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Translations: Gintama 531 (2) , One Piece 776 by cnet128 , Bleach 615 by cnet128

Not an April fools joke.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as news on Apr 1, 2010 12:39 | Go to

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The timing isn't very good, but I need to make a serious announcement.

Thanks to Ringo scans, I will no longer be posting Gintama translations to LJ or Mangahelpers. You guys will just have to make do with the raw until someone comes along to edit them. I've stated THOUSANDS of times that I do not want these scantlated until someone proofreads them, and these guys still took it upon themselves to totally ignore what I said. So, starting with this week's lesson (303) I will not post any Gintama translations until someone with a high level (this is key, I don't need a translator as crappy as me coming to help.) knowlege of Japanese comes to edit them. Kewl is doing the best he can, but he has a life and other manga that he wants to read//translate//scantlate. If someone who knows their Japanese well and loves Gintama is willing to help out, I will continue posting translations. Otherwise, no more until kewl gets to edit them. (And he just sent me 295, so you guys have a looooong wait.)

Please be sure to thank Ringo scans. ^^

BTW if you guys haven't noticed, I have an extra 'D' now. Although it was because I failed to be myself that I ended up getting that ranking, I still feel like I have a long way to go. Scantlators, if you want to use my translations....I don't mind or anything, but I don't want your reputation to be please, and I beg you, get someone else to edit anything I do. I'm fairly confident that I can get a higher ranking with some training, but for now....yeah. I kind of want to withdraw from translating like Shrimpy did; I need to focus on learning the language...but unlike Shrimpy, I don't have anyone to pick up my series while I'm on sabbatical. So I'll keep going, but please please please have someone with Japanese knowlege look over my work if you can.

As for the no posting thing, Aku and the other series I translate will be posted normally. This announcment is for Gintama only. BTW, Hajimete no Aku is now reserved to Simple and Hyena scans. If anyone else uses them, expect yet another announcement like this for that series too.

Thank you for supporting me everyone. I'm sorry it had to come to this, but you know how it works. One person's selfishness ruins everyone else's happiness. I have to do this though, or else no one will respect my wishes.

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#1. by SuppaiNoRingo (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
First off, please correct the name to Ringo scans, crazy ringo scans is another group, and has nothing to do with this.

next- The scanlation was up for a very short time, after I saw your comment I immediatly deleted the scanlation.

If you are referring to me about the selfish person, well that is very true but I would like to say that right back at you, because exactly the same thing goes for you.
#2. by Bomber D Rufi (Translator)
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
1) Thank you, and my deepest apologies for misspelling.

2) Yeah I've put it on my translations for the last few weeks not to touch them. I noticed you've used them before, and I looked the other way. I made one more serious warning last week, and still you used them. Whether it was on a short time or not is beside the point.

3) And I'm being selfish? Really? Really? So you would like your group to get shot down for using inaccurate translations? Do you even understand why I'm not letting people use them? If you guys put out a scantlation that has a translation that isn't 100 percent correct, are you going to take responsiblity for it? I already did. I said not to use them. I know people want to read Gintama so I post them for reading only...but I always ALWAYS say that they should be checked before being used. If you want to use them, and you have a Japanese translator editing for you, I'm more than happy to hand 'em over. Otherwise don't. Because the first person who gets blamed is the translator, and I'm not taking responsiblity for that.
#3. by SuppaiNoRingo (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 2, 2010
I really wouldn't care if my 'group' would get shot down for using inaccurate translations. Well, it's already shot down now hehe.

I've also stated multiple times on my releases that they're not proofread, that I can update them when the proofread is out and also that if the translator wanted them to be removed I will remove them and stop releasing them.

You never asked me to remove them or anything, I never got a single comment from you- if you had just said so this whole thing wouldn't have to happen. Yes you posted 'do not use this' on your translations, but you always do that and I still used them and I didn't got any reply from you.

[EDIT] (didn't want to make another new reply)
Yes the scripts said I couldn't use them. yes you wouldn't have to comment on the scanlations, absolutely correct, Yes I couldn't use them. I admitted my guilt from the start of this whole situation, I'm not trying to wringle me out of this in any way. The fact remains that you didn't even notify me personally that you didn't wanted it. It would have saved alot trouble.
#4. by Bomber D Rufi (Translator)
Posted on Apr 2, 2010

So if I wanted them to be used on scripts, why would I write 'DONT USE THESE' on them? Whether I reply to you or not doesn't change the fact that I answered ALL questions when I put 'do not use these on scantlation unless you get my permission.' I didn't say anything right? Which means that I didn't say you could use them either. This mess wouldn't have begun if you didn't ignore what was written IN BOLD on the translations. You can try to spin it any way you like, but the fact remains; I expressed my wish not to have anything scantlated until I give the go ahead, and you ignored that. I shouldn't have to reply when the translation scripts answer the question of whether they should be used or not.

Well, it's over now. I'm not posting Gintama until I can find a trustworthy Japanese translator to edit them for accuracy. If this means that Gintama scantlations and translations will come to a halt, so be it. Honestly, I was thinking of dropping the series so I can concentrate on learning Japanese but I saw how happy it made everyone when I put them out so I kept going. If this situation continues to vex me as it has, I will drop Gintama completely. At least right now 303 is translated and waiting for editing....but I'm seriously considering just dropping Gintama once and for all. The series is a labor (of love) enough without having to deal with stuff like this.

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