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Tales of Failure Works 3


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 18, 2011 01:57 | Go to Tales of Failure Works

-> RTS Page for Tales of Failure Works 3

So the story begins from here. From what I've read from the raws, it becomes a slice of life type magical thing from here on in, despite the fact that it sort of sounds like Hyde and Closer. Luckily the chapters are really short, so getting a few of these out is relatively easy!

Remember, 1) Coming out whenever I have time, 2) Don't PM or leave a message on my board asking when they're coming out, 3) Free for scantlations, but have someone check for accuracy.

Dekisokonai Monogatari


{We were wandering around lost for some time until we came to...}

{A huge urn like building, and city lights that dot the land beneath it.}

(Sfx- Hah hah)

{For one thing...}

{Why am I running so hard through this pitch black darkness?}


Chapter 3: World.

Juju: Di...

Did I get away from them?

Dude: Leaving a little girl by herself and running away on your own? That's harsh dude.

(Sfx- Gikuh poit)

Juju: Dammit!

Dude: Whoa, that's some right hand you got there...

It's sooo scawwy.

(Sfx- Pah fwap)

(Sfx- Skah shssh)

Dude: I guess i'd better be careful...


(Sfx- Zuboooh fwooosh)

(Sfx- Kyuruuun shhsssh)

Juju: Ngh!

Not THIS again!!!

(Sfx- Zazaan ssffsf)

(Sfx- Dah tp)


Dude: I thought I had you before, but then using your full power you got away from me....not bad.

Juju: Lira! Kick this guy's ass!

Lira: Are you another bounty hunter after us?

Dude: Hm?

Oh so you already know that there’s money attached to your heads huh?

Then I can't screw this up....

It's not often that I capture honest to goodness magicians in my enchanted space...

Especially not ones...

Worth 2 thousand like you two...

(Sfx- Popoh fwooosh)


(Sfx- Bachiii zzzzt)

Dude: Ooh?

You're quite the magician lady....

Just lookin' at you, I’d swear that you were no more than a cute little human....

Just what has...

That old man been up to....?

(Sfx- Pohpohhh zsssh)


(Sfx- Gyoh poit)

(Sfx- Barih crackle)

Dude: Wha..

(Sfx- Baririi zzzzt)

(Sfx- Garashaaan ker-craaash)


(Sfx- Dota thud)

Juju: Ow!


(Sfx- Karan karan clatter clatter)

Juju: Where are we?

???: Ahahahahah!


Dude: Man! I totally got my butt handed to me!

I thought I'd have a little bit of fun with you two, but I had no idea you were this strong!

My name is Garnet.

(Sfx- Gata clatter)

Garnet: You know that stupidly huge urn? Yeah, it's where we are now. Welcome to my humble abode!

Juju: We're in the urn?

Garnet: You guys didn't know that? If you keep this up, the magician search units will find you sooner or later.

If it's not a big deal to you two, you should stay here a while.

I don't mind or anything.

Juju: What?

Lira: Just what are you?


Garnet: I'm the same as you two...

A magical doll created for a magician by a magician..

The magician's name is Gyul Gilm Gyorongoron.

His real identity is unknown, but he's a guy who practices the forbidden magic that grants life. At least, that's what people say about him.

Juju: ….


Just what are we?!

Garnet: I have no idea. The magician search units call us magical dolls. Even I don't know much about the particulars.


Garnet: How we were created, why we were created, and everything related to that are all unknown....though I'm sure that old coot knows.

But you two sure are lucky...

(Sfx- Suuuh fwfff)

Garnet: Since you guys have human forms, it'll be harder for anyone to realize the truth.

(Sfx- Pe----//Peroperopeee Bleh blehblehblehh)

Juju: What's that?!

Garnet: Whenever I have visitors, this magic door lets me know when they're approaching.

Though, who is it? Is it the neighbors getting nervous about all that noise, and coming here to complain?

I'd recommend you guys be quiet, Just in case it's the magic experimental division guys

(Sfx- washa washa rub rub)

Juju: Don't touch me!

Lira: Wait!!

Garnet: O~kay.


Lira: Are you saying there are other dolls like us out there?!
Garnet: Gyul Gilmu has a 100 million bounty on his head too, and guys from all over the world have been in arms trying to catch the guy, but no one has had any luck.

I'm just taking a stab in the dark here, but he's probably got lots of dolls out there.

(Sfx- Patan clack)

Juju: Hmph!

As if anyone would believe that guy!

Lira, lets get the heck out of...


What's up with you? Before you were trying to run away too...are you mad?


Lira: Hey Juju, didn't you hear him?! We could have a lot of friends all around the world!!

Juju: You seem...happy.

Lira: Yeah.

Isn't it incredible?! I feel great...!

Juju: Friends around the world.....

{And so the tale of magical dolls begins....}

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