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Boku to Majo no Jikan 6

parasite [epi=on,hemera-day]

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 19, 2012 19:43 | Go to Boku to Majo no Jikan

-> RTS Page for Boku to Majo no Jikan 6

And here's Feburary's edition of Boku to majo. Now with 100 percent more ongoing villains! See you guys in March~

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.


(Side text- Jump comics volume one now out in stores!!)

(Side text- No one knows the deepest parts of this forest.)

6th hour: parasite [epi=on,hemera-day]
(TN- Well...not sure what epi=on means but hemera-day literally means 'day-day' in greek. It might be my own ignorance or the authors's but I'm not sure why day is written in greek, and then in English.)



(Side text- Against a 'humanoid' for the first time?!)

Enji: An underground person...?!

What are you...

Manager: Hey! What the hell was that noise just now...?!


What the hell is going on here?!

(Handwritten- Where's the door?!)

Enji: Uhhh...


Manager: Up to no good again?!

Enji: Um..wait...hold on...

Manager: Huuuh? Hashidzume!!

You'd better explain what....






(TN- no text just sharingan?)


Shion: Hey...what's going on? This is scary...

Hashidzume: Huh? What was I doing..

Oh right, I have to explain this.

I'd be faster if you just saw it right?

Okay, take a real good look.

(Sfx- kahuuu huff)

(Sfx- Gohiyuu huff)

(Sfx- Zuhyuu hhhf)


Enji: A...

A parasitic bug?!


Hashidzume: Correct.

Enji(?): Then the parasitic bug incidents going around lately...

Hashidzume: Yup, I’m the guy.

Though I am sorta borrowing this body.

Enji: Borrowing?

Hashidzume: To cut to the quick, I'm a parasite that's only at it's best when inside a host. My goal is to grant such a host higher than normal physical power.

This time around, my goal was to grab the mental capacity or will of the host.

It's not an easy thing to do either. Since I have to swap my will from the bug's.

{Self// Swap will into bug's//Bug//Parasite attaches to another person// Another person.}

Hashidzume: And of course the other person I change to has to be of high grade as well.


Hashidzume: Basically~

I am a genius underground scientist!

Adrian Fredrick Sandergret!!

The ethnic platonic taste oh so good flavor!!

(TN- shrugs)

Hashidzume: Diamond rake brokken G-sama! What stands before is a super 'kris'!!

Do you understand Tsudzuri Enji!!

I spun too much..

(Handwritten- Gonna be sick...)

Enji: I get that your head doesn't work, yeah.

Why are you involving innocent bystanders in this?

You know full well if you do things like this that the underground society will bury you alive....at least thats what Hakuu said.


Hashidzume: Bury me alive?

(Handwritten- Threw up a little.)

Hashidzume: Eh, that doesn't bug me. Revenge is my modus operandi after all. If that sorta thing happens I'm perfectly fine with it.

Enji: Revenge? Against Hakuu?

Hashidzume: Damn straight!

I can't forgive her!!

Why you ask? You'll have to search Benihi yourself to find out!

Hold on though..that's impossible...

Yeah, no that isn't happening.

(Handwritten- Sorry.)

Hashidzume: 'Cause you guys..

Are going to be a part of this parasitic bug experiment.


Hashidzume: After you die that is!

..wait...YOU LEFT!!

Enji: Lets get out of here and call Hakuu!!

Shion: H—hey what was that?

Enji: That doesn't matter! Just run!

Hashidzume: Wait a damn minute!!

Mari: What are you going to do, Tsudzuri-kun?!

Enji: You guys go on ahead.

Hashidzume: Hold on...you're actually going to wait?

Enji: I'll find a way to stop this guy...we can't leave Susutake behind.

Contact Hakuu. I'm depending on you.

Mari: Wah~


(Sfx- Kara clatter)

Mari: Wah!

You're Susutake-kun's friend....Takayama-kun...?

What do you want...

{No...he's been....!!}

Mari: Shion-chan, stay down!

Shion: Eh?


Takayama: Mizuta Mari...

You're not allowed to contact anyone.

Before that happens I'll cut you down....

Mari: Explode!!

Takayama: Wha?!


Takayama: OOOOOOOOOW!!!

Mari: Here's our chance!!

Run for it, Shion-chan!!

Shion: Eh...





Mari: Explode...!!

Takayama: Ow--


Takayama: D--


Mari: Shion-chan! Follow the riverside to 'Benihi coffee'!! There's a tea shop there...

