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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Gekka Bijin 1

Exile of the heavens ruler.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 14, 2010 06:10 | Go to Gekka Bijin

-> RTS Page for Gekka Bijin 1

Done. As I always say, I suck at this (despite my best efforts.) And you should ALWAYS get someone else to proofread before using it on scans. Hold the phone though, a friend of mine needs the script for a project of hers, so its hands off until I say so. Once she's done, it'll be free for public use. GET A TL CHECKER though.
Also, I DO have the raw, but I dunno if I can give it out. If I get permission (or when?) I will, so hang on peeps.

Gintama 312 before the weekend, and consider this a new monthly project, (Until someone better takes over and I drop it, w00t.)

(Top text- Endou Tatsuya’s new work begins!!)
???: Here at the place determined holy by the gods…
We honor Takenouchi Fujiya as the 44th heir with this offering,
The holy sword ‘Funnushi’ that serves as proof of the imperial throne.
{She’s so pretty and strong. Next to that, everyone respects her –The queen of the moon.-}
{I want to become just like mom.}
???: Wow---

(Side starting from right: The artist of ‘Tista’ -Endou Tatsuya- has answered our hopes with a new serial!)
(Red circle- Commemorating the new serialization with 68 pages and center color!)
First story: Exile of the heavens ruler.
(Yellow text- The earth and moon revolve around each other….)
(A plot aimed for the queen brews, and a storm develops…)
(Ebbing feelings rise and finally bubble over…)
(Other side text- A sci-fi fantasy with Japanese flavor begins!!)


(Sfx- Koooooou *vooooooom*)
(Sfx- Dodooo *ttooom*)
(Sfx- Gooooooooo *rmmmmmmble*)
???: Uwaaaah!!!
What was that?!
(Sfx- Fuwaaaa *fwoooooosh*)

Monks?: Who ARE you people?!
Don’t you know that this is private property….?
Monks: Leader!!
(Sfx- Dozuuuuu *twoook*)
Leader: Silver empress Takenouchi Fujiya, this announcement is for you and the royal family!!
(Sfx- Gapiii *veeen*)
Leader: We are the fighters for equality, and freedom the Tengu party!!
Dude: Terrorists again?
Leader: We want to abolish your rule!
Guy: Just when things had finally started to calm down….

Dude: What the heck do those Tengu guys want anyway?
Really, ever since Fujiya became the leader, have we had any peace?
(Center Crater)
(Imperial city – Kagome no Myako.)
Dude: Seems like there are still some violent idiots left from the previous era,
They want to come into this era kicking and screaming.
Guy: (Handwritten- Sigh): What do those idiots think they’re going to accomplish?

Guy: Especially with the princess’s coming of age ceremony taking place tomorrow…
(Sfx- Kan kan *clang clang*)
(Sfx- Kan kan *clang clang*)
Someone: Everyone, gather at once!!!
Girl: Yo!
Someone: Kaguya-sama is trying to escape again!!
(Sfx- Babyonn *boooing*)

Kaguya: Geez, Day in and day out you guys never learn.
It’s so annoying!
(Sfx- Beee *bleeeh*)
(Royal Princess)
(Takenouchi Kaguya.)
Priests: You little brat! You understand NOTHING!!
If you want to be officially recognized as an adult and more importantly the heir, you HAVE to do this!!
Kaguya: Bo~ring.
(Sxf- Choaa *Heee yaaah*)
Kaguya: Not Re~
(Sfx- Tatttaka *clatter*)

???: Return at once, your highness.
(Leader of the imperial guard.)
(Sanuki Shishimaro)
Shishimaro: This Is the time for you to study.
(Sfx-Bashii *graaab*)
Kaguya: I knew you’d be here, guard boy!
Today is going to be different!!
Priest: Ah!!
(Sfx- Basaaaa *swfffff*)
(Sfx- Hira *flutter*)
(Sfx- Hira *flutter*)
Shishimaro: Makeshift shield is it…?
(Side- I can’t see…)
(Sfx- Hyuuu *fwoooossh*)

Shishimaro: You shall not pass!!
(Sfx- Bostuuu *fwfff*)
(Sfx- Dofuu *fwoof*)
Shishimaro: Her clothes!?
Kaguya: I’ve got you now!!!
(Sfx- Gachri *Clatter*)
Shishimaro: Foolishness!!
Do you think you’ll pass me with little tricks such as those?!
Kaguya: Dammit…..
(Handwritten- He stopped me again…)

Shishimaro: Morover, standing around in your underwear…
(Handwritten- Ngaaaah!!)
(Sfx- Kuri kuri kuri kuri *grrnnd grrnd grrrnd*)
Kaguya: Gugyaaaaah!!!
What’re you going on about?!
Mom used to do stuff like this too didn’t she?!
???: Aaaaachooo!!
Someone: Are you okay, your majesty?
(Sfx- Katsu katsu katsu *clatter clatter clatter*)
???: Heheh..
It appears that someone out there is talking about how beautiful I am….

