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Anagle Mole 11

To where the light shines brightest.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 16, 2012 17:10 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 11

With all this mention of failure (dekisokonai), I sorta remember another project I should be doing...hmm....nope, can't remember the name. :-P Geez, what fail.

Clockwork lies only.

(Sfx- Dath sfft)


(Sfx- Yuraah wifft)

(Sfx- Gosoh sfft)

Kuwatrol: So you intend to betray us, do you?


(Sfx- Zuuuh)

Kuwatrol: You intend to betray....

Luchiru: Yeah....

I am a majin..

Kuwatrol: All of the majin...and Anaguland itself?

(Sfx- Bonnhh fwoomp)

Kuwatrol: That’s why you're,

Luchiru: I can't fight for the sake of humanity....

Kuwatrol: An utter failure!!!

Luchiru: That's why...

(Sfx- Gahhh sheeen)

(Bottom text- As Luchiru wavers between counterattacking a majin and not...)


Luchiru: Dekos!!!

{I'll fight for the sake of 'family'!!!}

(Sfx- Bakaaaaaah thoooom)

(Side text- Rugged VS Compact!! Charging straight into round two!!)

Space 11: To where the light shines brightest.

Kuwatrol: Well now! Aren't we acting high and mighty!!

But lets not forget you're nothing more than a failure!

A majin upstart as it were...!!

(Sfx- Gyuuuh wffft)


Kuwatrol: A damajin!!

(TN- Starts with the kanji for 'dame' or 'no good.' So...nogoodjin. Which sounds nasty, and not in a good way.)

(Sfx- Hyuuuuhh wffffff)

Kuwatrol: Restore!!!

(Sfx- Pooonnn fwooof)

Luchiru: Wha...

What the heck is that?!

Kuwatrol: A tetora pod!!


Luchiru: Buwah!!

(Sfx- Zudadadannn dsssshhh)

Luchiru: Phew!

Kuwatrol: Return!!!

(Sfx- Dooounnn wooomph)

Luchiru: Wahhh!!

Kuwatrol: I knew it, you're an abject failure!!

Luchiru: Wah!



(Sfx- Zun thmp)

(Sfx- Donnn thooom)

Luchiru: You stay hidden here!

Kyousuke: Ugh...

Kuwatrol: The other majin are absolutely right about you!!

I've still got plenty where that came from!!

With my 'compact'-ification, the amount I can carry isn't limited to just this!!


Kuwatrol: Ford mustang!!!

(Sfx- Shaaan Shiiine)

Luchiru: Whoa! That's actually kind of cool!

Kuwatrol: Fuji X**ox multifunction machine!!

Luchiru: Oh...well the name's kinda cool.

(Sfx- Kopiiiin Copy~)

Kuwatrol: Kern** Sanders!!!

(Sfx- Chikiiin Chickeeen~)


(Handwritten- He's just an old guy!!)

Kuwatrol: Annnnnnd~

A search light!!!

Luchiru: Gyaaaaaaah!!


Luchiru: My eyes!!


Where'd you go?!
Kuwatrol: And then there's...


(Sfx- Bahhh fwaaah)

(Sfx- Gaaaaaaah doooosh)

Kuwatrol: This apparatus is a 'jungle gym' apparently!

It must be a human containment gaol!!

{Uh, no.}


{If he uses his compact power in this situation...!!}

(Sfx- Bahhh fwap)

Kuwatrol: Be crushed to death, bug!!


Luchiru: Dekos!!!

Kuwatrol: Coruto!!

(Sfx- Dooooon Thooom)

(Sfx- Kyuuun sffft)

(Sfx- Bakkiiin craaash)

Luchiru: That was...

Kuwatrol: Going somewhere?

Not that you can, since you can't control that ruggedness in mid air.

(Sfx- Tah tmp)

Kuwatrol: Majin are much stronger than humans!! It's in our rights to lord over them!!

A fool like you should be able to comprehend that much!!

(Sfx- Pikuuh poit)

Kuwatrol: If you seriously intend to support humanity's weakness, then you need to be 'punished'...!!

Take this ventilator ….

Right in the stomach!!

Luchiru: I won't make it....!!!


Luchiru: Bokoheru!

(Sfx- Bokooon fwoop)

(Sfx- Dooon swfft)

(Sfx- Zukaaah sfffft)

Kuwatrol: Wha....

He dented himself?!

(Sfx- Dan tmp)

Kuwatrol: Ngh!


