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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 337

It'll be okay~.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 9, 2011 20:18 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 337

This chapter was extra hard for some reason. >_> It's also extra funny, so I guess that works out.

Hi wa mata noboru scans only.


TV: The Ooedo Healthy youth ordnance revision bill has been approved....

(Side text- Happy new years!!)

(Bottom text- On January 8th Jump next will be released along with a special cover drawn by Sorachi-sensei! This special is incredible, so be sure to check it out!!)

Shinpachi: Oh wow, they finally passed it huh?

I wonder if we'll be okay...

Kagura: I have heard everyone becoming noisy over this, but I do not know it well.

Shinpachi: Well, it's a regulation that targets anime and manga that could possibly be harmful to youth.

But with it's broad scope that's open to anyone's interpretation, people are afraid that their basic freedoms of expression will be snatched away.

Kagura: Our jokes are like that, we too will be targeted, yes?

Shinpachi: Hmm, well considering how ambiguous this law is, I think we have plenty to be afraid of.

How can we be certain of what's a bad influence on children? Moreover, what exactly IS a healthy child? I think it's a stretch to say that a youth who thinks of erotic things every so often during a normal day is unhealthy...

Kagura: Then you think of erotic things every so often, yes?

Shinpachi: ….......

Kagura: You are disgusting! I will report you to the police!

Gintoki: Shut the hell up, both of you.

Does this look like a chatroom to you? If you want to talk, go do it somewhere out of my sight.

Shinpachi: It's not like that Gin-san, we're just worried. Aren't you?


Gintoki: And why should I be scared? The only thing being regulated is 'that'.

You know, stuff with p*nis penetration.

Shinpachi: That happens in this manga on a regular basis!!

Gintoki: Think about it, penetrating a sliding door is okay right? So then anything is fair game.
And do you know who we have to thank? That's right, our fine statesmen.

Anyway, quit bothering me you two.

There's no real reason for you to keep talking about this.

Kagura: If Gin-chan says so, we should be fine, yes?

Shinpachi: Yeah, I guess there's no point in worrying about what we can't change.

{Will things...}

{Really be okay......?}

{It would have been nice if all I did was get involved with a sliding door...}

{But in truth all kinds of things have happened...}


{I've completely destroyed the atmosphere around here...}


{Will things....}

{Really be okay?}

(Side text- Major problems!!)

Lesson 337: It'll be okay~.

Hattori: I don't remember too much,

But you guys were sure having a good time from what I could tell...

And they all got real hammered that night.

She wasn't looking so hot, so you took her to the bathroom.

You stayed with her for a while,

And after ten minutes she returned.

She went home not long after that, and you came back alone.

Weirdly enough, she looked really refreshed when she left.
(Sfx- Hikku Hikku hiccup hiccup)

Hattori: Next was the eyepatch chick. She didn't look too good, and you went to help her out.

She came out with a refreshed face, and then went home too, and it was the same with Sarutobi.

Though when you went in with the Yoshiwara chick, it was the opposite though. You didn't look too good, and she dragged you away to take care of you.

After ten minutes, you returned, your clothes in shreds and tears dripping down your face.

Next was the old dude with glasses. You guys were gone for a while though...

And you came back after 20 minutes.

And last was the old lady.

You went into town with her and disappeared just as the sun was rising.


Gintoki: HOW IS THIS 'OKAY'?!


Hattori: Well, I guess you were like the doc when you left with the old bat...

You guys really 'did' quite a bit for each other, huh?

Gintoki: It's like they attacked me at once!! Why did I spend 20 minutes with Hasegawa-san, anyway?!

(Handwritten- This doesn't bode well at all!!)

Hattori: Going two rounds must have been tough on you, huh?

But dude, that's pretty incredible....sensing your prey like that, and devowering it before it can run...that speed....would you like to be a ninja?



(Sfx- Gashiih graaab)

Gintoki: What am I going to do?! If this scandal gets out, the anime revival is going to die in infancy, and this manga will be canceled!!

Hattori: Simmer man, simmer. Adults get drunk all of the time right? So this thing shouldn't be surprsing.
Gintoki: The problem here is that I got so drunk that I did unthinkable things with those girls!

(Sfx- Kusha kusha rub rub)

Hattori: That's not really the problem though, the issue here is taking responsibility for what you've done. If you do that, everything should work out right?

So what you do from here on in,

Should show how responsible you are.


Otose: Whaaaaaat?!

A pre consultation for marriage?!

What the hell is wrong with you?! Is your head broken?! Ugh...how repulsive!!

Gintoki: This isn't flowers and bunnies for me either hag!

N-no, I just did some thinking and all...

I mean, we did do...that.

I don't remember, seriously but it seems that way..

Tae: Hm?

So this is...

what you intended from the start?

