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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 300

Ghosts aren’t the only ones who go crazy in graveyards.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 12, 2010 02:06 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 300

Okay, as cold as this is gonna sound, I don't really believe that Otose is dead. Sorachi's pretty much stuck to his dynamic for six years, and I don't see him changing it.....not to mention Jirochou's motive is faaaar to weak to kill somebody over. I won't believe this until the last chapter of this arc ends and no one has been brought back.

.....she WILL be back, right Sorachi?

Good to go. Please credit antimonial for edits.

(Side text- The calm before the storm…?!)
(Bottom text- Volume 33 hits stores on April 2nd!! The presale tickets for the movie are also on sale!! Starting April 5th, (Monday) at 6pm, the Gintama anime will begin airing at a special time!! Be sure to watch TV Tokyo!!)
Lesson 300: Ghosts aren’t the only ones who go crazy in graveyards.
(Gravemarker- TERADA)
Otose: It’s rare….
To see you here…
I hope that you brought flowers with you at least.
Jirochou: I didn’t.
You want me to offer flowers to your grave then?

Otose: We don’t see each other for a while, and you've already taken that tone with me…
You’re just as much a barbarian now as you were then.
Although if you really want to put me to rest with my husband,
I don’t think he’d mind.
(Gravemarker- TERADA HOUSE.)
Otose: Looks like you've got a handful in that child...
I'd love to say 'thank Gintoki for me', but I suppose he's already done for...
I’m surprised that you’re such a doting parent to daddy’s little girl…
She came all the way from the country side to see her daddy again.
(Sfx- Zeh hah zeh hah)
Otose: She plans on cleaning up after you does she?
But you should know that your only child is manipulating you…
Taking advantage of your age…
Or is it…

Otose: You’re enjoying being played?
That you’ll do as she says…
Because even the villain Jirochou..
Can’t stand up to the daughter who cried over him?
Jirochou: Otose…
Get out of this city.
This place will become a warzone before long.
She’s already lit the torch…and soon everywhere will be the same.
If you don’t leave, I’ll have no other choice but to deal with you.
Otose: Oh? And I take it you want to do something about this ‘war’?
Please don’t utter such nonsense before my husband’s grave.
This is no longer a place…
For made men…
The two of you once protected this city….
But that is a tale of long ago.

Otose: Jirochou…the reason that you left your wife and child….
And fled to this city….it couldn’t have been to do something like this.
Am I right?
Jirochou: The times have changed…
The time of made men and dandyism is dead.
There’s no longer anything for us to protect.
All that’s left is…
For you to die. Just like how Tatsugorou did and left you alone.
The way you do things is already ancient, Otose.
You’re an eyesore.
You and Tatsugorou….
Are stains that this city doesn’t need.

Jirochou: Kabuki chou…
Is now my property.
I won’t repeat myself…
Get the hell out of my city.
(Sfx- Suboooo *fwooosh*)
Otose: I’d like to ask for a favor…
I was dragged into this whole Shitenou nonsense against my will.
The fact is, I don’t have any strength of my own.
(Sfx- Pira *flutter*)

(Note- I’m fed up with demanding rent from you. Take the rest of those hooligans, and get out of my house…and as far from this city as you can. For your own good, you should never come back here again. –Otose.)
Otose: Let’s just end this…
With me.
Those fools…
Are utterly hopeless….
But they’re…
My family.
Jirochou: Is that your…answer?

(Sfx- Gashaaa *dssh*)
(Sfx- Sehaaa zehaaaa)
(Sfx- Yoro *wobble*)
(Sfx-Zehah Zeha zehah)
(Sfx- Geho goho *cough cough*)
(Sfx- Zehah zehah Zeahah)
(Sfx- Zehah zehah)
(Sfx- Pita *tmp*)

(No text, just oh nooooo….)

???: Are you….
Jirochou: Now isn’t this something, you’re alive.
You really are as immortal as the rumors say…
However you’re too little too late.
I reunited husband and wife.
Though, I have to admit that this is quite a coincidence.
I was always under the impression that you became her body guard because you owed her one..
But in the end, she turned around and saved you.
Now go.
She gave up her life to keep yours from ending prematurely.

(No text, just HELL YEAH.)

