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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 387

Eww! Not you old man!!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 7, 2012 00:55 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 387

I totally need internet to survive. Why fool myself? Two weeks without it and I'm sitting here in my underwear with a five o'clock shadow singing slave hymnals. The first thing I do once I get net back? Not porn, not catch up with friends, not porn, but Translate Gintama.

Hahahahah I have no life.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Gintoki: Pattsuan...

(Side text- Infiltrating the castle?)

Gintoki: Lemmie ask you something.

Let's say we do by chance manage to sneak into the former Shogun's place in Edo castle....what then?

Shinpachi: A death sentence.

Gintoki: So...what if we just sorta...get close and wait for the Shogun to show up?

Shinpachi: A death sentence.

Gintoki: So...between prostitute grandma and old man former shogun...

who's got more money?

Shinpachi: That'd be the Shogun-sama for sure.

Gintoki: All right that makes our course of action clear.

First, Tsukuyo will sneak through a gap in the security detail...

Then while she's doing that, I'll alert the guards. The Shogun and I will become buddies, and everything works out.

A perfect plan.


Tsukuyo: That ain't perfect and you know it.

Gintoki: Calm yourself Tsukky. We're up against the former shogun you know? We can't exactly walk up and say 'wazzup' without getting caught in a trap or something.

More like what were you planning to say to him anyway?

'Oh well I'm an assassin from Yoshiwara here to meet with you about a transgression you might have had when you were a young buck?' Before you even finish that sentence you'll be very dead.

Tsukuyo: Then I'll tell 'im that his ex wants ta' meet him in hell.

Gintoki: Oookay. She's officially insane. If we let her go in the guards are going to kill us for sure.

Shinpachi: There doesn't seem to be a way to sneak in then...

Gintoki: And there ain't shit that'll happen if we just ooze around here on stakeout.

Gintoki: Moreover we don't know if that old bat even actually met the former shogun.

It's been like..a million years since she's been the number one courtesan in Edo....so do we even know if the Shogun actually even ever been to Yoshiwara?

Shinpachi: If anything, the Shogun-sama would have been Suzuran's customer...

Way back when the two of them were younger.

Moreover Gin-san....do you really not know about the 13th Shogun Sadasada-sama?


Shinpachi: Twenty years ago after the Amanto invaded, and the twelfth Shogun had been defeated,

In his stead, this man stood up and rebuilt the Bakfu that had been completely destroyed. They say he rules with a strong sense of benevolence.

Even now he still serves as an ad visor to the current Shogun. This puts him in the position of wielding a great amount of power.

Though it is also with him that the shogun family's reputation of being playboys began. He's had a countless amount of concubines by his side.

Gintoki: So what does this mean? Are you saying at 8 o'clock each Saturday he becomes a buck wild Shogun?

Shinpachi: More than just Saturdays he's a buck wild shogun every night at 8.

(TN- A reference to a popular TV program known as Abarenbou Shogun.)

Gintoki: But yanno, That old bat apparently made a promise with a guy who came to Yoshiwara.

So would that old perv really promise to buy her freedom?

Shinpachi: That is unfortunately a secret held within the walls of that house.

Obviously no one is going to tell the preceding Shogun that he has to honor a promise made to a prostitute.

Tsukuyo: Hmph. That don't matter none. Ya make a promise, and ya see it through.

Plenty of daiyuu hear all kinds of nonsense from tha men they're wit...

I ain't worried if we're up against tha new Shogun or not.

All I'm concerned with is how he used Suzuran for his own whimsy and then went and deserted her like it ain't a big deal.

Imma go see the Shogun...

So ya'll best to keep yerselves from getting between me and my target.


Tsukuyo: I already understand that this is a risky venture, but it's somethin' I gotta do.

Gintoki: Hey!!

Tsukuyo: I already know that the shogun ain't wrong or nothin'.

Yoshiwara is all about the dreams and secrets people exchange over one night.

Once tha' moon disappears people's memories fade with it. It's like Yoshiwara doesn't even acknowlege them.

I know it's tha same story, different day even now...

