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Anagle Mole 2


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Nov 6, 2011 02:11 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 2

A Hajimete no Aku that focuses on family more than harem? I have to say Anagle, I like the cut of your jib. It helps that Luchiru is infinitely more interesting than Jiro.

Please do not scantlate until I give my permission. Thanks.

(Top bubbles- The second chapter of Fukuchi Tsubasa's new serial!!)


Luchiru: I've finally made it!!

The sky!! The Sun!!!

This is the world we've been dreaming about!!



Luchiru: At long last I've done it!!

So many years we've had to live and dig through the depths of the earth....

But now us 'majin' have long last found our ideal 'paradise!!!


Kid: Did you think it's okay for you to just show up here outta the blue?

(Shirt- Human.)

(Sfx- Jakkiin Shiiing)

Kid: Silly majin, the surface is for humans.


Zombies: You aren't human... we'll keeeeell you keeeeelll you keeeeeeell you deaaaaaadddd...


(Side text- The 'home stay action comedy about Luchiru the 'majin'!!)



Space 2: Ranking.


Luchiru: S---stay back, you monstrous humaaaaaaans!!!

T---they're gonna kill mee!!
(Sfx- Kahhh SHEEEN)

Luchiru: DEKOS!!!

(Sfx- Dodooogoooooh THOOOM)

Chiwa: Wha...

(Sfx- Gabaah fwfff)

Chiwa: Whaaaaaaaaat was that?!

(Handwritten- What's going on this early in the morning?)

(Sfx- Para para para clatter clatter)


(Sfx- Chuun chuuun tweet tweet)

(Sfx- Hah hah)

(Sfx- Hah hah)

(Sfx- Chun chun chun tweet tweet tweet)

Luchiru: A dream huh...

(Sfx- Hahhh)

(Sfx- Pon pon dong dong)

(Sfx- Pikuhh poit)

Luchiru: W—where am I?

Hey! Bahamu?!

Where are you Bahamut?!

Bahamut: Pu...pu...


Bahamut: Pu---


(Sfx- Meri grnnd)
(Sfx- Para para clatter clatter)


(Handwritten- What happened to you?!)

Luchiru: N—no way!! Did the humans do this?

Bahamut: Pugaa....

Luchiru: Whaat?! M—me?!

N—now that you say that...this hole...

I guess while I was asleep, I fired off a shot of majinagram.....

(Sfx- Paki paki crackle crackle)

Bahamut: Pugaga!!

Luchiru: I—I know that!!

(Handwritten- Just be quiet!!)

Luchiru: 'Majinaguram' is a power that the humans don't have...

If I go around blasting it carelessly, my cover as a human is blown right?


Luchiru: No need to worry, Bahamu.

I'm not going to do something as dumb as let a human find out my true identity!

After all we're up here on the surface to find out the humans waknesses!

We're sp----

(Sfx- Ton ton ton ton tmptmptmp)

Chiwa: Are you okay, Luchiru-kun?!

I heard this awful sound!!

(Sfx- Garaaashhi craash)

(Sfx- Bushiih Bloorsh)

Luchiru: Wa---

(Bottom text- A humaaan!!)

Chiwa: Huh? Did you say Sp----

(Sfx- Gikuuuh poooit)

Luchiru: Did she hear me?!

N—no! I said Sp---sp----

(Handwritten- Uh...)

(Sfx- Puru puru puru wibble wibble wibble)


Luchiru: Um...Spaghetti?

Yeah! That's what I meant! Spaghetti!! I want Spaghetti!!

Chiwa: Teehee! You like pasta, Luchiru-kun?

Okay then, this morning how about clam pasta for breakfast?



(Handwritten- That hole is like super huge!!)

(Sfx- Pekoooh drooop)

Luchiru: Yeah..um, sorry.

I did that in my sleep.

Chiwa: In your sleep?!

How did you manage that?!


What's up, Luchiru-kun?

Luchiru: ...Who are you?

Chiwa: Why would you start the day saying something so rude!?
(Sfx- Gaaan dooom)

(Handwritten- We just met like YESTERDAY!!)


Chiwa: I'm Kusanagi Chiwa!

I'm the eldest daughter of the family you'll be doing a 'home stay' with starting today!!


(Sfx- Hah)

Luchiru: That's right!

(Handwritten- Breakfast will be served soon, so come downstairs!)

Luchiru: In order to find the weakness of humanity....

I became a spy and 'homestayed' with this family!!


Chiwa: Since we got home a bit late yesterday we weren't able to, but how about a proper introduction to the family today~?

Luchiru: Yeah...I know..humans are strong!!

Us 'majin' could never stand a chance to these ferocious monsters!!

Chiwa: Oh right, you already know Kyousuke!~

Luchiru: I have to find the 'data' that will unlock the means necessary to defeat them!!

If I want to be able to defeat humans, 'data' is necessary!!

