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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Appearance of the Yellow Dragon! 8

Appearance of the Girls bath!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 20, 2010 03:13 | Go to Appearance of the Yellow Dragon!

-> RTS Page for Appearance of the Yellow Dragon! 8

For the extra special people who got these raws. :)

Chapter 8: Appearance of the girls bath!
Luccora: Enji-san?
Eww! Something stinks!
How many days have you been at the whole ‘sciency’ thing?!
Have you even gone to take a bath lately?
Enji: No one has died from not taking a bath for four to five days…
Is it them again?!
I keep telling them that I have experiments to do, and I’m in no mood to play!
(Bottom text- TAMURA MITSUHISA.)

Enji: What are you talking about?
A hotsprings spa opened in a village to the east!! It’s called Super Spa ‘Papas’!
We were thinking we could all go there…
Enji: Don’t drag me along to your field trip.
I have no interest in going anywhere with a bunch of kids.
I wouldn’t have any fun with no adults there.
Besides, I have inventions to finish. Understand? I am BUSY.
Moegi: Is that so? It’s a pity then…

Enji: Mo—Moegi-san!!
Moegi: If you’re busy, then I guess we’ll go without you.
Botan: It’ll be fun to have Moegi-san in the woman’s bath too!
Kimidori: Hmmm..
Why would we have to travel just to bathe?
There’s a bathtub here.
Botan: But ‘Papas’ has baths with scented oils, one with electric heating and even more than that!
Not to mention it’s huge there! It’s the best hostprings on the island!
Enji: Ooooh? You should have said that sooner! If you have your heart set on having me attend, then attend I shall! Let’s go!
Moegi: I thought you had inventions to finish Enji-san…?
Enji: No no, to be honest, I was just approaching a lunch break, and I love warm baths! I’d never turn you down!

Enji: Though this is a little embarrassing….
I dunno how we’re going to handle a co-ed bath, Moegi-san.
Moegi: It’s not co-ed.
Enji: Oh..
Makes sense.
So it’s not co-ed is it?
I see, I see…
Well I guess the children will need someone to watch out for them,
So you want me to take the job, am I right?
Moegi: Yep, that’s right!
{He just said he wouldn’t die if he didn’t take a bath for four to five days, but when SHE shows up, he’s all grins and giggles!!}

Luccora: Tea everyone..?
Moegi: Oh? And who might you be?
Luccora: My name is Luccora Radisch.
And due to unforeseen and private circumstances,
Enji and I live in this laboratory together.
(Sfx- Gyo *shock*)
Enji: As a relative! Just a relative!!
She’s just staying with me for a while!
Since I’m such a nice guy, I decided to help out!!
Moegi: Luccora-chan should come to the hot springs with us then!
Enji: No no, there’s no need for that, she’s just freeloading here after all.
Luccora: I want to go too!!
(Handwritten- Yay! Everyone’s going to the hot springs!!)

Shishimaru: It’s HUUUGE!!
Botan: It looks like fun!
Kimidori: So people come here to take baths too huh?
I can’t wait to see who would use this place.
???: Now let’s split into boys and girls baths…
I’ll lead the girls into the girl’s bath, and you boys go with Enji-san,
Don’t get lost now.
(Sign- Girls.)
Luccora: Sigh…
{Why is it…}

{Although Moegi-san is a very nice person…}
{Whenever I see her, a fire burns in my chest?}
{This painful feeling in my chest…}
{No, this is just an INFERIORITY COMPLEX?!!}
Botan: Here goes…
Kimidori: What’s up with you Botan? You came all the way here to take a bath, and won’t even take off the towel?
Botan: I know everyone here is kind, but I’m still embarrassed…

Botan: Besides lately, I feel like ‘they’ might be coming in…
Kimidori: Is that so?
Botan: A girl has to have modesty.
Let’s go Kimidori-chan.
Kimidori: ‘Kay.
(Sfx- Pyoko *poit*)
Moegi: Kimidori-chan, what’s that? Your toy?
You can’t bring any toys into the bath you know.
Kimidori: It’s a part of my body.
Moegi: A part of your body?
Botan: Hurry up Kimidori-chan!
Moegi: Wait! You two, no running!
(Handwritten- I’ll be fine, my future looks bright! I’ll be fine, just fine!)

Botan: It’s so wiiide!!
Everyone’s here taking a bath!
Look, Kimidori-chan!
Botan: This is the ‘Eternal springs’! Drinking it is good for your body!!
(Signs- Have a drink!! Fit for consumption.)
Botan: Go ahead and have some.
You’re drinking too much, Kimidori-chan!!

{Meanwhile at the boys bath…}
(Sign- Guys.)
Shishimaru: Awesome, we had enough for the entry fee!
Other kid: Just barely! I almost thought we'd have to wait outside.
Shishimaru: What’s with the bag?
Enji: You two know that this is an Onsen right?
And as men, we have but one mission!
In Hollywood, we’d be known as…
(TN- Nozoki is the Japanese word for peeping.)
(Lil Enji’s chest- With soul!!)
Shishimaru: He sure is excited…
So what’s in there then? A telescope?
A drill?
Other kid: A ladder? Or maybe climbing claws?

