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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 327

Candles are a bit exciting aren't they?

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 17, 2010 03:32 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 327

Anyone else for future nine page chapters? Anyone...? I mean, they're nice and short, and managable and...Omigod I'm blushing. I'm going to run a campaign for nine page chapters. Expect a blog next week.

Hi wa mata noboru scans only. Anyone else, ask permission.

Shinpachi: Whoa!!

Gin-san, isn't that crab?

(Handwritten- Looks damn tasty!)

Lesson 327: Candles are a bit exciting aren't they?

Shinpachi: Why is it here?

Gintoki: The old bat says one of her friends came by and left it.

But she wasn't really in the mood for crab, and handed it to us.

Shinpachi: Seriously?! It's been so long since we've been able to eat crab!

Um...but one between the three of us...?

Gintoki: Yeah, I want to eat it...

But to eat one all by myself makes me feel kind of...bad.

Kagura: That old lady! She is like the Spinx!! What are we to do?!

This is not Ikkyu-san! Do you think we can rest easy now?! I will assist you to rest forever old bat!!

Gintoki: Calm down guys.

The crab has plenty of legs, right?


Gintoki: That's so that everyone gets their share.

If you freak out now, you'll be no better than the rest of those idiots who fought whole wars over who gets the crab.

Remember the battles at Sekigahara and Okehazama? All because of crabs man.

Shinpachi: Yeahhh, I have to say that this is the first time I heard of that.

Gintoki: And if you look up to the heavens, you'll see Kani-sama...

Shinpachi: What's Kani-sama? Moreover, why does that crab look so divine?

(Tn- God is 'Kami-sama' and Crab is 'Kani' Hense Kani-sama would be...God-crab?)

Gintoki: As he delivers his edict. 'I cannot stand idly by to watch you all harm yourselves any further. You all will gather together as brothers and eat.'

'I will increase the number of legs from the ones our ancestors have had, changing the way we walk, but giving you all more to eat.'

So from then on in, Kani-sama and the other crabs would walk sideways for their whole life.

This would be their normal position, never again to know what it is to walk forward. Can't you understand their sacrifice, and stop the fighting?

Shinpachi: Our conversation seems to have drifted far away..

Gintoki: And so peace would once again return to the people, tearing down the walls that one separated them.

So now, the least we can do is to enjoy this crab with no ill wil, right?

Shinpachi: That sounds fine. It was a nice story, but we should get back to the point.

Now lets dig in everyone.

There are ten legs on this little guy.

So we should all be able to get a pretty nice portion.


Shinpachi: How do we divide three legs by three people though...


(Sfx- Butsunn psshn)

Shinpachi: What's going on here?

Kagura: It is a power out, yes?

Gintoki: Aww what the hell. Now?

Shinpachi: I'll go have a look at the breaker.

(Sfx- Gatsunn tok)

Shinpachi(?): Ow.

Gintoki: Dammitall, just when we were about to eat...

Just because there's a one shot this chapter, doesn't mean those guys get to slack off!!

This is basically a one shot read too, dumbass!!

Kagura: It is so, dumbass! What is this super legend thing anyway?

Gintoki: Legend my ass! It's just a bunch of bastards with nothing better to do right? And then they just casually give a Gorilla the title too?! Aren't they ashamed of themselves?! Isn't the Gorilla ashamed of itself?!

Kagura: Do not get conceited, dummy!

Shinpachi: I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but the breaker is fine.

(TN- Sorachi is participating in a series of one shots from the legends of Jump. I suppose (as usual) he doesn't have much self confidence in his title.)

Shinpachi: Oh! The lights are back on.

Well, that worked out, I guess.

Now lets dig in...


Gintoki: Someone's looking a little under the weather...

Did you get injured during the power out, Kani-sama?

Gintoki: Before we jump to conclusions, I'd like you guys to know that not even my pinky finger touched that table.

Moving on, there seems to be a leg missing here.

Kagura: It was not me!!

I would not do something like stealing food during a power out!

Shinpachi: I didn't either! I ran out to check the breaker, which leaves you two here alone!

Kagura: You are going to stay with that story of yours? How do we know you did not take a crab leg with you when you stepped out? Was it not you that said 'ow' just now? You pricked yourself on a crab leg, yes?!

Shinpachi: That's cause I bumped my head when I stood up!!

Kagura: It had to be you! I heard you clearly!

Gintoki: Knock it off, both of you.

Getting bent out of shape over one leg?

Seriously, you guys are full of suck if that's all it takes for you to lose it.