(Sfx- Dogogoooo *thuuuuud*)
(Sfx- Gogaaa *twakkk*)
(Sfx- Para para *clatter clatter*)
Jirochou: What the hell was…
(Sfx- Buoooo *fwooosh*)
(Sfx- Zawaaa *swifff*)

(Sfx- Shakiii *Clack*)
(Sfx- Gaooooon *THOMP*)
Jirochou: You actually made me draw my blade...
Not too bad buddy….
But is it really a good idea,
To let Otose's appreciation towards you,
(Sfx- Gan kin kan *clang cling kang*)

(Sfx- Gotsu *THOK*)
Jirochou: Go to waste?
(Sfx- Daaan *sssssh*)
(Sfx- Goaaaaaaaaah *fwooooooom*)
(Sfx- Dogooo *craaaash*)
Jirochou: Ignorant bastard, aren’t you pal?
(Sfx- Bakaaaaaa *Craaaaaash*)
Jirochou: Time to end this.
(Sfx- Chin *clack*)

(Sfx- Shururuuru *sppnnnnn*)
(Sfx- Gatsu *grab*)
(Sfx- Dotsu *THOK*)
(Sfx- Dotsuuu *sdsssssh*)
(Sfx- Dodooon *THOOM*)

Jirochou: Otose's got one nasty mongrel running around doesn't she...
You’re Shiroyasha, right?
You're one hell of a successor kid.
There were little men like you back when I was on the battle field, getting bigger and bearing their fangs...
If all bastards like you can do is talk,
Then go home mutt.
Your master, the one you swore to protect….is gone.
(Sfx- Gobaaaaa *THOOOOM*)

(Sfx- Dodododon *CRAAAAASH*)
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *crackle*)

{Hey grandma.}
{Are those meat pies?}
{Can I get one?}
{My stomach’s so empty, I think I’m gonna die.}
{They belong to my husband,}
{So you’ll have to ask for his permission.}

{Ask your husband? Are you kidding?}
{I can’t talk…}
{To someone who’s dead.}
{Don’t come crying to me…}
{If he curses you.}
{A dead guy has no need to eat dango, or talk for that matter.}
{Okay, I’ll make up for this with a promise.}
{I won’t forget what you did for me…}
{It won't be long till she kicks the bucket and joins you, but until that happens..}

{I’ll protect granny…}
{In your place.}
Gintoki: Granny…
(Sfx- Pota *dribble*)
(Side text- A transient rain falls….)

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2010
Your comment is a spoiler ;_;
#2. by Midori-chan100 ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2010
I agree you, Bomber D. Rufi-san! I just really don't think Otose-san is dead.

okay, so she left that letter saying for Gintoki to take everyone and leave the city and not come back...but if you're to 'kick' Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi of the Yorozuya and Catherine and Tama of Snack Bar Otose out of that house that's been their home, where are they to do? Huh? Unless Sorachi-san wants to pull some crazy things and 'relocate' the Yorozuya, I don't see them going anywhere. and likewise, if she is ...dead...then i also just really don't see the Yorozuya still staying on the second floor and Catherine and Tama by themselves on the bottom floor without Otose-san. I really just don't see it happening. I'm desperately clinging to this hope, but if our worst fears are actually reality, well let's just say the rest of this month is gonna be a very shitty one for us Gintama fans, regarding the anime situation on top of this as well...
#3. by Oni_James ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2010
I absolutely agree with you Midori-chan100. I also don't think Otose is dead and i just can't imagine Yorozuya's 1st floor without her on charge >.<
It's one of those characters that i think'll keep living until the end of the series.

Remember we've seen plenty of these fake deaths sceenes, so there's still hope... :)
Katsura and Gintoki in Benizakura-hen, i think we also saw some in boths arcs that happened on Yoshiwara
#4. by 97gsxminus1bolt ()
Posted on Mar 13, 2010
Who wants to bet they burn down otose's snack shop next chapter?
#5. by spartydragon ()
Posted on Mar 13, 2010
#6. by niiica ()
Posted on Mar 13, 2010
Midori-chan, I don't think you understand.
Otose kicked them out of the house in order to protect them from what's going to happen. She didn't want to involve them so the best way to do that was to kick them out and move to a different place, far away from Kabuki-cho.

Anyway, man. Otose-san. =_=
WSJ isn't coming out anytime soon so we're stuck with this sad chapter. :(
#7. by Goral ()
Posted on Mar 14, 2010
You're a troll Bomber D Rufi, how could you write such mega-spoiler at the beginning? There is comment section you know?
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