You two think too much like Shounen manga protagonists for your own good!! Remember, you are in the presence of a genius!!
Bask your eyes on this genius’s newest invention!!
Magical item…
Master painter, Concealment-kun!!
(Enji’s crotch- Banned.)
Enji: I leave it to you, Concealment!!
Magical Makeup!!

Enji: How’s this, Shishimaru? Donguri?!
(TN- I guess that’s the other kid’s name.)
Shishimaru: Enji’s a chick?!
(Handwritten- His, er, her personality still sucks though.)
Enji: Concealment uses a special 3D paint!
To anyone else I look like the real thing!
With the power of magic, this illusion can fool anyone!
Shishimaru: 3D paint? Wow! It even feels real!
Donguri: Wow, even the waist has been changed.
Enji: This makes all those other methods of peeping obsolete!
I am a man who is always on the cutting edge! Now doesn’t this seem like kind of plan a genius like I would come up with?
Shishimaru: If you put aside the fact that you’re lookin’ at girls, I guess so.
Enji: Let’s go!
Shishimaru: Allright!
Wait, how can we go like this?!
Enji: You don’t want to?
Shishimaru: Yeah….but…

{Girls bath….}
Shishimaru: This is the girl’s bath….?
Donguri: It’s much bigger than the guys bath…
Enji: Simply marvelous…!!
I have succeeded where other protagonists before me have failed!!
Of course I have…!!
I am a genius!!

Enji: Moegi-saaaan!!
Where is Moegi-san’s bathing scene dammit?!
I’ve got places to be, my brothers! You can get your fill of peeking at Botan!
Shishimaru: DON’T BE STUPID!!
Who gives a crap about seeing Botan naked?! I sure don’t!
Enji: He’s so cute when he’s angry…
Botan: Wait, Kimidori-chan…!!
Enji: Speak of the devil,
Isn’t that Botan’s voice?

Botan: You drank too much, KImidori-chaaan!!
Enji: Huh?
{Electric warming baths.}
(TN- Those eel are actually the SS mascots.)
{The waterfall baths.}
{Reverse waterfall baths.}
{Whirlpool baths.}
{Deep end baths.}
(Handwritten- We’re sinking, sinkiiiing.)

Shishimaru: Huh?
Enji’s boobs are missing!!
Enji: What?!
Crap! The makeup must have come off in the baths!!
Shishimaru: But you said this was perfect!
How can a plan that falls apart around water be perfect when we’re in a friggin’ hotspring?!
Forget you! We’re going back to the guy’s bath!
Enji: I’m not going anywhere! I’ve already risked death, and I won’t leave until I see Moegi-san’s bathing scene!!
I won’t leave even if it kills me!!

Botan: You can’t bounce around like that Kimidori-chan!! It’s dangerous!!
Enji: I…I think I died…
Moegi: Are…you okay?

Moegi: Does it hurt anywhere?
It looks like you got flattened, poor thing…
Your face is beet red…
{And her towel barely covers anything!!}
Moegi: Are you going to be okay? Here, take my hand.
Enji: Y—yes, okay.

Moegi: Owie…
Sorry, I’m a bit clumsy..

{I’ve been totally defeated, yet I feel no pain….}
(Handwritten- Hello there, I’m Papas-kun! If you misbehave in the hot spring we’ll have no choice but to throw you out! So be good!)

Moegi: I’ll go call someone for help, so don’t move from there.
Enji: O—
(Handwritten- Oh no..)
{So it’s boobs that make the girl after all isn’t it?}
{I guess all things considered, Enji-san is a boobs man.}
{Wait, wait, wait…I’m not looking for a guy like Enji-san anyway. That’s just asking for trouble.}
{Although it would be nice to know what goes on in that head of his…}

{Anyway, there’s no point in getting upset about it…}
{I’m perfectly fine with my breast size.}
{See, that girl there is just like me…}
Luccora: Enji-san?
Enji: Yes?
Enji: CRAP! The magic has worn off!!

Luccora: This is the SECOND time you’ve seen me naked!!
Enji: Idiot!! Don’t throw things at people!! Do you have any common sense at all?!
Luccora: Do YOU have any common sense?!
Enji: Those footsteps…
I’ve got a bad feeling about this…
Soap: I’m soap.
{This is the third time todayyyyy!!!}

Girls: Kyahhh!
It’s a Tsunami!!
Moegi: Oh no!
Everyone’s been flattened!!

Kimidori: I had a great time at the hotsprings.
Botan: Really? That’s good!
How about you Shishimaru?
Shishimaru: I’m fine!
Don’t ask me anything!
Luccora: I’m glad you invited me along too…
But I didn’t think I’d end up being knocked out by a wave..
Moegi: Feel free to come and talk to me whenever you have problems…
{My memories are kind of muddled, but I thought at some point today, Enji-san was peeping in the girl’s bath…}
Luccora: Um, Enji-san…

Luccora: How’d you get all beat up like that Enji-san?
(Handwritten- Especially at a place like the hotsprings…)
Enji: I—I don’t know…
{I remember feeling something incredible though….}
{But what was it, and why can’t I remember it now?}
{It was round..}
{And perky…}
{Enji had forgotten the marvel that was feeling Moegi’s busts…}
{And instead became the victim of the trauma in his memories…}
(Side text- He’s lucky he wasn’t caught….}

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