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Translations: Gintama 702 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128
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HACO Oneshot


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 6, 2010 04:58 | Go to HACO

Done, and I'd recommend that anyone using it should have a seasoned translator look at it. All in all, it would make a fun series if the author expands on some ideas. Although I figure he'll probably redo the introduction should it get serialized.

Free for anyone to use. Thank you muwlove for the raw!

(Top gold-ish text: One person plus one thing?! A rush across the world!! A new type Sci-fi adventure oneshot of 47 page proportions!!)

(Center text- After awakening, open the door to a brand new world.)



{Cold sleep.}

{Undergoing a long and cold slumber.}

{To bring the hope of now to tomorrow.}

(Side text- Could this be a story about a sleeping girl....?!)

{An act like this is normal now...}

{For a certain day, in a certain time, on a certain world.}

{Kusakabe Honoka}

Honoka: DADDY!!


What is this?!


Dad: Well~Honoka,

It seems you've contracted a mysterious disease.

{Dad: Kusakabe Heitarou.}

Heitarou: There's no cure for it right now...

That's why we're doing this.

By putting you into cold sleep, there's the hope that in the future a cure would have been discovered.

There's a chance that there's something in the future that's not yet known in this era.

Honoka: Wai....

What are you say---


{However, what awaits 'tomorrow',}

{Is something beyond human imagination.}



???: Hah




Superior Officer!!

Food gathering has been completed!!


???: The weather was fine today too!

No anomalies to report!!

(Sfx- Gatsu scrrtch)


???: Ah..

Please feel free to awaken any time now!!

In the meantime, I'll commense with my meal!!

(Sfx- Bushiii fwusssh)

(Sfx- Bshisshishishishsi fwoooooosh)

(Sfx- Gakoko creeeek)

(Sfx- Gigigigigigi grnnnnnnnd)

(Sfx- Gigooon rurrrrr)

(Sfx- Bi beeep)

???: Nh...


(Sfx- Gigigigi grnnnnnd)

Honoka: Dad---


Honoka: Wha....



Honoka: Wha?!

Castle ruins?!

Why?! Has humanity been destroyed...?!

Has my sickness...

Been cured?

(Handwritten- My body feels light...)

???: Wah...


Honoka: Kyah!

A kid...?

What's with that tail and ears...?


???: G---

Good morning Superior Officer!

Here are your clothes ma'am!!

I've been taking care of them for a long time!

Honoka: Eh...?

???: You've awakened...

And that makes me so ha---

Honoka: Wah...


Why are you crying?

Morover, who are you?!


I guess for now I'll take those clothes though.


???: Excuse my rudeness!!

I am the dog type nanoroid 'Haco'!

The purpose for my creation was for your utilization Superior officer!!

And now you're finally awake!! I've been waiting for this moment so long!!

I—I can't describe this feeling....

Honoka: W—wait...

Utilization? Superior officer? And this kid is a robot?

I don't get it....

Okay, let's start with this.

What era are we in right now? What's going on here? Are there any other people?

Haco: What's an era?

Honoka: Wha...

Haco: As for other people, It's just me....I've been waiting for you all alone...


Honoka: W—what?

There's no one else?

You're really the only person here?!

Haco: I—I'm not sure.

I've been sitting here day in and day out....you can see the proof there...

Things have rotted and crumbled away...

Honoka: What happened?!

Has humanty really died out?!

Haco: S—Superior Officer!!

It's dangerous out there!!


Honoka: Why do you call me Superior officer anyway?

I'm not a soldier.

And I dont' recall holding a higher rank than you.

Haco: Huh?

My deepest aplogies!!

I just assumed thats what you were from the clothes I kept for you!!

Honoka: This is a school uniform...

Haco: I noticed that you didn't have anything other than your clothes with you here...

Just these strange movies, so I decided to learn proper speech and acertain the basics of the situation from them.

Honoka: These are war movies!!

(Handwritten- And they're on VHS...)

Honoka: Well, it's not a particuarily bad thing I suppose....

You said it's dangerous out there? Why's that? Are there wild animals or something....


Honoka: Huh?

Haco: It's a kijin!!

Please, get down!!

Applause means that the play is over.


Haco: Augus Tinus,



Honoka: Wha...

What was that thing?!

Where did it come from?

Haco: Huh?

You really don't know about them Superior officer?

