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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 225

Gintama Lesson 225

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 23, 2008 06:59 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 225

It's back! Finally! This chapter makes me want to blast a new age remix of 'this little light of mine' for some reason...although it's 3 am....

(Top text- The cover is that person!! Pick up the latest volume #25 Friday September 4th!!)

(Side text- The citizens of Yoshiwara….their fate is?!)


Guard: Hinowa-sama! We’re doing our best to get you out of here.

Please hang in there!

(Sfx- Zazazazaza *Tmptmptmptmp*)

Guards: Found the intruders!

Guard: Che! They’re here already!

(Sfx- Kutsu *Shfff*)

(Sfx- Gakiiin *Claaang*)

Guard: Egh! There are still people here on Housen’s side?

Don’t tell us that there are still people left that plan on serving him?

Seita: M---



Hinowa: I figured it wouldn’t be that easy to escape…

Seita, you should go ahead.

Seita: Ma!!

Hinowa: Don’t worry about me…

I never said that you’d be alone again.

I’ll fight here…

With everyone.

As long as I’m here, the enemy won’t press on any further.

In that time, hurry and go to the control room.

Perhaps there is a way there that can prove useful in defeating Housen.

However he won’t have left it out in the open.

Do you understand why the Night king Housen has reigned supreme over Yoshiwara?


Hinowa: Yes…

It’s because this is a Shangri-La for no one.

That man has created this place because he is hiding from the sun.

So this place is a Shangri-La for him lone.

Housen fears and hates the sun above anything else.

It’s because his clan the Yato are weakened by It’s rays.

He’s hidden here many years. Mainly because, since the Yato can’t bask in the sun that they take refuge in places like this….

At one time, the land known as Yoshiwara was once a place that the Bakfu owned, and used as a dock.

Nowadays however, you’ll see very few ships coming to and leaving this place.

Go to the control room.

And it’s there you’ll be able to open this lead covered sky.


Hinowa: You must do that for me Seita, it’s the only way….

If I do manage to run, I won’t have freedom.

….I must fight.

If I don’t fight while inside of my cage…

I won’t be able to open it…

And grasp true freedom for myself.

You must fight until the end.


Seita: Ma…


Seita: We finally met….

And I ain’t gonna let you get locked up again.

My resolve….

Ain’t that weak.

Hinowa: Seita..

(Sfx- Zatsu *Swif*)

Kagura: Hey…

You ready to go? You big momma’s boy.



(Side text- Cutting through the darkness….it’s them!!)

Shinpachi: Shall we get going?

To go take back…

Yoshiwara’s sun?

(Bottom text- Lesson 225: Burning a perm doesn’t change it.)


(Sfx- Don! *TWOCK*)

Gintoki: ORAAAHHHHH!!!!


(Sfx- Dogoooo *Smaaack*)

(Sfx- gagagagzaa *Shssssshhhhh*)

(Sfx- Gaoon *THWACK*)

(Sfx- giiiin gaaaan goooon *smack crack smash*)


{I won’t give him the chance to counterattack.}

{I won’t give him the chance to breath}

{There won’t be a second chance.}

{I won’t let up until he’s down.}

{It’s not over until it’s over.}


Gintoki: ORAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

(Sfx- Zugagagagagaga *SHHSSHHHHHHH*)

{This is….}


{A smackdown!!!}

(Sfx- Don! *THRAAASH*)

Housen: Guraaaah!!

(Sfx- Gogogogo *ruuuuuuumble*)

Housen: Y---yo---



(Sfx- Mishtsu *Grind*)


Housen: YOU SON OF A----

(Sfx- Goaagooooo *Rooaaarrrrr!!*)

(Sfx- Meki meki *throoob*)


(Sfx- Don! *Twhok!*)


(Sfx- Dodododododdo *thwoktwoktwoktwoktwok*)

Tsukuyo: Keep ‘em coming!!!

(Sfx- Sugagagagagagaga *thwoktwoktwoktwoktwok*)


(Sfx- Zatsu *Swif*)

(Sfx- Ze ze *hah hah*)

(Sfx- *ha….hah*)

(Sfx- Gogogogogo *ruuuuuuumble.*)

???: We did it?




(Sfx- Waaaaaah)

Women: Housen……

The Night king has fallen!!!

We’re free!!

We’re finally free!!

Housen: Not by a longshot!!

(Sfx- Shagagaaaa *Twhooooooom*)


(Sfx- Dododootsu *Twowoktwok*)

Tsukuyo: Gi--


Housen: Heheheh…


Pure insolence!

No matter how many of you insects gather around the lights…

You can do nothing before me, the night king!


Housen: The light will never

Find its way through this impenetrable night!

Guards: I—Impossible!

That wasn’t enough….

(Sfx- Hyuu *whoo~!*)

Housen: The sun is still far for all of you….

And yet you still want to throw away everything for a moment of weak lights? You fools!

If you had only just kept your eyes downcast like the corpses you are!

Only peering upward to see the amanto! They are the only light that you need!

All other light pale in comparison!

(Sfx- Karan *tink*)


Housen: Let

That pitiful light be yours!

(Sfx- Hah—hah hah---)

(Sfx- Kacha *Chiink*)

Gintoki: Hold on.

Stay back.

I can take care of this myself.

For it….

For tomorrow’s cigar….

Housen: You mean to tell me that you’ll fight me alone for the sake of easy women and your half dead bushido?

You can never win. I’ll kill you and then the women!


Gintoki: There’s no one who can erase it…

If enough little flames join together….they can cut through even the deepest night.

And if only one little flame is left standing, it can still billow brightly.

You can’t…

Put out my flame.

Strike me down all you want, but it’s pointless.

My flame isn’t something small enough to be extinguished.

You’ll never put it out…

My flame’s set to burn.


Gintoki: As long as they’re around…

My flame will billow on unafraid of being extguished.

(Sfx- Gogogogogo *ruuuuuumble*)

(Sfx- Gatsu *Grip*)

Housen: What?!

This is…

This light is….!!

(Side text- At long last the dawn is…..!!)

Gintoki: No matter what you do….

Our flame will never be extinguished.


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#1. by kusiobache ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2008
thanks =)

anyone know if theres someone working on filling the big chapter gaps?
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