{What might be more essential is remembering things that happened yesterday.}

{The beings known as 'majin' are...}

{Complete and utter fools.}

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmmble)


{Nay, it may be more correct to say...}

{They are the victims of a very foolish misunderstanding.}

{They've lived their lives deep below the grounds.}

(Top text- World above ground).

Luchiru: Above ground? Humans? What are those?

(Middle text- World below ground.)

(Bottom text- Mantle (Really hot.))

(Handwritten- Pugah?)

{To them, the humans who live on the surface are organisms unknown.}

{Due to misinformation spreading among them...}

Chiwa: Just wait right here...

I'll go wake everyone up!

{The incorrect assumption that humans are fearsomely strong....}

{Has become commonplace for them.}

(Sfx- Dokin dokin dokin throob throob throb)


{And so, the majin who want to learn the humans weakness have sent Luchiru and Bahamut to spy on them.}

{Unbeknownst to them, their own strength as majin makes them an immeasurable amount stronger than humans.....although they are fools.}

(Sfx- Pataan slam)

Luchiru: Listen up Bahamut. Our first order of business is to grasp the current situation around here.

Which means one thing....finding out who's the strongest around here!!

(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)

Bahamut: Pugah?

Luchiru: No matter what organization it is, there's always a person who's the 'leader'!!

If we can keep an eye on him....then there shouldn't be any trouble for us...!!
Luchiru: See, if we can keep our identities as 'majin' under wraps, then we can knock this mission out of the park!!

Bahamut: Pu—puga!!

Puga puga!!!

Luchiru: Heheh! That's the basics of being a spy!


Luchiru: Well, even you at any rate...

(Sfx- Zugoosu thokk)

Kid: Who are you?!


Luchiru: W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-whoooooo?!

(Handwritten- Who are you?!)

(Sfx- Don thonk)

(Sfx- Kiraaan sheeeen)

(Sfx- Nyaaaah sneeeer)

Kid: You're with the evil organization Blacker aren't you?!

Eat my blade of justice!!!

(Sfx- Doooh fwooosh)

Luchiru: WHAAAAAAAH!!!

(Handwritten- What's Blacker?!)

{N—No way....he already saw right through me?!}

{H—he's gotta be the strongest human in this house!!!}

Luchiru: Wawahwahwahaaah!!!


Luchiru: Deko....

(Handwritten- Hah hah)

???: Hey now!!

(Sfx- Gashhhiih fwff)

Kid: Wah!

(Sfx- Pitah fwp)

Luchiru: ?!

(Handwritten- Eh?!)

(Sfx- Paaanhh fwffff)

(Handwritten- Release me, Blacker!!)

???: For goodness sake! Sorry for this first thing in the morning!

{Mother// Kusanagi Towako// Age 44}

Towako: You'd better get used to all this ruckus...

He's always like this~

(Sfx- Bata bata wfft wfft)

{Third son// Kusanagi Makoto// Age 8.}

(Handwritten- Release me~)


Towako: I'm just getting Breakfast ready, Luchiru-chan!

Now Makoto, you go wash your face this instant!!

(Sfx- Pokoh thonk)

(Sfx- Gyahh)

(Sfx- Pokaaan fwaaah)

Towako: Hurry up or you'll be late to school!

Makoto: You won't get away with this Blacker!!

{That brat...}

{He saw right through me...!!}

{Geez, I was so outta sorts that I was about to use the majinaguram!!}

Luchiru: Worse yet, he was so easily subdued by that woman!!

I get it now Bahamu....!! The strongest in this house isn't that brat!

(Handwritten- Hiso hiso Whisper whisper)

(Handwritten- Puga puga?)

Luchiru: The 'leader' of these humans that we have to keep an eye out for is that woman...!!

???: Hey hag!!

It's too damn early in the morning for all of this nonsense!!

(Sfx- Kaki kaki tp tp)

Towako: Oh? It's a rare sight to behold! Kyousuke? Up THIS early?


Towako: ---Wha? What happened to your face?!

{Second son// Kusanagi Kyousuke// Age 15.}

(Sfx- Fuwaaah yaawwn)

Kyousuke: Shaddup hag.

Luchiru: He's from yesterday...!

Towako: You got in another fight didn't you?!

You know you're going to make your mother worry herself to death...

Kyousuke: I get it all ready! Just quit your damn bellyaching!!

(Handwritten- Are you a cow?!)

Towako: But....

(Sfx- Piku poit)

Kyousuke: There ain't no buts, damn hag!!!
I ain't some little snot nosed kid anymore, dammit!!

(Sfx- Girooooh glaaaaare)


(Handwritten- Hmph.)

(Handwritten- What am I to do with that boy?)

(Sfx- Shiiiin husssh)

Luchiru: He ordered that woman around so easily....!!!

So wait.....

It should be more like this?!