Gintoki: Well...uh...it's like...you know.

(Sfx- Kata kata shiver shiver)

Gintoki: I just feel like I should take responsibility for what I did, you know? Since we did do that.

Toujou: Yes! Certainly!

I was going to come and gouge your eyes out after you ran yesterday, but this is wonderful!

Princess! Gintoki-dono has finally prepared himself to inherit the Yagyuu's swordplay!


Gintoki: Y—yeah, I mean it's because of that, you know?

I know we're supposed to date and stuff before getting married,

But you know, we really didn't get the chance because of that...

Sacchan: You want to do this that and the other thing so suddenly?!

Kyaah! An irritation play!!

Gintoki: I've readied my feelings for something like this..

But you know, when you and I were together at that time, we were both really druink.

Tsukuyo: I—I already got my problems. Since this thing happened, I can't go back to tha women down in Yoshiwara, or to Hinowa.

As the Daalink Shinigami, and leader of the Hundred blooms, I gotta take my responsiblities.

So first, I'm gonna ask ya for that two hundred million. If I get that from ya, and take it to Yoshiwara, we can put an end to our poverty.

Gintoki: You're having money problems now, aren't you?

So are you SURE I'm the type of guy you want? Let's think about this rationally...

I mean, I'm pretty much broke as well. Are you sure?

Hasegawa: The two of us being broke together doesn't sound too bad..

Well...that's what I'm thinking right now, anyway.

Gintoki: …........


Hattori: I see. Well, you've made a serious attempt to appeal to everyone...

Though I'm sure some people will find this a bit too much...


Gintoki: What's serious about this?! I've gone and gotten involved with SIX people!! Aren't I just sinking in a swamp of debauchery?!

Hattori: Well, it only took you a moment to end up making the same mistake with six different people, so I guess it is like rolling in a swamp.

But hey, it's not too bad. Think of it as Ichigo 100%. You've got a harem now!

Gintoki: Excuse me, but what harem includes a fossil, an old man and a two hundred millon debt all mixed together? Rather than this being Ichigo 100%....

It's being surrounded from all four directions by darkness!! My outlook is 0%!!

Sure I've gotten involved in six different incidents, but I can still sever these six before things get worse.

I'm just going to go and apologize. It would be better that way.

Hattori: Is that your way of feeling guilty, Bunta-san?

(TN- Seems to be a Japanese celebrity. Not sure what the joke is here though.)

Hattori: If everyone finds out, you'll be killed. If you apologize, you'll be killed.

You don't have the convenience of being able to run out of this swamp you've created for yourself.

There's only one way to get out of this situation alive.

And that's to take responsibility for all six at the same time, going out with all of them at once.

Without being caught of course.

If they all find that disagreeable, that’s your chance to get the hell out of there.


Hattori: If a drawn out fight isn't to your liking,

Then make this as quick and painless as possible.

I guess I'll have to help you, if I want to be able to read my jump in peace.


Otose: C--


Gintoki: Y—yeah, Well, since we are looking at marriage pretty soon...

Otose: If I knew this was going to happen, I would have run away by myself!

Need I remind you of how creepy this is?

Gintoki: I figure with the way things are going, we'd need to live together like this.

That is, if you don't mind it or anything. If you do, I understand.

I wouldn't want you to live with me if the idea sickens you. If it does, you can just leave now. I don't want you to suffer or anything..

Tae: How will three people live in such a confined space?

Gintoki: Which three people?

Tae: Shin-chan will be here, Kagura-chan...oh and Sadaharu-kun.


We could cohabit this place together.

Maybe not all of the time, but every so often.

Though I have to make it up to the others, so please keep this between us.

Toujou: That sounds good princess! How about Tuesdays and Thursdays?!

I could switch shifts with you Mon-fri!!

(Handwritten- Ahh~ how exciting!)

Gintoki: Why do you have perfect attendance, jerk?!


Gintoki: I'm at the yorozuya during the day...

So I'll only be around here at night.

Sacchan: Only nights?! Ooh, so you'll come to ravage my body then, won't you? That's what you want right?!

(Sfx- Goro goro roll roll)

Gintoki: Yeaaah, I think i'll just ignore her.

Don't misunderstand, I just want to clear things up. I'm not thinking anything nasty!

I just want to do this before we get married, you know? So don't worry about a thing!

Geez this thing is getting really confusing...

Tsukuyo: We already got a contract goin' on so that means ah belong to you. Ya got the freedom to do whatcha want to me.

Rubbin lotion on my body, earnin' two hundred million, rubbin my boobs, earning two hundred million, oh and last but not least, earnin' two hundred million. Yer options are open, ain't they?
Gintoki: What do you mean 'my options are open'?! It's all about earning two hundred million to you isn't it?!