(Handwritten- Oooh! I can see undies from here!)

Tsukuyo: And that it's that sorta unrefined place.

But even knowing that, men normally don't come down and keep women waiting.

Suzuran musta expected somethin for her not to leave Yoshiwara her whole life....and I can't let her waitin' be in vain.

Courtesans devote their lives to Yoshiwara...

So then, Yoshiwara oughtta be devotin' itself to 'em.

A fleetin' dream based on a moon unseen...

We don't need nothin' like that.


Tsukuyo: At least let the last moon she sees...

be the one that makes her dreams come true.

Shinpachi: Tsukuyo-san...

Kagura: Wait Tsukky.

That dream...

It is not unreasonable at all, yes?
Guard: Open the gates!!

(Sfx- Gogogogogogogo rmmmble)


(Sfx-Gogogogogogogogo rmmmmmmmble)

(Sfx- Goouuuun dooom)

Guard: Take heed!!

Soyo hime-sama decends~

(Sfx- Tatata tmptmptmp)

Soyo: Kagura-chaaan~

Retainer: Hime-sama!! You mustn’t run!!


Kagura: Soyo-chan~

(Sfx- Dakiii glomp)

Lesson 387: Eww! Not you old man!!

Soyo: It's been ever so long!!

Retainer: Hime-sama! You aren't to embrace others in front of strangers!

Kagura: That is so! Soyo-chan you seem well. How are things?

Soyo: Oh it's been so lonely...I haven't heard from you in a while after all.

Kagura: I see. Oh yes. Do you have the newest sukonbu treat?

Soyo: Yes!!

Gintoki: ….Who? What?

Is this Clara and Heidi?

Retainer: Hime is going to lose her way because of you!! Get going!

(Sfx- Haahahah)
(Sfx- Ufufuffufu)

(Sfx- Kuru kuru spn spn)

Shinpachi: If memory serves me correctly, the current shogun has a little sister....Soyo hime-sama.

Gintoki: I remember that much. What I DON'T remember is Hime-sama becoming friends with our dirty little Heidi. They're totally yodolehehoooing it up there.

Shinpachi: This is got to be some sort of joke. I mean....when did she have time to make a connection with the princess of this country?

I'm sudden getting flashes of faces that aren't yours Gin-san.

Gintoki: It's sort of the same feeling as Onji. When Heidi came back from frankfort she had grown up a bit. She seemed sorta far away from Onji even though he was still standing right in front of her. Though Onji was happy he never actually told her the truth....it's that sorta feeling.

Shinpachi: Did Onji ever think of pointless things like that?

(TN- I...I think it's more references to the Heidi of the alps book and anime. I really need to watch that thing considering how much Sorachi brings it up....)


Kagura: Oh. I brought friends today. Is this okay?

Soyo: But of course! Kagura-chan you know that your friends are mine right?

Gin-san was it? Well...welcome to my abode.

Gintoki: Ah..er, you know me?!

Soyo: Oh yes! Kagura-chan tells me all sorts of things about you! I'm ever so honored to meet you.

Gintoki: A—well um...I'm honored too! Er, thanks for looking after Kagura for us...

Soyo: His head really is a fuzzy mess isn't it?

Gintoki: Oh Kaguraaaa-chan~ what have you been telling her?

(Sfx- Hiso hiso whisper whisper)

(Sfx- Kusu kusu snicker snicker)

Kagura: Oh the glasses attached to that person there is Pattsuan-san.

Soyo: And that lady there?

Kagura: Oh, she is an assassin from Yoshiwara..Ts—mph.

(Sfx- Kuwaba mpmh)

Soyo: An assassin? Yoshiwara...?

Tsukuyo: Ah well.. ya see, I'm...

Gintoki: Oh she's come from Yoshiwara to seduce the Shogun.....a call girl...

(Sfx- Doh tok)

Tsukuyo: T' hell kind of follow up is that?

Soyo: So your name is Call girl-san?

Tsukuyo: In tha end maybe I should deliver you ta hell!


Retainer: The princess can't possibly say Call-girl or Fashion girl or anything of the sort!

