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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Gintama 342

I'll cast you into solitary.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 22, 2011 06:32 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 342

Dont' go to jail kids. Or you'll be scared straight by me, as I make you translate this in my place. Why am I in jail? Because translating this chapter for the last two days has driven me criminally insane. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

Hi wa mata noboru scans only, or I'll cast you into solitary.

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(Tag- Warden's Room)

Shachi: No...

No way...

You mean to tell me that perverted, malicious and twisted Warden...

Has been writing these letters for the old guy's sake...

this whole time?

Lesson 342: I'll Throw You Into Solitary

Shachi: Just so the old guy wouldn't know that his son died

he's been writing letters pretending to be him?

Gintoki: If he let the old man have a meeting with his son, these letters would go to waste on top of everything.

That's why he was doing everything he could to make me cause an uproar

so he could revoke the old man's amnesty.


Shachi: Why the hell... would the Warden do all of this....?

Gintoki: Beats me.

I guess even he...

has his heart moved by the old dude....

Guards: Attention prisoners!!

Open that door and release the jailers at once!!

Or else we will have additions to your prison sentences!!

Prisoners: Aren't YOU guys the ones who locked us in this place to begin with?

We're just doin' what we're told and staying in the jail!!

If you REALLY want the jailers, is it okay if we leave then, too?!

Shachi: D-Dammit...

They finally started a real rebellion.

They took the guards as hostage and barricades the place.

Gintoki: Looks like the warden got his wish without us realizing it.

This uproar's really gonna put the kibosh on the old man's meeting.

Shachi: But more than that, those guys are definitely not gonna let the warden get out of this alive. And in the worst happens, the poor old man is could get swept up into it...


Gintoki: That would be a problem.

If he dies, I won't have anybody left to prove I'm innocent.

And we finally got proof of his wrongdoings, too.

The crime of fooling a feeble old man...

And I've gotta make sure it's clearly connected to him.

Shachi: A-Aniki...

Proof of wrongdoing... Are you saying you were after that from the very beginning.....?

Gintoki: Thanks for the help, buddy.

You'd better hide though. You do any more, and you really will get your head cut off and put on public display.

(Sfx- Gah grab)

Shachi: Wait.

You've used the great Shachi for your bullshit long enough...

Now it's my turn to use you.

I don't really give a rats ass about the old guy or the warden...

But I can't let that the prisoner's sentences get extended for that rotten warden's sake.

I'll act as a decoy to attract the attention of these guards.

During that time, you go and stop that stupid rebellion.


Gintoki: Hey wait... that's...

Shachi: Make as big a ruckus as you can, and earn your prison sentence.

Then we can still...

hang out here in the prison together.

Gintoki: You...


Guards: Hey look! It's Shachi!!

Shachi's here!! Seize him!!

Try to catch me if you dare, fools...

Don't think you can grab the sleeves...

of the king of crime, Shachi, so easily!!

Guard: But they're already torn off!!

(Sfx- Gagahh graaaab)

{I leave it to you,}



{Just leave things after this to me, Buri...}

TL Note: That one 鰤 has the 魚 fish radical, too. It means yellowtail.

Shachi: IT'S ShachiIII!!!


Prisoner: Dammit!

(Sfx- Gaaan thump)

Where the hell'd that bitch-ass warden go?!!

In the confusion, some of the other jailers fought back and we lost track of him.

Shachi and his subordinates who didn't join the rebellion aren't here either!! Dammit!!

Without our hostage, we're gonna get crushed for sure!!

He's got to still be in here somewhere, find him!!

No matter what, that's the one guy we've got to kill!!

Guard: Warden...

We've got quite a few casualties here... we need medical treatment fast, or else..

Unfortunately, the prisoners are blocking the exits...

(Handwritten- Hey old man, speak to me!)

(Handwritten- Hey! Old man!)

Warden: The prisoners are looking for me.

I'm going to try and hold them back here.

While I'm doing that, you guys contact the outside to guide reinforcements here and then transport the injured.

(Sfx- Yoro wobble)

Warden: We don't have a lot of time, so act quickly.


Guards: But Warden!! W-What about you?

D... Do you want to die?!!

Warden: Could you give this...

To the old man?

(Letter- Beri Kuzunosuke)

Warden: It's my last letter to him.

(Sfx- Hyahahahah!!)

Prisoners: Foooound yoooou~

Hey whatcha all doin' over there, hu~~h?!

(Sfx- Gararaaa raaaatle)

(Sfx- Gachaaan ka-kraaaaash)

Warden: Hurry up and go!!

If you don't get moving, I'll throw you into solitary!!

Guards: Warden!! We're gonna go call for help and then come right back!!

S...So don't die!!



