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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 388

I daresay we're in the palace!!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 8, 2012 18:36 | Go to Gintama

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Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- At long last the previous shogun is about to be revealed...)


???: Pardon me Shogun-sama...

Sadasada-sama would like to have a word with you...

Are you free?

{Asking if this guy is free...?}

{That's sorta impossible right?}

{Since he's...}

{Sorta unconciousssssss!!!}

{We are in deep shiiiit!!}

{What are we going to do nooooow?!}


{We thought that we finally had reached the previous Shogun...}

{But instead we just caused the current Shogun to fly away---straight into heaven!}

{We're going to end up doing the butterfly stroke across the river Styx if anyone finds out!!}

Tsukuyo: Calm down!!

(Sfx- Gatagata shake shake)

(Sfx- Basahh fwaaf)

{What are we gonna dooo?! What can we dooooo!?}

{We're gonna end up doing the butterfly stroke if this keeps up...}

{So before that happens...}


(Sfx- Datsh dassh)

(Sfx- Dokaaah thook)

Tsukuyo: Hey.
Were ya headin to?

(Sfx- Para para clatter clatter)

Tsukuyo: Get yer asses back 'ere.

We ain't gonna let a chance like this go nowheres.

You and Nobume are gonna help me. Yer accomplishes now anyway.

(Handwritten- For reals Sis Tsukuyo?)

Nobume: I don't want to help.


???: What's the matter? Has something happened?

???: S—Sadasada-sama!!

Sadasada: This is unnecessary. Why should I need to be buzzed in to see my own nephew Shigeshige?

I'm coming in Shigeshige-san.

(Sfx- Bata bata clatter chatter)

Gintoki: W—Wait a minute!!

(Sfx- Zuuun dooom)


Sadasada: And what is...

going on here?

Tsukuyo: O--

Oh my~ That's why we told you to wait~

The Shogun is...

Currently getting his groove on~

(Side text- You guys are pushing it too far!!)

Lesson 388: I daresay we're in the palace!!
Tsukuyo: H—hello. We're call girls from Yoshiwara....

Nobume: I'm Nobume

Tsukuyo: I—I'm Tsukky...nice to meet'cha darlin~


Sasaki: I seee you Hime-sama.

I shooot you Jiiya~

(Sfx- Don don don blam blam blam)

Maizou: JYAHHHHHH!!!

Sasaki: With this everyone has been found.

Soyo: E—everyone...

(Sfx- Pesu pesu pesu shhhhhhshhh)

Sasaki: I know it was rude of me to join in, but it was necessary to find everyone in an elite manner.

Maizou: I—I'm sorry Sasaki-dono...this is um...

Sasaki: A non issue, Rotten-dono.

I just wanted to give you a reason to believe in a strictly guarded situation such as this, that we the Mimawarigumi have got things under control.

You guys were hiding so well that at first I couldn't locate you.

I thought for sure there were brigands hiding under the overhang of the roof so I decided to shoot first and ask questions later. This is an elite way of avoiding a major incident.

Shinpachi: Shooting first and asking questions might work for you, but it's kind of a problem for us if we get killed. This guy is nothing more than a scary monster.

Sasaki: If you'd like me to apologize to hime-sama for possibly shooting someone to death, we could always have a round two of this game..?

Maizou No, we're good. Please no more!! I apologize!


Sasaki: A wise choice.

I'd expect no less from the gentleman who was with the previous shogun, no his family. You've protected leaders for some time now, right Rotten Maizou-dono.

That missing right arm is the proof that you are a soldier with an amazing amount of loyalty and patriotism.

Please regale us with the story of how you risked life and literally limb to protect Sadasada-sama.

Shinpachi: The previous shogun?! Jiiya-san...you actually were a vassal for Sadasada-sama?!

Maizou: Hmph...tis an old story...

Sasaki: Those were stormy times wrought with political strife and change. The amount of danger during that age was considerable.

And it was during this era that Rotten-dono protected the shogun loyally.

Sadasada-sama was a shogun with quite a legendary amount of political power.

It was thanks to Rotten-dono's efforts that his imperial commands carried a lot of sway...you might even say that the current shogun was too powerful.

There was a reason why though...

The other political party's VIPs all ended up going straight to heaven....

Yes it's just as you think....

The heaven known as Yoshiwara.


Shinpachi: You mean...

Maizou: Sasaki-dono...please take these people outside.

Now off we go, Hime-sama.

Soyo: W—wait Jiiya! Kagura-chan!!

Kagura: Soyo-chan!!

Tsukuyo: Okay Shogun-sama...

