene: It's not an attack!!

You left yourself open!!

(Sfx- Po poof)

Dread: What...?

(Sfx- Gogogo rmmmmmmble)


(Sfx- Doooooou FOOOOM)

Dread: Whaaaat?!


(Sfx- Bagooaaaa THOOOOM)

(Sfx- Kyuiiiiiii eeeeeeeeeeeeee)

(Sfx- Biri biri zzzzt zzzzt)

Subaru: By strengthening his powers, they've become immense...

And thus, he's lost control of them!!!

Unfortunately, this makes it impossible for us to finish him off....



Subaru: Let's just see if taking a gamble on Nene's hunch will pay off!!

Nene: Wake up Dread!!!

(Sfx- Gyaaaaaa)

(Sfx- Borooo ploop)

Dread: Ngh...

(Sfx- Zaaan thump)

Subaru: He's become a victim of his own sound....?

Dread: It's clear...!!

(Bottom text- Nene's skill and hopes.....have they set him free...!?)



Crown: Let me destroy it all...


In this world....

(Text- No victory in sight for Acro....?!)

(Bottom text- Acro is hit with a fierce attack....but then.....!!! Chapter 75 will be uploaded February 2nd!!)

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