Shinpachi: No one mentioned the latter thing.

Retainer: At least shorten her name to 'Calgurl-san' or something like that!

Shinpachi: Absolutely nothing changed!!

Retainer: In any case come in quickly.

It won't do us any good if people are attracted to this location by all the noise.

Soyo: I'm ever so sorry. You came over to play with me and we have to sneak about...

(Handwritten- We're really in...)

Shinpachi: Er, no..we should apologize for showing up outta the blue...

Retainer: You're being unreasonable Hime-sama...you know you have to be prepared to flee from this castle should it come to that.

Shinpachi: Um...what happened?

Soyo: The truth is that this castle is currently under a state of martial law.

Retainer: Hime-samaaa!! Don't blurt out secret information so willingly!

Soyo: These people are fine, granpa.

There is a series of attacks on influential people within the Bakfu by a mysterious individual.

Shinpachi: Wha?!

Soyo: As the attacks continue everyone in the castle is on high alert. It has most on pins and needles.


Shinpachi: S—Sorry for bringing this up but....that seems sorta like a big deal...maybe we shouldn't be here...?

(Handwritten- Crap, we came at a really bad time.)

Soyo: It's fine, really! Everyone in the castle is in a melancholy mood because of these events...they're faint of heart.

But if you all meet everyone I'm sure they'll cheer up!

Shinpachi: You think so?

???: Well I guess we can't help it then...

In a situation like this usually we'd ask even friends of the princess to return home immediately...

But I suppose we can make an exception.

Especially since my favorite text buddy is here.



Retainer: Um...I'm sorry to bother you Sasaki-dono but this is...

Sasaki: No it's fine.

As we; The Mimawarigumi are here to protect the castle, Hime-sama should be absolutely fine.

I don't predict that any criminals be they patriot or otherwise will make any moves.

(Sfx- Zuhh sifft)

Sasaki: Why even if a former patriot were to worm his way in I can assure you there will be no problems.

Am I right?


{From: Sabu-chan//Sub: New Cellphone// Aww why'd you go and throw away the old one? That was mean. Anyways~here's a new phone! We can text each other again! Isn't that like totally neat? \(^o^)/}

Retainer: Hime-sama please try to sit quietly...

If any more problems arise, I Rotten Maizou will lose my head...

Kagura: Soyo-chan! We should play something! Hide and go seek, yes?

Maizou: Are you listening to this old man?!

(TN- Rottenmaizou sounds like Rottenmayer from the Heidi books and anime. FINE SORACH, I'LL GO WATCH THE ANIME AFTER THIS.)


(Sfx- Gyah gyah rabble rabble)

Gintoki: Goddammitall...this sucks ass...

Tsukuyo: Do you kow that man?

Gintoki: It's all fine and dandy we infiltrated this place but....

We'd better watch our asses...

'Cause some troublesome bastards have their eyes on us.

So no stupid moves.

{Nobutasu is watching over the princess, so don't do anything that might make her decide to kill you. \(^o^)/}

Shinpachi: So should we just leave things to the princess then?

It might be asking too much to see the previous Shogun...

Gintoki: And how will you explain Yoshiwara to her?


Gintoki: In the first place, it's nothing short of a miracle that we were even able to get this close to the princess.

The last thing we need is for something to happen where the guards have to step in.

That old man is the most trouble of them all.
He's the watchdog that won't let us go easily.

Tsukuyo: So basically we need find a way to move around freely, yeah?

(Sfx- Zatsh Sfft)

Tsukuyo: Or else the guard dogs will bite us.

Maizou: Hide and go seek is out of the question!

Kagura: Do not be so stiff. This is why you are only known as grandpa or jiiya for short, yes?

Maizou: Hey! Don't warp the meaning of 'Jii' like that!

Soyo: No, that's not it Kagura-chan! The 'Jii' in 'Jiiya' is for 'G' or 'Great'! So it should be more like 'G iya'.

Maizou: Hime-samaaaa!! Why must you say such cruel things?!

