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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Kintama 2

Nobody with a straight perm is a bad guy; 2

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 13, 2011 03:28 | Go to Kintama

-> RTS Page for Kintama 2

Well, that twist was unexpected.

I wonder what a perfect BDR would be like? ....why do I shudder at the thought?

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- The story up until now.)

(The stage is Edo. With the arrival from space of the 'Amanto” and the prohibition of swords 20 years earlier, the once flourishing Samurai are now in decline. In this age clinging to the spirit of the samurai he believes in is one slightly odd man. His name is Sakata Kintoki, and with his straight golden hair and even straighter soul, he is the protagonist of this story. Kintoki saved Shinpachi's older sister from debts, and he soon joined them. Soon after that, the two met Kagura who also joined the Yorozuya. On a certain day, a strange man appeared before the Yorozuya with a silver perm....his name is Sakata Gintoki, and he has appeared in Kintoki's path several times.....what could he want?)

(Side text- Character intros)

{Sakata Kintoki// He's the protagonist of this story. He is a last samurai with a straight perm and an even straighter samurai soul.}

{Shimura Shinpachi// Works under Kintoki in order to learn about the Samurai spirit. He has complete trust in Kintoki.}

{Kagura// A young girl born of the powerful combatant race known as Yato. Can be ferocious at times, but is obedient to Kintoki.}


{Sakata Ginoki// The mystery man who has appeared before Kintoki several times. He harbors hostility towards Kintoki but...}



Gintoki: Pops...

There's some shit I want to forget, so give me another shot.

(Top text- Where art thou, protagonist?!)

Pops: Mister,

I think you've had too many.

Lesson 2: Nobody with a straight perm is a bad guy; 2.

Pops: I think you should call it a night, hear?

Gintoki: Don't worry, I've got cash...

Besides it doesn't mean jack shit anyway...you'll probably forget about me soon anyway.
Pops: What are you saying, mister?

(Sfx- Pasaaah thmpph)


???: Pops, hot sake for me...

And my buddy here.

Pops: Sure thing boss.

Kintoki: Men...

Drink when the times are against them....

Right, bro?

Did something happen?

Gintoki: …..

Nothing much.

I've just got, oh nothing left.

Not a damn thing...

???: Lost it all on a horse?

Gintoki: Something like that.

I made a huge bet on life itself....

And in one night, it cleaned house.

???: The goal was at hand, then a nasty golden horse came from behind...

And snatched everything from you, huh?


(Sfx- Gatatatahh tadsssh)

Gintoki: Y---


Kintoki: Simmer brother, simmer.
I had some free time, and felt bad that we got off on the wrong foot, so I came to try to make up with you by trading glasses.

So why not sit down and have a drink?

Gintoki: Don't screw with me! Why the hell should I....

(Sfx- Kakooooon THOOOM)

Kintoki: Did you not hear me say 'sit down and have a drink'?

(Sfx- Meki meki grnnd grnnd)


{Yo--- You bastard...}


(Sfx- wahhh)

(Sfx- gyahhh)

Gintoki: B---Bastard...

What do you want?!

(Sfx- Doh thok)

Gintoki: What the hell did you do to Shinpachi and Kagura?!

Kintoki: I didn't do anything.

You did read the tanks didn't you?

Everything is right there as it should be.

(Sfx- Toh tmp)

Gintoki: Don't screw with me dammit!

So you're saying everything I've done....

Kintoki: There isn't a person anywhere that can say you've done anything.

The only one who's still spouting that nonsense is you.

There isn't a person around that remembers anything about you.

I have a feeling I know what you're thinking.

Everyone's gone insane, the world has gone insane. Everyone's treating me like a phantom, when it's that guy....

But I think you've gotten things a little mixed up.

The one who's going insane is you, and you alone.

Everything that you've done up until now was nothing but an illusion.


Kintoki: Everything that you THOUGHT you did up until now is in fact all of my doing.