???: I suppose…
(Handwritten- Clean up!! Her highness is coming!)
(Sfx- Shran shran *clang clang*)
(Handwritten- Hurry up! If she sees this, she’ll kill us!)
???: What’s with that awkward silence?
(Side text- Don’t make me hit you.)
(Sfx- Pararararaa *flapflapflap*)
(Sfx- Pitan *pat*)
(Seal- Approved.)
Priest: Thank you.
Um, your highness there’s this…
Could you sign off on this?
(Sfx- Wara wara wara *nnnggh*)
???: Ugh…
(Paper- Official city document.)
(Sfx- Dan *doom*)
(Seal- Approved.)
(Side text beside seal- Official coming of age ceremony committee.)
(Sfx- Dan *doom*)
(Seal- Denied.)
???: A—
(Sfx- Daban *thod*)
???: Hmph.
(Sfx- Basaa *flap*)
(Sfx- Pipii *beepebeep*)
Cool! Looking priest: Okay, and then there’s the matter of today’s events…

Fujiya: No more talking. I’m getting dizzy.
Priest: Fine, we’ll take a little break.
(The 44th Silver empress)
(Takenouchi Fujiya.)
Fujiya: Fool…
As if I have the time to do something so convenient.
(Screen- Anti-terrorist factions attacks.)
(Screen- Leader and about 15 percent of the priests have been killed.)
Priest: Your highness! The Leader of the priests has come from the disaster area!
Fujiya: Let him through.

Priests: We have traveled here at the behest of the current terrorist attacks and the danger they present to civilians.
We feel the best course of action would be to call an urgent meeting to..
(Sfx- Dopeen *thowk*)
Fujiya: How dare you fools come here looking for another reason to squander money...
(Side text- You shouldn’t go throwing the imperial seal!)
Fujiya: Listen up The money we have is for the families of victims!! You don’t get a cent of it!
Got it?!
(Sfx- Kuwaaa *ROAAR*)
Fujiya: Now get back to work!!

Fujiya: YOU GUYS TOO!!
(Sfx- Kan *tok*)
Fujiya: *Cough*
(Sfx- Goho goho *cough cough*)
Cool! Priest: If you keep yelling like that, you’ll get sick.
On the matter of the next leader…
Where there’s cash, there’s rumors about the Ume branch family….
It’s been said that they have their hands in the recent terrorist attacks against our family..
It sounded like coincidence at the time…
But now?
I’m not too sure…
Fujiya: I expected them to stir a little bit…
But for them to take a move this bold is incredible..
Cool! Priest: Yeah…

Cool! Priest: Speaking of which,
I hate to bring this up right now, but..
(Sfx- Pachi *click*)
(Sfx-Dossari *thud*)
Fujiya: What is that?
Cool! Priest: While we’re on the subject of terrorists, I’d like to bring up the one we’re raising. Seems like the princess has gotten quite a few complaints, and a bill to match.
(Side- This is the whole thing.)
Fujiya: UGH!
(Sfx- Geshatsu *shifff*)
Cool! Priest: ‘It’s getting hard for us to suppress this urge to kill her’ is what the tutors are saying.
Fujiya: Give them permission to ‘mostly’ kill her then.
???: Your majesty!!
(Side- Stop!)
Cool! Priest: You need to give this serious thought!
The most suspicious person in the Ume branch family has to be the crown prince himself!
(Sfx- Zuzuu *slurp*)
(Handwritten- It’s hot.)
Cool! Priest: Besides that, you should start delegating some power, as she’ll have to represent you in royal affairs soon enough…

Fujiya: Fool…
This isn’t a matter of supporting her through potty training or something light like that.
Cool! Priest?: That’s why you need to take her education into strict account…
Tutors: Where have you gone, idiot princess?!
(Side- Get out here!!)
(Sfx- Kata kata *clatter clatter.)
???: Oh my, it seems rather lively here doesn’t it?
Is the princess being naughty again?
(Branch family imperial prince)
(Umenouchi Fuyuhito.)

