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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hajimete No Aku 130

The targeted objective!!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 20, 2011 01:30 | Go to Hajimete No Aku

-> RTS Page for Hajimete No Aku 130

One more to go. Considering no one has said anything to me, I suppose that everyone is cool with my decision to drop the series after 131? No luck on finding translators to do it, sorry.

Though the newest raw with a crying naked Yuki is kinda....kinda....NO, must not be tempted to continue. (Wait, I just realized how bad that last statement makes me sound...)

Kyouko: You're bugging me.

{Note: To Akuno Jiro. I have Watari Kyouko. If you want her back then come alone to the clinic at the top of the mountain. If you don't show up, I'll kill her.}

2.0: Jiro-sama, this is...!!

Jiro It's my fault....

My fault that Kyouko's been kidnapped...!!

(Side text- Jiro dashes at full speed to save Kyouko from her kidnappers!!)

(Sfx- gihh grnnd)

Jiro: Kyouko!!

(Sfx- Zazaaah sfft)



Chapter 130: The targeted objective!!



(Side text- Reaching the appointed destination, the enemy forces converge upon Jiro!!)


Jiro: What have you louses....

Done to Kyouko? What is your objective?! Where is she?!

(Sfx- Zatshhh Sfft)

Jiro: Fisticuffs?

I see. Since this is an emergency situation..

Do not expect me to hold back!!

(Sfx- Zaaahhhhh sffft)

Yuki: Eh? He hasn't been able to cheer Kyouko-chan up yet?

2.0: Y—yes...but Jiro-sama is still in the midst of trying to persuade her.

'I'll definitely be attending so tell the others to go on ahead'. He said.

Aki: Geez, what are they doing?

Yuki: But emo Kyouko-chan is, like really strong.

Midoritani: She did seem like a handful...

Luna: Aw, and I was hoping Jiro would be able to see me in my Yukata...

Shizuka: Ditto.

Kimura: You guys are lookin' fine though.

Akagi: Nothing better than small chested girls in yukatas!

Saburo: I guess even they can look nice dressed up!

Midoritani: Ther'es no way around it then, we'll go on first.

Yuki: 2.0-chan, will you be coming too?

2.0: O-of course!


2.0: Jiro-sama...

You musn't go on your own, Jiro-sama!

This is without a doubt, a trap!

Jiro: I haven't any time to lose.

If their demands are for me to come alone, then I will do as they say.

There isn't any reason to be worried though....I will bring Kyouko back without fail.

2.0: But...!!

Kurosawa: I understand.

I'll leave things here to you. Be careful.

2.0: Kurosawa-sama?!
2.0: I don't doubt Jiro-sama's strength...

But I have a bad feeling about this.

I pray for your safety....!

Kyouko: Huh?

What the...

What happened?

Where am I?

That's enough....leave me alone.

You're bugging me.

Kyouko: That's right! I said those terrible things to Jiro...

(Sfx- Giiih tpph)

Kyouko: Dah!

(Sfx- Doh thok)


Kyouko: What is this?!

That's right...someone grabbed me...!

Dude: Heheh, is sleeping beauty awake?

(Sfx- Kari chew)

(Sfx- Garii chew)

Dude: Well...considering what's about to happen, it might be better for you to stay asleep.


(Sfx- Nyahh grnnn)

Kyouko: You're....

Hey, what are you going to do to me?!

Dude: Heh, you're a strong willed woman as usual.

Dude: No need to worry...your 'knight' will be here shortly.

Jiro: Out of the way!!

(Sfx- Zugagagagah dssssssssh)

Jiro: Where are you, Kyouko?!

Kyouko: Jiro!!

Dude: Heheheh...

How cool! Nice work Akuno Jiro...

C'mon...i'm waiting...

Just burn up all of your strength against those guys...!

(Sfx- Kari chew)


{He's calling Jiro out?}

Kyouko: What are you planning?

Dude: You're the bait...

That I'm going to lure Akuno Jiro here with.

Jiro: Kyouko!!

Out of my way!!

(Sfx- Gohhh thooom)

Dude: Guwah!?

