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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Kintama 3

Gintoki and Kintoki.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 19, 2011 21:09 | Go to Kintama

-> RTS Page for Kintama 3

So this thing is a massive Bleach parody. Oh Sorachi, your lack of respect to other Jump mangaka is awe inspiring.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Gintoki: A--A perfect Sakata Gintoki....

created without any of my weaknesses?

Super golden alloy made perfect body...

Sakata Gintoki v 2.0?

Gintoki: W-wh-whaaa?

So in other words... put simply... what's that mean?

(Side text- At long last, Kintoki's true form is revealed...)

Tama: He's a plastic model.


Gintoki: Oh! Well that makes sense, being a plastic model and all...




Tama: Gintoki-sama, the recent method is to pain the models before assembling them.


Why the hell does something like that exist in the first place?! And how the hell did it take over this mangaaa?!!

Tama: That is what I have been saying.

(Sign: Machine Shrine)

Shinpachi: Honestly, at a busy time like this...

Where did our useless leader go to?

Kagura: Seriously. We are so busy we would even welcome a hand from a cat.

(TL Note: This is an idiomatic phrase, essentially just meaning very busy.)

Gengai: It's not from a cat, but if you need a helping hand, I've got one.

Kagura: Eh?

Gengai: The truth is, recently I've been a bit obsessed with building a ridiculous toy.

Tama: Originally, Gendai-sama was manufacturing a machine to function as assistant to help him in his work.

But that became the beginning of the creation of a substitute leader to fill the hole in the Yorozuya for the frequent times when you were absent, Gintoki-sama.

Yes, that was what became Perfect Gintoki v1.0

Gengai: Fuahahah! Feelin' refreshed?

(Sfx- Dosu dosu thunk thunk)

Kagura: Kyahoo! This is the best, yes?

Shinpachi(?): Isn't that a bit different from how you use a leader?!


Tama: It was fine when it was still being developed to resemble Gintoki-sama.

Kagura: Shouldn't there be a little less of a natural perm?

Tama: But while trying to make it more like Gintoki-sama, it kept getting revised to be more of a Yorozuya leader.

Shinpachi: That's not the right leader at all!! It's not even the right gang of three!!

Tama: So they said things like "wouldn't this leader be good" and "I want think kind of leader."

Before we knew it, everyone was pursuing an ideal leader.

Gengai: How about something like this?

Shinpachi: Yeah, that's pretty good.

Now it's my turn!!


(Sfx- Buoooohhh dddsh)

Tama: Yes...

it had already become something completely different from the original Gintoki-sama.

???: Hey you bastards... is it really that much fun to hit someone who can't fight back?

And you still want to call yourself Yorozuya?

Tama: Everyone's ideal leader.

A leader that surpasses their own leader, a perfect leader.

???: If that's the banner you're going to wave around, might as well change over to a wholesale goods store.


???: Stand up,

And come with me.

Tama: The silver light was devoured

Kintoki: Today is the birthday of a new Yorozuya.

Tama: in a dazzling golden light...

He worked quickly after that...

With his great skill spearheading the Yorozuya, the group was highly successful in every field.

Rumors soon spread, and the Yorozuya became the heroes of the city in the blink of an eye.

And with his straightforward personality, he instantly melted into the city.

But he did not stop as just being the influential man around town...

In order to fulfill his sole order, of acting as a stand in for you Gintoki-sama, the path he chose was...

The real Yorozuya leader,

in other words, your entire existence, Gintoki-sama,

From this city... from the memories of its people...

he completely deleted it.


Tama: By using a special hypnotism wave, he manipulated everyone's memories...

deleting any parts with you in them, and rewriting them into memories of him.

Only Sadaharu and I were able to retain our memories of you...

because his brainwashing did not work on robots or animals.

Do you understand, Gintoki-sama?


Kintoki's objective is...

To become the perfect Yorozuya leader stand in...

So in short...

To become

the real Yorozuya leader.

(Sfx- Gashaaan shfft)


(Side text- Bursting into a new arc!! The Yorozuya leader disappearance arc finally begins!!)


(TN- Lololol Bleach parody.)


(Sfx- Dogoooh thoook)

Gintoki: Who decided on that that stylish Bleach-like subtitle?!

What the hell is the Yorozuya leader disappearance arc?!

Are you sure you sure you don't mean the you-guys brains disappearance arc?!

This isn't just riding another manga's coattails, we're turning into a completely different manga here!!

(Sfx- Dosuh thunk)

Tama: That is also wrong.