Open wiiiide~

Oooh~ Shogun-sama it's over flowing~

{This is impossible..}

{Absolutely impossible!!}

{We aren't fooling anyone with thisssssss!!}


{Our chances of success with this are nil, dammit! This two person puppetry sucks ass!}

{Moreover the Shogun's eyes are whited out!}

{Even the previous Shogun is staring over here with whited out eyes!}

Tsukuyo: The hell ya doin?! Say somethin' already!

Gintoki: Do I LOOK like a presidential stand in?! I don't have any idea how to do ventriloquism either!!

Tsukuyo: Stayin' quiet is only gonna make this worse!!

Gintoki: W—Wow pops! I was totally surprised though...

Just coming into the room like that..You should have given me some time to prepare father~!! You literally caught me with my pants down! I look so uncool don't I?!

Tsukuyo: Why are you actin' all flighty for? Can't ya talk more Shogun-like?

Gintoki: Then go call Genda Tesshou!! I have no idea how to talk more Shogun-ish!!

(TN- Voice actor. Uh...I think he does Hedero's voice. And the Kyuubi from Naruto. I suppose it's because Hedero has a really formal way of speaking that Gintoki is saying he'd know how to talk like a Shogun.)

Nobume: Ahem.

Please forgive me father.

{S—she's able to throw her voice?}

Nobume: I had no intention of having you see me in such a poor state, shogun~

{Wha? Shogun?}

Nobume: I am so embarrassed, shogun~

{Why the hell is she using the word shogun as a punctuation?}

(Sfx- Gohon cough)

Nobume: If you could please forget what you saw, shogun~
{Why is she using it similar to Korosuke's 'nari'? No matter how you look at it, this isn't more shogun-like at all!!}

(TN- Korosuke is a character from Doraemon who adds 'Nari' to the end of his sentences.)

Tsukuyo: Huh? Now ain't that strange...

The Shogun seems a bit...delayed doesn't he? Shogun~

{Who told you to join in!! Stop doing that!!}


Sadasada: Oh no, it's my fault as well.

(Sfx- Hohoho..)

Sadasada: I'm just rather surprised. I would have never thought that straight laced Shigeshige would ever bring women into the palace is all.

He's a man who enjoys the strife of conflict....much like me when I was younger...I was a bit on the wild side doing all kinds of reckless things...

But I had no idea that you were this flashy.

{The hell kinds of things do you think we were doing?!}

Sadasada: Though I think those Mimawarigumi people would be upset to know you did this..

It doesn't seem that they're intent on protecting this castle after all..

Have a look.

Gintoki: How am I supposed to look over there?

Isn't this enough? Can't I just kinda stare in his general direction?

Tsukuyo: What are ya talkin' bout? You gotta stand up! Git to it!

Sadasada: It's like a sea of white uniforms isn't it?

All though they appear to be here as vassals who will protect the Shogun...that's not right.

This is a stake out.

It would seem to me that the time for that serial Bakfu assassin to pay us a visit is drawing near...

Tsukuyo: Hey, take it easy..

(Sfx- Yoro yoro wibble wible)

Sadasada: This doesn't seem like the kind of crime the patriots would participate in...no...this is one of those who still glares at us from the era of political strife....a rival party.

The current Bakfu and the current Shogun will have to take a stand...

Tsukuyo: Ah..!!

(Sfx- Gashaaah craaash)

Sadasada: And we'll have to build a new bridge for the you to stand upon as a Shogun of strength...you do understand what I mean right?


Sadasada: The aforementioned assassin has but only one victim, one bridge he intends to cross.

(Sfx- Yoro yoro Wobble wobble)

Sadasada: And I'm sure the Mimawarigumi also looks at as a group that does nothing but flit about.

(Sfx- Zuboooh fwooof)

Sadasada: Of course the truth is much different isn't it?

(Sfx- mishaaah grnnnd)

Sadasada: I do find it interesting...it would seem to me that the Mimawarigumi's one goal is to be seen as a warmhearted organization so they'll get our blessing...

(Sfx- Buchiiin sriiiip)

Gintoki: AUGH!!

Sadasada: Or is it that they're trying to search for our faults?

(Sfx- Atafuta atafuta wffty wffty)

Sadasada: In any case, watch yourself.

Be careful of your speech and conduct....


Tsukuyo: K—kyahh! Give me back my panties Shogun-sama~!!

(Sfx- Kyah kyah)
Gintoki: Muwawhahah! These pants belong to me now, shogun~!

(Handwritten- This seems wrong.)

Sadasada: Shigeshige-san....

(Sfx- Ooeeeeh hooorogh)

Sadasada: Did you always have a fuzzy mess on your head?

Gintoki: Ah no..her panties are messing up my hair..

