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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Appearance of the Yellow Dragon! 10

Kidnapping of Kimidori!!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 19, 2010 02:30 | Go to Appearance of the Yellow Dragon!

-> RTS Page for Appearance of the Yellow Dragon! 10

On the home stretch now! Just two more to go! To be honest though, I'm kind of addicted to Family Guy's new interpretation of 'Bird is the word'.


{Land of scientific advancement: Bolt empire.}

???: You want permission to investigate this island?

???: We've noticed huge energy spikes coming from this island, and would like to send a unit of soldiers there to investigate!

???: But it's just a countryside that knows nothing about science....

(Side text- What does the monitor show them?!)

???: Wait...you mean this island...?



???: Heh...I think I know this place...

And if I'm right, he's hiding there...

All right,

It's rare for me to head out, but who could pass up this occasion?

(Side text- The beginning of serious developments! An empire creeps towards the little village...!!)




Chapter 10: Kidnapping of Kimidori!!

Enji: All right, got the tomatos, potatos and leeks...

Guess this'll do it.

This weather is heavenly~~~

(Below panel: Volume one of the manga is out in stores!)


???: So this is the countryside...

Geez. There's not a single person anywhere.

Enji: HEY YOU!!

What the heck is wrong with you?! Dropping out of the sky like that, I could have been killed!!

How about I thank you with a beating, jerk?!

???: Eeeeeeeeeeeh!!


???: Huh~

Is that you Enji-kun?

A—awesome! I didn't think we'd be able to meet so soon!

It's been so long Enji-kun!! D—d--do you remember me?

Aww C'mon Enji-kun!

That's messed up! You don't remember me?!

Enji: I remember you, dammit! You're Gunjo!! Now put me down!

I'd give anything to forget you though....


Gunjo: Nice to see you again, Enji-kun!

It's me! Your rival Gunjo!

Enji: My rival, huh...

Gunjo: Yeah, that's me!

We were always deadlocked back in college!

Let's revisit those good ol' college days!

Gunjo: I'm Gunjo! Let's have a match to see who's the top dog around here, Enji-kun!

Enji: No way!

(Handwritten- Answer back then.)

Enji: It's just a pain in the butt!

(Handwritten- Reasoning.)

Gunjo: All right Enji-kun, let's duel!

Kids: Um, he was sleepy and went home.

Gunjo: Duel time Enji!!

Cat: I'm Enji.

(Handwritten- Replacement.)

Gunjo: If that's the case, I'll just study my brains out for the test!!

How the heck did you miss the test?!

Enji: Oh, well there was this gigaboobed chick, and I followed her to the next city over....then got lost.

Gunjo: You're a moron!!

Day after day, It felt like I was fighting a battle against myself...

Enji: It's not like I wanted to be your rival, you just decided that on your own.

Gunjo: I was hoping we'd meet again,

Cause I’ve been working myself to death.


Gunjo: When you hear about some of my exploits, I'm sure you'd be shocked.

Anyway, there's no need for me to hide it. Right now I'm the head scientist in the country of scientific advancement...

Bolt empire!

There's no one better than us when it comes to scientific achievement!

Enji: Oh?

That's cool, I guess.

Oh, what now?

Gunjo: Your reaction is half-dead!!!

I was hoping you'd be more surprised! You'd squirm more, you'd envy me more!!

Enji: This guy is still as annoying as ever...


Gunjo: But I'm taking the victory today for sure!

I know that you've been studying magic like the fool you are. Not only that, you've got no prgress to brag about, do you? That's why you're hiding out in this backwards backwoods country.

Enji: It's not like that.

I like the locale here.

Gunjo: Oh? So you're still trying to study magic, are yuou?

I'd like to see your work.

Enji: Sure, let's do this.

Luccora: Ah, you're finally home!


Luccora: It shouldn't have taken you that long to go buy some groceries!

You were wasting time somewhere, weren't you?

Gunjo: Enji-kun!! A girl just came out of that house!!

Isn't that where you live?! So in essence, a girl came out of YOUR house!!

Why are you in Enji-kun's place!!

What are you doing here?!

Luccora: We....live together....


Gunjo: L—l--l--LIVE TOGETHER?!

So that's how it is, I completely understand!! My exploits are no where near the level of your
of your quiet life here...

It's because I put work above everything else that this has happened to me...

But I had no idea that you'd be blessed with...


Enji: To be a girlfriend, she'd have to have boobs. She's more like my kid.


(Handwritten- God it hurts...)

Kimidori: Hey Enji! Did you buy some candy?

Gunjo: Whoa!! Even your daughter is cute!!

I just want to eat her up!

