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Anagle Mole 8

The final day.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 9, 2012 03:54 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 8

Hmm...not sure how raws are going to go for this series. I'd REALLY like to keep it going, but with no way to get raws I may have to drop it, sadly.

Clockwork lies only.

Announcer: Today's weather report indicates clear weather all around Japan.

At least for today everyone can take it easy.

Chiwa: Okay guys after school is over...

Don't dawdle around and come straight home 'kay?

(Side text- 'I am an Anagle mole'. Kyousuke's words have caught Luchiru's interest...)

(Side text- ANAGLE MOLE)

Luchiru: We always come straight home, though....

Chiwa: Aahahahh...

(Handwritten- Oh right.)

(Handwritten- Puga)

(Handwritten- Nahah....)

(Sfx- Powaah flasssh)


(Top text- Last time...// Luchiru who has been spying to find the weakness of Humanities overhears Kyousuke's admission to being an 'Anagle mole'...?)

(Handwritten- Oh wait Kyousuke!)

Bahamut: Puga puga!!

Luchiru: Shh! I know!

{In order to get data on the humans,}

{A few days ago I placed chips on the members of this family!}

{And now those chips glow with a blueish light!}

{That's the sign that the data has finished being copied to the chip! There's no mistaking it!}

Luchiru: The last one should be done by tomorrow...!!

(Sfx- Hiso hiso hiso whisper whisper whisper)

Luchiru: Heck, if we're lucky and it's fast, we may be able to gather the chips tonight Bahamut!!

Chiwa: Okay?

Kyousuke: I get it, geez.

Bahamut: Puga puga!!

Luchiru: Sweet...!!

I've almost completed the mission!!

(Sfx- Dokun throb)

(Sfx- Dokun trhob)

{Just one more day and I'll be able to take the chip back and return to Anaguland!!}


Luchiru: This spy life that felt like an eternity will come to an end today!!

I can finally say good riddance to the surface!!!

(Side text- A feeling like being under ground—no in the heavens!!)

(Handwritten- Yayz~)

(Handwritten- Puga!)

8th space: The final day.

Chiwa: Ah, Kyousuke!

Kyousuke: What?!

I said I already get it, so quit....

(Sfx- Iraah raage)


Chiwa: I'm sorry...

I've always...

Misunderstood you it seems...

it didn't seem that you'd ever change your ways....
Happy Birthday....

To you Kyousuke!


Chiwa: What you can count on....

Is our family's feelings towards you never changing, Kyousuke!

(Sfx- Gosuun thonk)

Chiwa: Oww!!

Kyousuke: There you go again, acting all sappy and creepy...Chiwawa!!

(Handwritten- You get yer ass to school too!)

(Handwritten- I give up! I give up!!)

(Sfx- Guri guri guri grrrnd grrnd grnnnd)

Chiwa: Don't call me Chiwawa!!

(Handwritten- We're outta here Luchiru!)

(Handwritten- Geez..)

(Handwritten- Take care~)

(Handwritten- O—okay!)

Kyousuke: I didn't change.


Kyousuke: It's all because I'm an 'Anagle Mole'...

That I'm like this.

(Handwritten- Hmph, let's go!)

{There it is again...!!}

Kyousuke: Yaaaawn~

{Anagle Mole.........!!}

{I heard that term earlier...}

{A mysterious term that I've not heard even once until now...!!}

{I can't figure out why it intrigues me so...}

Towako: Huh?

{There has to be something to it....}

Towako: Bahamu-chan..

Your collar seems so warn out!

Bahamut: Pugah?!

Towako: How about we get you a new one dearie?

(Sfx- Puchiin snap)

Bahamut: Ah!


Towako: Huh?

Chiwa: Did he just....

Bahamut: Waiiitchoooo!!


(Handwritten- Hm)

(Handwritten- What a weird way to sneeze.

Seijurou: Whatta sneeze you got there kiddo!


Aizawa: Anagle mooole?

Do any of you guys know about it?

Classmates: Nope.

Luchiru: I know right?!

(Handwritten- Ahahaahah)
(Handwritten- Is that some kind of American saying?)

(Handwritten- Ah...maybe? Ahahahah)

(Sfx- Wahahahahahah)

(Sfx- Wai wai)

{I figured as much.}

{I asked everyone, and they all say that they have 'no idea'.}

(Handwritten- Dunno.)

(Handwritten- Anagle...)

(Handwritten- Anagu...)

(Handwritten- Sorry.)

(Handwritten- Ana..)

(Handwritten- Say what?)

{Over the last few days I've learned pretty much nothing about an 'Anagle mole'.}

{Which means the only ones who know would be...}

{That family.}


{In any case, it appears that it isn't a term that's widely used among humans.}

(Handwritten- In short the mole has no value....)

{So if a majin such as myself starts asking too many questions about it, they'll surly start to suspect me...!!}

(Handwritten- Molemole, the letters are so tiny that I can't read 'em.)