If you go there a person name Hakuu-san should be waiting! Please go get her!!

Shion: Benihi coffee..

O—okay! I got it!

Mari: I'll leave it to you!
Takayama: Now you've done it...

What the hell is that power of yours....


Mari: You talk like a girl...am I to assume the person within that person is a woman?

Takayama: And what of it?

It's not like I took over this body because I wanted to!

Mari: It doesn't matter either way.

I'm just glad that I was able to follow Hakuu-san's directions and be someone who can be of use in a situation like this.

I've made plenty of these after all.

Takayama: Y—you do know that this body belongs to one of your classmates right?

(Handwritten- I went through a lot to get this body..)

(Sfx- Doku doku throb throb)


Mari: W—what do I do?....You're bleeding....are you going to be okay?

Takayama: Ugh, this person's a blockhead....

(Sfx- Choro choro bloop)

Hashidzume: This'll make a nice weapon..

Um...what do I name it...?

Hey if you were me what would you do?

Enji: You're asking me?!



(TN- Literally Dragon king boy.)

Hashidzume: Laaaame.

Enji: Whaaaazzat?

Then you name it, assface!!


Hashidzume: Burning Slicer Zet.

Enji: That's lame and you know it! There's almost no difference between them!!

Hashidzume: Now that my weapon has a name...

It's time to have some fun!!



Enji: Whoa there~

Hashidzume: I ain't gonna give you time to rest!

Here's the next one!!

Enji: Ugh!!


Hashidzume: Ah..



Enji: Are you going to be okay?

Hashidzume: As my enemy, do you think you have the leisure to worry about me?

Worrying about me is pointless.

Enji: You sure?

Hashidzume: It's a matter of getting used to this body...

Sure the force of will parasites can strengthen the body, but it's a different matter to over come the limiter of the brain.

Of course doing such a thing is no easy matter.


Hashidzume: Well, whatever.

We'll just fight until i'm used to this.

Eventually i'll bust through the limiter...!

{This is the first time I’ve had to seriously fight a human in this body...}

{I really don't want to do this..}


{Shion is the only one who got away.}

{I'd love to just say I'll wait until Shion gets Hakuu....}

{But something worries me...}

{The distance from the mall to the tea shop....}

(Top left- Tea shop)

(Bottom right- Shopping mall.)

{Is too much for an elementary student like her to run!!}


Shion: Hah



{Tea shop!}

{Tea shop!}

Shion: Hah


{The teashop along the riverside!!}


Shion: Hah





{Master is relying on me...}

{What should I do...?}

(Sfx- Gyuuuu squeeeze)


{I think...}

{That I’ve gotten lost....}

???: Hm?

Little sis?


???: Whoa~

What's going on here?

Even I can't lay a finger on my best friend's little sister?!

(Handwritten And she's an elementary school student!)

Shion: The teashop along the river side..

I'm supposed to go there and bring back a person called Hakuu-san it's for my brother and master..

???: Eh? Why?

Shion: I dunno!

???: You don't know?

Naitou: I don't get it...

But I think I do!
If it's for Tsudzuri-kun, I’ll do whatever it takes!

Just leave this to me!


Enji: Augh!!



Enji: Hmph...

Looks like i'm damned unlucky today too.

Hashidzume: Heheh..

Well damn! Even your bones heal back to what they were before...!!

As expected of an assistant of Benhi! It's 'unheard of'! I just wanna see how far your regeneration will go!!

But 'cmon Tsudzuri Enji! This guy is a monster through and through but you still want to treat him as your buddy? Why's that?

You're not going to be able to defeat me if all you do is block without attacking, right?


Hashidzume: OK.

I get it, you're afraid of injuring this body are you?

Fine fine, I get it although I can't say I like the way you think.

I guess we're not going to be able to have some fun after all.

Okay, I guess I’ll tell you this in hopes of motivating you to take this seriously.

The parasitic bug normally goes for the head...

So if you hit it hard enough from the outside, it can shake the bug loose.

No need to worry, the body is strengthened through and through...

So even if you were to kick at your full strength you wouldn't kill the original owner. So will you please fight like you mean it? Please?

Enji: For real?

So that's how it is...

Hashidzume: Eh?

Feeling motivated....


Hashidzume: NGH!


{I was expecting this, but he's moving a little too damn fast!!}


(Sfx- Kararan clatter)

Hashidzume: Ooogh..



Enji: Damn.

Guess I should have reinforced it a lil' more.


Hashidzume: You're too simple!

(Handwritten- That was close, I almost barfed it up completely.)