{----Dear Gramps.}

{Sorry, but this isn't a letter from your son.}

{The fact that you have this letter in your hands probably means}

{that for some reason or other, a time has come where I am no longer here, and can no longer deliver your son's letters.}

{But there's no real need to worry.}

{Your son is fine.}

{Because of work, he got transferred to a different planet or something, so it's hard for him to send letters now.}

{You see, it's because there are some formalities needed in order to deliver documents from different planets.}

{Between writing letters from his new post on the new planet, I lost sight of writing letters for you.}

{Because of my own selfish situation...}

{I wasn't able to deliver your letters until the very end... I'm sorry.}


{You probably don't even remember any more,}

{but when I first got transferred to this prison, I had no place.}

{No matter where I went, I was always getting involved in no good work. And like like my parents were disowning me, I was sent into duty at this prison.}

{I was still a young kid who didn't know anything about the real world, so the prisoners weren't gonna listen to a thing I said. More over, because my folks had pulled some strings, I got shunned by the guards there, too.}

{At a time like this, I found myself appealing to...}

{The oldest prisoner in this jail.}

{The rules of the jail, the way to interact with crafty prisoners, clever pearls of worldly wisdom,}


{for prisoners who lived in those dark cells, just how much hope the light of the outside world meant.}

{You taught me all those things.}

{To say I'm a fine man now is hard to say,

{and I'm well aware it's nothing to be proud of, but I think...}

{despite how unsightly it is, the fact that I'm still able to stand in this prison on two strong feet is...}

{because of what you did for me.}


{All I was able to do for you was deliver letters, but...}

Prisoners: The hell is up with him?!

{if they brought you even just a little hope, I'm happy.}

{The letters will probably get delayed now...}

Prisoner: Just die already!!

{But please, don't forget that there are people outside of that cell that are thinking of you.}

{And please don't forget that your son's not the only one.}

{Thank you for all the help you've been to me for so long.}

{Sincerely, the corrupt Warden.}

Prisoners: Finally down for the count, huh?

(Sfx- Zuruzuru draagdrag)

Prisoners: Hey, we're not done yet!

Now this is perfect. It's the solitary cell you love so much!

This place'll make a great tomb for ya!!

Just consider this our token of appreciation for takin such GOOD care of us!


(Sfx- Dosu dogooh blooosh bloorosh)

(Sfx- Bicha bucha blisssh blassh)

Prisoner: Awww damn, he's gotta be way past dead now.

O~~h. Scary. A prisoner's grudge sure is a ferocious thing.

Heh. I think I'll be joining in a little myself.


(Sfx- Dodooooo thoooom)

Prisoner: Wha---

(Sfx- Beshaaaa slissssh)

(Sfx- Bushaaa blssssh)

Gintoki: Hey.

Let me tell you bastards that have no chance of ever rejoining society something important.

When you enter someone's cell, you knock first.

It's only proper prison etiquette.

Especially when you're going into solitary, watch out.

Cause there could be really bad criminals livin' in there.


Prisoners: You---


Warden: Y-You jackass...

Why... are you here...?

(Sfx- Parah flutter)

Gintoki: It's a little early for you to be punching out.

We're still not at the day of the face-to-face meeting yet, you idiot son. ["son" in italics.]

Warden: J...


Prisoners: B-Bastard, are you joining their side?

Have you forgotten what he's done to you?!

Gintoki: Nah, I haven't forgotten anything. Let me have a turn now. You guys have already distracted yourself from your own grief enough.

But if you still haven't had your fill of rioting, you can play with me.

Hey Warden, I hope you haven't forgotten our promise...

If I go wild...

you'll let me out of here.

(Sfx- Pushuuuu fwooo)

Gintoki: I've been trying so hard to hold back this whole time, but there's no need for that anymore.

Finally I can get do some nice refreshing ass-whoopin'~~

Now, who's got the most pent up grief? Let's get this Tenkaichi Stress Butoukai started!

Prisoners: SUIT YOURSELF!!!


(Sfx- Dododododo Tpmtpmtpmp)


Gintoki: WELCOME


(Sfx- Bata bata bata tmptmptmp)

Guards: Warden!!

Are you okay?! Warden!!

What the hell? Not only is the warden not here,

I don't even see any rioting prisoners!



There's a prisoner over there!!

(Handwritten- Why's he wearing that western getup?)

Guard: Hey! You stop right there!

Where are you going!?

(Sfx- Bata bata tmptmp)

Warden: Stop it.

Guards: W---Warden!!

Warden: ...Release him.

Guards: Eh?


Warden: There's no cell in this jail...

that can hold him.

(Sfx- BAAannnn dooom)

Prisoner: The prison sure feels refreshed, doesn't it?

Course, in exchange we've got a really crowded medical room.

Now the guards and the prisoners are having beddy-bye time together and getting along.

Geez, talk about your masterpieces. Both sides could use having their heads cooled a little.

The one saving grace was that nobody died. Otherwise we'd have a decent chance of being beheaded and having our heads put on public display.

Eh, I dunno about that. But it looks like they don't intend to blame us prisoners for this stunt.



Oh you didn't know...?

The Warden is....

(Sfx- Kiiiii reeeee)

(Sfx- Godooon thunk)


Gintoki: Great job, Mr. Warden.

I knew it. Guys who wear hats are always balding.

Well, hopefully your next job won't make your head waste away as fast.

.......I heard you took responsibility for all that the prisoners did.

