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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 345

Long title is as usual long.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 25, 2011 00:50 | Go to Gintama

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I spent an entire day on this. Putting aside the fact that I'm sick again, I'm begining to realize that I have a problem. Guys, I'm an M. To spend a day on something that I'll get nothing for in return, means I'm an M. Not even the good type of M.

Hi wa mata noboru scans only.

(Side text- A long last, they're back! The novel series 'Gintama 3rd year Z class Ginpachi Sensei' will have a new work released on April 4th (Monday)!! The TV Anime will return to airwaves April 4th (Monday) at six with all new episodes on TV Tokyo! The newest volume of the manga #38 is out in stories everywhere!! 'Nanja Town in Gintama' has opened!! For more info, check out the Nanja town HP!!)

(Side text- The sound of heavily falling snow...)


Hijikata: Uugh....

Where am I....

Wait, now that I think of it....


Hijikata: Wasn't I on the Shogun's ski trip envoy?


(Sfx- Zuboooo fwoosh)

Hijikata: Shogun!!

(Sfx- Suboooo blooosh)

Hijikata: Where's the Shogun!!!

(Sfx- Zuboooo bloooosh)

Hijikata: Goddammitall!!

He's not hereee!!

The Shogun's not friggin' hereeeeeeeee!!!


Hijikata: Shit, I need to call for rescue!!

Out of range?!

Quit messin' with me....

How'd we end up this far into the mountain range?!

No pathways...

No indication of human life...

And no hope of being saved.

(Sfx- Kashaaa dsssh)

Hijikata: And all I've got here are the most useless bastards ever.

There's not even a possibility of hope.

(Top text- One more time so that you don't forget....the Anime's back April 4th (Monday) at 6!!)

Hijikata: It's a disaster....

Forget guard to the shogun, we're...

in our own accident.

(Side text- Very true.)

Lesson 345: No Matter How Hard You Work to Build a Snow Hut, the Next Day It'll Get Destroyed by Some Shitty Brat





(Handwritten- Gun-sama Sama, maaa)

(Sfx- Pachi pachi crackle crackle)

???: Our heads are gonna roll..

With things having gotten this bad, everyone here's gonna get their heads cut off and put on public display


Gintoki: What the hell? You got us upstanding citizens mixed up with the beheadings?

We just won a ski trip in the shopping district lottery. You guys are the ones on a slow boat to hell.

Hijikata: So, was using the Shogun as a snowboard part of your trip itinerary?

Gintoki: As if. The moment I noticed he'd gone under my feat on his own.

Kagura: He said something like this before, yes?

'The one who stands above needs to understand how those who stand below think.'

Hijikata: That aside, I seriously doubt that he wanted to be another man's snowboard.

Kondo: So using that logic, when you used me as a board Toshi...

It was because you wanted me as a chief to understand the feelings of those below me?

Hijikata: Yeah! Totally! That's it! That's what I was doing anyway!!

Tae: If we leave the Shogun-sama in his underwear like that, it won't be long before he freezes to death.

???: Um, sister. There's someone right in front of your eyes in just their underwear that you're leaving alone.

Tae: They say that the best way to keep warm is for everyone to sit around naked holding each other. So lets go find some naked people, shall we?

Gintoki: Someone please bring a blanket. A blanket they can use to wrap my heart in.

???: Before saving the Shogun or trying to gather everyone together,

first we need to ensure our own safety.

Okita: Makes sense, since this is a disaster after all.

Katsura: First let us split our priorities into two. Ascertaining that everyone here is fine, and then searching for the shogun.

Yes. There is no need to worry. Normally the Shogun is someone we should be overthrowing, but given my position and status in this situation, there's nothing I can say to do anything about it now.


Katsura: Listen everyone! We must forget our problems and recall our humanity! Stand firm against this disaster and go forth!!

From now on I will be the sole leader! Feel free to throw yourselves into my bosom!!

Okita: Well, if the Shogun thing gets real bad, we can just blame all of it on him.

Katsura: Are you all listening? Do you think you could get your leader out of here soon?!

Hijikata: When the others realize that we're all missing, the other members of the convoy will come and save us.

Katsura: Um, hello?! Hey!!

Hijikata: We're just going to bust our asses to make sure that the Shogun is alive. So how about we split into two teams?

Katsura: Ah! I said that! It was my idea!! You're stealing my idea!!

Hijikata: There's a small hill over there. We should be able to use that as a lookout.

We'll light a flame there and keep the smoke going. That'll be the basis for our movements.

One group finds somewhere warm for us to stay.

The other group goes to find the Shogun. Hopefully we can find him today.

Shinpachi: Search now? The snowstorm is getting worse and worse. It could be dangerous.

Hijikata: That's why we've got the smoke going so you can find your way back.