Well, for now I’ll handle your rent.

This is the best I could do though, since as we discussed before, I'm strapped for cash.

Excuse me, but this plan sort of fell apart! Nothing happened the way you said it would at all!

Hattori: Cohabitation is all about couples finding out little things their mates do that they can't stand.

Think about it. Who's gonna want to deal with you day in and day out?


Gintoki: That's fine and all, but I've got six people under the same roof!!

This is grounds for the worst divorce ever!

Hattori: No helping it, man. This was my pops's place. Since no one is around, we can use it for whatever we want.

Besides, since it's so close, and for that matter; cheap, you can move as you need to without issues, and date all six at once.

Gintoki: Heh, so I only get a break in the daytime huh?

Hattori: That's to keep the risk factor down. We're trying to keep this short, remember?

See with everyone only getting to see you on shifts, and having to keep a tight schedule, this process will be much quicker.

You should try not to make too much contact when you DO see them though..

Also try not to talk too much, cause it could be trouble.

Anyway, you should be able to pull this off with me helping, since I'm pretty good at this stuff.

Gintoki: Are you SURE you're helping me? It seems more like you just find this interesting.

Hattori: Don't worry about it man. Whenever I get my jump, I always read the romantic comedies first. I told you that before, right?

Gintoki: I'm PLENTY worried! Lots of things happen in To-loveru!!

Tae: Hm?

Don't wander around outside?


Tae: Why not? I won't be able to buy ingredients to make dinner if I can't go out...

Gintoki: There's been reports of a sicko who targets women who hang out alone...It's dangerous.

Tell me what you need, and I'll buy it.

Tae: Hm? You're actually worried about me?

Gintoki: Y—yeah, I am! If some guy sees a pretty woman like you walking alone, he might try to put the moves over on you.

Tae: Oh Gin-san you're so silly~!!

(Sfx- Baaan THOK)

(Sfx- Dogoooo THOOM)

Tae: You're surprisingly dominant.

Though, i'm afraid I can't do that. Buying things is the wife's responsibility after all.

(Sfx- Para para clatter clatter)

Tae: I can at least do that, since we've been suddenly put in this situation.

I've already prepared to support you Gin-san.

So please don't say that.

Sacchan: Welcome home, darling~!

Do you want me to make you dinner? Or prepare a bath?


Sacchan: Or do you want...


(Sfx- Barinnn craackle)

(Sfx- Gyaaaaaaaaaah)

(Sfx- Gan gan gan thump thump thump)

Tae: Oh my, that hole in the wall is troublesome, huh?

I'm sorry, Gin-san....are you okay? You're sweating a lot.

I may have upset that person....maybe I should apologize?

Gintoki: No, I'm fine!! I'll go apologize!!

Tae: I should, it would only be proper.

Gintoki: I said it's fine! That person seems like they're pretty angry, so I should do it!

(Handwritten- Ooh! I like this play Gin-san!!)

Gintoki: Don't go out, got it?! I don't want some pervert putting their hands on you!!

Tae: That is scary..

(Sfx- Goro goro roll roll)

Tae: But such an angry person probably won't forgive us so easily.

It was good that I left a little greeting for everyone..

Gintoki: G—greeting? You did something like that?!

Tae: Yes, all around the neighborhood.

I left a little gift for everyone before you came back.

Gintoki: What KIND of gift....



Tae: What's that? I hear something next door...

Um excuse me, are you okay?

Gintoki: Shouldn't you go and KNOCK rather than drill a hole through the wall?!

Tae: I thought that this way would be faster...

Gintoki: That's not the problem here!! We don't even know what's going on!! Listen, don't you dare do anything!! I'll go look and you sit here!!

Kyuubee: Uugh..

Gintoki: K—Kyuubee! What's going on? What happened to you?

Kyuubee: T—That voice...is it you Gintoki?

W-welcome back..

Gintoki: This isn't the time to welcome me back!! What happened to you?

Kyuubee: I found these in the hallway...

(Note- To the person next door, I hope that we can become good neighbors, so I made these. Please enjoy them.)

Kyuubee: But there seems to be poison in them...my chest is burning..

Who would do something so cruel? I will never forgive them...

{The person who would do this is your beloved Otae and her unhealthy love of cooking!}

Gintoki: You idiot! As a celebrity, should you be eating things you found on the floor?

(Sfx- Gata gata clatter clatter)

Kyuubee: Gin-san, are you okay?


Kyuubee: I thought I heard Tae's voice..

Gintoki: Kyubee!! Something's wrong with your eaaaars!!

Kyubee: Auditory illusions huh?

Sorry Gintoki, I guess even at a time like this, I'm still thinking of Tae-chan...

Gintoki: I'm not worried about that!! It's not easy to change gears, I know!!

