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Kintama 5

Writing the kanji for 'friend' can often be read as 'enemy'.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 3, 2011 23:16 | Go to Kintama

-> RTS Page for Kintama 5

Well damn Sorachi. Are you feeling Kyuubee this week? First the hot color page and then a nurse outfit. Or has Kintoki taken over the world IN the manga while Tojou has taken over DRAWING the manga?

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Top text- A celebration of the TV Anime comics!! A center color for the Manga and the Anime!!!)


(Side text- The TV anime airs every Monday evening at 6pm on TV Tokyo and it's affilates!! The TV Anime comics Gintama 'Sorachi Hideaki SELECTION' 'Empty headed' version is now out in stores! The TV anime comics Gintama Sorachi Hideaki 'SELECTION' Various 'intellectual' smart gag version! Will be out December 2nd (Friday)!! For more Gintama news check out pages 112, 114 and page 333!!)

(Left side- Attach your pride to your blade.)



(Side text- The quiet before the storm...?!)

Lesson 5
Writing the kanji for 'friend' can often be read as 'enemy'.

Ladies: You there, Dandy guy~

Could you wait just a moment?

Dude: Well I AM a dandy kind of guy...

But I kinda blew my wages this month on gambling...so I don't have cash to play...

Ladies: No, no. that's not it. Just listen for a bit, okay?

Do you know this man?

Dude: Can't say I do.

Ladies: Well...

Dude: Who is he? Did he skip out on paying a bill at your place or something?

Ladies: Something like that.

In any case, if you see him be sure to come to our place and let us know.

Dude: What's going on here?

(Handwritten- Excuse me, if you could just help us out...)

Another dude: Seems the cabaret girls are searching for some guy rather than working.

Another guy: Hey, you really don't know?

Take a look.


Dude: H—huh? And what's that?

(Sfx- Zah zah zah sfft sfft sfft)

(Under panel- Lesson 376.)

Dude: Is that the Yagyuu family and their studends?! W—why?! Why are they doing this?

And over here...

(Sfx- Zah zah zah sfft sfft sfft)

Dude: The vigilante corps of Yoshiwara; Hundred blooms?!

And finally....

(Sfx- Zah zah zah sfft sfft sfft)

(Poster- Nomi-chan.)

Dude: The freak? The guys who are wanted are posting wanted signs themselves?!

What the hell is going on here? Those guys are all running about..

Just who is this guy anyway?

Another guy: He attacked one of Kin-san's friends.

Dude: Wha?! Kin-san...you mean Yorozuya Kin-chan?!


(Sfx- Gashaah dsssh)

Kintoki: He got the Tama....

(Sfx- Gachaaaah cliccchk)

Kintoki: and MY Tama.

You guys had best believe that I'm never gonna let that pus-bag get away with this.

I don't really care what embarrassing or underhanded methods I have to use....
I'm going to pursue that bastard and get revenge for what he did to my...no our friend.

So won't all of you...

Lend me your strength?

With all of you....

Every person in Kabuki-chou lending me their power...that guy...

Sakata Gintoki....

Is dead meat.


Dude: This guy is a total dumbass...

To take a hand to one of Kin-san's buddies...

He's gone and...

Made every person in Kabuki-chou his enemy.

???: Okay gramps, if you hear anything give us a holler.

Gengai: And how do you expect me to call guys without a phone?

Hasegawa: Just write XYZ near the board at the train station.

(Sfx- Jijiji zzzzt)

Gengai: And what if someone else sees it?

Hasegawa: In any case, just be careful. If Gin-san catches the guy who did this to our friend, I dunno if he'll be able to control himself.

(Sfx- Gacha gacha clank clank)

Gengai: Hammer.

(Sfx- Pashuh clamp)

Gengai: You sure you wanna do this?

This is would be a great chance to strike his friends down.


Gintoki: They're split.

What's important is...

You fixing my friend up, and nothing else.

(Sfx- Basaah fwap)

Gintoki: What about you? I'm like, public enemy number 1 in Kabuki-cho, if you haven't heard.

Are you going to kill Tama? Should I break you down? Are you going to fix her?

All I'm doing is talking, and as we all know, words are cheap.

Gengai: A machine's soul is much heavier than any metal...

Is she believes in you, then I'll believe in you. That's all there is to it.

Gintoki: Heh...damned old man.

If that's the case, how come the defective merchandise you made is running around brainwashing people?

He says he wants to take the seat of this series's crappy protagonist. To be the leader.

Gengai: What are you planning to do?

Whether he's junk or not, that guy has all of kabuki-chou perfectly in his control.

Gintoki: There's not much to think about...

Only one thing left to do.


Gengai: If what you're saying is true...

Then that guy, Kintoki has no weaknesses.

He's probably the most perfect thing I've ever created.

He's using Tama's death as a reason to incite our friends to eliminate you.

Though, the abnormality called 'you' in their hearts has started to take form and creat an exception.

The way to defeat your victor is through your friends.

The worse case scenario for you is to have to fight against them.

But that's his trap. You can see it right?

There's no way that one man can win against a hundred.