(Sfx- Dosu thonk)

(Handwritten- I don't mean your pants dammit.)

Sadasada: Did this room always have a fuzzy looking object in it?

Nobume: Ah, it's a hair object for this room, shogun~

Sadasada: Heheh...you people are amazing....at a time like this...

I'm not sure whether to call it strong or foolish but...

I think it's about time you put an end to this charade.

(Handwritten- You were just playing along the whole time?!)

Sadasada: I've seen many women come here in an attempt to destroy us from the inside out.


Do be sure to watch out for prostitutes....


Tsukuyo: Ue-sama...

Please forgive me for my rudeness...but I need to ask for one favor...

Can you tell me...

If you remember a prostitute...

By the name of Suzuran?

Even if you don't remember her...that's absolutely fine...

It's just...
Sasaki: I see...

So that courtesan has a connection to Sadasada-sama?

Shinpachi: You speak as if you know something....

Sasaki: Well...I might. But are you sure it's okay to trust me without precedent? I'm sure Sakata-san might be upset if you do.

We protect everyone because we're the police. So we must be good people.

And since the Shogun stands above everyone, he too must be a good person.

Of course the ways of the world are not as simple as this.


Sasaki: I won't fill your head with bad things, so let me just give you my text number and you can go home.

Shinpachi: Wait a minute...

Sasaki: Just join my contact list and go home.

Kagura: Are you sure it is fine for you do to this to an unrelated party?

Sasaki: You see...their charm is one that can utterly sink an entire country....those 'protistutes'.

If one lets themselves become influenced by them, they will before long fall to ruin.

Sadasada: I see....

That Suzuran....

Is still around...?

(Sfx- Pota drip)


Sadasada: You all are correct...

Sasaki: Suzuran Daiyuu was Sadasada -the previous shogun's lover in his younger days...

But he wasn't the one who allowed his sexual desire to ruin him.

Back then, Yoshiwara was often used as a meeting place for certain high ranked officials.

And once they got to Yoshiwara, these people would all find themselves captivated in Suzuran's charms.

Sadasada: Suzuran...

Have I forgotten her?

More like, how COULD I forget her...?

Her eyes...when she looked at me I could feel the gentleness..the love flowing forth...

She was just like a dainty flower....


Sadasada: Hair like silk...

Glossy lips...

and soft, supple skin...

(Sfx- zuuuh sfft)

Sadasada: And...

(Sfx- Patan clatter)


Sadasada: her hands drenched in blood....

(Sfx- Pota drip)

Sadasada: She's still...

Got plenty of use left in her doesn't she....?

(Sfx- Juuruiii oooze)


Sasaki: Sadasada....

He used her..

As you imagined...

Her beauty....

He used it as a tool to destroy countries.
It was with Suzuran in his hands that he was able to continue to hunt his opposition and climb right into the seat of Shogundom.

Even now he's using the current Shogun and the palace as puppets to do his bidding. He's not in the spotlight, but his political power has not wavered in the least.

A wrenched man who would cut opponents to shreds just to have the power of the Bakfu...

Even now his foolish hunt continues....

Kaugra: N—No way...

Then his promise to her...?

Sasaki: A man like that has plenty of secrets....do you really believe he'd make a promise to bring her..his tool out in the open?

It was merely a play on words...


Sasaki: In order to keep his tool's heart from wavering...

And to confine Suzuran keeping her within Yoshiwara for eternity...

That promise is no more than a curse.

I hope you've come to a tacit understanding of this situation...there's not a thing you can do.

I'm fairly sure that tanuki of an old man has already got means of dealing with you...

So leave things here to the elites....do not interfere.

Yoshiwara isn't the only place where the hunt is on in full force...but in this castle too. This place is his quarry....if you don't want anything to happen to you then....

(Sfx- Zuh sfft)


(TN- Wow...even Kagura's like 'whoa'.)

(Sfx- Zuhhh sfft)

(Sfx- Bata bata tmptmp)

Sasaki: See? This is what i”m talking about.

(Handwritten- What a shame...I had even been avoiding eating curry so I wouldn't stain this..)
Sasaki: There's nothing good with becoming involved with prostitution.

(Sfx- gashaaaan thuuuud)


(Sfx- Zah zah Sffft)

(Sfx- Zazahhh Sffft)

Sadasada: Well, I will admit I did mention something about setting her free..

But she's such a good tool you see...I don't want to give her up.

Seize them.

These criminals are the Serial Bakfu statesmen killers...

As well as the party who sieged the castle and killed the Boss dog of the Mimawarigumi.

(Side text- Big trouble!!)

GINTAMA LESSON 388..............END.

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