Tutors: Oh if it sin’t Fuyuhito-dono…sorry you had to see us in such an embarrassing state of affairs…
(Sfx- Fue fue fue *flitter flitter flitter*)
Fuyuhito: Hahah, nothing wrong with a child being a little precocious.
Tutors: Is there anything we can help you with?
Fuyuhito: Well…
{That damned son-in-law…}
{Has he come to laugh at the princess’s situation…?}
Tutor: Please don’t look down on her highness,
For everyone here is going through the same hardships right now…
Fuyuhito: I have nothing but admiration for the girl…
She’s going to inherit the country and run it like her parent did...which is quite a responsibility.
{Whether its genius or devious, it’s all attributed to my old lady isn’t it?}
Fuyuhito: I’ll be taking my leave now…
Until the day after tomorrow….
Tutors: Ah…yes…
Kaguya: Shiratama….
The imperial court sure is boring…

Shishimaro: You must return at once, your highness.
(Sfx- Shyuuu)
Kaguya: UGAH!!
You’re too persistent!!
(Sfx- Shabaaa *fwisssh*)
(Sfx- Gashi *grab*)
Shishiamro: Hold it.
Kaguya: Let me go!
I have to use the bathroom!!
(Sfx- Moga moga moga *wibble wibble wibble*)
Shishimaro: Liar.
Kaguya: Are you asking a princess to relieve herself in public?!
(Sfx- Uru uru *wibble wibble*)
(Sfx- Kuu *sniffle*)
Shishimaro: Your highness…
As officers of the court, we have our orders to follow and rules to abide by.

Shishimaro: As you know, one of these said orders is to cultivate this family.
Who would take responsibility should we fail in this endeavor and be cast out?
I know from your point of view, this seems unfair your highness,
But please find It somewhere in you to forgive us.
Kaguya: Shishimaro…
That’s unfair.
(Sfx- Pyon *fwish*)
(Handwritten- There she is!)
Tutors: Ah! Princess!
Do you have ANY idea,
Of what you’ve put us through today?!
Listen well!!
Even a fool of a princess like you,
(Sfx- Gami gami *tmp tmp*)
(Sfx- Gudo gudo)
Tutors: Should know the three facets needed to become a silver empress, and become accepted into the annals of history!

Tutors: These three are important to any ruler! ‘Knowledge, virtue, and bravery! You can’t go wrong with those three as your symbol!!
Kaguya: This is the 67th time…
Tutors: Princess, you may have gotten ‘bravery’ down pat…
But you posses no ‘knowledge’! For that you need to study harder!
There’s nothing that comes from strength without knowledge!!
(Handwritten- Agh, look at my hair…)
Tutors: If you don’t mend your ways, you’re bound to take the wrong path and end up like the previous era’s leader!!
Right now, you’re the most hated of the silver empresses!!
And we’re only speaking like this out of concern for you!
(Sign- 42nd era Umenoke Hatoya.)
Tutors: If you still don’t get it, stay here and reflect for a while!
(Sfx- Bashuuutsu *slam*)
(Handwritten- Hmph.)
{This is so boring…}

(Sfx- Peken *ptwang*)
???: I did it!!
Did you see Shishimaro! I hit one!
(Side- Look!)
Shishimaro: You’re good at this, your highness.
Kid: Ain’tcha just a lucky shot?
Kaguya: What’s that?! I’ll have you know that I’m a princess…
Kid: AND?! Who cares?!
More like, aren’t you spending my precious tax dollars to have a good time?!
Kaguya: Uuh…
(Sfx- Pokaatsu *THWOK*)
(Handwritten- You’ve got guts to talk that way!)
Shishimaro: Hahah…
No need to worry boyo, this trip is funded with my pocket money.
Though you should consider yourself lucky that you can complain.
A long time ago, those words would have put you in a world of hurt.
But now things are looking up, thanks to her highness’s reform…

Kaguya: Oooh, that’s mom for you…
(Handwritten- I see.)
Mother: She really is something!
Though I’ve heard that Fujiya-sama’s health is weak at best. Kaguya-sama, you’ll have to take care of her well, do you understand?
Kid: You can learn by watching me!
(Side- I take good care of things here.)
Kaguya: Mother isn’t weak though! She’s really strong!
(Handwritten- Don’t be naughty.)
Fujiya: Hey, how long do you intend to keep playing?
(Handwritten- Let’s get back.)
Kaguya: Mother!
Look at all the toys and stuff that I won!
Fujiya: You’re amazing Kaguya! You’ll be a brave silver empress yet!
People: Look its her majesty!
She’s always working so hard!
(Sfx- Kyah kyah)
(Handwritten- So cute!)
People: You’re welcome to play here any time!
Would you like a dango?
Kaguya: I’m going to be like you mother! A silver empress that everyone loves!!
Fujiya: Hehe, you’ll have to study and practice really hard. I wish you luck.
Kaguya: I’ll work really hard!