Those 40 volumes that you thought you worked through are all delusions.

Gintoki: That's bullshit and you....

Kintoki: Yet again with the yelling. But the cold hard truth is that you're alone.

Don't you get it? To the rest of us...

You're the weirdo,

Blabbering on and on about nonsense that no one understands.

It's obvious...

You can see it for yourself how this world has been able to keep right on turning without you.

Maybe in your little delusion, you fooled yourself into believing you were needed...

But honestly, things were fine without you.

Maybe just a little...

You can see the truth.

{No one...}

{Looks to you for anything.}

{No one...}

{Needs you.}


{As long as I exist in here in 'reality'...}

{Reality has no need for you, Gintoki.}

(Sfx- Don bmp)

Dude: Hey! Where the hell are you walkin', loser?!

Hey! Hold up!

I'm tellin' ya to wait!!

(Sfx- Fura fura wibble wibble)


{He's totally right...}

(Sfx- Gahh grab)

(Sfx- Dogoooh thhok)

???: You damn drunk!!

(Sfx- Bakiih doook)

(Sfx- Paaan shok*)

???: Who the hell do you think you are walkin' around town like that?!

(Sfx- Gohoh *cough)

{The one who's just getting in the world's way...}

{Is me.}


{The one who isn't suited for jump...}

(Sfx- Dosu dosu thok thok)

Lady: I am this town's queen, and you belong to me!!

{Is me...}

{If that guy is the S...}

{Then the only role that suits me is to be an M.}
Guy: Um, sir...it's about time...


Dude 2: Whoa...look at 'im!!

Lady: E—eeek!!


{Just burn me up...}

{Just let me burn....}

{I won't become gold or silver....}

{But pure white....}

{Like ash....}

KINTAMA LESSON 2.............END.

(Side text- Gintoki suddenly appears!! And he suddenly exits!! Next time will Doutoki appear?!)

(TN- Doutoki would be Coppertoki.,,,,or Bronzetoki?)


Dude: Hey! Did you think if you forcefully ended the chapter you wouldn't have to pay?!

Gintoki: Who said anything about it being over?! I'm still ready to go!!

(Sfx- Kun kun kun snff snff snff)

(Sfx- Kun kun Snff snff)

Gintoki: Shut yer yap, stray dog.

The only minor role I'm suited for is playing gutter trash.

(Sfx- Kun sniff)

(Sfx- Basaaah sffft)

Gintoki: I said get lost, dammit!! Don't you under----

Sadaharu: Woof.

Gintoki: Sada...


(Sfx- Surii Sfft)

Gintoki: Sadaharu...

Dude, do you...remember me...?

Sadaharu: Woof~

(Sfx- Gabuuu glomp)

???: I found you....

(Sfx- Zahhh dssft)

(Sfx- Muga mogoh chew chomp)

(Sfx- Bata bata tmp tmp)

???: There's still someone in this world....

That hasn't yet drowned in that golden color...

Just one person...

one dog,

(Sfx- Zupooh plook)


Tama: And one machine.

I've been looking for you,


Gintoki: T—Tama...Sadaharu...

You guys..

Bu---But why...?

Tama: You needn't worry yourself Gintoki-sama....even if the rest of the world should forget you..

My data is ineradicable.
Because while you're asleep I make sure to press my reset button and have my power turned off.

Sadaharu: Woof.


Tama: Gintoki-sama,

I feel the same as you.

Without a doubt, the shine of gold is out done by few others...

And by comparison your radiance is dull at best....

You're always snapping at others,

And picking fights...

You are a good for nothing, perverted sexual harassment permhead...

Who defaults on his rent, and procrastinates in having a regular income...

Even though your light isn't fortified,

It isn't false, or created by pretense.

When you get angry, you do so from the heart...

When you laugh, you do so from the heart.

As long as you're here...

That silver color will always be dazzling.


Tama: I won't forget that light, Gintoki-sama.