Hashidzume: Did it ever occur to you that I might be, you know..lying?!

Enji: Today it's important for me to believe in the hearts of others.

(Sign- Today's fortune// If you believe in others, another opening will be revealed to you.)

Hashidzume: Wh—what the hell is that?

You're crazy....


Enji: Moreover that kick was a little stronger than the one I hit you with before...
You sure that I should amp it up even more than that?

Hashidzume: Oh I see, adjusting the power using that as a foundation huh?

Very interesting...!! You've got me intrigued Tsudzuri Enji!!

All right, now it's my turn to play...!


Enji: Hm? Is something going on over there?


Takayama: Ungh!!


I can't remove it...

Mari: It's impossible.

I've increased the pressure so it's like a metal plate now. It's like a pair of handcuffs now, and you won't be getting them off that easily.

Takayama: Damn it all.. this whole scenario is spinning out of control... that power is 'unheard' of...

It's cheating.


Hashidzume: S--

Sis! Are you okay?

Enji: S—sis?

Hashidzume: Ooops...

Takayama: That moron...

Now the enemies have dirt on us don't they?!


We made up code names for times like this didn't we?!

Hashidzume: S—sorry sis..

But my code name isn't Efumera..

Takayama: Huh?

Hashidzume: My code name is..

Adrian Fredrick Sandergrett Ethinic oh so good flavor Diamond rake brokken G..



Hashidzume: I didn't even agree to that code name!!

Takayama: Huh?!

You didn't agree?!

Hashidzume: Well you might have thought I did, but that was under duress!!

Takayama: Efumera sounds good doesn't it?

(Sfx- Giraaan gleam)

Hashidzume: Y—yeah?

Takayama: It doesn't matter what I did because you agreed to it didn't you?!


Takayama: Hys---

Now you've said it...I'll remember this when we get bac--



Hashidzume: Sis!!!

Enji: Wha—what the..

(Handwritten- Ew...)

Takayama: Hah..



Takayama: I—It seems..

These parasitic bugs can only control their wills for one more hour before they reach their limit..


We don't have any more time! Hurry up and finish them off!!

Hashidzume: D'aww...

I wanted to play with him some more.

(Handwritten- Sucks...)

Enji: Wha...?

What are you going to do?


Hashidzume: Tsudzuri...

You do understand that there are different types of parasitic bugs right?

Right now I’m using one that is a parasite of the 'will'.

And now i'm going to use a parasite that...

Further 'strengthens the body'.


(Sfx- kasa kasa rustle rustle)

Hashidzume: Ooh.







It hurts...

It's a failure....sis....

Takayama: Forget about that! You can defeat them now...!!


Takayama: Smash them into bits!!

Hashidzume: O—okay..


Enji: T--

This is looking really bad....!!


Hashidzume: Wh--

Who are you?!!

Serizawa: Damn.

Just like Hakuu said...if you kick the head, the parasite comes right out.


Mari: Serizawa-san!!

Takayama: The zero division special police officer....

Serizawa Kankuro!!


Mari: Serizawa-san, if you're here, then Shion-chan made it to the tea shop?!

Serizawa: Shion?

Enji: My little sister.

Serizawa: Oh you mean that little kid that the erotic brat had on his back?

Naitou: Excuse me, is there a person named Hakuu here..?

(Sfx- gasasaah dsssh)

Naitou: Oh man! The stuff in my bag is falling out!!

Enji: Erotic brat?

Takayama: Ngh..

I knew this would end up happening! We're at a disadvantage here...!!


Bug: Sis! We'd better retreat for now!!

Takayama: Yeah...

We can still use other bugs to control others will...besides we've learned a few things today so this would be a good place to stop.

Bug: I got it! I'll head back first then and get the tea...


Hakuu: Eww..

I just stepped on something...

(Handwritten- Nasty...)


Mari: Hakuu-san!

Takayama: B—benihii!!

You damned annoying woman!!!

Hakuu: Eh?

Who? What?

Takayama: I won't forget you...

Mizuta Mari...

Mari: Eh?

Takayama: I'll make sure that with my on hands..

I crush the lot of you!!


(Sfx- Derooo blooop)

Hakuu: Eh? What?

After I made my way out here everything's already over?

(Handwritten- Eh?)

???: Ngh....

I spent too long in that body and the will gave out...!

My head...

I might have messed up this time, but I won't again...


???: Huh?! You're back already sis? Did you already make the tea?

(Side text- What will this tenacity lead to...?)


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