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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 367

The thorns that poke the cogwheel.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Sep 22, 2011 03:23 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 367

Even with a typhoon hitting her country, a certain Japanese Gintama fan still got me this script that made this translation almost (key word, ALMOST) painless. Long live Japan, and her mighty yet kind people.

Hi wa mata noboru scans only.


(Side text- TETU in a pinch?!)

Dude: The target is alone.

If we're going to spring on him, now's the time.

He's about to head in that direction.

You guys ready?

Whatever you do, don't let him get away.

Hey newbie...

He's on his way over here...make sure he don't get away or nutthin, okay?

Hey you listenin' to me?



Gintoki: What?

Yeah, sure. Whatever~

Lesson 367: The thorns that poke the cogwheel.

(Side text- What are YOU doing here?)

Dude: Maaan, is he really allright here?

Dude's bullshittin' with us for sure...

{From: Sabu-chan//Subject: Keep up the good work.//How's work going? Be sure to check your text message inbox from time to time.}

Gintoki: What?!

You want me to infiltrate and observe?!

Sasaki: Yes. You see, the Mimawarigumi is pursuing a certain organization...

So I'd like you to assist us by infiltrating their ranks and getting information.

Gintoki: What kind of organization? If it's those AKB chicks, I'd be more than happy to. What do you want to know? Their three sizes?

(TN-AKB is a group of teenage girls who acts idols and sing.)

Gintoki: Though I'm more than positive you want info on the JOY guys...the patriots who are into ponytails and divine punishment.

They're in a heavy rotation.


Sasaki: You know your stuff. Us Elite cops serve the most elite of people in the most elite manner.

There have been reports of the patriots slipping into our elite ranks, so we need to elitely root them out in the most elite way possible.

Gintoki: Dude, you're overusing the word 'elite'.

Sasaki: Rather than being as cute as Itano Tomomi from AKB, these men are in fact rather fearsome.

Gintoki: For someone who uses elite so much, you sure know how to elitely ruin a conversation.

Sasaki: Though with you, there's a chance of you becoming the center of the JOY's attention. You may be able to make this more than a fleeting dream.

Why, I could tell when I met you that you have what it takes to be the Number 1 terrorist.

Gintoki: I'm really not happy that the dude who arrested me is saying these things.

Sasaki: Our target is the check it out gang.

They used to simply keep their distaste of the Bakfu in their rap beefs and disses....

But as the members of the the team began to grow, they began to entertain the idea of overthrowing the government. It seems even now they're planning to take big strides towards their goal.

The plan is to get close to them and find out what kind of terrorist plot they're hatching.

Upon making contact with them, we'll force them out into the open.

With the information you gather, it'll be much easier to round all of them up at once.

It's a dangerous job to be sure, but once you are done, we'll use the proceeds from the hundreds of CD's they've sold to reimburse you.

You just have to make sure that you manage to get into their ranks without any problem.

Gintoki: Okay...I've managed to infiltrate them.

Damn. I didn't think I'd get thrown into investigating a bunch of criminals today...

(Handwritten- I shoulda got Shinpachi to help out.)


Gintoki: I'm pretty sure they won't be forgiving to me if they find out I'm a traitor...

I hope you plan on taking responsibility if that should happen, Sasaki...

Anyway, all I gotta do is not make any waves and call attention to myself...

(Sfx- Bururru veeeeen)

Gintoki: The hell? Him again? Geez...dude can't take a hint. This ain't the time for me to be idly answering texts.

{From: Sabuchan//Sub: Urgent communication}

Gintoki: Huh? Urgent Communication? Did something happen?

(Sfx- Pih beep)

{My subordinate Nobutasu got some snacks! They look so scrumptious~ If Gin-tan doesn't come back soon, I'm gonna gobble his alll up~. PS- If you want some, please text me back.}

(Sfx- Pan clamp)

(Sfx- Bururu Bururu veeen veeen)

(Sfx- Pihh beep)

{I'm just kidding~ Of course I won't eat your share Gin-tan! Just finish your assignment and you can eat too! I bought this charm to pray for your safe return~ PS: I'm just sooo worried about you, so I decided to send another text.}

(Sfx- Pan clamp)

(Sfx- Bururu bururu veeen veeen)

{I was praying for sunny weather and got a Teruterubozu. PS- If you're curious about the weather here, please send me a text.}

(TN- A Teruterubozu is a small puppet that is believed to keep rain away.)

