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Artist Acro 76

Crown, He becomes ‘Acro’.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 25, 2010 03:21 | Go to Artist Acro

-> RTS Page for Artist Acro 76

Sorry for being a bit late everyone, Computer problems out the wazoo. Anyway I should be back to normal starting now.

Where the heck are the Aku raws though? O_O

Click on 76 to read the chapter.

(Top text- Volume 1-6 of t he manga is now available everywhere!!)
(Side text- This is Crown’s true form…?!)
(Sfx- Hyooooo *fwooooo*)
Acro: Crown…
That long hair….you can’t be….

Acro: ACRO?!
Chapter 76: Crown, He becomes ‘Acro’.
Crown: I’ll bet you didn’t know…
That this long hair has all kind of uses.
(Sfx- Doaatsu *twhok*)
Acro: Ngh!!
Crown: Didn’t you hear from your dad?
That fool’s so disgusting that I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole!

Acro: There is a photo in my house…
But only one…
Its you, back when you were a kid….
And underneath it, the name ‘Acro’ is written.
Acro: Hey Dad? Who’s this?
He has the same name as me!
Dad: Ah, yeah that’s an old story…
So there’s still a photo left….
I thought I had destroyed everything….

Dad: I was hoping…
That you wouldn’t find this….
{I thought that Dad looked sort of sad when he turned and walked away, so I didn’t talk about it again.}
{But now I can clearly remember it.}
Acro: Hold on…
You lived in Seiten city too?
Crown: Yeah…
I was born there.
Acro: Then why?!
Why destroy your birthplace?!
Crown: Would you like me to tell you?
I know everything.
About how special you are…

Crown: How despicable your father is….
This story takes place slightly before you were born….
I was 3 years old…
And our Dads were…
The best of friends.
Dad: Okay….
Pay close attention Acro.
(Sfx- Jiiii *staaare*)
Dad: Nothing here right…?
(Sfx- Miri *nnnndddd*)
(Sfx- Miri *nnnnnd*)
Dad: Ta-da! A Tower appears!!
(Sfx- Jaaan *tadaaah*)
(Sfx- Pachi pachi pachi pachi *clapclapclap*)

Dad: You want me to do it again?
No no, that’s all for today.
Acro’s Dad: Hey Cris!
(Handwritten- I’m here too.)
Cris: Hey,
It’s you Hamburger.
Hamburger: Your hear sure is long Acro.
Are you hiding your face?
(Handwritten- Upsy daisy!!)
Cris: You’re going to be a father soon enough…so you should save those words for your own child.
(Handwritten- He’s shy.)
Hamburger: This is a blast!
I just love little kids yanno?
Cris: ?
You really should watch what you say…
Hamburger: Hey Acro! When my kid is born,
You two should become friends!
(Sfx- Pofu pofu *pat pat*)
(Sfx- Kokutsu *shake*)

Hamburger: You’re always using this weird power….
Is this an Artists’s ‘skill’?
(Handwritten- Where’d this come from?)
(Handwritten- Dunno.)
Cris: They’re famous in other cities apparently…
I’ve been able to use this power since I was born…
I can mold some incredible things….
But I really don’t know much about this power.
I don’t even know how I cam to be able to use it.
Though, I know that Artists aren’t looked upon fondly…
Hamburger: Well at least your kid doesn’t seem to have that ability…
So it all works out right?
(Sfx- Hahahahaha)
(Handwritten- Yeah…)
Cris: And here I was thinking he’d be born with that ability too..
I don’t need you going back to tell the authorities Hamburger.
Hamburger: Don’t worry about them, they’re really only around to settle minor disputes.
This place is peaceful after all.
{However, a tragedy would occur only a few days later. }


{His skill….}
{Suddenly went berserk…!!}
People: What’s going on all of a sudden!?!
(Sfx- Waaaaah!!!)
People: Save the women and children!!
Acro: Dad…!!
Hamburger: What the hell are you doing Cris?!
Stop this at once!!
Acro: A weapon…!!
Cris: I was just testing this ability, and then I lost control…!!
(Sfx- Gotsuuu *thoooom*)

Hamburger: Get down Acro!!
(Sfx- Gatshiii *clannng*)
Hamburger: Ngh!!!
(Sfx- Pokiiii *craaack*)
Hamburger: Guah!!
Damn! It was even able to crack my blade!!
This thing is hella strong!!
C’mon Cris!! You have to stop this thing!!
I don’t want to have to turn this sword on you!!!

Hamburger: Raise your face Cris!!
Cris: I can’t!!
I can’t stop this!!
Hamburger: Cris!!
Cris: You have to be the one to stop me!!
(Sfx- WaaaaaahhhH!!!)
Acro: Da---
{There were…}
{Already 15 dead, and a countless amount of casualties…}
(Sfx- Gyuuuuunnn *sppnnnnnn*)
{In order to correct the menace that had descended on the city, yet another disaster would have to take place…}

{Putting an end to one more life…}
(Sfx- Doshaa *thud*)
(Sfx- Dokun *throb*)

(Sfx- Futsuuu *sssssh*)
People: They disappeared!!
It’s finally over..!!
Acro: Dad…
Wake up…
(Sfx- Yusa yusa *rustle rustle*)
Acro: Daddy….
(Sfx- Yusa yusa *rustle*)
Acro: Ah….

Hamburger: Acro…
I know it’s not the same, but I’ll take care of you in Cris’s place.
I know you hate me….
But I’ll…
Protect you in his place.
Acro: Why did you…
Why to Dad…
Did he die…..
(Sfx- Buru buru buru *shiver shiver shiver*)
(Sfx- Dokonnn *throb*)
Acro: Uuu…
(Sfx- Kooootsu *sheeen*)
Hamburger: Light…?!
(Sfx- Miri miri miri *nnnnnnnnd*)
(Sfx- Dotsu *thok*)

(Sfx- Garararara *clattter*)
(Sfx- Pikuuu *poit*)
(Sfx- Waaaaaah!!!)
Hamburger: Acro..
The people of this city now view artists as public enemy number one.
It’s now your fate to be killed.
You’re still only 3 years old.
I dunno if you’ll grow up to use this power for good or evil so….
I’m sorry…
(Sfx- Zuuuu *wiffff*)

(Sfx- Zannnn *slisssh*)
(Sfx- Pasa *flutter *)
Hamburger: Acro…
This is your second chance…
I made a promise to protect you, but I can’t even keep it…
I’m a failure…
I know that I have no right to tell you what to do…
But please…live…..

{That guy…}
{He killed my father…}
{You idiot…}
{Your weakness kept you from killing me here….}
{Remember this well….}

Some woman!: What’s this?! Isn’t that my skill?!
It can’t be….a copy?!
Crown: You can’t explain this skill with mere writing…
But I had no idea I could use it like this too….interesting.
Right? Miss?
Some woman!: Just…
What are you…?
(Sfx- Piku piku *shiver shiver*)
Crown: Oh yeah…
I do need a name don’t I?
A being that will never again witness a smiling face….

Crown: How does ‘Clown’ sound…?
Current! Acro’s mom: Have you decided on a name yet?
Hamburger: Yeah..
It’s the name of the person I wronged…
No matter how I want to forget, It’s always with me….
We’ll name this child…
(Side text- At that moment, One ‘Acro’ disappeared, and another ‘Acro’ was born….)

(Top text- The first Acro is a thing of the past.)
(Center text- The Acro of now will proclaim himself.)
(The battle between the two Acros reaches it’s climax!!)
Chapter 77 uploads on February 16th!!

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