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Artist Acro 75

Crown, he speaks.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 3, 2010 05:08 | Go to Artist Acro

-> RTS Page for Artist Acro 75

Should it be...Crown, 'she' speaks? I guess we won't know till next upload. (Please, please, PLEASE be a girl.)

Hit 75, and read on.

Some kid!: Look!

The Black Box....

It's breaking apart...!!

(Side text- The newest Volume of the manga #6 is out in stores!!)

Chapter 75: Crown, he speaks.

(Side text- Nene devoted herself to awakening her skill, and it delves into Dread's consciousness...!! However, this power is destroying the Black Box....!!)



(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmmble)

Subaru: Let's get out of here!

Can you draw a monster that can help us escape?!

Deco: I'll try!!

(Sfx- Bakaaatsu thooom)

(Sfx- Bababa fwwwwsssh)

(Sfx- Datsu Dash)

Nene: Subaru!!

Subaru: You're....

Coming with us....!

(Sfx- Dotsuuu fwisssh)


(Sfx- Gotsuuu thooom)

Dread: Don't dawdle.

I may have stopped the sound from running amok...

But this place is no longer safe.

Subaru: And who do we have to blame for that?!

(Sfx- Gatsuu twok)

Deco: Subaru-san?!

He's one of the 7 great artists!!


Dread: What was that for...

You manner less little whelp...!!

(Sfx- Butsu busu rub rub)

(Sfx- Susu tmp)

Subaru: I don't sense any malice or killing intent from his words...in fact they've disappeared completely...

It's like he's a different guy.

Listen, we can talk later. For now let's get out of here.

Dread: No, we have to talk now.

(Handwritten- I feel like something has changed...)

(Sfx- Kuruu spin)

Subaru: Later.

Dread: Listen to me!

I feel like for the first time in a while, I can speak my mind freely!

(Handwritten- At least hear me out.)

Subaru: What part of 'later' don't you understand?!

Subaru: He's....really sensitive....

(Handwritten- That's one of the 7 great artists...?)

(Sfx- Gogogogo rmmmmble)

Deco: Hurry up Subaru-san!!

Nene: Acro is still fighting out there...!!

That light has to be him....

But is he okay...?!


Crown: Hey Acro~.

(Sfx- Dooooon thoooom)

Crown: This is no time to play hide and seek...

'Cause you know you can't run from me.

Then again, I guess it is shocking...

To have your own weapon 'Bakusaki' used against you....

(Sfx- Pachi pachi pachi crackle crackle)

Crown: Lost your fighting spirit...?

(Sfx- Zuboo thok)

(Sfx- Bokotsu rustle)


(Sfx- dosuuuu thooom)

(Sfx- Batsu fwish)

Acro: I haven't lost anything!!

(Sfx- Gooooo rmmmmm)

Crown: He's even tougher than before...


You've entered right into my cross-hairs!


Acro: Zig-zag hair's skill....!!


Acro: Chew on this!!!


(Sfx- Paakiiiiii twakkkkk)

Crown: Damn...

I can't catch him as long as he's using his skill to transform the air around him into clay.....


(Sfx Jijii weeeeee)


(Sfx- Bigooootsuuu toooooom)


Crown: Betcha didn't know...

That light just cuts clean through air...

Acro: Barokk's skill...!!

(Sfx- Jyuuuuu ssssshhh)

Crown: Coming up....

Is this little number.

(Sfx- Gotsuuu twok)

(Sfx- Gyuuun foooooo)

(Sfx- Pitaaa tak)

(Sfx- Puran puran fwap fwap)


Acro: What the heck?! Why can't I move....?!

Crown: Haha!

This one's a blast!

{Child's View!!!}

{This skill makes it possible to grab things that seem small and far into the distance, and lift them as if they weigh nothing.}

{With a limit of 5M, this ability can be used as long as the object desired has been touched once.}

Crown: Thataway.

(Sfx- Hyuuu fwoooo)


(Sfx- Dogagagagagaa Thuuuuud)


Acro: Nguh....

He's got so many skills at his disposal....

(Sfx- Garagara clatter clatter)

(Sfx- Hyuuuuu fwoooosh)

(Sfx- Bibibibi tak tak tak)

(Sfx- Bitaaaan thuuud)

Acro: Ngh!!

{Sinking into the wall....}

{This has to be his skill...}

(Sfx- Guuiiii grnnnd)

{Dammit....I knew he had a few skills, but this is more than I can handle.....and not only that, he's able to switch them on the fly too....}

(Sfx- Hah hah)

{I can't keep up with him....!!}


{However, there's a slow and hazy sensation coming from him...}

(Sfx- Zatsuuu swiff)

{There's a malice coming from the skills he's using..!!}

Acro: Crown...

When the Artists come up with their skills,

Do you understand what kind of feelings go into their creation?

Crown: Dunno?

I mean, I just copy these abilities form others....

Why would I waste time trying to remember each one of them?

Well, I sure hope you don't think I just ran around killing all of my opposition....

If they had a weak heart, I just went ahead and brainwashed them.

Kind of like our buddy Dread.

{Control bug. Resides in Crown's stomach.}

Crown: With powers like these, it's easy enough to change the world.


Acro: Why would you do this?

To sink to such depths....?

I just don't get it....

Did Vil know something....?

Crown: I dunno?

Not like he's around to ask now.

I'm so sorry though, looks like you won't be able to keep your promise to Vil.

You know, the one about killing me?

Acro: Vil....

He didn't say I should 'kill' you...

He just asked me to 'stop' you.

I'm not even sure if he understood the extent of evil things you've done...

But whether he did or didn't....

Vil understands you....

And I think he wanted me to save you....

Before your sins become too heavy to bear.


Acro: He wanted me....

To help your heart and soul grow!!

Crown: Hmph...

Understands me...?

Quit screwing around.

(Sfx- Dotsuu twok)

Acro: UGH!

Crown: It's so EASY for idiots who don't understand anything to start spewing crap!!

You understand NOTHING.

And that goes for Vil too!!

(Sfx- Doka doka doka doka doka thowk twok twok towk)


Crown: Seven years ago...

You were the only survivor here...

But that was only a coincidence.

And I'm going to prove it to you.

This time you won't be going anywhere.

I'm going to make you watch that time over and over again until you're a pile of bones, and then I'll snap you myself!!!

Goodbye, Acro!!



(Sfx- Boaaaatsu fwooooaaash)

Acro: Ah...

This sensation...

(Sfx- Zokuuu *shiver8)

Acro: It's the same as seven years ago....

(Sfx- Koooooooo fwooooosh)

Acro: Dammit!!




{It had no effect?!}


(Sfx- Do do do do thump thump thump thump)


{Why am I the only one...?}

Crown: I see...

Just as I thought...

You're a special type of human being.

The atmosphere has changed......let me explain it to you....

I'll have to take that form....

And change into it again....

'Endless Performer'.

(Sfx- Zawaa brustle)


Acro: His hair grew....



No way....




(Side text- Just who is 'Acro'?)

(Bottom text- Crown's past comes to light in the next chapter!! Check out the upload on February 9th!!)

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