Lesson 374: Gintoki and Kintoki

(TN: This is a reference to some Fukumoto Nobuyuki work. Kaiji or Akagi or something.)

Tama: In any case, you understand that is not a situation that can overturned in a short period of time.

Gintoki: Well, that guy did change it all from silver to gold in a pretty short amount of time.

Why did it have to be a plastic model that's manipulating everyone?! This ain't Kyoushirou!

(TN- This referes to the manga Plamo Kyoujirou based around models of the first Mobil Suit Gundam.)

It's you guys' fault that abomination even exists! You take responsibility for him!!

Tama: Sadly, even Gengai-sama is under his brainwashing.

He has turned into a monster that not even his own creator can tame.

Tama: He has already taken root deep within everyone's hearts.

Becoming his enemy means becoming the pariah of the whole town.

So the first order of business is restoring everyone's memories of you.

Gintoki: Can we even DO something like that?

Tama: Even if all of your actions up until now have been replaced by those of Kinoki,

they are only visually changed from those of a natural perm to a straight perm. The acts them selves have not been replaced with new ones.

Which means that the now seemingly perfect Kintoki

for some reason in that past has been some sort of irresponsible hoodlum always doing nothing but unscrupulous acts.

Gintoki: Hey, what's that supposed to mean?

Tama: If we exploit that miscalculation and the unease caused from it,

the gilding of Kintoki's rewritten memories may peel off.

In order to topple the supposed superpower that is Kintoki, everyone's strength is absolutely essential.

Let us go get our comrades back.

For certain, sleeping at the lowest depths of everyone's memories....

the man named Sakata Gintoki.


Tae: Oh, that is worrisome...

Do you have any guesses as to where Tama-san and Sadaharu-kun might have gone?

Kagura: Granny and the others went looking all over the city for them... but we haven't found anything.

What will I do? If Sadaharu and Tama do not return...


Kintoki: Don't sweat it.

They're the types of souls that won't die even if they're killed.

Kagura: Kin-chan...

Kintoki: I'll find them for sure. It's a promise.

So don't make that pouty face.

I brought you here today so you can brighten everyone's day up! So lets party hardy, kay?

Girl: Oh my, Kin-san... are you saying you didn't come here to see me?

Kintoki: Oh right, I almost forgot...

(Sfx- Pan clap)

Kintoki: Hey, a free bottle for every table here.

Everyone, go on and get your drink on, cause I'll be picking up the check.

In return, could you keep an eye out for those guys for me?

Everyone: That's our Kin-san! He's a made man!!

Just leave it to us! If it's for Kin-san, we can do anything!!

Tae: Hehe...

It appears you needn't ever worry when Kin-san is on the case.

Kagura: Yeah!


(Sfx- Zawa zawa)

Dude: Um, just a moment, please!!

We don't permit animals in this establishment!

Tama: To me, you humans are all animals.

Besides if you were to take a better look at him...

(Sfx- Kash kash tp tp)

Tama: You will see that he too is a splendid member of Yorozuya Sepia, yes? Don't you agree, Gintoki-sama?

Sadaharu: Woof!

Shinpachi: Wh...What are you guys doing?!

Kagura: Sadaharu!! Tama!! You're okay?! But why are you dressed that way?


Tama: We are not Tama nor Sadaharu.

We are Tamagura and Sadahachi of Yorozuya Sepia, yes?

Sadaharu: Woof!

Shinpachi: What's with that 'yes?' I have no idea what you are saying!!

(TL Note- In that sentence, tama ended her sentence with "desu aru yo". She's imitating Kagura's "aru" copula but also adding her own so it sounds weird.)

(Sfx- Zun zun tmp tmp)

Kagura: It was you! You dyed Tama and Sadaharu sepia colored, didn't you!?

Gintoki: Um excuse me, Otae-san. I heard you had a job for a Yorozuya...

(Sfx- Zuiii sfft)

Tae: Eh? Well the snack shop's karaoke machine needed fixing..

But I asked Kin-san and the others to...

Instead of these lunkheads, Why don't you request that job to us?

I promise you that we'll do a better job than them.

Kagura: Why you! Not only are you imitating other people, you are trying to snatch our job, too?!

Guy: Uh, here it is...

Shinpachi: H-Hey! Wait a second!!

Tama: Gintoki-sama, do you understand?

No matter what it takes, you have to distinguish yourself from him. If your deeds stand out enough, perhaps memories of you in how you stand out will begin to stir.

Gintoki: Got it. Leave it to me Matagura.

(TL Note- Matagura means crotch.)