(Sfx- Pih beep)

(Sfx- Paaan claaamp)

(Sfx- Bururu bururu veeen veeen)

(Sfx- Bururur bururu veen veeen)


{I hope this text gets to you....it appears my rabbit got lonely and died.)

Gintoki: SHUT THE FREAK UP!!!!

(Sfx-Dogooooh thooom)

Gintoki: To what extent do you feel the need to text people?! How addicted are you?!

Do you think you're Shokotan, you asswipe?! Just how much free time do you have?!

(Sfx- Gan gan craash crunch)

Dude: Hey! Why are you making that nose?!

Gintoki: More like, can't you read the damn tension?! You're just sending texts like a mad man!!

(TN- Shokotan is Nakagawa Shouko who is an otaku idol. She has a blog of like a kajillion followers that she updates often.)

Gintoki: If you don't mind, I've got a job to do so quit bother---

(Sfx- Bururru veeeen)

Sasaki: Breaking them is useless you know.


Do you just want to get in the way?!

Sasaki: I had no such intention. It's about time for the target to make his appearance...so I was calling you to be prepared.

Gintoki: The taget?

Sasaki: You should try turning around...he's passing you.


(On envelope: To Hijikata Tamegorou)

{The Vice captain...}

{Entrusted me with this important letter....}

Sasaki: I want to become stronger...

Than you, or even my older brother.

That's why you have to keep getting stronger too, Vice captain.

And please for me, don't run away from older brother.

{I've got to support him...}

{I'll write my own letter as well.}

Hijikata: You're gonna get stronger than me?

Go ahead and try it. I'd like to see how you do.

{This time...}

{It's my turn to shine....I know that's what he's trying to say!}


{If I can deliver this message for the Vice Captain and myself....}

{We can become stronger than anyone...}

{And I can travel the same path...}

{With the Vice captain and everyone...}

Hijikata: I wonder...

If he even knows where the post office is...?

Kondo: Heh, don't sweat it...

Even if he doesn't know where it is, that letter will get delievered.

If it's a letter...

That was written by you...

Tetsu will be..

Just fine.

(Sfx- Basaaah swfft)

(Sfx- Gah dtp)

Dude: Playin' the gopher? Tetsunosuke-kun....

Daaag Tetsu, you were such a badass...

Now you lettin' the Bakfu run you on their leash?

I thought we were gonna bring 'em down together.


Dude: If I didn't know any better...

I'd say you were betraying us.

(Sfx- fuaaaaann weeeee)

(Sfx- Faan faan faan weeooo weeooo)

(Sfx- Butee butte tmp tpm)

(Sfx- Gachaka gachaka clack clack)


(Sfx- Zazaaaan doooom)

Sasaki: Excellent work gents...

Thanks for working with us, it must have been quite troublesome.

Coming all the way out here for that failure....

You're quite the honorable group.

Hijikata: So you knew...

that he was involved with the patriots?

Sasaki: He apparently hid his social status and became one of them...

I suppose this is his sad way of trying to find a place for himself.

Sasaki: The leader of the check it out gang, Enmi Nemuzou probably saw him as a cash cow and decided to use him.

(TN- Sorachi's using kanji to play with words. Enminemuzou sounds very similar to Eminem.)

But as the days went by, they became more radical.

It would be bad news for my stupid little brother if he were found out to be a relative to the police.

Eventually he even lost that place to go to.

Well, it would be found out eventually who he is....

As the Mimawarigumi vice captain’s little brother..

And the vassal of the Shinsengumi's vice captain...

With this, they hoped to get the attention of Edo's police forces...

and crush them in one blow.

Without a doubt that's what their aim was..

As if the heads of the Shinsengumi and Mimawarigumi's leaders...

Are as worthless as his....


Sasaki: Everyone attack!

We have no time to concern ourselves with their hostage. Make sure you annihilate every single patriot here.

Kondo: Wait a second, Sasaki-dono!!

