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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Gintama 234

Gintama Lesson 234

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 27, 2008 05:25 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 234

My heart goes out to the Death Note translators and their families. So many lives turned into hikkumoris because of the brain breaking amount of text....


{On the last exciting episode.}

{A phantom-like mystery man named Jiguzou captured our heroes Hijikata and Okita, and locked them in a room!}

(Side text- What is the fate of the two?!)

Lesson 234: Bad guys sleep more often.

{The conditions that Jiguzou set for their freedom is that one and ONLY one of them get the key in the adjacent hallway.}

{However this would mean that one man would be abandoned in order to free the other.}

{Who would be the person to escape with their life, and who would be the one to end their life in a ‘blaze’ of glory?}

{While our heroes frantically thought of this, the clock ticks on the Shinsengumi HQ, As the evil Jiguzou placed a bomb there that would blow up once it reached a predetermined time!}

{In order to save your friends, you must turn and kill them}

{As Jiguzou smiles evilly behind his mask, these words repeat in our heroes heads. There is no one else that can beat this madman at his game and save the Shinsengumi HQ}

{With their hearts shivering with anxiety, the pendulum begins to swing for the two of them…}

{What will our heroes do? Hurry Hijikata, Okita, hurry and….}



Jiguzou: Save the Shinsengumi before they are destroyed.


Do you think this is some type of joke?! Talking like this is some stupid TV show?!

What the hell is wrong with you idiot?!

Jiguzou: Unlike YOU I have manners. Did you ever think that maybe some people like a refresher?

Hijikata: What’s up with you being so nice all of a sudden?!

Jiguzou: At any rate, it’s a wonderful morning out Hijikata and Okita-kun.

You’ve had half a day to plan your escape.

Heheh, that's cute. I can see that you tried to claw your way out.

But it didn’t go so well did it? That chain isn’t something that will easily come off you know.

I’ve already explained to you, that there is only one way to escape this room…

And it’s using that key.


Jiguzou: Rather than expending your effort on pointless ventures, you should choose who’s got more to live for.

Either way you’d better hurry, as Shinsengumi HQ will be nothing more than ash in 60 hours.

Watching you squirm under pressure is fun, but I doubt the Shinsengumi will appreciate your indecision. Hehehe…

Hijikata: What the hell do you want?

Why would you go this far….Just for fun?

Jiguzou: I am Jiguzou.

A man born from an infinite void.

I have nothing that I live for, nor anything I’d die for.

All that is me is this mask. I have neither flesh nor bone.

My curiosity lies in just where humanity is going as a whole. What do we strive for? Why do we strive for it?

Friends? Comrades? Bonds? Are they elegant words of the damned? Or a beautiful weapon that can cut through anything?

Since all I know is this mask, I don’t understand humanity and therefore must test you.

But I will reward you with my identity should you win.


Jiguzou: However, since it seems that all you have for each other is hatred and bitterness, I doubt you will be going anywhere.

So at least let me enjoy your spitefulness.

And struggle until you die, trying to win at my game.

Your suffering will become my banquet of horror!




Mom: Hiro-kun, what time do you think it is?! Hurry up and get your things ready for school!

(Sfx- Ptsun *ssssh*)



(Sfx- Gatsu Gotsu *Bash biish*)

Okita: Hijikata-san, if you’ve got time to pick petty fights….

You can come over here and help me chip away at this chain, so we can get out of here.

(Sfx- Gotsu Gatsu *Bash bissh*)


Hijikata: Huh?