Tama: It's Tamagura.

Gintoki: Ah it's this thing right? This is the newest model, right... it has all of Traburyu's songs on it inlcuding Dooro right?

(TN- Torabryuu (sometimes stylized THE THE TRA★BRYU) is a Japanese rock band. They have a series of popular songs called "road" (roodo) which is dooro with the kana reversed. This has 13 "chapters" to it.)

Guy: Uh... well not just Dooro, it has about 30 thousand songs on it..

Gintoki: Okay, I pretty much got it. Well, doing it here would be all, ya know. So just move it over here for me, wouldya?


Gintoki: Awwright...


(Sfx- Dokaaah THUD)

Tama: Gintoki-samaaaaa!!

You're letting your anger cloud your judgment!! You have to be patient!!

(Sfx- don don don)

Gintoki: Here's Dooro Chapter One!

And Dooro Chapter Two!!

Eat my bitterness Dooro threeeee!!!

???: Why has it turned into a Dooro mansion in Banshuu?! Stoppit!! Kin-san is down already!!

Shinpachi: For not just the first, but second time, what the hell are you thinking?!

Gintoki: Ah? Oh dammit...

(Sfx- Busuuh whbble)

Shinpachi: You've only made the Karaoke machine even more broken, haven't you?!!

Tama: D---don't worry..

(Sfx- Gokiiah crack)

Tama: This is just a preparation for me to dive into its mechanics.

{That's right...}

{She can converse with broken machinery and fix it that way, can't she?!}

(Sfx- Kyiiiin shfft)

(Can- Can Oil)


Tama: Want a drink? What's the matter... you seem somewhat blue.

Gintoki: There it is!! The machines chatting during a lunch break!!

Tama: Still seducing department manager Denshijar?

(TL Note- Denshi (electric) Jar is another name for a rice cooker.)

I've already told you not to get involved with that man... He's got a wife and he doesn't intend on leaving her.

He's seen every night with the receptionist Telko, making reservations while fluffily and dryly chuckling.

In that pre-heated state, he's the kind of man who will have fluffy dry chuckles with anyone.

If you let yourself get manipulated by a man like him, before you know it you'll be passed marriageable age, and be no more than a cold meal.

I know. Tonight Daison and the others are going to a mixer with the foreign investors... maybe you should go...

{Go for it Tama!!! Show them the power of the true Yorozu...}

???: Wait.

(Sfx- zaaah sfft)

Kintoki: Department Manager Denshijar wants to have a word with you.

{No way....not him...}

{He can, tooooo?!!}

Kintoki: Manager Denshijar...

has had his power cut for a long time now.

(Sfx- Bagaah sffut)

Kintoki: When he returned from his business trip his wife had...

(Sfx- Boto boto bloorp)

Kintoki: Chosen Healsio to boil and fry with, as you can see.


Kintoki: So in his loneliness, he sought company with you and Telko... But you should know better than anyone that the department manager won't cook anyone anymore.

Tama: I-I had no idea that you and the department manager had such a platonic......

Kintoki: When he went to play with you at that karaoke box...

Even though he had lost his electric power, he said that just a little... he was able to get warm.

(TN- A Karaoke Box is a type of karaoke establishment with some individual rooms and a bar.)

Tama: I-It's a lie! Don't be fooled... That department manager would never...

Kintoki: Won't you play that song from back then just one more time?

(Sfx- Chara chara charaaah)

Tama: Karako, noooooo!!

Tae: And we'll do it with a sparkling ultra soul!!

Everyone: Yeaaaaah!!

Tae: I knew I could count on you, Kin-san!!

Kagura: I want to sing! I will sing next!

(Sfx- Uki)

Monkey: Ukii!


Kyuubee: As you can see...

I scolded him for some mischief, and now he won't come back down.

I wasn't sure what to do, and decided to call you....


Gintoki: OK OK, I got it, I got it! It's the planet of the apes genesis pattern, huh?

Don't worry, just leave it to us!!

(Sfx- Pan pan clap clap)

Shinpachi: Heeeey!! Knock it off dammit! How long are you intending to get in our way?

{Damn you bastards!! This time...}

{This time we'll do a damn fine job, and recover my name!}

Monkey: Uki?

Sadaharu: Woof. (What's up? You seem sorta blue.)

Gintoki: Sadaharu's theeeeeere!!

No-No way, does he have the ability to talk with fellow animals?!!

Sadaharu: Woof (Are you still seducing the planet of the apes?)

Woof (I've already told you, Sawa doesn't appear in that movie. That was just a commercial.)