Shinpachi: But it's really dangerous to be wandering around like this. If someone else ends up a victim, what'll we do then?

Hijikata: Fine, to be fair, we'll go with rock paper scissors.

???: All right, here goes! First is rock! Paper scissors....


(Sfx- Hyooooooo fwoooooo)

Everyone: Good luck!

Shinpachi: Kondou-san, take care out there!

Kondo: ...Uh, "take care", he's really not taking anything.

Gintoki: WHAT? Did you say something?

Kondo: Aren't you guys forgetting something?

Shinpachi: What? Did we really forget something?

Okita: Well, it is kinda cold...

Shinpachi: Oh yeah! The Shogun must be freezing! We'll need to get him something warm!! Does anyone have some clothes or something~~~

Gintoki: Hey now, now that I think of it don't we have something he can wear...?

Around your waist?

Tae: Oh Kondou-san, you're such a scatterbrain~~ Please try to focus!

Kondo: Ahahahah... oh man, you found me out.

Tae: Just make sure you give him something warm to wear once you find him.

Kondo: W—well then, I'm off...

Hijikata: Hold on a sec.

Now that I think about it, Kondo-san you don't have anything to wear do you?

I can't believe we'd forget that.

C'mon, let's at each at least lend Kondou-san one item to wear. If we all pitch in, he won't be cold at all.


(Sfx- Hyoooooooo fwhooooo)

Everyone: Be careful out there, Kondo-san!

Kondo: Y—yeah...

(Handwritten- All you gave are gloves, though..)

Katsura: Hey, wait.

Kondo: Don't underestimate the harsh cold of a winter mountain. If you do, you'll lose your life.

Here, wear this..

Kondo: K—Katsura.

Katsura: I said it before. We need to forget our differences and work together to survive this.

(Sfx- Gabohh toff)

(Sfx- Gorogorogorogoro roooooooolllll)


(Sfx- Hyoooooo fwooooooh)

Kagura: The snow. It is falling even harder now, yes?

It seems that there will be a blizzard tonight.

Shinpachi: I wonder if the Shogun and Kondo-san will be okay?

Gintoki: You should make worrying about yourselves your top priority.

If we don't secure someplace to sleep in a hurry, we'll freeze to death.

A cottage or something would work, are there any?

Shinpachi: If there was something like that around here, we wouldn't even call this a disaster. We're facing a problem because there aren't any people around.

Kagura: Look over there. They are up to something, yes?

Hey, do you government dogs have some food for us?

Okita: Don't go lumping us with you. I don't go eating things that I see on the ground.

Kagura: Is that so? You would never pick any up?

Aiyah, my sukonbu has dropped from my pocket.

Hehe...what should I do now?

(Sfx- Poto tp)

Gintoki & Shinpachi: UGAHHHHHHHH!!!

(Sfx- Zushaaaaaaaaaaa dssssssssssssh)


Kagura: What, you fell for that, Gin-chan, Shinpachi? It is embarrassing, stop!!

Gintoki: The moment it touches the ground it's returned to being a part of nature! This food belongs to meee!!

(Sfx- Ukiiiin roaar)

Kagura: No! That is mine!

Hijikata: Uh, what're you doing? If you idiots are gonna get in the way, then go return to being part of nature.

Geez, this isn't the time to be playing around with our precious rations.

(Sfx- Poto thop)

Hijikata: Damn. I've dropped my Mayo.

What'll I do?

(Sfx- Buuun fwfff)


Okita: And now the annoyance is gone.

Shinpachi: Okita-san, are you making a snow hut?

Okita: Well, we sure as hell can't hope to find any cottages around here where there are no people.

But we've got a crap-load of snow.

So if we hole up in some snow, we'll be able to get out of the wind.


Gintoki: Oh dear, did you hear that, Kagura-san?

It seems that in order to get out of the snow, they're digging a hole in the snow.

Kagura: Pufufu, it seems the country monkeys have turned into beasts.

You could never escape the cold by going inside a pile of snow. It would be like walking into a freezer, yes?

Gintoki: You won't escape Freeza-sama's cool-headed attacks just by hiding in a little pocket!! Do you remember the pain of Vegeta whose home planet was destroyed while acting as his underling?!!

Okita: Fine then, you go in.

Gintoki: No thank you. I've no interest in freezing to death.

Besides, It'll probably start leaking. It'd be really easy to mistake this thing for an outhouse.

(Sfx- Goh thok)

Hijikata: Get in there.

Shinpachi: How is it? Gin-san? Kagura-chan?

Huh? Gin-san? Kagura-chan?

{What? I don't believe it...}

{It's actually sort of... warm.}


{And not just externally warm...}

{It's like some... .warmth spreading though our hearts and relaxing us...}

{What is this, this feeling...?}

{This is... this is almost like...}

{Like being in mommy's...}


Shinpachi: Wow, it's really warm in here!

