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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Bullet Armors 1

I'm off.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 21, 2012 21:25 | Go to Bullet Armors

-> RTS Page for Bullet Armors 1

Yet another new project. :-P I R SO CRAZY LULZ. The same stuff applies.

k.i.s.s scans only.

Most importantly, I have the tanks myself (I bought them with my own sweat and blood)....but I have no scanner. Sooooo you prospective scantlators are on your own raws wise. I'm doing this for the lulz so I have no problem posting translations even if it will never get scantlated, but I have no way to provide raws. Keep that in mind, because I will not respond to raw requests.

Like Boku to majo no jikan, the art is really amazing considering the artist's age (he was born in 1990!) And although it's pretty much generic shounen, It's a throwback to when a shounen manga was about amazing fights, funny characters and looooong periods with no text. :) I hope others will find it as interesting as I have.

http://gekkansunday.net/rensai/bullet_armors/110819.html Pics and shit are here. It runs in Gessan Shounen Sunday.

Bullet Armors

Techno one: I'm off.

???: What's that noise?

A shooting star?


Techno one: I'm off.



???: What's this?

It sure is pretty.




Lisa: Hey Ion!

Are you picking up trash again?!

{Ion's big sis: Lisa Oobusanz}

Ion: Ahahah....

But it looks so cool!

{Boy who loves machines: Ion Oobusanz}

Lisa: You're filthy! Go take a bath immediately!

Ion: I don't wanna!!



Lisa: Quit moving!

All you do is pick up weird garbage....

I know you love machines but there's got to be a limit!

Lisa: Though,

This one is really pretty for a piece of garbage.

Ion: I know right?!

I found that right outside of the city limits!

Lisa: Outside of the city limits...?


Lisa: How many times do I have to tell you NOT to leave the city?!

Ion: OW!

Lisa: Punishment time!

Guy: Heh, looks like Lisa and Ion are at it again.

Guy 2: It's what Ion gets for picking up garbage every day!

Lisa: Geez...

It's nothing to laugh at!

Outside of the city...

is where the machines that attack humans the 'tremor' lurk!

Guy: Those 'tremor' are machines with consciousness.

Guy2: Yeah.


Guy: Those machines are riddled in mystery.

Although I haven't seen them around lately...

Maybe they found some other stomping grounds?

Lisa: I sure hope so.

Guy3: Hey it doesn't do us any good to sit around discussing something like that.

Sure they aren't around right now, but that doesn't mean you should start thinking crazy things like approaching them.

You should still take great care in watching out for them, Lisa.

Although there's no need to worry...if a tremor does appear I'll protect you.

Lisa: Thank you!

Guy3: By the way, where's Ion?

Lisa: Ah!


Ion: Ow...!

She hit me again!


This is worthless too.

The one I found before was so pretty too....

What a waste.

Someone: Hey! Someone gimme a hand here!

The carrier collapsed!

Ion: What's going on?

???: Oh geez...

Looks like it was too heavy...

Not even 5 guys would be able to handle this..


Guy: You're a tremor user....a breeder!!

???: Only needed one hand to do this huh....

Guy2: Hey, that guy...he's a breeder!

Guy3: Yeah, they can actually use tremors to do their bidding.

We shouldn't get involved with him.
Guy: T-thanks, but I'm in a hurry!!

See ya!


???: It's coming again...

Tonight for sure!

Ion: I wanna see you do that again!!

???: Well now boyo you're a rare one.


???: It's best for you not to get too close to tremors.

They'll attack anyone.

Ion: Sweeeet!!

???: Ahahahah!!

So there still are brats out there that don't know anything about tremors!!

Ion: Quit holding back!! Show me more!


???: Hahah, persistent brat ain'tcha?

{Ion's house.}

???: You really want to know more about this little guy here?

They're known as machines with consciousness. In all honesty they tend to stay away from cities like this cause they're not fond of people.