(Handwritten- Love)
{My mother is strong, gentle and admired….}
(Sfx- Bashiiin *thwok*)
Fujiya: You have to bend your waist more!!
Kaguya: I’m sorry!
Fujiya: Do you really want to become the silver empress?!
Shishimaro: Your majesty!
Fujiya: You should dream while you mutter in your sleep and wet the bed!!
(Sfx- Mutsu *grit*)
Kaguya: I’ll do it!!
I am the daughter of an empress!!
Fujiya: Don’t forget those words.
(Sfx- Zatsu *swff*)
Kaguya: Crap…I think she might have found out that I ate those dango…..
(Handwritten- so scary…)

Tutors: Besides schoolwork, you have several other items of interest to study.
You should be knowledgeable in all of life’s matters your highness.
Kaguya: Geh!
I wanted to train with mother…
Shishimaro: She had official business to take care of so she can’t.
And you aren’t allowed to go out after training is finished, so don’t even think about it.
{So tired….}
Girl: Oooh, that hairpin is adorable!
Not! Adorable girl: My mom bought it as a birthday present~.
Girl: That’s awesome…
(Sfx- Jiiiii *staaare*)
Not! Adorable girl: Kaguya-sama, you should try looking a little more girly sometimes, you know?
(Side- You’re always wearing the same thing…)
Kaguya: I—I…
Mother said that I can’t fancy myself up when the people are suffering!!
(Sfx- Kaaah *blush*)
Fujiya: What?
You want a pretty hairpin?
I can’t believe you came to ask me that this late at night.
(Side- I don’t have the time for this.)


Fujiya: You don’t need niceties like decorations.
If we should be plunged into war, it’s the empress’s job to be on the front lines.
That’s why you have to become a woman worthy of this katana.
(Sfx- Chatsu *clack*)
(Sfx- Gachannn *crasssh*)
Maid: P—Princess!
(Handwritten- Please finish your food.)
Kaguya: I don’t want it.
{You’re the worst, Mother…}
???: WHAT?!
The princess ran outside the palace on her own?!
Maid: She dug her way out….
(Handwritten- She seems to have been working on this for a while…)
Maids: We’ve lost her GPS tag too…
Fujiya: Imperial guards, go and find her at once!
I’ll go with you!
Guards: Yes ma’am.
Kaguya: Oooooh! It’s been a while since I’ve been on these streets!!
(Side- I’m so excited!)

Kaguya: Hehehe…I’ll bet Mother is beside herself with worry now….
{I should go to that target practice place!}
Kaguya: How do I buy a ticket?
Ah! I forgot to bring money!
Aww~ Drat it…
{I’m starving, but can’t buy anything…}
(Sfx- Gukyuuuyokuyuuruuu *grrrrrrrroooowl*)
Dude: Hey, that chick before….wasn’t that Gin-sama’s daughter?
Dude2: You mean the girl with those left wing guys?
(Handwriten- Can’t be man, she’s supposed to be at the palace right?)
(Handwritten- Hah hah)
Dude: Wah!
Another dude: You can consider this…
Our repayment for your consideration of our rights.
(Jacket- Anti royalty group.)

Another dude: Thanks for taking our privacy and freedom!
And with that said…
Time for you to go ‘bye-bye’!!
(Sfx- Guwawaa *fwssssh*)
Another dude: SMELL YA LATER!!
(Sfx- Gashuuu *dssssssh*)
Kaguya: Sh---
(Sfx- Paaan *twok*)
(Seal- Rejected.)

Fujiya: Do you understand, twit?
Kaguya: I do…
It’s my fault Shshimaro…
Got hurt…!!!
It’s all my fault!!
(Sfx- Poroporo poro *drip drip drip*)
Kaguya: I’ll never go outside again….!
Rabbit thingy: Guess what! Usagy land opens this month!! It’s a fun place for kids and their parents to have a good time!
Maid: Oh dear…
You watch far too much television princess…
Kaguya: To live as a normal parent and child…
I wonder if that’s fun…?
Maid: Princess..
Oh! It’s time for your weapons training!
{Why do I have to do this…?}

{A Silver empress…? Successor…?}
{I’d be happy…}
{If I weren’t born to such things…}
(Sfx- Gara *clatter*)
(Sfx- Charii *sfft*)
(Sfx- Goho *cough*)
(Sfx- Dokunnn *throooob*)
Fujiya: Ugh!!

(Sfx- Patata *ploosh*)
(Sfx Karan *clatter*)
Tutors: Princes---
Princess! It’s terrible!!
(Sfx-Pushuu *fwissh*)
(Sfx- Shuta *fwif*)
Tutors: Her highness…
Your mother has collapsed!!