Can I take a picture of her?

She's got a beautiful form!

She's so photogenic!

Do you think I could take a few movies too?

She's being coy till the very end...


Two girls under the same roof...


Gunjo: Bifurication?

Enji/Luccora: No way.

Enji: Ugh, please...

There was no love involved in bringing her here.

Kimidori: Yep, no love at all.

Unless you mean the love between master and pet.

Gunjo: Y—you're into that kind of stuff, Enji-kun?

Enji: You're thinking far too much about this...

You can believe me or not, but Kimidori is here because..

I used magic to summon her.

See, I had brought her here to be my pet that does my bidding, but I read the magic spell wrong and became HER pet....

It's embarrassing, but the fact remains that I DID summon her.


Enji: ….You're not listening are you?

Gunjo: It's so unfair....

How did this happen? You're a moron that doesn't think of anything but flipping skirts; and you research MAGIC for goodness sake.

While I worked so hard to be at the top of our class. YET you have two cute girls living with you, and I have NOTHING!!

It's no fair...no fair Enji-kun....you traitor!

Luccora: I haven't understood a thing he's said since he came here....who is he?

Enji: I guess he's a college buddy.

Luccora: Oh, he's your friend. That explains everything.

Enji: And would you like to tell me why you're making that face?

Luccora: So...is he gay? Or a sicko with a lolicon fetish?

Go on, tell me.

Enji: I don't know.



Enji: Why now all of a sudden?

Gunjo: I might have lost to you in life, but I won't lose to you in studies and research!!

If I lose, I'll give up my name and social status and serve you!

But if I win, you have to give me your most precious treasure!!

Enji: But you know...

I have nothing meriting giving away.
Kimidori: I'll accept!

Enji: What?!

Kimidori: It sounds like fun, so let's do it!

Enji: Don't just decide on your own!!


(Handwritten- Good luck!)



Kimidori: You can't expect a woman and child to fight, can you?


Gunjo: This is my new weapon Adam Gelion! The horse power is over 2000 thousand!!

It can lock on a target that's more than 1 thousand kms away!

It's speed clocks in at mock 6!!



{You build a machine, and it's best feature is pissing people off?}

Gunjo: My Adam is invisible!!

{I'm supposed to fight against that...?!}

{Ugh, I don't even have a decent magical item to fight against him with..}

Enji: There's no other choice.


Enji: Blow winds!!

Luccora: What kind of magic was that supposed to be?!

{Mischievous spring winds-kun.}

Gunjo: Now, i'm going to take your most important treasure Enji-kun!

And I choose...

That girl!!


Kimidori: No thanks.

Gunjo: But, we made a promise...

Kimidori: I'm not Enji's to give.

Besides since I accepted, you can't take me. You can take Enji if you want.

I'm not interested in weaklings anyway. Brings my image down to be seen with them.

Gunjo: I'm not weak!

Watch this!!

If it's strength you want, watch me use my moves to wisk you away!

Kimidori: I hate pushy guys...!




Kimidori: No taste or texture at all.

Gunjo: M-My Adam Gelion...

Just what is she...?!

Enji: I already told you, she's a dragon.

If you spent more time listening, and less being an idiot, you'd know she was brought here because of my magic!

Gunjo: A...


{Able to destroy a 2000 horsepower engine?}

{If I take her into account, the huge energy spike makes a whole lot of sense!! Without a doubt, it has to be this little girl!}


{I knew you'd have...}

{Interesting things Enji!!}

Gunjo: Ah, I've been completely defeated! I'd best be off now.

Enji: Yeah, get lost.

{On another day...}

Gunjo: Heyy there Kimidori-kun!

Kimidori: Why if it isn't that lolicon from the other day.

Gunjo: Why do I have such a horrible nick name?!


Gunjo: Let me apologize for the other day,

With an amazing present just for you!

Kimidori: Oooh.

Gunjo: How is it:?

Kimidori: It's kind of fun!

Gunjo: That's good...

Kimidori: What's this?


Gunjo: That's super thick sleep gel.

As one struggles against it, their strength gets sapped away and they fall asleep.

No matter how powerful your attacks are, they all are nothing before this gel.

Now you're coming with me to Bolt empire....

And this button here...

Moegi: And what's this thing?

Gunjo: Ah!

(Sfx- Pii beep)

Gunjo: Ah cripes...

I got unwanted cargo here...



Enji: What's that noise?!

Gunjo: Ahahahaha Enji-kun!!


Gunjo: Ahahahah!!


Is all mine!!


Wait, why is Moegi-san there too?!

(Side text- The situation is dire!! Enji in a panic?!)

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