I just know that they're called 'Kijin', and not much else...

{Kijin, although they look like trees, they eat meat.}

Honoka: Are you saying there are more of those ouside?

Haco: Swarms of them even.

Honoka: Swarms?!


Honoka: Whaa..


I knew it...

This is worse than anything I could have imagined...

All of humanity has been destroyed, it's the end of everything...!!


What's the point of curing my sickness now then!?

(Handwritten- Daddy you jerk!!)

Haco: Ah—Superior Officer?

Honoka: But...


Honoka: There's no point in crying over it!!

You said your name was Haco right?!

What was that transformation thing just now?!

Haco: Are you okay?

(Handwritten- Sorry for worrying you!)

Honoka: I'm totally not okay,

But I guess I am!

Haco: Well I'm a Nanoroid...

So I can freely change around my body using my nanomachine makeup.

And what you saw earlier was the 'Augus Denus' transformation.

It allows me to control gravity!!

Honoka: Oh?


Honoka: T—That's amazing!!

Nanomachines are great and all, but the ablity to control gravity too?

Humanity is awesome!!

Haco: Wah,


Honoka: And? Can you do anything else?

Haco: Well, I would, but I don't know the codes....

Honoka: Codes? What's that?

Haco: It's a limitation on my ablities.

In order for me to release my strength, code recited from memory is essential.

{Applause means the play is over.}


Honoka: Ooh I see.... sounds complex...

Haco: Here...this is the one thing I was given...they appear to be written instructions.

I tried to figure them out myself, but I wasn't able to...

(Instructions To Haco.)

(1. Protect the sleeping girl in here. 2. Also be sure to protect yourself if you should become hurt. (Side text- Don't go over board.) 3. You must consume food like a human to keep your energy up. (Side text- do this properly!! 4. If you find yourself in a tight spot, use the password 'Applause means the play is over' to activate Augus Teinus' This will be stored in your body. (Side text- There are others, but you'll have to find them on your own!) To my beloved daughter- If you're in trouble remember my last words,...)



(Side text- It's only two pages!!)

Honoka: Plus the important part's been ripped off!!

Haco: I'm sorry, it was like that when I found it....

Honoka: This isn't your fault Haco!!

The blame squarely lies on the person who wrote this!!


I gathered one thing from this letter at least...

The person who created Haco was Daddy...!!

{There's no other person than that useless father of mine that would do something without thinking!}

(Handwritten- To my beloved daughter is the proof!!)

Honoka: But the world's been totally changed...

Just what happened?

Was there some type of final judgement while I was sleeping?

W..wait a second...last...


Honoka: No matter what, the world still turns! (Galieo)


More lights! (Gera)

Traveling through sickness, dreams surround the barren landscape! (Bashou)

Haco: No matter what the world still turns...

More lights...

Traveling through sickness, dreams surround the barren landscape..



Haco: Whooaa?


Honoka: W—Wow! It's a bike hybrid!!

Heheh...I figured as much,

The name of that was 'Bashou'. Did you know that?

Haco: Huh?


Honoka: It's the code!!

It's the final words of a famous man!!

It's similar to the applause code that activates Augus Dinus! This one is from Matsuo Bashou!

(TN- He's a famous Haiku writer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matsuo_Bash%C5%8D)

Honoka: Daddy must have thought of this...

Using a famous quote round robin!

Haco: Ooooh!!

….Nothing's happening.

Honoka: Awww...

Trunks and Bloomers are important to mother!

Haco: Aww....Trunks and Bloomers are important to mother..

Nothing happened.

Honoka: Leave the 'aww' out...


Honoka: Aww Geez!! Nothing works!!

I thought I'd be able to guess it....

But the only thing that came through was 'Bashou'....

(Handwritten- That was foolish...)

(Handwritten- Sorry...)

{But I can't give up here!!}

{There has to be someone still alive out there!!}

Honoka: And that's why I have to stay postive and keep my eyes fixed forward....

Haco: Superior Officer,

It appears that you need sustience...

Honoka: ...Thanks...


Honoka: Haco.....this food is...

Haco: Potatos...

They're pretty tender, more or less.

Honoka: This is what you always eat?

(Handwritten- And you're still alive?)

Haco: Hmm...well yes I guess. Sometimes I find red berries and seeds....

Honoka: Haco....

Haco: Yes?

