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Hajimete No Aku 122

Kyouko's feelings.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Aug 23, 2011 02:33 | Go to Hajimete No Aku

-> RTS Page for Hajimete No Aku 122

You know, since Fujiki's designs for the girls are really sorta similar, I had to use bust sizes to figure out who was talking when. I R SO SMART LULZ.

Hyena scans only.

(Top text- The evil organization high school branch lodging arc begins!!)

(Sfx- Chiyo chiyo tweet tweet)

(Sfx- Kan kan kan kan clang clang clang clang)

Kyouko: Ugh...

Aki: Eeh...

Yukari: Wakey wakey everyone!!

It's morning! Rise and shine!

(Sfx- Kan kan kan clang clang clang)

Yuki: Fweeeh?

(Side text- Kyosato-sensei's rigid 'Evil' lodging trip begins!!)

Yukari: I've always dreamed of waking my students up with a frying pan!

(Sfx- Paaah fwaaaah)

Yukari: Ahh~ Being a teacher is wonderful!

Kyouko: What kind of dream is that?



Chapter 122: Kyouko's feelings.

(Side text- The path you take is your decision?!)

(Side text- A celebration for reaching 10 volumes!! A illustration and autograph! Volume 10 is out in stores everywhere!!)

(Arrow- Future.)



(Sfx- Chiyo chiyo tweet tweet)

(Sfx- Bashaaah splaaash)

Kyouko: Ah..!

The cold water is so revitalizing~

Aki: And the air is crisp!

Though I wonder what to expect?

To be honest, I was a bit scared when sensei said we'd be staying at this temple overnight.

Yuki: But now that we've gotten settled, things aren't too bad!

Shizuka: It's sorta like how I live at home!

Kyouko: I guess so...

I'm still a little freaked out though.


{Last time: Kyouko-san still anxious about her future took Kyosato-sensei's advice and went on an overnight lodging trip. However, is being unemployed really a bad thing?)

Jiro: Finally awake, you lot?

Midoritani: Mornin'!

Shizuka: Good morning everyone!

Aki: 'Sup?

Yuki: You boys are already awake?

Kyouko: Oh, so you guys went fishing?

Midoritani: Yup, for breakfast.

(Sfx- Guuuuu groooowl)

(Sfx- Gurururuu grrrrlll)

Yuki: Any luck?

Kimura: Heheheh...


(Sfx- Bichii slfft)

Kimura: I managed to catch all of these on my own!

???: Ooh! Nice job!

(Sfx- Wai)

Midoritani: To be honest, Jiro-kun taught us quite a bit.

Yuki: You can, like fish Jiro-kun?

Jiro: Hahahah! But of course!

Kimura: Hah, but you know I'm the one who caught 7 of 'em!

Shizuka: I'd expect nothing less from Jiro-san!

Luna: You're really something!

Saburo: I caught this big one!!

Luna: Lying's not good for you shortpants. As if you could get something that big!

Aki: I called dibs on the big one! If you want it, ya gotta beat me in rock paper scissors!

Saburo: Who's short?

Yukari: Isn't everyone energetic?

Luna: I'm the head of an organization!

Aki: Rock paper...

Kurosawa: Quit fighting.

Yukari: If you're this fired up, then we're in good shape!

Evil training!!

(Sfx- Baaan)

Jiro: Ooh! I look forward to it Sensei!

Kurosawa: It begins...

Yukari: Time for the core of our evil lodging to start!

(Sfx- Dohh fwap)

Yukari: The world of evil is one part physical strength, one part guts!

(Sfx- Dodododododod tmptmtmptmptmp)

Yukari: If you're too slow, you'll get run over~

Luna: Is she seriously riding on a boar?!

Saburo: Sensei knows the animals in the area or something?

Aki: That's crazy!!

Kimura: UNGH!

Midoritani: GEH!

(Sfx- Goh thok)

(Sfx- Gah whock)

Yukari: Pick up the pace people!


Yukari: Just avoid the falling trees to pass! Simple, right?

Kimura: Help meeee!!

Kyouko: N-n-no way!! We'll die!!

Midoritani: This is worse than Kurosawa-san's special training!

Kurosawa: Sensei has an unbelievable amount of killing intent.

Kyouko: Seriously, can we even do this?

Jiro: Er...well..

If anything I'm sure it's sister who taught her these methods..so maybe?

Yukari: Allrighty! Here it comes!

Everyone: Noooo!!

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo Rmmmmmmble)

(Sfx- Hokkori grnnn)


Yukari: Flowing sweat! Tearful youths! And of course the sunset!

This is what being a student is all about!

Kyouko: Someone watches too many dramas....

(Sfx- Zeh hah zeh huff puff)

Yukari: In any case, today's training is complete! Good work everyone!

Jiro: Thank goodness..

Kyouko: I'm soo tired...

(Handwritten- Sensei is totally a sadist...)

(Handwritten- Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Kurosawa: Watari-san, you really are something.

Kyouko: Eh?

