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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Kintama 4

Kin-san's kin****

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 28, 2011 02:38 | Go to Kintama

-> RTS Page for Kintama 4

Wow. I really thought this week this arc would end and we'd be back to shinanigans. Instead we get what seems to be a new serious arc. I know Sorachi bitches that writing one off chapters are hard as hell, but two serious arcs in a row? Endgame anyone?

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Lesson 4: Kin-san's Kin****

(Side text- A return to normal days....?)


Shinpachi: Just what happened....

Back then...?

When that person started falling right before our eyes....

Without thinking, my body just leaped into action....

Tama: Gintoki-sama!! Sacchan-sama!

Are you hurt?

Gintoki: Yeah. Her head's a little messed up, but it was that way in the first place, she should be fine.

Tama: Kagura-sama, Shinpachi-sama, thank you so much....


Finally remember him, right...?

You finally remember Gintoki-sama.


Shinpachi: ......Eh?

What do you mean...?

Tama: Shinpachi-sama... Kagura-sama...

Gintoki: It's okay, Tama.

That's the kind of people they are.

Whether it were me or not doesn't make a difference.


Gintoki: A person falling to their doom, and without a second thought they'd jump in to save them.

It's impossible to just sit and let it happen. Without thinking of the consequences, their bodies just move.

That's what kind of idiocy is gathered here.

That's the Yorozuya.

Even if you forget everything else,

as long as you remember that much, we're good.

As long as you remember that, whomever your leader is, you guys'll do fine.

Tama: Please wait, Gintoki-sama!

Gintoki: Thanks to you guys, I escaped a brush with death.

..........Eh, whatever...

Thanks for... everything.


Gintoki: And take care...


Kagura: Why was he...

Making such a sad and lonely face?

Why is it we...

Feel so down?

It is like something important was...

Like we threw out the lid of ice cream container without licking it clean first.


Shinpachi: Kagura-chan...

that's incredible close to garbage, isn't it?

Tae: I know, right?

And then that man hit Kin-san over the head with the karaoke machine.

(Sfx- kera kera yammer yammer)

Kyuubee: Really? So he gave that feeling to you guys, too, did he? That man...

Tae: He was truly a strange man...

Kyuubee: ......He sure was.


Tae: This is a bit strange, but it somehow feels nostalgic.

Did we... used to laugh that way before?

Kyuubee: Don't we always laugh like this, even now?

Tae: Of course things now are swell, but...

I'm not sure how to say this but something seems....wrong. Like there's something missing...

But...what could that be?

I'm not sure what it is but....

It's sort of like if someone were to drop a work glove in the road.

Tsukuyo: Ya dang idiot.

No matter how much I try to figur' you out, I can't. Ya oughtta take better care of yourself.

Sacchan: Even I never really intended to die back there!

And anyhow, Tsukky, if you weren't making amorous glances at Kin-san, this never would've happened in the first place!!

Tsukuyo: Who's makin' amorous glances?! I'm tellin' ya, don't lump me in with you!


Tsukuyo: Fer pete's sake....if that man hadn't been around, I hate to think what mighta happened.

But he seemed like a real mess, that man. There's a limit to being reckless.

Sacchan: Tsukky, something's... odd with me.

Tsukuyo: Yeah, I know.

Sacchan: No, that's not what I mean.

I wanted to thank that man for saving me...

But then my chest started to hurt... and I couldn't speak.

Could this feeling be... it's not unfaithfulness, right? I'm okay, right?

Tsukuyo: You ain't okay. Never been.

(Handwritten- Um..er...uh...)

Sacchan: I'm telling you, that's not it.

Why would I feel something like that for such a worthless person... I could've believe my own eyes.

Tsukuyo: Yep. Guilty as charged.


Hinowa: Ooh, so your the type who likes hopeless men! Must be frustrating.


Hinowa: But I won't say I have no idea where you're coming from.

Kin-san certainly is an excellent man and all...

But I can't help but think that before... ah... well, I'd better not.

Sacchan: What?! Don't worry, go ahead!

Hinowa: Okay, well I'll keep what you said a secret, so you keep this a secret, too.

Well, I have a feeling that before... he was sort of a more complex and puzzling charming man.

Tsukuyo: What are you talkin' bout Hinowa?

Hinowa: Basically...

like an issue of Jump still on the shelf on Thursday after people standing around and reading it all week.

???: Ahahaah! Seriously? Did something like that happen?


Hasegawa: Well, it wasn't that serious or anything....

(Handwritten- I didn't even get any screen time.)

Katsura: Even if nothing really happened, that's wonderful, right? Ahahahahaah!!

Hmph... This feels somewhat nostalgic.

I remember a while ago that we'd often share laughs like this.

Hasegawa: Yeaaaah, no. We've really barely interacted in the pages of this magazine besides this particular one.

Katsura: But I can't help but think something is missing.

It feels like their used to be someone else by our side....

Hasegawa: You mean Elizabeth?

Katsura: No... it was a friend I made back when we had no occupation...

He was a busy guy ordinarily, but he'd still pow-wow with us a lot.