Ion: Cool..

It's rough!

???: Most of the time people only see some of them in town on sale or something...

Ion: This is smooth...

???: Quit fidgeting around.

Ion: I sowwy.

I love machines!!

I wanna be a breeder someday too!

???: You love machines...?

Ion: What do I have to do to become a breeder, old man?

Rez: I ain't an old man! My name is Rez!

If you wanna become a breeder, then look for 'Bikkon'!!

{Traveler: Rez Shinstant}

Ion: Bikkon?

What's that?


Rez: Bikkon is a device that grants machines a consciousness.

It has a coil center with a really pretty design in the center.

Ion: Giving consciousness to machines? Sweet!

(So it's that thing...)

Rez: And if your heart becomes close with that tremor...

Fighting alongside with it becomes possible!!


{Imagined image.}

Rez: There are still plenty of mysteries surrounding them,

but don't let that get you down!

Have you seen anything like what I just mentioned?

I see.

You get them moving sorta like this!

(Handwritten- Like flipping a switch!)
(Handwritten- Flipping a switch....)

Rez: Then you go and flip it to the left side like this, and any nearby machines start to move...


Rez: …..You don't have a bikkon do you?

Ion: Nooooo~

Rez: You liar.

Your face says it all!

Listen brat, a bikkon is really, really dangerous!!

It's not the sorta thing a kid should play around with!

Ion: I know nothing!!

Rez: If you were to hand it to some evil guy it would be bad news! So hand it over!

Where is it...?!


Rez: Is this it?!

Ion: Those are my sister's panties!!


Lisa: I'm back...

did you finally get tired of picking up trash, and decided to pick up perverts Ion?!

Take this!!

Today is the last straw! I'll never forgive you for what happened here today!

Rez: Ion...?

No way...

Is your name....

Lisa Oobusanz?

Lisa: How'd you know my name?

Rez: Hold on...so wait, you two are...

Dennis's kids?!

Lisa: You know our father?!

Ion: Dad?

Rez: Well, I AM familiar with him, yeah...

Lisa: Where is he?

Do you know where our father is?

He left home when Ion was only two years old!

Ion: Dad...

Rez: Calm down.

Yeah Dennis is one of my friends...!

Right now, he's...


Rez: It's here...

I'll be back tomorrow!

Lisa, make sure to watch Ion okay?

Under no circumstances should you two leave town!

Ion: Sis...

When Rez said something is 'coming' what did he mean?


Lisa: I don't know either...

At least...I think I don't...


Ion: When Rez said something is 'coming' what did he mean?

Rez: Bikkon,

is a device that grants machines a consciousness.


Ion: What's that noise?




Ion: A—a---shooting star?!

Here we go...





Ion: A hand?

A hand fell from the sky!


it's huge!

I wonder if more will fall?

Or is this it?

I can give a machine a consciousness...


Ion: Left...

Then push...

Ion: Uwahh!!




Ion: I...

It mooooved!




This is...

My tremor!!




Whats with you?!

Say something why dontcha?!



Ion: Man!

Your punch is awesomely strong!


Starting today, you're my partner!!



Ion: Heheh!
What's that?!


Ion: M-Machines!

Lisa: Father...

People: It's trouble!!

Get away, hurry!

The tremors outside of town have gone crazy!

Quick, get away from here!

They're closing in on the city?!

Looks like they're wriggling from that far away sand tower...

Lisa: Ion!!


Lisa: Ion!!

where are you?

Guy: Lisa!

Lisa: Have you seen Ion?

Guy: Everyone in town is panicking.

We don't have time to look for a little kid right now!

Lisa: No way...


It's Ion's doll!

Oh no...he went outside of town...

Guy: Lisa!


Guy: Don't be stupid!! You can't go out there!
Tremors are all over the place!!

Lisa: Ion is...

my little brother!!!

If I as his older sister don't save him who will?!