(TN- Sawa Homare is a famous Japanese female soccer player. I think they're trying to say she looks like a monkey.)

Gintoki: I have no idea what he's saying, but I've got a feeling it's something incredible!!

Monkey: Ukiii

Gintoki: I knew this was no good! Dogs and monkeys can never get along, like dogs and monkeys!!

(TN- In Japanese there's a phrase that dogs and monkeys don't get along, like cats and dogs. They use that phrase here.)

Kintoki: That's enough.

(Sfx- Viin veeen Kasha kasha click click )

Kintoki: I have no idea what you two are talking about, but let me just say this.

I can empathize.

(TN- I think that's supposed to be Sawa.)


Kagura: It is as expected of Gin-chan! He was able to find common ground with a monkey in a flash, yes?

Gintoki: Waaaaaaaaaait!! That's not Kin-san at all! He's not even the Yorozuya leader, any more!! That's a different leader completely!!

Kyuubee: You're incredible. Bichigusomaru has never befriended anyone but me before.

Gintoki: Hey! Don't go saying needless crap Kyuubee!! You haven't gotten to the goal yet!!

Kintoki: Now everyone....

Do it with a sparkling ultra soul!!

Everyone: Yaay!

Gintoki: Why the hell is sealing these things with with ultra soul becoming some sorta ritual? Speaking of which, why the hell are you joining in with them?!

Someone: Stop!! Don't jump!!

Girl: If you guys come any closer, I will!!

Tsukuyo: It looks like a customer she was really invested in got taken from her by an escort.

Geez, I really don't get the emotional subtleties between men and women.

(Sfx- koto tunk)

Gintoki: You look a little blue... If you feel like being alone, why not go do it over there?

Shinpachi: There's someone even more blue than heeeeer!!


(Sfx- Koto thunk)

Kintoki: Calm down...

Before you kick the bucket, how about we drink some tea together?

Shinpachi: Kin-san is there too!!


{This is a direct confrontation!! You can't lose to him here!!}

Girl: I said stay back! Leave me a lone!!

Kintoki: If you wanted to be left alone you wouldn't choose such a flashy way to end it all.

Gintoki: I just wanted to look up at the sky one last time... a sky that reflects my heart...

Shinpachi: He's not planning to convince anyone!! He looks like he's going to jump off first!!

Kintoki: How about we talk...

We don't know each other, so there are definitely some things we can talk about, right?

Gintoki: Even if I talk to you, I don't think I....


Tsukuyo: If ya wanna talk, I'm listenin'. Go right head.

Shinpachi: NOT YOU EITHER!!

Girl: Um... I know I'm not in a position to talk but...

It might be a pleasant memory to take with me to the afterlife.... so go ahead, let's talk.

Shinpachi: YOU TOOO?!


People: That's right buddy! Talk it out!

Cheer up, bro!

Don't give up!!

Shinpachi: Waaaait a second!! With the way this is going, who are you people trying to save now?!

Gintoki: Shutuuup! I don't need your pity!!

Dammit, you're making wanna cry!

In the end... to have all of you guys...

Despite not even knowing me, still offering your kindness...

I'm glad.

People: Wait buddy!!!

{-----They're wrong...}

{That kind of person has their hands full thinking of themselves...}

{and has no room for thinking about others.}

{But when shown a stranger that reminds them that there are those more unfortunate than themselves, it creates room in their hearts.}

{And stops them in their tracks...}

{But that is...}

{a fake out.}

{With the ability to read the subtle emotions in humans that machines cannot understand...}

{is how silver outshines gold!!}



(Sfx- Zuooooooh fwoooosssh)

???: S-Stop iiiit!!

(Sfx- Supppoh fwwwfp)

Sacchan: What are you doing to Kin-saaan?!

(Sfx- Bahhh fwaaap)

{It... It...}

{it was yoooooou?!}

Sacchan: Gofuahhhh!!

(Sfx- Dogessshi thouk)

Sacchan: Kyaaaah!! All I wanted was for Kin-san to pay me a little attention...

Why?! Whhhhyyy!!

(Sfx- Oooooooh)

Gintoki: Sacc...

Kintoki: Hmph...


This is the end...




Tama: Gi..


(Sfx- Dodooon thooom)

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)

Shinpachi(?): Why are you being so reckless...?!

(Handwritten- Move!)

Gintoki: ............Ain't being reckless..

Because I knew if you guys were around...

that you'd definitely... have my back.


(Side text- The Yorozuya is back?!)

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