Gintoki: Leave common sense and all that jazz to your robots and stuff.

Us beasts...

Suck at calculating and scheming.

Sadaharu: Woof!

Gintoki: If it's Sadaharu with me, then I'm not alone. It's one dog and one dude.

1+1= 2 right?

Sadaharu: Rrruf.

Gintoki: I know right?


Gintoki: For us....

There's no such thing as just 'two'.

Gengai: It's impossible to calculate the human heart, eh?

I'd love to go on and on about how recklessly stupid you're being...

But perhaps it's that massive recklessness that is Kintoki's weakness?

To something perfect like him, predictions mean everything...

But what will he do when something comes along and acts without any reason whatsoever?

That 'something'

Being you, Sakata Gintoki...a genuine idiot?

No matter how he tries to figure you into things, he can't.

Though there ain't a single person that's going to praise an unpredictable idiot...

To me though, as a leader it's something important to have....

Something that even he couldn't make me forget....

Gengai: You have to stop him.

Gintoki: How about increasing the idiot duo?

Damned old man?

Gengai: Yeah...

I'll definitely...

Help you idiots multiply by at least one.

So Ginnoji...

Don't let yourself be reduced to zero.

The only one who can stop Kintoki,

Is Gintoki.


Guys: Find him!!

Keep searching for that pervert and bring him down!

Tojou(?): Encircle all of Kabuki-chou! Trap him like lotion in a bath...I mean....A rat!

Bring down the hammer on anyone who would dare hurt the young master's friends!!

Dammitall...where the hell is he hiding?!

Wait...he could be hiding in that sex shop in disguse!!


You guys go look over there! I'll brave this store alone!!

(Sfx- Goooh THOOM)

Kyuubee: Where are you going?

Tojou: Young master!! Please don't stop me, it's time for the flight! California is waiting for me!!

Kyuubee: You're acting like this while the others are around? At least pretend that you have shame, and stop this at once.

???: I have finally located the Yagyuu clan's private parts!!

Fuahahahah! Kyubee-dono, you're far too slow!!

Katsura: If you intend to look in the cosplay establishment, I have already beaten you!

Attention please! Not a single leg hair to be found there!

Kyuubee: Are you looking for our private parts?!

Katsura: As a warrior, I will take flight or look for public hairs for the sake of a friend.

Kyuubee: You look more like you're about to go serve guests in that!

Katsura: I intend to dangle myself as bait to lead the enemy here.

Kyuubee: Baaaaait?! Who's going to want the dried up bones of an UMA like you?!


???: Boss! Look what we found!!

Both: W—what?!

Lady: How about it? With this one around we're sure to draw in new customers.

Tsukuyo: Mm. Do ya wanna work down in Yoshwara?

Toujou: He's been fished up by a completely different predator!!

You guys are talking about me, but look at what YOU'RE doing!!

Tsukuyo: It's a sad display, didn't mean nothin' by it though.

???: Look here!!!

You're kinda cute, are you an escort? Wanna be our exclusive actress?

We're actually trying to get some girl action for the homeless guys...it's gonna be on video ya'll!!


Knock it off, all of you!! I'm supposed to be the comic relief here!!

In fact, I don't even have the time to be the comic relief dammit! Say something to them young master!

Kyuubee: I apologize for both Tojou and I.


Get a hold of yourself!! Why are you doing this?! What's going on here everyone?
???: So you're all here?


Tojou: Otae-dono!

Tae: I had a feeling you'd all lose sight of what needs to be done...

While I want to leave things to Kin-san myself...

A feeling of malaise has been eating at me.

Like that man, Gintoki...the one I saw right before my eyes..

And the one Kin-san tells us about are two different people.

I'll be the first to admit that the man is...sloppy and and usless looking...

But Tama-san definitely saw something in him....

Moreover, without hesitation he jumped in and saved Sarutobi-san at risk of his own life and limb...

Could a man like that be all bad?

Tojou: L—ludicrous....are you saying you doubt Kintoki-dono's words?

Tae: I believe him...

But this whole situation deeply troubles me.

Seeing Tama-san like this upsets me....

But for Kin-san to rely on us like this..

It does make me feel a bit happy that he believes in us....

Kin-san, that is the Sakata Kintoki I know...

Is a person who's unable to be honest with himself, a man lacking in any real skills,

That man, back then didn't say a word.

He just notices our faces full of worries...

And without saying a word goes off on his own.


Tae: Moreover, no matter how many enemies await him...
(Sfx- Zahh sfft)

Tae: Matters nothing to him...

He'll just smile...

that fearless smile of his....

and pick his nose.

Tojou: Th—that is...?!

Gintoki: 'Sup? Why's everyone staring up in the sky?

Is it a solar eclipse?

Dudes: B---bastaaaaard!!

How dare you show up here!!


Tojou: I'll only ask you once!!

Was it you that hurt Tama-dono!?!

Gintoki: If that's what that big yellow sun you all believe so hardcore in said, then believe what you wish.

As for me,

Well, lets just say he's the snot I'm here to clean up.