Guy: It's too dangerous!

Stop it!



People: Hey lady! It's dangerous!

Lisa: Ion!!

Where are you?


Ion: Sis!!

Lisa: Ion!!

What are you doin---



Lisa: Ion...you....

what are those things?!

Ion: Sis!!

Run away! Quickly!!

This thingy fell from the sky right? And I got close to the hand and then...

Lisa: Calm down!

I can't understand a thing you're saying!

If we return to the city we should be fine...!!



Ion: Rez?


Rez: What the hell are you doing out here, Ion, Lisa?!

Ion: What are those machines?!

Rez: Tremors!

Ion: Those monsters too?!

Rez: Here they come...you two get back to the city immediately!

Hurry Ion!

{There's a tremor on his back?}






{A breeder!!}

Rez: There sure are a lot of 'em....let's do this in one go Guristen!!



Rez: There are so many...!!

This'll go on forever!


Lisa: Ah!
Rez: Damn.

and things aren't looking so hot over there!

Lisa: Run away Ion!

Ion: Sis!


Lisa: Ion!!

Ion: Uwaaaaaaah!!



Lisa: Ion...what is that thing...?

Ion: Nice work buddy!


Rez: Ion..I knew it..

You did have a bikkon didn't you?

Ion: Rez...

Lisa: Ion...!!


Lisa: What's wrong with you? Hang in there!!


Rez: No need to worry...using that thing tires people out.

Ion: Rez!


I want to fight too!

Rez: No can do.

It ain't my style to let kids and women get involved, Ion.
Besides, you should only have one objective...and that's to protect Lisa!

So fly outta here.


Rez: Once you get stronger...

Come back ready with that hand of yours.

To the world of adults.

Your dad; Dennis is waiting there too.

Ion: Sis...

Grab hold of this hand, and don't let go!


Ion: With the last of my power...

Rez: Ion...

{I know he would have never thought this would happen..}

{That his own son would become a breeder....and use tremors..}

Rez: Get real strong, Ion!

Ion: Yeah!!



Guy: That's...

Ion&Lisa: Uwaaaaaaah!!

Guy: Ion and Lisa?!


Guy: Wh—what the...


Rez: You're still a brat, so it's too soon..
When you become an adult, come on back.

To the world wriggling with machines...

Welcome to the show gents...

Shall we...

Get this party started?


Rez: This is...


Rez: The world of adults!!


People: Are you two okay?

Ion: Y—yeah, somehow.

Thanks to this!

People: T—tremor!!

Ion: Its fine I said! This one is safe!!

People: It ain't okay no way no how!

Didn't you see how those things were going crazy outside of town?!

Take that monstrous device and break it at once!

Lisa: True enough that hand is one of the many machines that lurk outside of town...

And it probably would be safer if we got rid of it!


Even knowing that it was thinks to it that Ion was able to save me!

People: Lisa..

Lisa: Thank you, Ion! Big hand-san!

Rez: This must be fate too.

You know your son is headed here soon right?



{10 years later...}

Lisa: So I guess..

Since you were invited you're going now right?

Ion: Yup!

Lisa: Ah...

Ion: Gonna stop me?

Lisa: Even if I did you'd just go anyway right?

Ion: Is there anything you want me to tell dad?

Lisa: Hmm...

Hit him with all you've got!


Lisa: Pop him hard...

And say 'That's for leaving home you moron!!'

Ion: I got it.



Lisa: Bullet?

When'd you start calling it that?

Ion: 10 years ago!

Lisa: I see!

Guy: Ready to leave home are ya?

Good luck!

Send those tremors flying!

Guy: Just keep living the best way you can Ion!

You'll find your pops for sure!


Ion: Yeah!

Well, I'm off!!

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#1. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2012
Hoo, never heard of this.
Not to be mean, but looks like your every-day shounen^^
#2. by Mido-ban ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2012
wow really great! thanks for translation^^
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