(Sfx- Dogaaah thud)

Kurosawa: He's being too showy...

But I suppose with his blood boiling like it is, he's not using his head.


Kurosawa: Saving a hostage using a frontal assault is a no go.
But at least with Akuno acting as a decoy, I can slip in and save her without detection.

(Sfx- Pishii poit)

(Sfx- Hah gasp)

(Sfx- Gokahhh thooom)

Big guy: Hmm? I missed.

(Sfx- Para para clatter)

Kurosawa: Ugh...I was spotted?!

(Sfx- Zahh dfft)

(Sfx- Zazazaahh ddddssst)

Kurosawa: If that's the case,

I'll have to remove you!

(Sfx- Zahhh sfft)


Kurosawa: They even went as far as hiring pro battle units...

This is inconvenient...I was hoping I wouldn't have go to go all out...but against someone like him...

(Sfx- Jin jin shfft sfft)

Dude: Time to get down to business.

I don't hatecha or nutthin....

But I gotta kill ya dead, hear?

(Sfx- Zah zah sffet sfft)

(Sfx- Boh boh boh fwoof fwoof)

Kurosawa: I'm in real trouble if this keeps up!!

(Sfx- Pohhff fwffft)

Kurosawa: Who knew the enemies were this capable....!!

Watari-san...! Akuno Jiro...!!

Dude: Your precious knight is almost here.

He's really quite strong, as expected....heheheh

I spent a pretty penny on those henchmen, and they're not even making a scratch!


Here's a little question for you Watari Kyouko...

That collar around your neck....

What do you think it does?

(Sfx- Gagoooh thooom)

Jiro: Kyouko!!!


Jiro: Are you okay?!

(Sfx- Hah haah)

Kyouko: Jiro!!

Jiro: So you're the one behind all of this?! You'll regret underestimating me!

(Sfx- Suzzazazzaa dssssh)

Jiro: Don't think I'll....

Let you get away with this!!

(Sfx- Bohhh fwff)

Dude: Now, let me answer my earlier question, Watari-Kyouko.


(TN- Dunno why, but I really love the composition in this first panel.)

Dude: This ring is similar to the one around your neck.

With this, the answer should be clear.

Jiro: Hey, what are you...

(Sfx- Dohhh THOOOM)


Kazu: The answer is these are special bombs created by I, the great Shinohara Kazu!!

They're kind of awesome aren't they?! Hyah hyah hyah!!!

Jiro: Shinohara....you rotten....

What are you planning?!

(Sfx- Giiriii grnnnd)

Kazu: Hyahahahah!! Don't move Akunooo!!

If you do, I'll blow that woman's head clean off!!


Kazu: You've gone and embarassed me not once, but twuice!!

(Sfx- Gariii grnnd)

Kyouko: Uugh!!

Kazu: Thanks to you, my capable henchmen have all run off, my sponsors have abandoned me, and I have nothing left!!

You'll have to play nice if you want her back!

First...hand over that cape wouldya?

Despite it being hand created, it's quite a nice invention, no?

(Sfx- Ooooooh)

Kazu: I wanna use that power to mess you up!!


(Sfx- Gihhh clench)

Jiro: Don't you...

lay a finger on Kyouko.

(Sfx- Basaaah fwaaap)
Kyouko: Jiro....!!

Kazu: Heheh...

This is it...

Hahahahaah!! This is it! This is the moment I was waiting for!

Revenge...I'll have my revenge upon you, Akuno Jiro!!

(Side text- The black curtain was the villainous Shinohara?! Jiro's in an unimaginable tight spot!!)


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#1. by Mx7f ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2011
"Considering no one has said anything to me, I suppose that everyone is cool with my decision to drop the series after 131?"

No. We're not cool with you deciding not to continue doing something that none of us compensate you for in anyway that you don't even have any fun doing. [/sarcasm]

Thanks a ton for all your work, and you're doubly awesome for deciding to close out the arc before you go. I'll be sad to see one of the manga I like not being translated for a while, but I'm sure someone will eventually rise up to the challenge, or I'll just finish learning japanese.

Thanks again for everything, and keep on doing what you have fun doing.
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