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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Appearance of the Yellow Dragon! 11

Capture of Kimidori!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 20, 2010 01:30 | Go to Appearance of the Yellow Dragon!

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Probably not happening till the weekend though. :-P Gotta catch up on Aku since it has a week off.


Gunjo: Ahah...


Kimidori-kun is all mine!!

Enji: Kimidori!!

And you too Moegi-san?!

Chapter eleven: Capture of Kimidori!

(Side text- An emergency situation erupts!!)

Enji: Wait, Gunjo!!


(Bottom text- Volume one is out in stores!!)


Enji: Everyone, listen and listen well!!

A kidnapping has shattered the peace of our quiet village!

(Sign- Beautiful girl rescue committee.)

Enji: The villain behind this is Gunjo! He's in charge of Bolt empire's technological advancements!

(Handwritten- Super Villain.)

Enji: There's no way we can let him get away with this!!

ESPECIALLY since he stole this oasis's heart; Moegi-san!!

This is a crime on par with global domination!!


Enji: My poor, kidnapped Moegi-san..

Who knows what you're thinking as you wait for me to save you..

Don't worry~~

Moegi-san Moegi-san Moegi-saaaaaaaaan!!! Mo-e-gi-saaaaan!

Luccora: Um, I understand you're worried about Moegi-san,

But she isn't the only victim here.

Wasn't Kimidori kidnapped too?

Enji: Kimidori?

Oh, yeah she was, wasn't she?

Why? Does it matter?

Suzu: CHIRP!!

Enji: UNGH!

What the hell was that for, you stupid bird?!

Luccora: Enji-san, you're totally at fault.

Enji: We don't need to worry about her.

Luccora: Why's that?


Enji: She's not really the captured princess type...!

You can't possibly think she'll just sit back and relax, can you?

Luccora: He has a point...

Enji: So first, we save Moegi-san!!

I guess if we have room, we can bring Kimidori back too.

How's that?

Luccora: I'm not sure how to respond...


Shishimaru: So that guy took Kimidori and Moegi with him to Bolt empire...

That sucks and all, but their security is no joke! Not to mention soldiers are everywhere.

There's no way we'll be able to get in there.

Enji: Hmph!

Don't make me laugh.

Never fear, I'm here!

Who do you think I am?

Just in case you forgot, I'll remind you. I'm the genius: Enji-sama!

Botan: Ooh! So bright!

Shishmaru: What are these?


Enji: This is Dragon's breath!

{Dragon's breath is a purified substance born within the dragon's body,}

{And it's magical propensity for destruction is high because of the energies that run through it...}

Shishimaru: It's shape is a little different than usual...

Enji: That's because I've kept some of Kimidori's dragon breath in these capsule balls just in case the need should come for them later.

I call these, DRAGON BAAALLS!!

Luccora: Why are you going out of your way to get people upset with us?!

Enji: What are you talking about? It has the power of a dragon in it, and they're balls! So obviously I'd name them 'Dragon Baalls'!

What are YOU thinking about over there, missy?

Luccora: Nngn...


Enji: These things have the power to send a mountain flying! You can bet with 35 of them, we're unstoppable!

Those soldiers won't know what hit them when we show up!

Why did I bring 35? It's because with five of them, they can grant a wish....

Luccora: Don't you have any common sense?!

Enji: Now off, to Bolt empire!!

Everyone c'mon!

Jump on the magic carpet and let's get moving!

Shishimaru: Whoa!

You've never used something this magic-like before!!


Shishimaru: Um...are we going to be okay like this...?

Enji: Why do you think I brought these?!

Dragon Baalls!!


All right, we're off to save...


Oh and Kimidori-san...


Gunjo: Transform the magical power into electricty,

And measure the voltage, please.

{This dragon's breath thing is incredible...!}

{I had heard the age of black dragons and magic had been left behind as the world lurches forward..But to find this kind of firepower actually exists is incredible...!!}

{The study of magic has always been considered unscientific babble..}

{But I never thought I’d be able to get my hands on something so incredible...}

{This is just too incredible, Enji-kun.}

{I'd expect no less from my rival---}


{If the scientists here at Bolt were to get more time to work with this Dragon's power...}
{The weapons we could make would render our past efforts obsolete!}

{But I know...}

{You're going to come here to retrieve this precious girl.}

{And when you do...}

{We'll have a true duel.}

Gunjo: And I'll win for sure.