{For now, I just have to make sure she doesn't find out about what's going on next door...}

Gintoki: Just wait a minute, you'll probably vomit it up...

(Sfx- Zaku shfft)



(Sfx- Dofuh THOK)

(Sfx- Para para clatter)

Tsukuyo: W—welcome back...


Tsukuyo: Tha' entrance is ovah there.

Gintoki: O—oh. Dang, I had no idea.

Kyuubee: Gintoki!! Are you okay?

Let me pull you out!

Tsukuyo: You idjit What are you doing? Come over here and eat yer dinner.

(Sfx- Meki meki meki throoob throob throoob)


Hold oooooon!!

(Sfx- Mishii mishii misshiii grinnnd)

{They're going to rip my body in half!}

{The two of you can't pull me at the same time dammit!}

Gintoki: Push me back! Push me baaaack!!

Both: Push?

(Sfx- Bakkin craaack)


(Sfx- Burannn drooop)

Tsukuyo: H-hey! Gintoki!!

(Sfx- Datsuu dasssh)

Both: Wait, I'll drag you under it!


{If they drag me under, they find everything out!!}

Gintoki: It's fine if I stay here for today.

(Sfx- Buru buru wibble wibble)
Gintoki: Where's my food? I'm starving here...

Tsukuyo: Gi—Gintoki..

even now you want me to make ya somethin?

Kyuube: F—food?

But how will you eat it in this situation?

Gintoki: Forget that and rustle me up some grub.

(Sfx- Datsu daash)

{All right, here's my chance...}

(Sfx- Mishi mishi rustle rustle)

{It's no good.}

{I can't get any strength to my waist!!}

(Sfx- Guh guh guh bubble bubble)


Tsukuyo: I ain't good at cookin or nuthin, but I got a hot pot ready for ya.

{How could I eat like thiiiiiiiiis?! What am I, Goemon?!}

(TN- Goemon is essentially the Japanese version of Robin Hood. He was boiled alive for a failed assassination attempt, which is what Gintoki's probably talking about.)

Tsukuyo: I had heard that you like eatin' sweets...

{I'm telling ya, I can't eat anything like this! It's like I'm a portrait hanging on the wall!!}

Kyuubee: I only really know how to make curry...

And it's a little spicy, I sure hope that's okay with you.

But...how do I feed it to you?

Toujou: It IS curry after all...

So you do it like this, princess.

(Sfx- Dosuuu thoook)

(Sfx- Gakunnn thooom)

(Sfx- Doshaaaaa splooooosh)

Tsukuyo: Gintoki?!


Toujou: See? Gintoki-dono appears to be extremely pleased, doesn't he?!

Kyuubee: I'm so glad, I was afraid since he likes sweet things that a spicy dish would be disagreeable..

(Sfx- Bata bata wiff wff)

(Sfx- Goooo blooosh)

Tsukuyo: Gintoki, i've never seen anyone like it that much...

I guess it's good I made it a little sweet..

{The problem here isn't how sweet or spicy this is?!}

(Sfx- Gobaaa gblooorsh)


Tsukuyo: What?

Kyuube: It's to die for?

Tsukuyo: Heehee, okay, eat as much as ya like then.

(Sfx- Zuooooo blooosh)

(Sfx- Gobaaaaaaah!!)

Tsukuyo: I got plenty if ya want more.

Toujou: Princess! Feed him more just like that!!

(Sfx- Sudoh thok)

Toujou: Yes! That's exactly how a married couple does it!



(Sfx- Waoooon awoooo)
(Sfx- Guuuu grrrrrwl)

Otose: Oh?

Are you hungry?

Here, eat up.

I've got work to do.

(Sfx- Gah sffft)


(Side text- With the long awaited anime coming up, will the end happen before the beginning?)

GINTAMA LESSON 337............END.

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#1. by Rinslet ()
Posted on Jan 10, 2011
Thank you!!! oh my, Gin-san xD
#2. by luisan300 ()
Posted on Jan 11, 2011
#3. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jan 11, 2011
Thanks for the t/l...X3

BTW, I bet someone else might already tell you this, but...looks like MangaCurse is using your translation for their scanlations, assumingly without your permission. Since I saw that your translations are all reserved translations, and clearly, you didn't say in the translations that they have the permission to do so, I just came by to tell you that. Hope it's alright...since I can't help you with the proofreading...? Sorry...>__<"

*sneak out*
#4. by Naelok ()
Posted on Jan 11, 2011
Oh God.

Can't breathe.

Too funny.
#5. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 12, 2011

Thanks for the heads up. I've actually talked to them about that, but it seems they don't listen. *sighs* All I can do is direct people to Hi wa mata noboru's stuff since that's 100 percent accurate in 100 percent better quality.

Thank you though *bows* For gracing my humble tranlsation.
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