Honoka: How can you consider these edible without proper ingredients?!

Find some salt! Or if possible, rock sault!!

And a hot pot!!

Haco: Wh..


Honoka: Hurry up and bring those here!!


Haco: Oooooh...

Honoka: How about a mix of potatos and beans!

This mix is tasty and nutrious, a total home run!!

Now dig in!!

I know I said to dig in but....

Haco: But this taste!! It's incredible!!

I haven't had something this good in my whole life!!

Honoka: I...I see.

He eats like a puppy...


Honoka: You've seriously been eating that kind of stuff up until now?

Haco: Yes..

I really don't know what is sutable for consumption you see....

I was able to find a movie on food, but I didn't really understand it's contents...

(Handwritten- Be sure to fry the bits!)

Haco: If I wasn't able to find these potatos, I probably would have died..

Honoka: I see...

You were all alone....

But things'll be fine for now on!

I'll cook for you!

Haco: R---


Honoka: On one condition!

You have to use a spoon!!

Haco: Wha..


Like this?

Honoka: Don't break it!!


Haco: So....

You had a sickness ma'am?

Honoka: Yes....

It was an incurable sickness..
Once my dad confimed this, he put me in cold sleep. To be honest, I don't quite understand the details...

Haco: He must have really been worried about you.

Honoka: Heehee, Seems that way huh?

Well, he is the only family I have.

In any case, he's a weirdo!

To have you sit here for a thousand years alone,

Is terrible, no matter how much of a great scientist he says he is!!

He'd always go on and on about how theres a lot we don't know.

On top of that, he'd give me tough problems to crack as well...

(Handwritten- This question comes from the MIT!!)

(Handwritten- It's written in English...)

(TN- MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massachusetts_Institute_of_Technology)

(Handwritten- Let me out!!)

Honoka: In the end, I couldn't even argue with him about putting me into cold sleep. Once he had decided it was done.

...Well, It's not like I hate him or anything...


Honoka: Hey, Haco...

There's nothing nearby here is there?

Haco: Ah---yes.

I tried looking around for anything, but only found those movies....

The rest is junk.

Honoka: Great...the important part of these directons was ripped off...

And I really don't know anything about this world....

Haco: B—But you know...

At night on top of this tall edifice, theres this one light that never fails to shine...

Honoka: What's that?!

Do..do you think we can go investigate it?!

Haco: Ah...


I guess if you let me go, we can go have a look if you want ma'am....

Honoka: Thank you~..


Haco: I should note..

That the outer area is Kijin territory,

and my Augus Teinus can only be used three times when I'm full.

The chances of getting there alive are pretty slim....

Honoka: Hm...

Three shots huh...

Huh? Wait..

I just thought of something awesome!

We'll be fine!

Let's go Haco!!

Haco: Eh?


Honoka: What's wrong?

Haco: Do we really have to go there....?


Haco: I...

I've never left this place since I discovered you here...

My mission was to stay here and protect you ma'am...

I've never left here or done anything dangerous..

I just stayed and waited...!!

Honoka: I see...

Because you've never left here...

You're scared of the world outside aren't you?


Honoka: But you know Haco...

This world is...


Wouldn't you like to eat bread?

Eggs? Fish? Milk?

They're all really tasty!

And better still, they're great when cooked!!

Haco: Uh...


Honoka: When there's something unknown, you gotta jump into it!

It's only then that you realize the possiblity that something great awaits!!

C'mon Haco...

I refuse to believe that everyone's been destroyed without any proof!!

I'm positive that there are people still alive out there!!


Honoka: I need your strength!!

Haco: Uuu...


Honoka: Eh?

W—What's the matter? Are you okay?!

Haco: I”M SO HAPPY!!!

For you to say that you need me....

I'll follow any orders you give ma'am!!

Honoka: Um...They're not orders or anything like that...

Haco: I'll work as hard as this life allows ma'am!!

Honoka: Wa---


Honoka: Eh!?

Traveling through sickness dreams surround the barren landscape!!

This timing's horrible!!

Haco: What should we do?!

Honoka: We'll have to go there then!!

Climb to where that light is!!


Honoka: Kyahhh!!

Haco: A-A-A-Applause means that the play is over!!

Gravity power unlock...

Honoka: No! Not yet!!

Just do what I say!!

Haco: eh?

Honoka: Augus Teinus is developing right under us!!