(Handwritten- Ah I can't laugh..)

Gunjo: Hehehe...I'm so excited that I'm laughing!!


???: How is everyone? Using those thinking caps?

Gunjo: Oh, greetings your highness Bolt.

I've got some incredible data here.

If we were to utilize this dragon's energy....

Then world domination moves from being a dream, to reality.

Bolt: Oh? World domination, huh?

I love those wild thoughts of yours, Gunjo.

By the way, where is the dragon you captured?

Gunjo: Oh yes...

I thought it would be a problem to keep her in captivity...


Gunjo: But it appears everything is fine.

She's grown rather fond of our little abode...

Bolt: Using 'that' thing are you?

You're such a meanie.

Moegi: I brought some tea!
Bolt: And who is she?


Bolt: This place is the secret laboratory research institute level 4!!

Who let her in here?!

Guards: Sorry...


Moegi: Want some tea?

Bolt: Ah...

Well, that's fine I guess...

Though, who is she?

Gunjo: I sort of took her by mistake when bringing in the dragon...

There's not much else for her to do, so she's helping out.

Bolt: What a nice girl.

Moegi: Everyone seems so happy here~.

But where is 'here' anyway?


Shishimaru: The carpet's kind of running out of gas Enji...

Enji: Gah! The ultimate energy; “Dragon baalls' have gradually been used up!!

I've only got five left!!

I hope we make it...!!

Donguri: If we run out here, we'll probably crash into the ocean won't we?

Enji: You're the heaviest here Luccora!!

Luccora: That's a terrible thing to say to a girl!!

I'm not heavy!! I'm the average weight for my size!

You're mean! Meaaan!!

Botan: It doesn't matter what the reason is, but saying that to a girl isn't nice Enji-san.

Luccora: She's right! Now apologize!

Enji: I didn't do anything! Right, Shishimaru, Donguri?

Shishimaru: You started this fire so put it out yourself.

Donguri: This is like lunch at elementary school.

Enji: Ugh!!



Enji: So fast!

I didn't even think you could DO this!!

Donguri: Hey...

Isn't that the Bolt empire?


Botan: And look on top of the roof there! Isn't that Kimidori-chan?!

Luccora: It is!

Shishimaru: Hey Kimidori!

Botan: Kimidori-chan!!




Shishimaru: WHERE?!


Everyone: Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Shishimaru: Owww...

Wasn't that...

Kimidori who tried to shoot us down...?

Enji: Of course it was. Do you know any other brats that can hurl lights of destructive energy like she can?

Looks like we won't be getting in there by land or air now.

Shishimaru: But she just tried to hit US.

Botan: Kimidori-chan is our enemy now?

Luccora: That can't be right Enji-san.

Enji: Oh, it's right. No doubting it.

Botan: No..


Enji: That merciless attack, and those mischievous eyes....

There's no doubt about it, Bolt is controlling her somehow.

{Kimidori is...}

{Being controlled?!}

Luccora: She always attacks you without mercy though...

Shishimaru: And her eyes are always like that. It's almost a trademark.


Luccora: I know she's being controlled, but if it comes down to battle, I don't think I can fight her at my all..

It's one thing to fight against the soldiers of Bolt...

But completely another to have to go toe to toe with an ally...

Shishimaru: Can we win against that?!


Luccora: Their fighting strength is more than we can handle with Kimidori on their side..

We should give up..

Botan: I don't want to go back without Kimidori-chan...

I just can't...


Luccora: Y--



Enji: House rules!!

Today's curfew is 6pm on the dot!

Got it?

Luccora: What?

Enji: Listen up, we didn't come here to divide and concur!!

We came here to pick up our brat, and that's it!


Enji: So we have to get back to the house with Kimidori before dinner!

Luccora: Yes sir!!

Shishimaru: Enji! We're gonna help you too!

Donguri: It's what we're here for!

Enji: Keep in mind that Moegi-san is our priority,

Okay you guys?

Shishimaru: Suuuure.


Enji: All right!!

Let's go bring Kimidori and Moegi-san home!!!

(Side text- Together with my friends!!! But next issue is...?!)

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