(Handwritten- Then come over here, and you'll see them fine.)

(Sfx- Ahahaah)

(Sfx- Kin kon ding dong)

(Handwritten- Well that's it for today.)

(Sfx- Wai wai wai)

{Oh, that's right...}

Kid: Luchiru, your lunch has tamagoyaki.....and that's it!?

You're a warrior!!

(Sfx- Paaaah fwaaash)

Kid: By now you probably can't stand the stuff, right?

Luchiru: I still love it!

(Sfx- Oooh)

{Since my spy life ends today....}

{I'd might as well just go ask Kyousuke about it directly!}

(Sfx- Mosha mosha chew chew)

(Handwritten- Wanna trade lunches?)


(Sfx- Wai wai)

(Note- Big sis's super 'sweet' Tamagoyaki! Eat up!!)

(In rice- Yummy!)

Kyousuke: There's too little rice in this...

Stupid Chiwawa.


Kyousuke: Huh?

You want to know what an 'Anagle mole' is?

Where the hell did you come up with that all of a sudden?

Luchiru: 'Allofasudden'?!

What does that mean?!

(Sfx- Bikuh poit)
Kyousuke: …....

(Handwritten- You're a pain in the ass.)

Luchiru: Is it you...?

There have been people talking about 'Anagle moles' recently...

Kyousuke: How'd you know that?

Luchiru: From rumors at school?

Oh crap...

Kyousuke: So what, you want to know more about it?

(Sfx- Pikuh poit)

(Sfx- Poh poh drip drip)


Kyousuke: Really? I mean..really? That weather forecast is crap.

So much for clear skies all day today....

(Sfx- Poh drip)

(Handwritten- Damn.)

Luchiru: You don't make any sense.

(Sfx- Poh drip)

Kyousuke: Huh?

(Sfx- Poh drip)

Luchiru: Why...

Why is it that you want to live so differently from everyone else?

(Sfx- Zaaaahh sshhhhh)

Luchiru: I just don't get it.

Trying to be different from everyone else...

Won't that just lead to them embarrassing you?
Luchiru: I'm always so embarrassing to others....

So I’ve tried so hard to become the same as everyone around me...!


Luchiru: What is an 'Anagle mole'....!?

And how can you possibly be okay being so different from everyone else?!

Is there a way for me...

To have the same 'strength' as you?

Kyouske: ...And?

What....is someone in class hassling you or something?

Luchiru: Ah! Well um...yeah!

Th—That's it!

(Handwritten- That was the truth..!!)

(Sfx- Poh poh poh drip drip drip)

Kyousuke: You know....



Kyousuke: You ain't human at all.

(Sfx- Zahhhhhhh Sshhhht)


Luchiru: Eh?

Kyousuke: I figured that out...

(Handwritten- Or at least some of it.)

Luchiru: B—but how...

Kyousuke: Idiot...

I've never met a guy who could take a baseball to the face and then whoop everyone's ass in the same sitting.

Moreover, you don't know crap about a lot of things.

(Panels: What's this?// Are you stalking me Grandpa?// Wha?// Affection...//What's that?)

Luchiru: Eeeh?!

(Handwritten- Seriously?!)

Kyousuke: I could go on, but the basic fact is that everything about you since you showed up hasn't made sense.

Like that whole deal at the riverside...

Luchiru: B—But I'm not the same as that stalker guy!

(Sfx- Zaaahhhhh shhhhhshhh)

Kyousuke: Oh so you were there huh?

{No way...}

{There was just one day left..}

(Handwritten- In any case it looks like I'm the only one who's noticed anything...}

(Handwritten- Though the rest of the guys at the house are kinda slow anyway.)

(After one more day I could have gone home without being discovered....)

Boss: Luchiru, the humans are monsters who far exceed our own physical prowress.

If they should ever discover who you really are they'll kill you.

{They found me out!!}

{I've been discovered! I'm doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed!!}


(Sfx- Dododdodododododo)

{I'll die....!!!}


Kyousuke: How about...

I just tell you what an 'Anagle mole' is?

Luchiru: Eh?

(Sfx- Kyotooon)

Luchiru: What?

What did you just...

(Sfx- Zaaaaahh sshhhh)

Kyousuke: It's for real.

It's a secret held by our family...

And we don't go blabbing our mouths about it outside 'cause it's embarassing.

But you're special so I'll tell you.

(Sfx- Picha picha drip drip)

(Sfx- Zaaaahhh dssshhh)


Kyousuke: For now at least...

You're a member of our 'family'.

Luchiru: I am...?

???: You've failed miserably....


???: That's far enough....


(Sfx- Zaaaaaaaaah dshhhhhh)

Kyousuke: Huh?

???: This 'collapsable umbrella' thing is quite marvelous indeed...

When in use it expands, and when it is no longer useful it becomes compact.

Likewise you...

Have outgrown your usefulness.

(Side text- This guy knows Luchiru's mission and his true idenity?! Next issue...a sudden change!!)


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