{That jerk…}

{What’s he REALLY planning to do?}

{Isn’t he just waiting for me to turn my back?}

(Sfx- Gan gan *Bang bang*)

{The key’s sitting pretty in the other room.}

{I know him. He’s waiting for a chance to rub me out and go get it.}

{As long as I watch him though, he doesn’t make any moves.}

{He just keeps chipping away at that pole with that little pebble.}

{Though, is he actually making an honest effort to escape with both of us intact?}

{Nah, that’s not his modus operandi.}

{He’s making that effort to lure me into a false sense of security, before making his move.}

{Why go through all the effort of trying to get a guy that you hate out of a situation like this?....I wish I could tell what he’s thinking…}


(Sfx- chira *glare*)


{What’s that guy REALLY planning?}

{He’s just standing there watching me work.}

{Since yesterday he’s been glancing at me like a hawk.}

{Is he waiting for me to turn my back so he can get the key?}

{Why isn’t he moving?}

{What’s he thinking about?}

{I wish you WOULD start something Sogo.}

{Just bring it you little punk, I’m ready.}

{If you plan on betraying me, better be ready to die.}

{…that’s all there is to it.}

{Bring it on Hijikata.}

{I’m already fully prepared for anything.}

{If you plan on betraying me, prepare for death.}

{….that’s all there is to it.}


{The time you betray me…}

{I’ll be ready/waiting to kill you!}

{Getting past him and picking up the key should be easy enough.}

{I just need to wipe his ugly mug out of the way and reap the praise for saving the Shinsengumi.}

{However, the problem lies in getting enough time to plan something like that.}

{Although I would just dash, get the key and ditch his ass, that’s probably what that Jiguzou guy is waiting for, and I’m not playing into his hands}

{Having Sogo out of my hair would be a huge weight off my sholders…}

{But Jiguzou would have a field day…and I can’t have that.}

{I’ve got to think of a plan that gets him out of the way, but fools Jiguzou.}

{The last thing I want him to see is me betraying Hijikata/Okita on camera.}

{But how can I get a plan going when he might betray me?}

{Basically it’s like having two different enemies at once….the guy right in front of me, and the one behind the screen. I’ve been backed into a corner by the two of them.}


{Although at this rate, the HQ is the most important thing. Forget being nice to Sogo…}
{If he plans on betraying me, I’ll cut him down.}

{Bring it Hijikata.}

{Betray me, and it’s the last thing you’ll ever do.}

{Make one stupid move…}

{And my katana will taste your flesh!!}

{Dang…he isn’t gonna move…}

{He probably knows I’m on to him.}

{I won’t make any progress like this…}

{I’ll play the good Samaritan, and get him to lower his guard that way.}

Hijikata: Sogo, go on and take a break.

You’ve been at that since yesterday right?


Hijikata: There’s no need to tire yourself out.

Even if you do that, there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to get out of these chains.

I’ll take care of the rest from here.

Just take a break, and quit all of that noisy work.

Okita: No way Hijikata-san. You’re the one who looks tired.

I can still keep going. I’m sure I’m close to getting the key.

{‘The hell’s his problem?}

Hijikata: No you go ahead.

Okita: Nah, I’m good. You go ahead and rest.

{Why won’t he start something?}

Okita: Okay then, I get what you’re doing.

If I do decide to take a break, you have to promise me you won’t just run away on your own.

Hijikata: I’m not some heartless monster. I wouldn’t do something like that while you sleep.

Okita: I understand. I guess if I were well rested, if something were to happen I’d be more alert.


Okita: Well, night-night.

Hijikata: No wait, maybe I should go to sleep after all…

{How was he able to flip this situation over so perfectly?!}


{And on top of that, he still won’t start it.}

{Without him picking the fight, I have to wait around with my guard up….}

{He’s being so stubborn about this…}

{Could It be….}


Hijikata: O—Okay then, how about we both go to sleep then.

Okita: If we do that, who will save Kondo-san and the others?

{Waiting for me to betray him first?!}

{No wait…}

{I’m overestimating him.}

Hijikata: G’night.

{There’s no way he thought that far.}

Okita: Rest easy~

{I need to focus on him before I can worry about the Shinsengumi’s fate.}

{In the next five minutes…}

{I have to betray that jerk, get the key, and save the HQ!}


Hijikata: Mornin’.

Okita: Good Morning.

{We slept like babies…..}

{And lost half a dayyyyyyyyy!!!}

{Now there’s no choice! We have to betray each other, get the key, and all before time is up!!}

Hijikata: How did you sleep?

Okita: Not bad, I was really tired after all.