(Sign- Recovery Room.)
(Sfx- Pii *beep*)
(Sfx- Pii *beep*)
???: Her condition is stabilizing, but she still hasn’t recovered consciousness…
She’s been pushing herself too much…
Tutor: Princess, this is your fault too!
It’s your rash actions that caused her highness’s to reach her breaking point!
Kaguya: WHAT?!
(Sfx- Yoyoyo *sobsob*)
Kaguya: I don’t…
I didn’t do that!
Tutor: That’s enough Hagijii! You can’t say that to her…
Hagijii: Let go of me Kikujii! It’s at a time like this that she needs to know the truth!
(Handwritten- She’s been pissing me off so bad anyway.)

Hagijii: You’re at an age where you can’t just keep playing around Princess!!
It’s because you’re so selfish that she hasn’t even come close to being able to receover.
Moreover, you don’t seem to have a grasp on the direness of this situation!!
{It’s the same as when Shishimaro got hurt…?}
Kikujii: Shishishimaro-dono! I’m going back to the imperial household! I’ll leave everything here to you!
(Handwritten- I still have plenty to say!!)
(Sfx- Gui gui *drag drag*)
Kaguya: That’s not it..
They’re wrong..
I just want..
I just want to be a normal girl..
That’s all…
Shishimaro: Your highness..
I know that even before your lessons began, you had started becoming lonely…

Shishimaro: Which is exactly why her highness, your mother…
Defied her diagnosis and kept pushing herself through what little time she has left..
So that she could see you become an adult…
And be able to stand on your own…
Because now…
Fuyuhito: Fujiya has collapsed?
Guard guy: Yes sir.
Fuyuhito: Oho…?
Is that so?

{I know her condition has steadily been getting worse, but this turn of events is…}
Fuyuhito: I suppose they’ll be trying even harder to push the little one into her mother’s affairs then..
But if a terrorist attack should occur and take the two of them at once…
That would be rather unfortunate, wouldn’t it…..
Somebody: The moment they take their eyes and hands off the sword during the ceremony will provide us the perfect chance…
Fuyuhito: But how will we be able to make a move…?
Or wait, I think I follow you…the recluse Kaguya will be there, and it will be a perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone….excellent.
I had been hoping that the mother would up and die on her own,
Since killing her brat would take barely any time or braincells.
???: Aww~~ I can’t wait though….

???: It’s because of that old bat that we lost the standing we had from the previous generation…
And that the Umenouchi and myself have been pushed aside to a mere ‘branch’, no standby position, and I won’t stand for this for even a second more.
(Sfx- OOoooooo….)
Fuyuhito: I—Izumiya…
(Handwritten- That may be right, but the old bat is still important…)
Izumiya: Besides…
Even terrorists know not start anything funny during the in vesture of the crown prince.
It would be best to not only defame their image by painting them as the bad guys, but to use the terrorists as stepping stones to ensure that our future blooms brightly…
Right? Father….? Mother…?

(Sfx- Pii pii *beep beep*)
Kaguya: Why…
Why didn’t you tell me anything?
I thought you were more interested in the country than me….
(Sfx- Gan *thok*)
Fujiya: He told you did he?
I would think that idiot would have known better than to choose a time like this…
Kaguya: Mother!!
(Sfx- Kata *sfft*)
Fujiya: You’re noisy.
(Side- This is a hospital.)
Fujiya: Shishimaro, that blabbermouth….
{He wasn’t supposed to tell you..}
Kaguya: Fool!!
You’re so stupid!!
{It’s true I’ve been pushing myself to the limit as of late…}
Fujiya: I don’t want to be called a fool by you.

Kaguya: But…
God’s edict number 16.
In some cases, the crown prince can chose to have public affairs handled by the empress.
When you become an adult Kaguya, I’ll finally have time to enjoy myself huh?
(Side- Hehehe)
Kaguya: Okay!
I’ll help you out, Mother!
{You’ve been working so hard when my back was turned,}
Kaguya: Now you’ve…
Ended up like this…
(Sfx- Pii pii *beep beep*)
{I said it before didn’t I?}
{What have I been doing this whole time…?}

{I said I’d help you….but I haven’ been doing a thing…}
{Upon mother’s lap I promised.}
{I have to hurry and become an adult then!}
Kaguya: Dammit!
(Sfx- Datsu *dash*)
Nurse: Princess?!
???: all right, meeting adjourned.
Although the terrorist attacks are disconcerning…
This birthday celebration isn’t something that can be missed.
I’m sure that if her highness were here, she’d feel the same way right…?
(Sfx- Piku *poit*)
Monk: Your highness…
Geh, he’s already fallen asleep..
Anyway, what should we do?