Hijikata: Of course. Once you head in, human warmth is kept in, and cold is kept out. That's why the warmth sticks around.

Hijikata: Oh, I see. Because of the narrow entrance, the heat coming from the humans gets kept inside. If you put a lid on it it'd be even warmer.

Okita: Well, we're not lending it to you guys.

Because there's a better place to sleep somewhere else, apparently.

Gintoki: N... No, that's totally okay.

We'll be okay holding out in this small dark place.

Okita: There isn't even enough room here to roll over.

Hijikata: So hurry and get out! What're you doing just lazing around in there?

Gin: You guys are the one who told us to go in! You should be thankful we're lazing in

Hey, did you just fart at me!?


Gintoki: Fine be like that.

We'll just find somewhere else to rest.

(Sfx- Zugooooo dooosh)


Gintoki: What? The way you were talking about it, I thought any exit would be fine...

Hijikata: Quit screwing around, dammit! You did that totally on purpose! You were frustrated so you broke it!!

Now what are we going to do?! The blizzard is getting worse now!!

(Sfx- Hyuuuuuu fwoooooosh)

Hijikata: Now that the snow has picked up, the cold is gonna sap all of our strength!! Do you seriously wanna freeze to death?!!

Katsura: Heeey!

Over here everyone!

This is not the time to be fighting each other.

Here, you can all come into my snow hut! Hurry!

Hijikata: Katsura, who gave you permission to move around on your own?

Katsura: I'm already well used to this situation, so I did some investigating and found this hole.

Kagura: What is that place anyway? It is where a bear would hibernate, yes?

Katsura: Worry not, if it's the beast you're worried over, I've already chased it out.


Shinpachi: Really? This isn't a Bear's cave?

Katsura: Hahaha, no, there's no bear here.

Why this place is...




Gintoki: Why would a legendary cryptid be living hereeee?! Moreover why would a bigfoot wear sneakers?!

Katsura: Well, I couldn't really ascertain whether it really is him or not. I was disturbed as well.

So it may just be an old guy with really big feet, I guess.


Katsura: I requested lodgings for the night, but they turned a deaf ear to me.

So with a few strokes of the pen, I decided to leave them a note, and for one reason or another they understood me.

Gintoki: They don't seem to have understood anything! There's blood coming from the foot because of your thumb tack!

Katsura: To think they'd leave such a splendid bed behind...

Gintoki: That's just a stinky sneaker, dammit!!

Katsura: At least in here, I don't have to worry about freezing to death...



(Sfx- Zunnn thump)

(Sfx- Zunn thump)

Gintoki: I hear footsteps, and they're getting close!

(Sfx- Zunn thump)

(Sfx- Zunn thump)

Gintoki: Holy crap, I think Bigfoot's on his way back!

Lets get the hell out of here!!

(Sfx- Bata bata tmp tpm)

Katsura: Hey! Where are you going?! There's a pin stuck to my back...!!


Katsura: Ah, you came back!

There seems to be a pin stuck to my back...I thought I would be mincemeat for sure.

Oh yeah, that's it...right there.


(Sfx- Ugahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)

(Sfx- Hyuuuuuu fwooooooo)

Hjikata: Crap...this is really getting bad...

If we don't find some shelter from this blizzard, we're all going to die out here...
Tae: Everyone!

Over here!

I found a good place for us to rest!

Shinpachi: Sister!!


Shinpachi I can't believe there was a cave in a place like this.

Gintoki: Well, it's still pretty cold, but at least we can avoid becoming snowmen in here.

Tae: Yes, and I think we'll be able to find something to eat in here, too.

Tae: Oh? Is that so?

Here, look.

I got all the food you could want right here!

Shinpachi: Sister...

What are those?

Tae: Chupacabras.


(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmmble)

Tae: This seems to be...

A Chupacabra nest...

But there's no need to worry.

On the other side where the Chupacabras sleep there aren't any bears or bigfeet.

but the ancient capital of civilization which was said to be taken over and destroyed by the Chupacabras in one night, Fazan.

If we defeat the Chupacabras and reach the nerve center of Fazan,

then this whole disaster would be just a petty problem. It would solve everything.

Now everyone, stand firm.

We'll fight, and seize victory with your own hands!

If we all fight together we can win!!



Tae: Huh...?

(Sfx- Hyuuuuuu fwooooo)

Gintoki: Hey....

Do you think we even have a chance to make it to tomorrow?

(Sfx- Buru buru gaku gaku shiver shiver)

Gintoki: Do you think...

We'll make it to Edo aliveeeeeee?!

(Side text- Going right to the bottom~!)

GINTAMA LESSON 345.............END.

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