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Artist Acro 77

Acro, He gains resolve.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 25, 2010 04:21 | Go to Artist Acro

-> RTS Page for Artist Acro 77

Letsee if I can't catch up with this...

Check the 77 and rock on!

Clown: Your father…
Killed his best friend, my father….
Back when I was only 3 years old.
I swore revenge upon him.
(Side text- Clown and Acro….a fate that intersects….)
Crown: But you know…
Your father’s sickening actions are not…
The only thing I detest….
It was an occurrence after this tragedy…
That really set my flame ablaze.

{I thought that once I killed him, my revenge would be complete….}
(Sfx- Zaaa *sssssh*)
{When I turned 9 years old….}
Cris: Nothing here right?
Ta-da! A Tower appears!!
(Sfx- Zaaaaa *ssssssh*)

???”: What’s wrong?
Did you have a falling out with someone?
To be here alone in the rain…
You’ll catch a cold…
(Side text- This meeting would turn the wheels of fate…..)
(Umbrella floating text- Volumes 1-6 are now available everywhere!!)
Chapter 77: Acro, He gains resolve.

Clown: Compared to the artists I’ve come in contact with….
He’s a bit different.
That’s not to say that I can’t use him….
{It’s because of the time I had with him, that I learned more about ‘Skills’.}
{I had even forgotten to copy his ability.}
{Before I had noticed it…}
{Two years had gone by….}
Vil: Can I leave you to some house-sitting again,
Clown: You’re going to work again? Where is it this time?
Or are you returning to that ‘Art capital’ again?

Vil: Something like that…
I’m going to ‘Seiten City’.
Clown: No way…
Could he have figured me out?
I guess I over thought this….nothing seems to be happening…
This place is really sickening though….
???: Acro!!!
(Sfx- gikuuu *poit*)
Clown: That voice…!!
(Handwritten- Eeeh!! I’m sorry Dad!!)

Clown: That’s his kid…?!
And that name….
(Sfx- Dotsu dotsu *drrrrggg*)
Clown: Acro?!
(Sfx- Dotsu dotsu dotsu *drrrgg drrgg*)
Clown: He has….
My name….?!?!
(Sfx- Dotsu)
Clown: Why?!
Wait…did he give that kid my name…
So that he could protect him in my place?!
He’s completely forgotten me…
And put this kid in my place?!
{But then, his child too awakened to his ‘skill’.}
Clown: Heh, now let’s see what you’ll do!
Go on, toss him aside like you did me…!!

Hamburger: Go and learn from him…
This city now views artists as public enemy number one.
It’s now your fate to be killed.
Vil: Isn’t that great Acro-kun?
You’ve created something that your father acknowledged.

Clown: WHY?!
(Sfx- Dotsuuuu *doooof*)
(Sfx- Bakaaaaa *crackle*)

Clown: Why did you pick up the name that I had abandoned?!
The name that died along with the old me?!
(Sfx- Datsu *dash*)
Clown: How dare you take my name and the same path as I?!?
You haven’t gained a single damn thing for yourself!!
(Sfx- Dogaa *THUDDD*)
(Sfx- Gogagagaga *Craaaaaaaash*)
Acro: Ugh…
(Sfx- Za za *tmp tmp*)
Clown: My parents, my home…and now this…
It’s as if you’ve robbed me of my humanity.
Do you understand what that feels like?!

Clown: The same city, the same name…
And even awakening to an Artist’s skills…
You’re no more than my copy.
Yet for reasons I’ll never understand, fate has favored you.
Talking about hopes and dreams.....The world has stolen all of mine!!
And why I have to destroy it!!
After that, I knew that I had to keep moving….
While Vil was down with his injuries, I took that time to travel…
First I had to destroy ‘Seiten City’. With that, the world could begin to change.I
I thought Vil’s ultimate skill would be unstoppable…
But there was one person that it didn’t work on.

{Although these bugs will reside within you and eat your insides…}
{If you can control them, You will foster the birth of a powerful weapon boy….}
{You should use the fact that you’re a child to your advantage, and lower his guard.}
Clown: I obtained a mind control ability…
And took my first step,
In gaining the power that I lacked….
I copied Jiro’s power, and even became the leader of the Art cathedral,
And after half a year, the preparations were complete!
Remember that day Acro?
It was a true day of reckoning….
All of those people turning into bones….
And I remember all too well how I felt as I gazed upon that scenery…

{Destroying this world…}
{Feels so damn good!!}
(Sfx- Gugu *grnnnd*)
Acro: Clown….

Acro: Why would you…
Just for the sake of revenge against me….
Well, I guess I get it…
Doing something like this…
Is why…
I have to stop you.
(Sfx- Hah hah)
Acro: Even if everyone in this world should be destroyed,
Even if I should die,
I know there’s a way to save you.
Clown: What’s that…?
Acro: You said it earlier didn’t you?
‘Talking about hopes and dreams’….and how the world stole them…
That’s only ‘cause you don’t know how great this world is…

Acro: The truth is, that you love this world as much as I do don’t you?


(Sfx- Bakiii *sheen*)
(Sfx- Bannnn *fwooosh*)
{Clay Worker!}
Clown: I’m going to shut your mouth for good….
(Sfx- Otsuuuu *fwissssh*)

(Sfx- Hyuuu *fwiiissh*)
(Sfx- Bakyaaaan *craaaash*)

Subaru: Acro!!
You’d better not die on us again!!!
(Side text- People grow by encountering and befriending others!!)

Chapter 78 Uploads on February 23rd!!

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