Kurosawa: Your physical prowess is much higher than a regular civilian.

Jiro: I'd expect no less from the one I have my eyes on!!

Kursoawa: But she's way better than you in every aspect...

Is it okay for the henchman to be better than the leader?

Jiro: What?

Silence! You didn't get through this evil training unscathed yourself, justice!

Midoritani: C'mon, don't fight...

Kurosawa: What?!


(Handwritten- More like, we don't have any food to eat, do we?)

(Handwritten- That's right! What are we going to do?!)

Kyouko: It's looking more and more like my only choice is to join the organization...

But Is that what I want...?

(Sfx- Guuuuu grrrowl)

Aki: Ugh...

I'm so friggin' hungry. Just eating veggies for dinner didn't do a thing for me.

Luna: But it's hard to catch fish at night...

(Handwritten- Aww...)

(Sfx- Zabaah splissh)

Yuki: Like, you'll be okay if you think of it as a diet...

(Sfx- Kapoooo plooosh)


Luna: But the bath is awesome!

(Sfx- Zabahh splissh)

Luna: I don't feel all sweaty anymore.

Kurosawa(?): But will we be okay like this?

What if the men decide to peek on us?

Yuki: We're, like totally fine!

If they don't keep the bath going from out there...

They'll be in big trouble when their turn comes!

Kimura: Dammit, looking down on us!!

Midoritani: Now now...

Shizuka: I'd be fine if Jiro-san wanted to see though!!

Luna: Huh

Shizuka: In fact I hope he takes a good look!

Luna: What's he going to be looking for? You've got nothing up top to show, little girl!

Shizuka: What?! Back at you!!
(Sfx- Doki doki Throb throob)

Yuki: Hahahah, stop that.


Yuki: Besides, none of you stands a chance against Aki-chan.

(Sfx- Nosah wffft)

(Handwritten- Let me see.)

Aki: Dude, hands off!

Yukari: Ooh, sounds like you're having fun!

(Sfx- Garaaah clatter)

Yukari: What are you all talking about? I wanna join in!

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)

Everyone: You're awesome sensei!

(Sfx- Waaah)

(Sfx- Peh spit)

Kimura: I wanna seeeeee!


Yukari: Watari-san,

Did you tell Akuno-kun how you really feel?

Kyouko: Ah.

Er—no, not yet...

Yukari: Eh?

Akuno-kun would probably be interested in helping you with your problems, Watari-san.

Kyouko: Do you think so?

But that guy has real issues listening to others.

Yukari: You'll be fine!
If you're being honest with yourself, he'll come around eventually.


Kyouko: Hey Jiro.

Jiro: Hm?

Kyouko: What are you doing? The bath's ready for you.

Jiro: I was setting a trap for the fish.

It will be handy to have should we get hungry during this lodging trip.

Everyone should do their best!

(Sfx- Sabooh bloosh)

Jiro: In all honesty I was rather surprised!

I knew that you were limber, Kyouko but even I am shocked at your progress!

I certainly hope you'll consider holding your seat in our club!

Kyouko: Ah...

U—um, Jiro...

Jiro: Hm?

Kyouko: I know you're set on me being your underling or whatever...



Kyouko: What if I were to tell you that I don't want to be a part of the organization?

Jiro: What's with this all of a sudden?

You...you're not planning to side with the allies of justice?!

Kyouko: I didn't say that!

I'm just hypothesizing! That's it!

What if there's something else I want to do?

I'm asking what you'd do then?!

Jiro: I suppose there would be no other choice,

but for me to rescind my efforts.



{Why do I feel so....}

Jiro: But this is just a 'what if' scenario, right?

In any case, I should return to the baths....

(Sfx- Gyoo)

Jiro: Kyouko?!

(Sfx- Poro poro drip drip)

Jiro: Wh—what's the matter?

Kyouko: Ah..um...this....?



Kyouko: It's nothing! I'm sorry for asking!

(Sfx- Tah dash)

Jiro: W—wait! Hey!

What on earth? Why was she crying?

Did I do something? Was this my fault?! Eeeeeh?!

(Sfx- Gogogogogogogogogo rrrrrrrrrrrmble)

Luna&Shizuka: Sh--


abandoning the battlefield?!

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmble)

Luna: W—what should we do I didn't expect this...

Shizuka: Fufufufu..

I've been searching for an opening! Now I can snag Jiro-san for sure!

I won't let this opportunity side by!

I'm going to get Jiro-san this time, and no one can stop me!!

The strong shall eat, and the weak are meat!

(Sfx- Gooohhh fwhooomp)

(Handwritten- I couldn't have said it better myself!)

Luna: Badass! You're pretty evil!!


Yukari: I wonder if Watari-san got over her troubles?

Girls: Fuwah!

Kurosawa: You'd better make sure to change the water in the bath before you get in.

Kimura: Wha?!

{The others remained blissfully unaware.}

(Side text- Next issue, a stormy night during the lodging trip!?)


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