Release about one tenth of it's power!!

Haco: Eh...


Honoka: We're going up...


Haco: U...


Honoka: Heheh...

When we're up against an oppnent like that, there's no need for full power!!

After all, we're lighter than the Kijin!

With that in mind, it would be better to use our ablity to get away from it rather than attack!!

(Handwritten- Heavy//Light.)

Honoka: How about it Haco?

Haco: I should be able to do 20~30 shots with this!

Honoka: I knew it!


Honoka: Now..

To the summit!!

Haco: Okay!

Honoka: Heehee!

We've landed!

And I doubt he'll be following us here....







Honoka: Haco!

Haco: You have to run away ma'am!!

I can't do this for long!!

Honoka: What are you talking about!!

Haco: I already said it...

I'd work as hard as this life allows!!

When I said that, I meant it!! I'd never lie!!


Haco: I've....

Always been waiting for you...

I didn't know when you'd finally wake up..

And I was,

So lonely....waiting in the same place...

That's why when I finally got to meet you ma'am....

I was so happy...so very happy...


Haco: That's why I'll never ever....

Allow my Superior Officer to get hurt!!!!

Honoka: Haco...


Honoka: It's too soon to give up!

We've still got our trump card.

Haco: Huh?

Superior officer, this is...

Honoka: Say it..




Haco: Wha---what is this?!

Honoka: It's a code!!

It'll allow Augus Tenus to evolve!!

Lie down Haco!!!

If you get dragged into this, you'll die!!

This is a crushing blow!!!



Honoka: KYAAHHHHH!!!


Honoka: Not even a trace left...


Haco: Ma'am....

Those words....

(Handwritten- My energy's been all used up...)

Honoka: Yeah...they're Daddy's favorite saying.

I'm pretty sure that's what's written on that ripped part of the directons.

Honoka: He'd drive me crazy by saying that phrase over and over...

So I just assumed that if he were to write me something, it would be that...

(Handwritten- There's still plenty that remains unknown!!)

(Handwritten- Shut up~)


Honoka: Sorry...

I was scared....

And that's why I saved it till the very end...

They are Daddy's last words....

So now I have to understand that he's dead don't I.....?

Haco: Last...?

Honoka: A cold sleep chamber...!!

This was where the light was coming from!!

So there's someone else who went into cold sleep then...!!

I wonder where the person inside went?

….Is this a map?


Honoka: ….huh?


Haco: Um, ma'am?

I think you may have made a mistake on these directions...

It's not 'last words' written here you see?

It looks like more like 'conclusion.'.....

Ma'am, It appears that he may have said something like that before you were put into cold sleep...

{By putting you into cold sleep, there's the hope that in the future a cure would have been discovered.}

{There's still plenty that remains unknown.}

(Top- Final words//Below: What's unknown is...Concluding words..//different meaning.)

Honoka: Ah...

So that means Daddy...

May very well be...

Haco: Alive....I think..


(Handwritten- Is this some kind of quiz?!)


Honoka: Ah....

Well Haco...

Let's follow that map shall we?

(Handwritten- Although it doesn't make a lick of sense...)

Honoka: After all Daddy may be around here somewhere.


Next time, I'll make something like this for lunch.

(Handwritten- I found them earlier...)

Honoka: All right...

Haco: Ma'am,

What was that earlier?

Honoka: Hm? Tee hee...

There are things that you don't need to know!

(Side text- And off the two of them go!!)


(Bottom text- Next issue is Neda Hirofumi-sensei's Gag one shot 'Dead Warrior Sliman!!!')

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#1. by SuppaiNoRingo ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2010
Uhm, just a stupid question, sorry but will this still be TC'd / PR'd on this site?
I'm cleaning it, and I want to know if I can use this to typeset or if I have to wait for an seasoned translator to come by and check it.

Anyways, it's an intresting One-shot.
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2010

It's better if you get someone to do it if you know a translator. Otherwise I'm not sure.
#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Feb 11, 2010
@ Suppai: Hopefully you can get someone to at least proofread the TL. As for getting it TLCed---- if you want someone on the site to TLC it, you can either:
1) get a TLer you know to TLC it
2) PM someone on the site to TLC it for you...

No one is really going to TLC it without some sort of prompt since the people on staff are swamped with doing the level checks... >_<

@ BDR: Thanks for the TL though~
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