(TN- More untranslatable humor. Jiiya is an affectionate way of referring to an old man, but separately it reads Ji iya. Or 'No old men'. Soyo basically warped it to mean something about no greats allowed.)

Tsukuyo: That's enough yammerin' Kagura.

Kagura: Tsukky?

Tsukuyo: In a situation like this playin' hide and go seek would be a problem for tha' guards.

Maizou: See? You should listen to her. She's a responsible adult, Hime-sama!

Tsukuyo: Ya should be thinkin' of something to do that won't get in other people's way.

(Handwritten- What is she up to?)

Tsukuyo: So be good and...

Play 'kick the can'.



Tsukuyo: Playin' Hide and go seek would be difficult since ya can't move around much. Tha game would end before it begins.

But kick the can ain't about hiding in tha first place, and it's noisy.

{That is seriously not the problem!}

Girls: Okay!

Gintoki: No way...

She's trying to take advantage of the Old guy's preference against us hiding and have is out in the open?

Shinpachi: Seriously? The old man is going to see that coming for miles!

Maizou: That's no good Calgurl-san!! She might run off while kicking the can!

See? Look?

Rather than kick the can, try kicking the old man instead!

Tsukuyo: WHY THERE?!

Gintoki: Heeey!! The old dude wants a good time the most out of all of us!!

Maizou: Now! Go ahead and dig that heel deep in there!!

Soyo: Eww! Not you old G!!!

Shinpachi: Look everyone!! It's the future Toujou-san!! The celebs around here all act sorta like this don't they?!

Nobume: Wait.

Whether it is kicking a can or an unwanted old man...

I will not allow either.

Gintoki: Crap! She's coming over here!


Nobume: How about cutting a jiiya?


What the hell is cutting a jiiya going to accomplish?! Is this a game for training assassins?!

Soyo: Wow! Even Nobume-san wants to play with us! I'm ever so glad~

Nobume: Rather than a heel, how about I dig this deep in there?

Maizou: Um that's not a jiiya but a jiYAHHHHHH!!!

Gintoki: WAAAAAAIT!! In the end even the old man is joining in on this charade of a joke!!

Wait up a minute! If someone like you who's got the long arm of the arim gets involved, jiiya is going to die!!

Let's change the rules!

Nobume: Okay. We'll play tag. Whomever I find I cut into sugar cubes.

Gintoki: To what extent do you want a victim lady?! Is he no more than a target to you now?

Nobume: Hurry up and kick the can.

(Sfx- Kyahahah)

(Sfx- Gyaaaah)

Gintoki: Heeeey!! What are you bastards doing abandoning me here?! Don't start without me!


Tsukuyo: Gintokii!! Kick it as far as you can and buy us some time!!

Gintoki: Shut your damn trap! Why the hell do I have to do it?! Why am I buying time when you guys are clearly trying to run away?!


{No matter what I do it ends with us getting found out and then literally losing our heads!! Well...if that's the case...}

(Sfx- Kahhh wffft)

{Imma do this!!}


(Sfx- Oooooooh wffoooooom)


(Sfx- Garaah claaatter)


Shogun: You're being noisy Soyo.

What am I to do with you...

I want to scold you but you're my precious little sister....

(Sfx- Gogogoofu thooooom)


(Sfx- Dooooon THOOOM)

(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)



(Sfx- Zazaaahhh tmtpmtpm)

Gintoki: AUUUUGHHHH!!!!


(Sfx- Gogogogogo rmmmmble)

(Handwritten- Why is he in his underwear?)

Tsukuyo: It's okay Gintoki! Calm down. He just blacked out is all!!

If we get him some medical care....


(Sfx- Gohh thok)

Nobume: I found a can wrapped in a white garment.

(Sfx- Para para clatter clatter)


Nobume: Quickly before we're discovered...

(Sfx -Kacha clack)


Nobume: If we don't destroy the evidence....


???: Pardon me...

Would you have a moment?

The previous shogun Sadasada-sama would like a word with you.

(Side text- At long last the previous shogun makes his appearance?!)

GINTAMA LESSON 387.............END.

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