I won't let a light as false as that one lead me astray, either.

So you have to stand up one more time...

(Sfx- Zahh dfft)

Tama: And grip your sword.

If a golden light has changed this world,

Your duty is to change it back again!
(Sfx- Zuchaah dffst)

Tama: We have to reclaim our world...

From that pretentious gold!

And bring back everyone's true smiles!!


(Sign- Leave it to Kin-san...Yorozuya Kin-chan.)

Tama: You can't let yourself lose to Sakata Kintoki!

Don't lose to golden hair! Don't lose to his straight perm!

Don't back down to that golden color!

Remember it...



{The color of your soul.}

Gintoki: I didn't forget it....

I couldn't if I tried.

(Sfx- Gashathh shfft)

Gintoki: Because all of you bastards,

have a color mixed in with mine.


Gintoki: It's a dirtyass...


(Sfx- Dogoooonnn thooom)

(Sfx- Gogogogo rmmmmble)

(Sfx- Zaaan dfft)

Gintoki: This isn't over by a longshot.
(Sfx- Bichaah bloorsh)

(Sfx- Teshii dssh)

Gintoki: This is where it all begins.


LESSON 373: Guys with straight perms are all jerks.


Gintoki: Let's kick the shit out of this golden colored world...

And take back our silver.


(Sfx- Pinpon ding dong)

Gintoki: Excuse mee~

Is Kintoki-kun home?

Kintoki: Ah! Sorry, I'm sorta in the bathtub...can you hang out there for a minute?

Gintoki: Oh, sorry about that! We're good, we're good!

Awwright, well I'll just leave this official letter of challenge here, and you can come and get your ass whupped another time, okay?

(Sfx- Gaan thunk)


Tama: What are you doing? We didn't come here to play around.

Gintoki: Yanno, it just doesn't feel right to bust into my own house..

I just can't sum up the gumption to kick someone else's ass in my house.

Tama: Please come over here.

(Sfx- Guii grnnd)

(Handwritten- Owww!)

Tama: Do you think you can beat your 'little brother' without some sort of plan?
I'll be frank, Gintoki-sama...you probability of victory is zero.


(Sfx- fuaaah yaawn)

(Sfx- Bishii ddsh)

Tama: How do you intend on winning against a person who has a golden straight perm and personality to match, is a great earner and managed to cause you to spiral into a complex, Gintoki-sama?

Gintoki: What's with you?

Did you come to kick my ass when I'm down? Or did you come to pull something out my rectum or something? Which is it?

(Handwritten- Can I cry?)

(Sfx- Basaah sfft)

Tama: I'm only here to hit a rectum if it's needed.

Gintoki-sama, you should read this instruction manual. The first thing to do before attacking an enemy is to learn more about him.

Gintoki: Instruction manual?

C'mon now...

There's no way I'd get any information on him from an instruction manual.

He's not a toy model or anything.

(Paper- Instruction manual).

(Sfx- Gararaa claaater)

Kintoki: Sorry about that...

Didn't mean to keep you waiting.


(Sfx- Shaaah saahhh Shhhhsh)

Kintoki: I was washing my head.

Gintoki: ….Sorry....
My bad?

Tama: That's right.

Sakata Kintoki was created on orders from Kagura-sama and Shinpachi-sama.

He's supposed to be an stand in agent for the Yorozuya leader.

(Sfx- Puru puru whibble whibble)

Tama: The difference between you being that he has none of your weaknesses...making him a perfect Sakata Gintoki.

The perfect golden hyper alloy, Sakata Gintoki v.2.0....

In summary, Kin-san.

(Paper- Kinpla collection, Perfect Gintoki)


(Side text- At long last, his true form is revealed! But what will happen to Gintama now?!)

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#1. by kusanagi_k ()
Posted on Oct 13, 2011
i hope sorachi makes this a long arc...
#2. by Goral ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2011
Finally I could read the chapter since Chinese scans are out. Awesome arc so far.
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