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Appearance of the Yellow Dragon! 6

Appearance of a Dragon slayer!


-> RTS Page for Appearance of the Yellow Dragon! 6

If you guys haven't noticed, (which is understandable since I didn't actually say I'd do this...) I'm making a release per night this whole week. I can't actually make a release on Thursday though, so I guess I'll put out two Wednesday to make up for it.

And now some Yellow Dragon for your viewing pleasure~.

(Side text- Heeding the fortuneteller, a lone soldier begins a journey. The objective is a….Dragon?)

Fortune teller: Dragon…
The Dragon’s lair is….
Fortune teller: In the eastern seas,
There is a small island…
You’re going there then…?

Fortune teller: I should tell you that it’s a path fraught with danger…
???: I’m well aware of the danger!
But this is my destiny….
???: Look out! That bolder has come loose!

???: I’ll risk my life to find you Dragon!
I swear it on my name as a slayer!
(Side text- Another new character appears to great expectation~)
Chapter 6: Appearance of a Dragon slayer!

Enji: U—ungh..
I hate having to sort my library, but If I don’t, I’ll be in trouble…

Enji: Ahahahahaah!!
Quit coming here every day! my laboratory isn’t a playground!
I’m not a babysitter!
Now, go play outside!!

???: So this is the island where the Dragon resides..

???: Excuse the intrusion….
But is there a Dragon…
Guy: Hiii!!
Save mee!!
???: Um, about the Dr---
{They all run away from me….}
{As soon as I mention the Dragon.}
{That’s it! This Dragon…}
{It must be so strong that it has all of the townspeople living in fear!}
???: Fear not everyone!!
I will take it upon myself to return peace to this village!
Guy: What’s with that armor….
It’s eerie…

{Where should I begin my search….}
{I can feel the Dragon’s stare PIERCING into my armor…!!}
(Handwritten- Ooh! Look! It’s an armor cosplay! Can I take a picture…?)
(Handwritten- Hey, what’s cosplay? Can adults do it too? Let’s play hide and go seek!)
???: Just a moment there young lady!!

???: Your shoe is untied…
You’ll fall.
(Handwritten- It’s dangerous!)
Kimidori: Oh…thanks.
???: Oh, that’s right!
Have you kids seen a Dragon nearby? Or know anyone that has??
Shishimaru: Well..that is…

Shishimaru: Enji-saaan, Yo Enji-saaaan!
Enji: Not YOU guys again! Didn’t you get the message last time?!
Don’t bother me while I’m research….
???: The children claim that a Dragon appeared here.
Now that I’m here, you’re going to be just fine! Now let me just have a look around..
Enji: I’m not interested in a sales pitch!!

???: There’s no need to fear the Dragon!
I’ll take care of everything!
Wh—what the heck do you want….!?
???: Forgive my rudness.
I’ve been slaying Dragons for 300 years…
As a part of my Dragon slaying lineage…
My name is Luccora Radisch!
Enji: A…Dragon slayer….?!

Luccora: Mark my words, I will find and defeat the Dragon!!
(Sfx- gagagaga *ssssssh*)
Kimidori: Hahaha! Aren’t you amusing!
Enji: Kimidori…
That’s a Dragon slayer you know….
Why would you bring him here?
Kimidori: Let’s just see if he can actually slay Dragons, shall we?
Enji: What an evil face you’re making…
Luccora: Enji-san, where is this dragon?!
Enji: Hey! Don’t swing that huge sword indoors..!!
Luccora: Where is it?!

Enji: Stoppit!!
Huh? I really didn’t push that hard..

Enji: A…
Shishimaru: That’s not right Enji! You can’t bully girls!!
Enji: Wait! Okay, maybe I did push her down, but….!!
C’mon guys, quit getting the wrong idea!
And stop staring at me with those cold eyes!!

Luccora: So tasty~!!
Your cooking is the best Enji-san!
How about becoming my bride?
What happened anyway?
Aren’t you a little bit embarrassed? You fainted in my house you know!
Luccora: Well…I am embarrassed…
But you see…

Luccora: Although I carry the title of ‘Dragon Slayer’…
The fact of the matter is,
There are no Dragons to slay…
The Radisch family has been slaying Dragons for 300 years….but that was during a dark age of Dragondom.
The Dragons ran rampant in large numbers, thus my family had a lot of work.
By the time I was born…
Dragons had become an extinct species, the stuff of fables and legends.
As such, it’s impossible for me to find a job in this day and age…
And I’m in the poorhouse…
(Sign- Dragons Slain: 0)
Enji: She’s crying….

(Banner- Mechanical Dragons!)
(TN- Sign on box is too damn small to read...I need better scans...not going blind to complete this...)
Luccora: My dad and I used to be aristocrats, but now we’ve lost our standing.
My Dad barely brings enough in to afford rice!
(Handwritten- It’s always like this.)
Enji: How sad…
Luccora: That’s why I have to defeat a dragon!
It’s the only way to restore my home!
Kimidori: If that’s all she wants, should we introduce her to a Dragon?
Enji: I guess if you really don’t care, there’s no problem with it…
Luccora: Really?! Thanks so much!
Enji: Hmm..

Enji: I’d like to introduce the pinnacle of the animal kingdom, The Yellow Dragon Kimidori.
Kimidori: Yo.
Enji: Oh, and this is the Red Dragon Suzu-san.
Suzu: Tweet.
Luccora: Hahahahahahaah…

Luccora: Please don’t fool around Enji-san.
Enji: I’m telling the truth!
Luccora: I already have a clear image of what a Dragon should look like!
I’m supposed to be a warrior of justice!
But if I face down a little girl like her,
Don’t I just look like a villain?!
Kimidori: Aww, you’re not gonna fight any more?
Luccora: Only a cowardly villain would fight against a child. I refuse.
Kimidori: Villain huh…
Well then…

Kimidori: What is good and evil to you?!
Would you consider a Lion who targets the weakest prey in a pack a bad guy?
Or a Hawk who swoops in out of nowhere on his prey to be a coward?!

Kimidori: I say nay!
The world of nature is made up of struggles between those who eat, and those who are eaten!
There’s no such thing as ‘unfair’,
Which means there is no such thing as good or evil!!

Kimidori: You know as a Dragon slayer, you have to either live and fight, or die and be eaten…
The only way you can survive is by charging at your enemy with your full strength!!

Luccora: A Dragon slayer must live and fight, or die and be eaten huh….
I’ll admit that you are right about taking down any Dragons that appear before me…
That is the nature of a Dragon slayer…
I would have never have thought…
That my enemy would remind me of the importance of my job….
Let the hunt begin!!


Kimidori: And now you’ll see how the food chain functions in nature…
Luccora: I’m…
Going to be eaten….!!
Kimidori: From today on, you’ll be my underling!
The winner takes the spoils…
This is a law of nature too.
By the by, this is the current pecking order….
Enji: WHAT?!
(Suzu, Luccora, Pet.)

Kimidori: Welcome aboard,
Luccora Radisch.
Luccora: Y…
(Handwritten- Now Kimidori has an underling! Will she become a friend of the village?)
(Handwritten- That would be cool huh?)
(Handwritten- Let me take a commemorative picture.)
(Handwritten- My position is a little strange dammit!)
(Side text- Expectations of a Dragon and Dragon Slayer begin from here on in..!!)

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