Hasegawa: Who? Who is it?

Katsura: It was that guy. You know, we were on some island with him or something. What was his name...?

Hasegawa: Ah! That guy!! Who? I can remember his face, but not his name!! Dang, it's that guy! Him!!

Dude: Could you be referring to me?

Both: Yes!! It's Bikk Daddy!!

(TN- Based on "Tsuukai! Big Daddy" is a Japanese documentary TV show. With a guy as the head of a big family who goes on islands and stuff.)

(Sfx- Goh THOK)

(Sfx- Viiiin Veeeen)


Tama: Don't start thinking anything strange, okay, Gintoki-sama?

Gintoki: Anything strange?

Tama: No...

Gintoki: You mean like abandoning everything and leaving for somewhere else?

Could I be honest? All my maliciousness has been chipped away...

He did a really good job swiping away another person's position.

He's doing a good job thinking of my comrades while doing work. And he protected them all while I was gone.

Even if the past he made for them is fake, that much is the truth.

If that guy is the ideal leader you guys dreamt up....

then if I destroy him, I'd be destroying the life you guys made you're doing so much good with.

So is there really any meaning in me returning...? That's what I was thinking.

Tama: Gintoki-sama...

Gintoki: I'm telling you, I made up my mind.

Past here, if they don't remember me,

I'll just make enemies out of all of that guy's adoring fans.

And then I'm sure I'll

never be able to go back to how things were.


Gintoki: But I want you guys to promise something...

When that time comes, no matter what happens to me...

even if I collapse, I don't want you to interfere.

And in exchange I'll promise you...

Even if my head gets cut off or I no longer have a place to return to...


still get it all back from him.

And no matter how shabby a reality it is,

it's a reality that we created with our own hands.


Don't belittle me.

You guys were my allies no matter what happened.

Do you think I could leave you guys in a completely unfamiliar world like this alone?

I'm not going to leave...

anyone behind.



Tama: Understood. Then shall we disband for today?

If I don't get any rest, I won't be able to charge, so I'm going back to the shop. You would do well to find a suitable place to rest.


Hey! You guys are on my side, so be careful of Kintoki trying to break us apart...

Tama: Gintoki-sama.

I know now, no matter what happens to you, you will always be yourself.

Did you think if you told me if you were running away, I would become angry?

I would not be angry.

I would only ask for you to take me with you.

Gintoki: Hey... where'd you learn that seduction-y phrase!

Tama: From the Korean dramas Catherine-sama watches.

Gintoki: I see... well I'll keep that data for the next time I'm trying to impress a girl.



{I have to do something.}

{At this rate, Gintoki-sama and the others will end up in a fight amongst friends.}

{But even so, he's still trying.}

{Even if it would end him up alone, he's still worrying about his comrades...}

{There has to be something I can do to restore everyone's memories....}


Kintoki: Something troubling you?

In that case,

shall I lend you a hand?

If you leave it to the Yorozuya Kin-san...

everything will be taken care of.

Tama: I'm fine.

I'm only on an errand for Otose-sama.

(Sfx- Kahh sfft)

Kintoki: Although we're both machines, it amazes me how slow you are.

You should take the hint, stop messing around where your help isn't needed. Or would you like if I performed some maintenance on you?


Tama: You are the one that requires maintenance.

Gintoki-sama would never pressure a girl this hard.

Kintoki: That's why he ain't well liked. I've perfected that area as well.

In order to land your sweetheart, a little force is necessary.

For when no matter how you try to flirt, and they won't turn to face you,

and they even start flinging odd rumors around about you, you need an ace in the hole.

You should know what happens if you don't just be a good little machine and join me, hmm?

If things are left up to me, they'll always come out better than some guy like him doing it.

(Sfx- Peh spit)

(Sfx- Bichaa ssplosh)

Tama: ...You really are a piece of junk.

Just like how you didn't come up with a dirty joke there like "How about instead of an ace in the hole, I use a pole in the hole?", you'll never measure up to Gintoki-sama.

Kintoki: If it's a pole you want...

I've already used one.

(Sfx- Dodofu thooom)

(Sfx- Gurari wifft)

(Sfx- Gashaah craaash)

(Sfx- Guiih grrrp)

Kintoki: Hey now... what's this?

The oil you're using is ancient.

(Sfx- Gofuhhh thooom)


Kintoki: Well at any rate...

seems like this conversation is over.

(Sfx- Dofuuuuh Swhiiick)

(Sfx- Doh thooom)

Kintoki: Don't think bad of me.

(Sfx- Jijijiji grnnnnd)

Kintoki: I'm just getting eliminating a comrade that my control doesn't extend to.

By grasping human nature and controlling a team of comrades I take root deeply all across this city.

That is the sole mission that I, Perfect Sakata Gintoki, was given.

What I'm doing to you is for the sake of my comrades and the city.

I don't care about anything beyond that.

So that means you and that puppy are on the same level as Gintoki.

Existences that should be purged from everyone's memory.

Tama: Gintoki-sama...