{Although we’re not entirely sure if she’ll be fully recovered soon…}
Cool! Monk: Sir, I have to respectfully object….we really should wait until her highness has recovered before doing anything.
Someone else!: I think so too.
Hagiji: Hmm..
Yes. I believe both cabinet ministers would agree with postponing this event..
(Sfx- Chi *grr*)
???: Then everyone, let us communicate again…
Kaguya: You’re not postponing anything!!
Everyone: PRINCESS?!
(Sfx- Zawa)
Kaguya: We’re going to have the ceremony, pass down the blade and do it without any problems, got it?!
Priest: Y—
Your highness!!
(Side- what are you…)
(Sfx- Nii *griiin*)

Hagiji: Ooh! In a time of crisis, our princess is finally going to step up to her responsibility as ruler…!?
Kikuji: Oh, the heavens smile upon us!!
Priest: Your highness?
Highness: Sounds good to me?
(Side- it’s what she wants.)
(Bottom- Her sudden entry woke him up.)
Priest: What?!
Fuyuhito: Your highness,
You can count on our family’s imperial guard to lend you any support you may need, and also be on guard at the scared temple.
(Side- We won’t even let one rat through our defenses.)
Cool! Priest: Filter yourselves in with their guards…
And report anything you hear to me.
{Princess, this is the WORST time to take your position seriously….}
{I thought going in there so gung-ho wouldn’t go so well…}
???: Heheh…

Fujiya: That idiot…
Cool! Priest: Is this okay, your highness?
(Sfx- Geho geho *cough cough*)
Fujiya: Whether we’re too soon or too late, the situation doesn’t really change…
(Handwritten- B—but..)
{If it’s our princess, she’ll be okay.}
{After she had that run in with those men in the city…}
{She announced that she wouldn’t let ‘Mom make fun of me any more’ And started eating her meals alone.}
{She even started practicing swordplay as if she were to die.}
(Side- On her own of course.}
{‘I have to become strong enough, so I won’t need guards.’ She said.}
{Handwritten- I don’t want Shishimaro to get hurt anymore.}

{To become strong yet gentle. All while looking upward, not at the heavens but at her mother’s back….she’s grown splendidly.}
{I’ve observed it well with this one eye..she’s going to be fine….so please give her the chance.}
Kaguya: I’ll do it!!
I am the daughter of an empress!!
Cool! Priest: The branch family is up to something, and you know it….
Fujiya: Yeah…
{That’s why…}
{I have to do this, while I still can...}

(Northern Zero crater.)
(Divine Temple.)
(Sfx- Waaaaaaaah)
Reporter: Have a look everyone!
This sacred temple is where Princess Kaguya’s coming of age ceremony will occur!! And look at all the people who have come to watch!!
(Sfx- Syan *clatter*)

Kaguya: How do I look? Huh?
Hagiji: Ooh…like a horse driver!!
(Sfx- Yoyoyoyo *sobsob*)
Kikuji: You look beautiful princess! Just don’t move or talk!!
(Sfx- Shararaaan *tink tink*)
(Sfx- Oi oi *sob sob*)
Hagiji: To be able to witness your maturation first hand princess…I never thought this day would come…!
Kaguya: Yeah…
I have to say though,
It’s great to be here.
Cool! Priest: ….Are you sure about this?
(Side- Especially when it’s so late?)
Kaguya: Quit being a pest!
(Side- I said I will, so I will!)

{I’m not going to run!!}
{I’m not just some brat anymore!!}
{Besides, If I don’t do this now…}
{I feel like I’d come to regret it…}
Reporter: Now back to you in the studio.
How long until we’re back on the air?
Cameraman: Um..
(Sfx- Dotsu *tok*)
Cameraman: Uuugh..?
(Sfx- Zutsu *sfft*)

Kaguya: Now…
Shall we get started?
???: W—
Wait a second!!
There’s a report coming from the copter….
???: Excuse the intrusion, you roaches gathered at the sacred temple!
Guy: What’s this?
No way…
Tengu: It’s time for…
Bug extermination~
(Sfx- Hashinn)
(Sfx- Gushiii *Grnnnd*)
???: No way..
(Sfx- Kyiiiiii *reeeee*)
(Sfx- Kunn *chack*)

???: What the hell are the guards doing?!
They’re going to shoot!!
All of them are aiming here….!!
(Sfx- Gyugooooooo *fwoooooosh*)
???: That doesn’t matter!
Someone protect the princess!!
Hey guards…!
Kaguya: If they shoot, people will get hurt…
Guard: What?
{They’re aiming for me…}
{I have to get their attention, and save as many people as possible..!!}
Guard: Y—Your majesty!!
Kaguya: Get away from here all of you!
Guard: No!!
(Sfx- Sonn *sheen*)
???: I barely made it….!!