Kuwatrol: Ngh!!

(Sfx- Zudaaaah ssssft)

(Sfx- Zuuh wfff)


Kuwatrol: The ground again?!

Fool! Come now, if I saw it once i'm going to re---

Luchiru: Dekos!!!

Kuwatrol: A...


{A Second Dekos?!}

(Sfx- Dododododdododooooon thumpthumpthumpcraaaaaash)

Kuwatrol: Ngh...!
Luchiru: What is...'strength'?

Well? Kuwatrol....

Luchiru: Why is that majins are 'stronger' than humans?


Or are you talking about the 'majinagram'?

Kyousuke: Luchi...ru....


Kuwatrol: Huh? Well, both are acceptable!

Humans are powerless....without any strength at all!!

While we majin on the other hand have...

Luchiru: Yet, those powers weren't enough to finish Kyousuke.

I can't put it into words but...

(Panel: Can I become as 'strong'// as you?)

Luchiru: If there is that kind of strength.....

I'd say it's better.


(Sfx- Buchiin poit)

{Is he saying my beautiful compact....}

{Can't stand up to that attack?!}

(Sfx- Dohhh swfft)

{That exaggerated life form....}

Kuwatrol: Koruto!!!

{Is above my attacks?!}

Kuwatrol: I won't acknowledge it!!

(Sfx- Baaaaan fwwffff)
Kuwatrol: Never in a million years will I acknowledge that nonsense!!

This time I’ll slice you...

And you will die!

And that human will be completely destroyed by this attack!!


Kyousuke: Luchiru you dumbass....

run away.

You can't do anything about that guy's next mo---

Luchiru: No.

It's not the same....

But that's fine.



(Sfx- Dooon thooom)


Kuwatrol: Hahahah! Useless! Utterly usless!!

These leaves dance around your attacks!!

(Sfx- hira hra wfft wfft)

Kuwatrol: You'll never land a decisive blow on me like this!!

(Sfx- Dododododdodon)

Luchiru: Dekos!


Kuwatrol: Moreover, back when I had the newspaper I got you three times!

Do you think that you even stand a chance of finding me in the center of all of this?!

Luchiru: Dekos!!


{That's it...}

{Panic and struggle!}

{Eventually you'll have to use a last ditch effort,}

{And use Dekos to propel yourself towards me!}

(Handwritten- This is annoying!! Dekos!!)

(Sfx- Don doom)

{However once you do that, I'll be expecting you!!}

{Since you have no real idea where I am, you'll randomly and recklessly ascend just to have no lock on my location anyway!! But I'll see you and...}

{Cut you down!!}


(Sfx- Gakuuh sfft)

(Sfx- Hah hah)

(Sfx- Jakkkin shffft)

Kuwatrol: Heheheh...

Rest easy Luchiru...

Once I've disposed of you, I'll go collect the chips from that family.

After that, the upper surface will become the majin's property!

The 'sky' and the 'sun' will be ours for the taking!!

Luchiru: Totally....

The sun especially is really awesome right?

Kuwatrol: Huh?

Luchiru: It has to be, to even move a guy like you...

That huge, intense, light source...

Kuwatrol: What are you going on about....

{No way...}

{On a rainy day like this, the sun...?}


(Sfx- Kaaah sheeeen)

Kuwatrol: What?!

This is...

(Panel: Luchiru.// Luchiru you dumbass// run away!//You can't do anything about that guy's next mo---)

Kuwatrol: The roadside mirror?!

No way...

(Sfx- Bahhh fwaaap)


{He extended the second Dekos to this extent?!}

(Sfx- Doooon wfooom)

Luchiru: This powerful light...

Is an invitation to your logation Kuwatrol....!!

(Sfx- kahh sheen)

{My search light...!!}

{Is being reflected in that mirror?!}

{Then my body is...!!}

(Sfx- Kaahh Kaaah wffft wfft)

(Sfx- Kaaaahhh swfffff)

Luchiru: Gotcha!!

(Sfx- Dooohhhh swffft)

Kuwatrol: Damn! I'm in my compact state right now....!!

If I take an attack in this situation then....

(Sfx- Ase ase sweat sweat)

Kuwatrol: Re—Re---

Luchiru: TOO LATE!!

(Sfx- Dogooooon THOOOM)

(Bottom text- Luchiru puts his all into an explosive attack!!!)


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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2012
thank you...for translation...
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