Honestly, no one is going to skitter around and eat in the darkness, are they?


Gintoki: See, the way it looks now we can divide the legs three to a person, right?

Now there's no reason for us to fight any more is there? Aren't we lucky?

Now, no more fighting. Let's just enjoy our three leg harvest in pe---

Both: Doubling up are we?!

Kagura: You would be someone who could skitter about and eat in the darkness aren't you?! Look at your mouth bleed!!

You're simply trying to eat all of it yourself, are you not?!

Gintoki: What are you guys talking about?

During the power out, I was attacked by that Gorilla. The legend one who heard us talking bad about his one shot.

Shinpachi: What does that mean?!

Gintoki: He probably ate the crab too. I know it!

Crap, he's probably really stressed out, he might come back..

(Sfx- Buchiiin cliccck)

???: Ah!


Shinpachi: Geh!! Another power out?!

Gin-san, no moving, got it?! I won't forgive you if another piece of that crab is missing!

Gintoki: I'm telling you didn't do anything.

You'd better watch your back, cause that Gorilla is going to be back! I know it!

Kagura: GYAHHH!!

Shinpachi: Kagura-chan?

Gintoki: Hey Kagura, what's wrong?!

Kagura: Sto---ughahhh!!

Gintoki: Kaguraaaaa, hold on!! What's wrong?!

Shinpachi: Ah, they're back.

Kagura: Eyes....My eyes....!!

Gintoki: Hold on Kagura!! Your eyelids, they've been cut a little....

Kagura: It was a Gorilla! A strange Gorilla attacked me and the crab...

I could not stop him!!

Gintoki: See, Shinpachi?! I told you the Legend Gorilla exists!!


Gintoki: The crab has lost another two of it's legs!

It has to be the Legend Gorilla!!

Shinpachi: What the...there's blood on the crab's pincers..

Wait a second....

Did she try to eat the whole crab in the dark, but got stabbed in the eyes by the pincers?

Kagura: Nooo, it was the Gorilla, the Gorilla! It was the Gorilla's fault!!

Shinpachi: I kind of doubt that, since the closer I get to you, the better I can see what's on your mouth...

Kagura: No! It was the Gorilla that comes during the power outage! I know that!

Shinpachi: This is enough, seriously.

I know that there IS no Gorilla, and you guys are slowly eating the crab yourselves!!

Gintoki: Am not.

Kagura: It is the Gorilla. He ate al~l of them.

Shinpachi: Are you guys going to stick with this lame story?

Fine then, I'll take some measures of my own.


Shinpachi: If there's another power outage,

I've got this candle all ready.

This time, we should have no problem eating the crab.

Gintoki: Yeah, that works.

We should have used this from the start.

Shinpachi: This time, no one should have any problems.

Kagura: And the Gorilla will not enter again, yes?

Shinpachi: Gorillas do hate fire.

All right, I'll take my piece of the crab now.

Is that okay?

(Sfx- Pakii crackle)

Gintoki: Ah, if you want I can lend you my scissors.

In any case, you're welcome to what you want, buddy.

{This time, those guys can't deceive me.}

{Even if there's a power outage, the candlelight will keep them at bay. I'll get my crab for sure!!}

(Sfx- Putsun zzt)

Kagura: Ah, the lights have gone out again...we are having bad luck today, yes?

Gintoki: What the hell is going on today?! Fine, I'll go check the breaker this time.

Kagura: Ah, me too.


Gintoki: Lend me the candle for a minute, will ya?

{Huh? What are they doing?! They're going to leave me alone with the crab/!}

{There's nothing stopping me from eating this thing!!}

{This is a trap right? Can I eat it? Can I?!}

{No wait, this is my chance! I wont' get another one like this!! If it were the two of them, they'd just keep eating until there's nothing else!! Besides, they've already taken two pieces each already!! I don't have any time to waste on second guesses!!}


{Two more legs are gone....}

Gintoki: Dude, my candles suck.

This one's no good either...

Kagura: These are not candles, Gin-chan....

But crab legs, yes?

(Side text- I've been had!!!)

GINTAMA LESSON 327................END.

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#1. by spartydragon ()
Posted on Oct 17, 2010
Yanno, even at 9 pages this is still wordier than Bleach.
#2. by yushikiroenishi ()
Posted on Oct 18, 2010
Thank you! hilarious even with only 9 pages. More words in these 9 pages than in Bleach's entire last arc lol
#3. by Naelok ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2010
Well done, Bomber D! Gotta love Gintoki/Kagura team ups :D
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