Will never disappear.

(Sfx- Doh Thok)


Tama: I have been informed by all of your key points via your instruction manual.

(Sfx- Pichii crack)

Tama: Now you can no longer use your brainwashing wave.

Please don't think badly of me.

If your mission is to erase Gintoki-sama and live in this place,

My mission is...

to continue to live together with Gintoki-sama an the others until this body breaks down.

(Sfx- Goh Thoook)

Kintoki: Really? A crying shame...

Call out to him one last time. Your oh so dependable Gin-san...

Tama: Y---oo---

Can't hear you.

(Sfx- Jijiji grnnnd)

Kintoki: That pathetic voice...

will never reach that useless leader of yours.

Tama: J-Just as... I thought...

You... really are... a piece... of junk....


(Sfx- Meriii graaab)

Tama: Gintoki-sama's.... sadism...

isn't nearly... that... wea...k...

(Sfx- Merii Grnnnd)

(Sfx- Bukibukiki grnnnnnnd)


(Sfx- Goh goooh thoooooom)

(Sfx- Gooooohhh THOOOOM)


(Sfx- Gararara crasssh)

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)

(Sfx- Dath dash)

Gintoki: Hey! ...Hold on!!

Tama! Tama! Can you... see me?!

Tama: Gin---toki-sama...

(Sfx- Jiijii bzzzt)

Gintoki: Wait up!! I'm gonna get you to old man Gengai's...!

I don't give a shit if he's brainwashed or what!!

(Sfx- Dath dash)

Gintoki: I'll bust his balls in until he wakes up and I'll make him repair you!

So just wait for me! Hang in there, please!! I just need some time!!

Tama! Hey Tama!! If you can hear me, say something!

Hey! We made a promise right?!

So said that you'd be my ally until the very end!!

Is it all right for you machines to tell lies?!

A dog and a noisy radio are necessities for a homeless bum like me!!


Tama: I'm so sorry...

I told... a lie.

I didn't learn those lines... from a Korean drama....

It was actually from the old man from the tobacco store... that said it when... he came to get a drink...


Tama: Be sure to... include that... in your... data, okay?

Gintoki: Sure, I got it!!

Tama: What do you do when it's time to sleep?

Gintoki: When you turn off your power while holding the reset button, I know!!

(TN- I forgot to mention this before, but you needed to do that in Dragon Quest 3 and 4 in order to keep your data from being lost when you turned the system off because of the limited technology of the Famicom.)

Tama: Then... I won't... forget... either...

About Gintoki-sama and... everyone...

Gintoki-sama's rent default.... and debt...

Gintoki: It's fine if you forget about that stuff, ain't it?!

Tama: So just one final time...

just for a second... could you show me... your face up close?

Gintoki: Don't even joke about something like that!!



Hey! Wake up, dammit!


Gintoki: Open your eys!!


(Sfx- Viiin veeen)

(Sfx- Kasha click)

Tama: Recorded... Ginoki-sama's... rare... crying face.


Tama: Now, in the end... you didn't try to act cool... Gintoki-sama.

Gintoki: Y-Yeah...

So forget about that for me, will ya?

Cause the next time we meet...

I'll definitely... laugh fearlessly like a protagonist.

Tama: I'm...

Certain... of it.


(Sfx- Koro roool)

Shinpachi(?): W-Wait a moment...

T-Tama-san was... killed....? W-What do you mean?

W-What happened to her?!

Who on earth... would do such a thing...?

Kintoki: It's obvious, right?

Pattsuan, go tell let everyone in Kabuki-chou know...

This is the start of a battle for revenge.

(Side text- A sudden development!!)


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#1. by bvncbvnc ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2011
Thanks BDR. It's nice to see that sorachi is getting off his lazy ass jk. It seem s like a run there from the benizakura arc to the yagyuu or so he had a pretty good pace of serious arcs to one chapter arcs, where only two or three one chapter then a serious arc.
#2. by nightastronomer ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2011
Two serious arcs in less than a month,I'll say that's an amazing feat for our Gorilla.
#3. by kusanagi_k ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2011
Seriously, am I the only one who saw “...and we'd be back to sharingans” ?? lululul you people are no fun^^ (although, Kotoamatsukami...)

YO~SHI! I thought the mood at the start of Kintama(-arc) reminded me of the start of the Shitenou-arc..!! He should bring in Takasugi & Kamui now................
#4. by Goral ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2011
Amazing chapter, I'm really impressed. I laughed my ass off when I read Kagura's ice lid analogy. And there was at least another line just as funny as this one. But the best thing is the serious side. Sorachi really knows which buttons to push in order to make his reader's adrenaline go high. And page 14 of this chapter I have to add to my collection of the coolest pages of all mangas. End of the chapter also makes it really, REALLY interesting.

Oh, and of course thank you BDR for translation.
#5. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2011
See this is how it should be. People commenting on releases. :) This definetly motivates me to translate even faster.

Thanks bvncbvnc, nightastronomer, kusanagi_k and Goral. :) I look forward to hearing more from you next week.
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