What's with the winds blowing in a such different direction...? The rest of your hair's gonna get blown off.

Warden: It's just the look my body gave me.

Moreover, I knew the risk of having toys like those prisoners was high from the start.

Especially with guys like you there.

Gintoki: Compared to how passionately you were playing pen-pal,

I look as cute as Peko-chan.

TL Note: Peko-chan is a little girl character that's the mascot of Fujiya Co.

Between a harsh reality and a kind illusion...

You chose the latter. And that meant lying until the very end.

But you got scare. Along with having to keep lying, the day the lies would be found out got closer.

So in the end, you threw everything away so you could get out while your lies were still intact.

(Sfx- Pochaa splissh)

Gintoki: But thanks to that, the talk about the old man's fact-to-face meeting's gonna resurface. What're you gonna do?

Warden: ...I no longer have the authority to do a damn thing about it. I don't even have the right to pass through this gate.

Gintoki: You don't have the authority to complain, either.

(Handwritten- Up I go.)

Gintoki: Do you think I'm just going to forgive you for involving me in this?


Gintoki: Well, you're a corrupt warden, so are you going to make the old man face reality and laugh at the sight of him bawling his eyes out,

or are you going to make him dance to your illusion until he dies? Pick one and go face him.

It's the only way I'll be willing to forget you for throwing me in the clink.

If you can't do that much, I'll take your head now...

And end myself back in the jail.

Warden: Hmph...

If I'm a corrupt warden, then you're the devil incarnate.

...The old man couldn't tell me

that giving prisoners happiness was such a difficult thing.

Would it be to the old man's benefit for me to keep deceiving him?

Or would it be better for him to be told the truth?

I don't even know anymore.

Gintoki: Warden...

You've fooled the old guy for a pretty long time now...

Or maybe you've just been showing him the illusion of hope.


Whether you're really his son or you're really a corrupt warden or not, the feelings you felt for the old guy

were no illusion.


It's time for the face-to-face meeting.

Warden: Wait, I can't...

Gintoki: You don't have the authority to enter anymore?

That ain't true.

(Sfx- Kuih swfft)


(Sfx- Gogooon thooom)

Gintoki: I brought in the criminal charged with falsifying documents and identity fraud.

Shachi: O-Okay! Bring that maggot in!

Your victim is waiting for you in the meeting room! You'd best call yer momma, apologize and beg for forgiveness, maggot!!

Warden: You...


(Sfx- paan paan slaam)

Guards: Y-Yeah....a rubdown with a dry towel in the middle of winter sure feel good against the skin, right?

Yeah totally, I hear you. I don't know a thing about any prisoners stealing out clothes. If anything like that happened, we didn't see.

(Sfx- Pon pat)

Gintoki: Warden-donno...

Welcome to a once in a lifetime prison play.


Announcer: You've got 10 minutes, okay?

Any more time than that, the chief of police'll find out. No---I mean it's against the rules so you'll be immediately be shot to death.

Old guy: Well well, they sure have added some ill-bred prisoners.

I heard you quit your job...

Have you found a new one yet?

Warden: ...No.

I'm gonna... be looking now.

Old guy: ...Ah, okay.

...Well, whatever happens out there, do it well.

So next time I won't be able to call you a corrupt warden.

Warden: ..........Yeah...


Old guy: Jailer-san? We're done here.

Guard: Huh? Already?

Warden: Wait.... old man...

I, that is...

Old guy: You don't need to say anything.

It's the same as always... We talked about silly little things.

That's plenty enough to satisfy me.

Warden: O-Old man...you...

You... Do you mean...?

(Sfx- Zuh sff)

Old guy: I read it.

You really tried to write something better than normal, huh?

But...... your handwriting was terrible like usual.


I was just writing these letters for my son in the outside world.

I don't know where I went wrong teaching him. He ended up totally ill-natured, but he's always diligent about his work.

To that foolish son.

...Do you have any problem with that?


Old guy: ..........I'm glad you came to see me today.

No matter where you end up going out there,

you'll write to me, right?

(Sfx- Pota pota drip drip)

Warden: Yeah...

I promise I will.

Old guy: You promise?

Wadern: Yeah, and if I break that...

chuck me into solitary.

(Sfx- Gosuuh thok)

Gintoki: Ow.

(Sfx- Gororororo rooool)

(Side text- Certainly, a bond now exists there....)

GINTAMA LESSON 342...................END.

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#1. by Casvault ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2011
Cool & Thanks
#2. by Goral ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2011
Thanks :D. But we still don't know whether warden has learned his lesson to pay for his plays with babes ;P.
#3. by [MTT]Kamikaze ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2011
Awesome Bomber, thanks as always!
Wow, the end seriously brought tears to my eyes at the same time as the Warden cried. Also bonus points for badass Gintoki who looked almost like he had TTGL spiral eyes there xD

And I'd like to point out that his line

"Now, who's first up to smell what I'm cooking? I've got a Tenkaiichi budokai amount of stress to work out, so shall we get started?"

Besides the obvious ref to Dragon Ball is also a shout out to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and his saying "Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?"
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