(Sfx- Kinnntsuuu *SHEEEEN*)
(Sfx- Zutsu *dssssh*)
(Sfx- Gushaaaa *craaash)

(Sfx- Buwaatsu *doooom*)
People: Whisper
Guy: What the..
What just happened?
(Sfx- Zawa zawa zawa *hustle bustle hustle*)
(Sfx- Dotsu *thud…*)
Guard: Yo---

Guard: Your majesty?!
Fujiya: I didn’t want to destroy that ship….
(Sfx- Gopun *bloorsh*)
Kaguya: M—Mother…
Fujiya: Cough…
They’re going to be back!! Get out of here, now!!
(Sfx- Guii *grip*)
{Her body shouldn’t be able to hold out….!!}
(Sfx- Chi)
Fuyuhito: It doesn’t matter!! She’s a half dead woman! Keep up the assault!!
(Sfx- Boshuu boshuu *fwoossh fooosh*)
(Sfx- Shugoooo *thoooom*)
(Sfx- Za za za *sshffft*)
Guard: Cough..

Priest: What the hell are you Ume guards doing?!
The princess and her majesty
(Sfx- Kapoo *clink*)
(Sfx- Boshuu *fblooorsh*)
Guard: gwahh?!
???: You fool! Why did you even come here?!
(Handwritten- They’ve come through the south entrance!)
(Handwritten- Over here!!)
Fujiya: Really now, I had no idea I was raising a child that doesn’t even know how to say ‘thank you.’
If I didn’t come here, plenty of people would be in the afterlife right?
Kaguya: Y—yeah…
Fujiya: Its fine. As a parent, to see my daughter’s smiling face is good enough.
Why should the rest of the nation get to admire you before your mother?
(Sfx- Kushaa)

???: I found them!
Second and third units To B2F!!
Kaguya: UGH!!
(Sfx- Bakiyaa *THOK*)
Guard: Princess!!
(Sfx- Gujii *whff*)
(Sfx- Tatata *tmptmptmp*)
(Handwritten- Over there!)
Fujiya: Shishimaro, have you made preparations for plan ‘E’?
I figured that using this thing once would put me over my limit…
Shishimaro: It’s not like you to grumble, your highness…
Fujiyma: I guess…
I’m just loosening up a little…
(Handwritten- I can’t move!!)
(Handwritten- She took it off after all!)

(Sfx- Goooooo *rmmmmmmble*)
???: What is that?!
Computer: Nayotake’s launch preparations are complete!
Kaguya: Underneath the holy temple….is an airport?
Are these capable of space flight…?
(Handwritten- It was hidden.)
Fujiya: This land was our ancestors long long ago.
(Sfx- Pipo pipo *beep beep*)
Guard: Set the course for ‘Ring country’ fifteenth gate.
Kaguya: What are you guys going to do?
(Sfx- Chiyatsu *clack*)
Fujiya: Crown princess Takenouchi Kaguya…

Fujiya: I’m invoking the sixteenth rite, and giving you a special assignment.
For a short period of time, I will lend Funnushi to you for royal matters.
You will take it, and along with Shishimaro….
Go to Earth.

{No it can’t be….Eath?!}
{She plans on running there…?!}
(Handwritten- Impossible.)
Fuyuhito: Stop them!!
(Sfx- Peki *crack*)
Fuyuhito: It doesn’t matter what you have to do, just get the royal symbol back from her!!
Kaguya: You want me to leave the moon?! Why are you talking nonsense at a time like this?!
Fujiya: This isn’t just terrorism any more…
The branch family is trying to usurp your position…And nothing in my power was able to stop them.
So you have to protect that!
The enemy has found the escape chamber!! They’re going to try cause an explosion at the entrance…!!
(Handwritten- It’s looking bad!)
Shishimaro: Damn them!

{I’m sorry princess…}
Shishimaro: It’s regrettable, but I can only go so far with you..
After that everything is..
Kaguya: SHUT UP!!
What the hell are you all talking about?!
I’m still here! We can fight together!!
{You want me to leave Mother..}
{Shishimaro, those old coots…}
{And everyone behind?! You’ve got to be kidding!!}
(Sfx- Batsuu *swifff*)
(Sfx- Gaan *claaang*)
(Sfx- Kiiii *ggrrrrnd*)
{They’re too strong to be JUST terrorist punks..!!}
Shishimaro: This place still is..
(Sfx- Gugugugu *grnnnd*)
{Are these the Ume imperial guards?}
Fujiya: Where are the other guards?!
Guard: They’re still holding the enemy back..!!