(Handwritten- Weakest------Strongest)

(Handwritten- Wai! Geez! Hmph)

(Sfx- Dooon dooom)

???: Kyousuke!!!

Kyosuke: Huh?

Chiwa: You idiot!!

(Sfx- Gosuuunn thoooom)

Luchiru: Whaaa!!

(Sfx- Doooon thoom)

(Handwritten- Wai! Geez! Geh! Hmph!)

(Bottom text- Number one just appeared!!)


Old guy: Who the hell hits their little brother?!

(Sfx- Bogooooh Thunk)

Luchiru: WAAAAAH!!!!

(Sfx- Sudoooooon Thooooom)
(Handwritten- Wa! Oh my. Heh. Ngh. Heh!)

(Bottom text- The top of the top!!!)

Old guy: Chiwa! You're in high school, so act like it!

Or am I going to have to smack some sense into ya?!

Chiwa: You can't just hit me without saying why you are first, grandpa!!

Old guy: What did you say?!

Luchiru: Awawawwah...

Chiwa: B—but he called mom a 'hag'!!

Old guy: What?

(Sfx- Shiiiin huuush)

Old guy: That can't be the case, right Kyousuke?

I mean, you did make a promise to me before right?

(Sfx- Keh)

Kyousuke: Shut it old man. She's a hag.

I call 'em like I see 'em.


{The old man got pissed.}


(TN- That he did.)


(Sxf- Dogoooohn thooom)

Kyousuke: Geh!!

Luchiru&Chiwa: Waaah!!

(Handwritten- You overdid it Grandpa!!)

Old guy: I've warned you countless times Kyousuke...
I don't give a rats ass if you're my grandchild...

NO one calls my daughter a 'hag'!!!

Or else!!!

{Grandfather// Kusanagi Seijurou// Age 70.}


(Sfx- Koki koki crack crack)

Seijurou: Hm?

And who might you be?

(Sfx- Dokiiii thuuuump)

Luchiru: WAAAH!!

(Handwritten- He spotted me!)

Luchiru: C—crap...

It's clear who's strongest..

In this organization known as 'family', he's the leader...!!

The king!!

(Sfx- Guru guru spnn spnn)

Luchiru: Ah...


Luchiru: If he even sorta suspects me, it's game over!

I'll be killed!

I don't wanna die!

Not when I just started this mission...I finally got a 'chance' against them...!!

I—I'm going to be 'homestaying' with you from today on....I'm Luchiru...!!

This here is my buddy Bahamut...!!

Bahamut: Puga.

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmble)

Luchiru: I can't die!! I don't want to die in a place like this!!


Seijurou: Yooou...!!

You're a maj...

orly serious guy huh?

Hahahah, no need to be so stiff buddy!

(Handwritten- You're the one who needs to be less stiff.)

Luchiru: Ahahah...

(Handwritten- Nice to meetcha, Luchiru-bou.)

Luchiru: SAAAAAAAFE!!!

Towako: If breakfast is ready, lets get serving!

Chiwa: Okay~!

(Sfx- Doki doki doki throb throb)

Luchiru: I did it...

I've fooled them all!!

(Handwritten- hmph.)

(Handwritten- Eat up!)

(Handwritten- Hmph.)

(Handwritten- Here's some ham for you Bahmu-chan!)

(Handwritten- Pugah?)

Luchiru: I even managed to fool the family 'leader'!!!


Luchiru: Sweet!!

With this, my 'don't let them find out you're a majin' mission has cleared...!!!

Makoto: Ah! Good morning grandpa!!

(Sfx- Totatatata tmptmptmtpmp)

Seijurou: Oh Makoto!! You're awake are ya? Good boy!

Makoto: The justice mask 'Light on' has arrived!!

Are you that vile Blacker?!

(Shirt- Rakushou.)

(TN- Easy victory.)

(Sfx- Shaaakiii sheeeen)

(Sfx- Hiiiii)

Seijurou: Oooh! As expected of Light on!!

You've seen through my disguise!!!

Makoto: Take this Granpageroge!! Light on kick!!

And punch!!

And kick!!!

(Handwritten- Messing with grandpa again?)

Seijurou: Eeeyaaah! I can't take it any more! Give me mercy!!

(Sfx- Gyaaah)

(Sfx- Dooooooon)

(Handwritten- Hehe!)

Luchiru: Hm?


(Handwritten- Eeeh?)

(Middle of circle- Endless power balance!!)

(Arrows- Wins against.)
(Sfx- Baaaaaan)

Chiwa: What's the matter Luchiru-kun?

Aren't you going to eat?

(Handwritten- Let's dig in!)

Luchiru: Mn?

{Contrary to Luchiru's thoughts, this family does not have anything like...}

{The strongest, or a boss.}

{As he continues to lose himself in the gap between the surface and underground worlds...}

{The curtain rises on he and Bahamut's spy tactics.}

(Side text- Next issue has a center color page, along with the first mission!!)


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