(Sfx- Piso fwp)

Everyone: LETS GOOOOO!!



(Sfx- Kuwaaaaaaah roaaaaaaaaar)

Gintoki: Sadaharu, don't go forgetting our promise okay boy?

Sadaharu: Woof.

Gintoki: Listen good. No matter what happens to me, don't turn around.

You just keep running straight ahead.

Don't be scared,

It's the same as always.

We're gonna go home...

A home where...

Everyone is waiting.


(Sfx- Domu thud)

Everyone: Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!

People: The hell?! He's just going to run right through enemy territory?!

GET 'IM!!!

(Sfx- Dododdododo Tmptmptmptmp)

Dude: I'll stop him!!

Katsura: Wait! Do not lay a finger on Sadaharu-kun!!

(Sfx-jakkii shhiikkk)

Katsura: His soft paws have not sinned! Our target is that man...Gintoki!

Dude: But...he's acting like this is some sorta rodeo!!

(Sfx- Yusa yusa wfft wfft)

Dude: I can't get a lock on him!

{No matter what happens to me...}

{Don't turn around.}

{You just keep running straight ahead.}

{We're gonna go home.}

{A home where everyone is waiting.}

Sadaharu: Awooooo!!

(Sfx- Dokakakakak thokthokthok)

Tsukuyo: Divide and concur.

Did ya think we'd be fooled by somethin' like that?

(Sfx- Zazaaha sfft)

(Sfx- Kakah tptmp)

Gintoki: The one who's doing the dividing is me.

Just as planned....

The most dangerous people are right here in the palm of my hand.


Tsukuyo: Throw yer blade down.

Do it real slow like...

(Sfx- Jakkki sfft)

Gintoki: Catch.

(Sfx- fun fwf)

Gintoki: Now that I've done that, how about I give you a warning now?

Move outta my way.

Once this is over, whether its hell or under the sheets, I'll go with you.

Tsukuyo: Y—you...

Are ya messin' with me?

(Sfx- Zah zah sfft sfft)

Lady: Boss!!

(Sfx- Shakki clang)

Tsukuyo: Wait!!

(Sfx- Jakki shiiing)
???: Don't move.

Don't you even think of laying a hand on him....

That is MY prey.

(Side text- There's no turning back now!!)

KINTAMA LESSON 5..............END.

(Side text- Kintoki's demonic reach draws closer to Gintoki!! Next issue the climatic clash begins!!)

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#1. by kusanagi_k ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2011
yayy! no time to read yet so i ll just Thank first :D
#2. by nightastronomer ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2011
Gintoki vs Sacchan.I wonder if they will have an S&M battle? XD
#3. by kusanagi_k ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2011
Bomber-san, will you eventually be doing Chp..err..371? You know, MADAO? Chinese transl for that one just isnt good enough... Well please take your time & grant us the quality stuff you always do, in any case :)

'Cuz i think i saw you in YS mentioning something about a job(/interview)? Man..I cant even really balance [reading translated]manga, with the [real world] T__T

Thanks for working on & sticking with Sorachi and his 'giniro no sekai' for so long! Were you serious when you suggested 'the end' might be coming..?
#4. by kusanagi_k ()
Posted on Nov 4, 2011
@nightastronomer Sacchan..? Well, if just based on number of appearances in-series, she must be 1 of Sorachi's favourite characters besides the Yorozuya 3 !!
#5. by Goral ()
Posted on Nov 5, 2011
OK, first off, how come they didn't mistake Gintoki with Kintoki? I mean, they're the spitting images of themselves and the only difference is their hairstyle which can be easily changed. How come Kintoki wasn't attacked by someone? Yeah, yeah, I know the standard answer.
Anyway, I liked City Hunter reference (writing XYZ on a bulletin board) and loved how Kyuubei looked and that almost every hot chick appeared in this chapter. Katsura giving away flyers and Kintoki stoically exposing his "tama" cracked me up. I also loved expressions of each and every one of the characters in this chapter (is it just me or has Sorachi leveled up in that department?), especially Kagura's, Shinpachi's and Otae's (who was the only one that shed a tear and thought that sth isn't right about them going after Gintoki). Actually every page was a masterpiece. Katsura being offered a job, Tsukuyo being offered a job as a porn actress, Gintoki saying anti-cliche line "I just came to stick some snot on IT" (so not a person), etc. etc. There is just too much to mention. But let me just quote my favorite line of this chapter: "Once this is over, whether its hell or under the sheets, I'll go with you." I so love Tsukuyo x Gintoki conversations. Anyway, genius chapter of a genius arc.

#6. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Nov 8, 2011
Hm. I wonder what Sacchan is doing there? Does she remember Gintoki? Or is she on the 'lets kill him' bandwagon too?

Also Kintoki is wearing a different kimono, Goral. Granted that's not enough to really keep the two from being confused with one another, but still.

The fliers part was really great. I love how the patriots are just handing those out despite being wanted themselves. Funny how the Shinsengumi doesn't appear during arcs like these. I guess they did just have one so yeah.

Great discussion guys. (And girls?) Lets keep it up.
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