{Just how the hell did our time dwindle away this bad?!}

{There’s no mistaking it!!}

{This guy’s going to betray me!!}


{Quit messing with me Sogo!! I know exactly what you want! You’re going to betray me and take over the Shinsengumi aren’t you?!}

{I can see it in your eyes Hijikata!! You’re going to abandon me down here aren’t you?! Well get it over with!!}

{Don’t take me too lightly Sogo, I won’t be felled by you!}

{No matter what you try and do to me, I’ll make sure I have the last laugh!}

{You’d might as well forfeit Hijikata, because I refuse to die here alone.}

{We’re best friends all the way until death.}

Jiguzou: Just chiming in to remind you, only 48 hours left!

Time is of the essence gentlemen!

Who will live, and who will die?

Better decide quickly! Hehehe


Okita: Sorry to inform you, but none of us are going to die.

Jiguzou: Oh really? How touching, you really want to honor your bonds to the end huh?

Okita: No one’s going to die.

The two of us will walk out of here alive and kicking.

Hijikata: Damn straight!!

We’re going to get out of here and stop the Shinsengumi from being destroyed!!

And I promise you we WILL find your ass and turn you into dog meat!

Jiguzou: Heheh, at least the two of you have still got some energy.

You really think you both will leave here alive?

Hijikata: Yeah we will!

Okita: Don’t underestimate us! We don’t even know what betrayal means!!

Jiguzou: I see, well I guess you won’t mind if there IS no key then.


(Sfx- Zun *Sfft*)

Jiguzou: Let me introduce you two.

This is my beloved dog Kikuzou.

Quite a lovely pup isn’t he?

But he’s picked up strange habit.

Whenever I leave things out, he tends to gobble them all~up.


If he found the key, naah…he wouldn’t eat that would he?

(Sfx- Hafu hafu *hah hah*)




{This is baaaad!! Real baadddd!!}

{At this rate he’ll eat it!!}

{Who’s got the time to betray anyone with this four legged threat here?!}

{If one of us doesn’t do something, we won’t have a home to go back to, even if we do escape!!}

Okita: Hmmm? Are you sweating Hijikata-san?

No wayy~ are you a big scardy-cat?

Hijikata: Screw you! I’m not scared of anything!

We don’t need a damn key anyway do we?

Okita: Yeah, who needs that, when we’ve got the bonds of friendship on our side?

We’ll be just fine on our own, even if we are stuck here!


{Move one inch and I’ll mow you over you traitor!!}


{Are you ready for this, asshat?!}


{Come on Hijikata, I’ll give you 300 yen if you betray me!! Please!!}

{Go Sogoooo! I won’t say anything, go on and betray me!! I’m begging you!!}

(Sfx- hah hah)

(Sfx- Pakun *snap*)

Hijikata: Ki…



Sit boy! Siiiiit!!

Give me your paw! Speak! DO ANYTHING BUT EAT THAT KEY YOU MUTT!!

(Sfx- Chason *Jangle*)

Hijikata: He stopped.


Hijikata: Thank god…


(Sfx- Buru buru buru *shiver shiver shiver*)


(Sfx- DOU *SMACK!!*)


(Sfx- Dogooooon *Craaaaaaaash*)

(Sfx- Don *Bam!!*)

(Sfx- Pau pau *fwoooosh*)

Hijikata: Phew….made it.




Okita: Hijikata!!

Now I’ve got you!!

I’ll make you pay for betraying the first seat commander Okita Sogo!!

(Sfx- Gun *yank!*)

(Sfx* zazaza *sssshhssss*)

(Sfx- byuuuuuun *fwissssssssh*)

(Sfx- Kan *Tink*)

(Sfx- kon *clatter*)

(Sfx- Chyarin *jiiingle*)

(Side text- And now they’re locked in an unending survival game! How will the next issue turn out?!)

Hijikata: Uh---well at least this is better than the dog getting it.

So, we should be fine now right?

Okita: Wha…



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#1. by fujihasaka ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2008
So much text and still you did the translation so fast !
Thanks a lot !
Hopefully, a scanlation will come out soon :)
#2. by TomoyoSakagami ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2008
Thanks for the translation dude.
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