You're going to kill your brother like this...!!

(Sfx- Zazaah ddishh)

Sasaki: Then you can go bargain with them.

Sadly, I have no interest in trading my life for your safety.

Just like I said before....rotten garbage has a habit of polluting it's surroundings.

If you recall, I did say that you should eliminate Tetsunosuke a while back.

Or else something like this would happen.
If I may suggest that you all worry about yourselves?

After all, there's no use in trying to rescue a vassal that used to be a patriot.

And if you have forgotten, he is the direct cause of this situation.

If I, the leader of the Sasaki clan were to be felled in a battle like this...

How would you take responsibility?

Though I am a fan of yours, so I am dutifully looking forward to your answer.


(Sfx- Gahhh grab)

Hijikata: Son of a bitch....

You used him.

You figured since he's a nuisance to you that you'd just erase him and us at the same time?

Kondo: Stoppit Toshi!!

Hijikata: Since it was such a huge inconvience for you to have a little brother in leagues with the patriots, you sent him to us so that we'd look after him.

On top of that we would end up taking responsibility for him, and in a situation like this you'd have a reason to be rid of both of us.

Sasaki: There seems to be a misunderstanding. I'm your fan.

I just wanted to be rid of this organization. If it meant using you to get the means to meet the ends, so be it.

In the organization, there are also misfits like you that are just unusable incompetents.
We had best understand that we are just cogs in the system.

Me? I know. I am nothing more than a gigantic and superior cog.

Hijikata: You're just going to blame your sins on him for his whole life aren't you?!

(Sfx- Gachaaah claaack)

Kondo: Toshiiii!!

(Sfx- Fushhhhuuu fwooosh)

(Sfx- Zaaan fwooosh)

Sasaki: If you'd like to take my head...

The price is your own neck.

(Sfx- Fushuukaaahh fwooof)

(Sfx- Gagaaah c-claaang)

(Sfx- Para clater)

Okita: Draw if you dare.


Okita: Next time I'll penetrate...

Your OOOO.

Kondo: S—Stop this, Toshi, Sougo!!

Calm down, all of you!!

This isn't the time to be acting out of rage..!!

???: FUUUUU~!!!

This is a battle field! Fighting to the death is obvious!!


Eminem: Hey bastards! Take both of those higher ups heads!! I wanna see it get all bloddy up in here!

Everyone's watching the very best SHOW! So lets get it started in here' HEY!!

Go on and do it YO!

I know you've been waitin' so long that your hands are shakin dawgs!

(Handwritten- Do it! Do it! Do it!)

(Sfx- Shakiii shkkk)

(Sfx- Zatshh dooom)


Kondo: TOSHIIII!!!


Sasaki: Now do you understand, Hijikata-san?

If you do, step aside.

Sasaki: I can become stronger than you or my brother...

Never again do I want to stop moving....

I want to walk down the same path as everyone else...

Hijikata: I don't intend on doing what he says...

But you ain't getting past me.

From here on in...

This path is ours.

If you try to pass this point, you'll get pricked by thorns..

If you don't want to get picked apart, go back.


Hijikata: This is for...

Him, and other baragaki like us.

Any guys who think they can slink on by...

Are dead wrong. Not a single one of them will get through.

(Sfx- Zazaah dssssh)

Hijikata: Don't think you can get past these thorns..

Without getting cut.

Sasaki: I see.

So you intend on letting us through here....you surrounded us while they were giving that warning.


Sasaki: Some of your special units are sneaking under neath huh?

To try and save Tetsunosuke? An interesting plan..

But we have special units on our side as well.

Every single one of us has an assignment if you will.

Nobume there is part of our special assassin unit. Her ability to kill is well...elite.

Please go right ahead and push her killswitch...and every single one of you will be eradicated.

I'm afraid she'll not hold back for the hostage or you Shinsengumi members.

Hijikata: Just shut the hell up. You and I will settle things our own way.

Erasing each other ain't a bad way to go. In fact, I'm even a little happy about it.

Sasaki: That face...

Isn't of a man who can possibly believe himself a member of law enforcement.

The two of us are....


(Handwritten- Fierce!!)

GINTAMA LESSON 367...........END.

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