???: Pri…
(Sfx- Hyuuu *fwisssh*)
???: There’s one above you!!
(Sfx- Sobuushhhi *Blooooosh*)
(Sfx- Pipitsu *blssh*)
Kaguya: Mo..
Fujiya: Nghhh..
Kaguya: Why did something like this…
I can still save her…

(Sfx- Soiiii *keeeeeeee*)
(Sfx- Bogoooo *Thoooom*)
(Sfx- Kyariii *Sheeen*)
{Not good--!!}
(Sfx- Piii *sheen*)
(Sfx- Mishii *dssssh*)

(Sfx- Dotsushiii *foooooowsssh*)
Kaguya: A branch family Coup d'état?!
(Sfx-gubabababa *dsssssh*)
(Sfx- Mishi mishi *ssshshsss*)
(Sfx- Meri meri *grnnnnd*)
Shishimaro: Guoooh…
(Sfx- Giguguu *grnnnnd*)
Kaguya: All of you are….
(Sfx- Kiri kiri kiri *voom voomo voom*)
Kaguya: Who cares about that?!

(Sfx- Kashiiii *sheeeen*)
(Sfx- Meki *throoob*)
(Sfx- *goki goki *grnnd grnnd*)
(Sfx- Buchi buchi *blllshhh*)
Kaguya: Wha…
Fujiya: That’..

Fujiya: MEGA TWIT!!
(Sfx- Bakyuuun *THWOK*)
Kaguya: Ugh!!
(Sfx- Geshyaaa *thud*)
(Sfx- Kon *clatter.*)
Fujiya: Shihimaro I’m leaving things here to you! I’m going to dump this fool in the ship and be back!
(Sfx- Kikoiii *weeeen*)
Fujiya: I messed up my hand pretty bd there..
You shouldn’t just act on a whim. I’m only lending you that swoerd, so don’t go randomly swinging it around!
(Sfx- Tosu *tunk*)
Kaguya: Don’t get…
In my way…

Fujiya: I had wanted you to be like the previous era’s Hatoya-sama..
You have the sword and political power..
Instead, you ran about playing pranks and hurting feelings.
I thought for sure your heart had been sealed off..
Computer: Settings complete.
(Sfx- Goso goso *shff shff*)
Fujiya: Or…
That I had placed a too heavy burden…
On the daughter I had given birth to..
(Sfx- Charii *tinkle*)
Fujiya: I know this is a mere façade that doesn’t make me a better mother…
But I want you to have it, as a commemoration of your maturation.
(Sfx- rin)

Fujiya: Don’t catch a cold there..
And be sure to eat proper meals.
Kaguya: No..
I don’t want you to go..
Fujiya: Learn plenty…
And grow up strong…
Make your mother proud..
And come back a strong woman.
{If it’s you….I know you can…}

(Sfx- Pushuuu *sheen*)
{Mom’s not going to die yet.}
(Sfx- Kiiiiii *reeeeee*)
(Sfx- Ban ban *thud thud*)
(Sfx- Dododododo *rmmmmmble*)
Fuyuhito: There you are, Takeno!!
(Sfx- Sorori *tmptp*)
(Sfx- Dosaa *thud*)
Fuyuhito: Half dead wench…!!
{It’s going to be tough though…}
(Handwritten- Maybe impossible.)
(Handwritten- So you showed up eh?)
Fujiya: You can’t stop the ship now..
But we can tango here If you want?
(Sfx- Gooooo *rmmmmmble*)
Fuyuhito: What are you doing?! She doesn’t have the holy blade, and she’s sick at that!
(Handwritten- Get her!)
Fujiya: Hmph.
(Sfx- Jiri jiri *tptpttp*)

Fujiya: Even if countless stars should fall and carve craters into this body…
Until the very end I will stand against my enemies…
Those who want to want to sleep in the imperial tomb should come forth first!!!

{Imperial Era year August 15th 1502…}
(Sfx- Gyuugaaa *fwsssh*)
(Sfx- Dododododo *TOOOOM*)
{Silver Empress, Princess Kaguya departed from the moon.}
{Her next stop, the far away planet, Earth.}

???: Well look at that.
(Sfx- Zaaaaa *wssssssh*)
???: Grandpa, there’s a shooting star.
(Handwritten- Look at it.)
Grandpa: Hm?
Shooting stars only appear before somethin’ bads about to happen.
???: Is that so?
Grandpa: Now what’ll it be?
Will we meet a demon? Or a snake?
(Side text- The story of a fallen princess begins here…)

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